Vampire Witches!

Mina is working at Nikki’s Department store after leaving an abusive relationship. She wanted to take a break from everything until someone breaks into her house disturbing her peace. They are after her since she is half vampire and half witch. And the person to the rescue is Neo her vampire mate. They are both trying to hunt down the person responsible for ruining her peace.

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Chapter 1

Mina drove in her blue Ryder Strike to make her way to Nikki’s department store, and a feeling of dread overcame her. She had been working there for so long she dreaded going in since the customers tormented her on a daily basis with stupid questions, and treating her crappy over paper coupons. It was about 9:30 in the morning, and the blue sky was shining in the distance. Luxor wasn’t too busy roadwise since most of the creatures drove at night. She knew the way pretty well, and passed the drivers going under the speed limit. 

Her eyes were red and puffy from crying herself to sleep, and she definitely thought it would be a three drink night tonight since it was too much. She broke up with her boyfriend, and it was devastating since she was in love with him. She thought she was going to marry him and he called her worthless. Once he pushed her into a wall it was all over since she couldn’t take the abuse. 

Her dark grey eyes scanned the busy road, and creatures of all kinds drove to places. Luxor had a street called Main street. Besides being a no kill or spell zone, it is a place to shop, eat, and even relax. Stores for creatures of every kind. Nikki’s catered to everyone. Her hair was brushed out at least, and she wore her usual perfume to make sure she smelled good, and not like she hasn’t showered for days. She could make the weather rain and thunder if she wanted to, and she just had a container of blood to keep her blood lust in check. 

The customers really tested her limit at times. Then again she was only half vampire, and the other half was a witch. She has the hunger but not as strong as a full vampire and she can feed off the elements, too. She kept 

spare blood in her fridge at home and even had fangs that can retract, too. She dressed in a blue shirt, blue pants, blue sneakers, and she had her dark blue tag pinned to the left side of her shirt with the name Mina. Driving can calm her down at times and she needed to get out of the house or else she would think about everything. 

Her ex left her in a bad spot. He even came to her work and tried to get her back, but to no avail. She remembered the way he looked the next day. He smelled like shit, too like he didn’t shower in weeks. But all the groveling wouldn’t change the fact that he pushed her and would expect her to drop what she was doing and answer his constant texts and calls. He got mad at her since he was drunk and wanted to argue about the fact that she didn’t want to move in yet. He thought it meant period, and physically pushed her when she was on the bed. Her head hit the wall, and it stunned her since it’s bad enough he yelled at her calling her worthless. He even had to belittle her since she just graduated and got a job at Nikki’s which was a waste. After all that it was game over, and she didn’t want anything to do with him. It wasn’t just a fight,  it was the end for the last time and it wasn’t the first time he was physical either.  

His family made it worse since they were acting like him pushing her was no big deal. It was and he even left a note on her car saying it was a minor thing taken to the extreme. Her grip tightened on the steering wheel, and she wanted it all pushed away. Tonight after she got off work she would cry one last time and have a few jack and cokes after work. As a last hurrah. She needed it since lately it sucked. Her heart still hurt her, and she didn’t even think she knew what real love was. She needed to stop thinking about everything. 

A few streets and she was in front of the mall parking lot to Nikki’s. It was nearly empty except the cars belonging to the mall employees. She arrived there on time, and 15 minutes before they officially opened. She was happy to have some time before the real torment began. She has no choice but to work retail to get her head on straight. After being controlled, abused, and having someone constantly accuse her of being a cheater she needed air from it all. He was horrible, and for the longest time she stayed with him since she didn’t want to be alone. She hoped her ex was far away tormenting another poor soul. She chased him away with an order, and blocked him on everything. Her smartphone was in her pocket in case she was needed. She even changed her number to get away from him. 

