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I read a ton of books relating to the craft of writing, and I will put all my writing craft related book reviews on this page. Besides a writer I am a reader above all as well.

The Productive Writer Review:

This is my review of The Productive Writer by: Sage Cohen

I got the book to become a more productive writer. At chapter one a few pages in I hit gold. The author tells you to write down, and keep a separate file for each of your writing and publishing goals. It pretty much teaches you to have a list of possibilities to prepare you for the unexpected.

I loved the book on how to become a more productive writer. It was a really good book too if you are just learning how to make writing a career. It teaches you how to find a writing rhythm. It teaches you how to organize books and notebooks too. It tells you how to stay focused on your writing goals, and how to face a blank page. It asks you various questions throughout the chapters to reflect on certain parts of the writing life. It helps you come up with plans, and prepares you for becoming a successful and productive writer.

I enjoyed reading the questions, and there are even free templates you can use with certain exercises. The link is in the ebook to download free stuff from the Writer’s Digest site. It is a book that thoroughly goes through the process from start to finish in the quest to becoming a productive writer. It prepares you for the expected and unexpected.  I highly recommend buying the book to become the productive writer of your dreams. It was very helpful to me, and it was a big help in facing my fears with becoming a successful writer who figured out how to enjoy the process.

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