Her dad is a vampire leader and her mom a witch leader. Both their powers combined made her unstoppable. She was the one to unite the witches and vampires to make them see they need each other. It meant she had a mate somewhere out there, and she didn’t know if he was a vampire or witch. It was a lot riding on her shoulders, and her parents’ numbers were on the phone in case she needed to stay with either of them. Maybe there will be a point where vampires and witches can be in peace? Maybe? She didn’t know. And she walked up to the locked doors of Nikki’s and punched in the code to get in after hours. She heard the click that she put in the right code, and she went into the empty, dark store. All the lights were off since the store wasn’t opened yet. They will come on at 10:00 when they officially opened. 

There were parts of the department store where the clothes were folded neatly and it actually was sized by color and clothing sized. Then, there were tables where everything was mixed up and you couldn’t tell which ones were supposed to be there and ones that don’t belong since some asshole messed up the order. There were all kinds of racks there. Some were 50% off, 40%, 30% and even 25% off, and there were the regular priced and everyday values, too which coupons didn’t work on. 

Nikki’s has a store card, and the card has all the coupons a customer needs so there is no need to ask for one! Some of the customers are so lazy everything is mixed in. Nikki’s has everything shirts, pants, skirts, jeans. Everything someone would need to go to events and wear casually. Even fancy dresses for young witches going to ceremonies, vampire formal dresses, and even stuff for werewolf full moon dresses and clothes that can change with you. There were sections for everyone: Vampire, witch, werewolf it didn’t matter. Even clothes for women to attract vampires and werewolf pheromones. Shoes that can fly. Shoes to make someone invisible didn’t matter. They even sold makeup, perfume and accessories to go with the ensembles. 

Mina stood in the Customer Service department, and went to a register to clock in. There were already employees talking about the latest stuff in their lives, and their morning drives. There were vampire employees that carried blood flasks on them in case the hunger strikes. That blood lust is a bitch, and Mina hated it but it was disappointing it didn’t make her bite her ex. She should have bit him, and drained him dry for the horrible person he was. Nikki’s has species of all kinds and different reasons for working retail. There is a certain amount of boredom one can face when you have an eternity looming around. Some are college students,  some retired and some needed something to do out of the house. 

She needed one to get by and take a break from it all. She needed space. Space would be good for her since it was a hard break up. She thought she was in love. He was the wrong person and he wasn’t a vampire but a plain ass witch who tricked her. He threatened her life and got into a fight with his family the day before his birthday and twisted her arm. Horrible. 

And in a few minutes when all the employees came in the bullshit morning meeting happened. She understood why they did it especially when they discussed numbers of the previous day and she tuned it all out like she usually did. She barely paid attention to them anyway. She especially tuned them out when the bitchy manager was speaking. She is very condescending and talks to people as if they were twelve. Mina really hated her badly. She yelled at her a lot and the recent incident was over stupid letters not getting handed out when she has more important stuff on her mind other than her bullshit. She also yelled at her for not getting racks done. Mina was pulled to the side by Kara, and bullied. If she didn’t need the job badly she would have quit sooner. Thankfully, Kara stopped talking and the boring meeting is over. She headed to the register in her department which is in the kids department to count the change before they open. And she got done in record time since it was time to open the doors, and let the sales/coupon zombies in. 

And if they aren’t let in on time then you get rude old people who bitch about them being let in six minutes late, and they will be nasty over it. One lady asked her if she forgot, and she explained what happened. Then the lady bitched over lack of help. Mina apologized, but that was all she could do. She didn’t have control over everything else. Customers love yelling at retail workers over stuff, and what was worse were the ones who go ‘but I am not taking it out on you’…Yes, you the fuck are. They also say they don’t mean to take it out on you when in fact it is all a lie. They all lie. And they love yelling at retail workers if their coupon doesn’t work on an item. 

And after Mina opened the doors a lady needed to pay her bill, and she served her then went to the rack behind her. It was a mess there yet she had to help with purchases, exchanges, returns, bill payments and orders while cleaning up. She checked her three fitting rooms every 30 minutes. And she answered questions about signs in front of her and the dumbass asking the question. It was a hard day. Especially since she was the only one for the first few hours. Someone came in at Noon and she left at 3:45 so that made six hours to get through. And she started going through the rack to organize the items. It was better to focus on organizing the rack by department since she had two. 

It became a routine to her.  Organize, serve more people yelling at her over coupons, organize, and put some items away. Answer questions about the restrooms. And in the middle of everything relief came.  She loved working with the people in her department since she got along with all of them. This particular person she loved working with so she was happy when she came. She is one of the ones Mina became close to and they have fun exchanging drunken customer horror stories. She didn’t mind ringing up. Mina hated the shit out of it. And she always signed people up for Nikki’s cards without even thinking, even five or six of them … sometimes more. She made it bearable for Mina. 

Her name was Carly, and she had long brown hair, and brown eyes. She was a witch and married a warlock. They had two kids. They could talk for hours, and they would have fun chatting in between customers. Mina also loved it when someone else came in so she could run stuff to other departments. She hated staying there, and running helped time go by faster. She gathered up the items by the hanger after she took her 30 minute break. And she began taking merchandise to other departments. She dropped stuff off at the vampire department, werewolf changing department, and witch ceremony dress department. There was even a department for dresses, witches in school, ceremonial robes, and even a special blood department where they have all kinds of designer blood to buy. She has even experimented some with the different blood flavors. She even talked to some of her coworkers as she dropped the stuff off since she was pretty close to some of them. It was fun for her.  

She ran clothes and emptied her fitting room every 30 minutes. She didn’t let anything bother her either. She was unstoppable today even when an old lady wanted to yell at her since the coupon didn’t take off a discount for her spell ward kits. She didn’t care. She was her own little world, and the shift was a short one. Even when the messages kept going off since she was a part of the vampire coven for her dads messaging system and her mom’s she didn’t have a care in the world. Her shift was short. Creatures of all kinds shopped here, and there were very few carts.

And a lot of the customers treated the associates like idiots. She was smarter since she had a degree in spell casting, and she wasn’t the only one. Most associates already have degrees and were self-taught for some of them. Her element is fire, and she has been known to have mastery over all four and in spirit. Vampires were also drawn to her since she has vampire magic in her veins. Not that any of these customers cared. They yell a lot over everything. Mina could tell it was temporary since she didn’t care about the attitude toward her. She was happy when it was time to clock out and go home. 

She headed home after she clocked out. She took off her badge, and put it in her pocket. She left the building of Nikki’s and headed to the parking lot toward her car. She looked around the parking lot, and it was busier than the morning. Everyone is more active and her senses came alive more toward the afternoon. Especially at night. She actually felt peace. And a familiar presence but she couldn’t quite feel it. Something was there, but it wasn’t something she could place. She looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary. She spotted her car, and unlocked it then went inside. She pulled out of Nikki’s parking lot to make her way to the complex. She was tired. Very tired, and her feet were sore from all the running. Her way home was full of idiots who didn’t know how to drive, and she pulled up to the Covenless Witch apartment buildings and  parked in a spot just for her in front. 

She headed toward her door and  pulled out her key and slid it in the lock. No one could break in since she had some of the strongest spells to deter thieves. She stayed at the apartment complex for witches without covens since she really didn’t belong to one. She had to get away from her previous one since she needed space from her ex. 

Her mom even agreed that it would be good for her to get away, and get breathing room for some time. She didn’t want to step up to the plate yet as a witch member. She was supposed to help the vampires and witches in the battle but that got put on hold the moment her ex degraded her. She was one of the witch warriors to help fight in the battle since she is stronger than the normal witch or even vampire.

She grew up in the house with her mom and went to Luxor academy to train to become a fierce witch and continued to study defensive magic and various powerful fireball spells including the ability to call dragons. Now however, it might as well go out the window since all she wanted to do was cry. She sighed wishing things were different, but she was stuck here for now. 

She also got money from her mom so she didn’t work at Nicki’s for just a paycheck. She is using it to think of her next move. She already had a degree, and she was thinking about the step after it. The break up had been weighing on her mind as a reminder of how she can make dumb decisions and use poor judgement.  She lost her friends, too and had to cut off her guy friends because of the tool. He stressed her out nonstop and made her miserable. He even tried to get her to dump a friend she has known since childhood. A friend who warned her about him and she didn’t listen. That night is still a painful reminder.  The throbs in her head still bothered her at times and her back, too. He did some damage to her. She tried to push it out, and it was no use. 

After she made it in the door, she put down her stuff, and sat on one of the leather couches and cried. She let it all out, and let the tears fall. It was a nice apartment. too. It had a living room, kitchen, dining room, one bathroom and her master bedroom with various closets and furniture she bought from WitchRUs and some nice tables, too.  One housed a huge TV with a gaming system and she even had a laptop, too. She had to keep in touch with the outside world and she blocked her ex on Luxor online, too. She was even a part of her old coven group on one of the Luxor online groups and her father’s vampire one. She’s a special witch and she could do spells the normal ones can’t. Of course, the vampires could call on her, too. 

However, they knew she was taking a break. After the events happened, they put her ex in jail for it since he committed assault. And she hoped he stayed there. It’s bad when a lowlife tries to control you and tell you that you are worthless. That is what she heard the most. How she was worthless and would never amount to anything. He even yelled at her for not hanging a towel right. At all. Still Mina gathered her clothes, and took a long how shower. She needed it to forget all the crap she had to deal with. It was a long ass day. At least it was over and that there was alcohol involved. She was happy to be off work if only for a short time. 

She had some time off since she took some vacation days to get a mental break since it was needed. Very needed with retail since it can suck the life out of you. After Mina showered, she used love healing shower gel which she picked up at Gingers shop after the break up. She needed something for healing and they even came in shower gel form. Heartbreak is the worst so she needed something with a kick. It made her feel better and it also contained chamomile, jasmine, eucalyptus and spearmint. It had healing properties and helped soothe her for some time. 

She planned on eating a lot, watching TV and someday drinking for her vacation … a lot of r and r even video games to take her mind off stuff. After her nice shower she went to the kitchen and got a nice glass. She poured Jack Daniels and coke. It was needed if only to forget the day and getting yelled at by old people over coupons didn’t help. Hearing them constantly bitch was something that made her insane. She wanted to finish another after this one.  It was that long of a day. Two drinks are needed on certain days. Sometimes three even depending on the day. Retail isn’t for everyone and at least there was a spell block to prevent creatures from frying the employees after their coupon didn’t work. 

Mina wished she had someone to go home to and cuddle with after a long day. It was hard being a single witch and sleeping alone. She forgot what it was like to stand on her own since he reduced her to a pathetic, sobbing mess. She would rather be stabbed then feel this horrible pain. Alas she couldn’t…

She tossed and turned late at night trying to grab a nice warm body to cuddle with and wound up with nothing but an empty bed. Not even online shopping could ease her loneliness.  At all. She turns on reality TV and an ad popped up for Fur and Fang of Love. Competing for a hot sexy alpha wolf or vampire with others wasn’t her thing. Online dating was a bust and people can be shitty, and bombard you for hook up requests and nothing real comes out of it. All they want is sex anyway and she wanted more. She wished someone would come into her life and sweep her off her feet. Instead she was staring at a drink made of alcohol and caffeine and broken dreams. 

Something that made her lonely and wishing fairy tales were real. A half empty one that needed to be empty to her. She downed the rest of the jack and coke. She wished for a strong. powerful vampire since she loved them the best. She also heard from her dad’s coven that vampires have mates and wondered if she would be lucky enough to find hers. She hoped she would find him and that all the crying would be worth it. She hoped that he was looking for her, too. She could use someone right now. Instead it is just her, alcohol that is beginning to give her a nice buzz, and watching television. 

She wasn’t going to try dating apps ever since that is how she met her ex, and wanted to meet someone the normal way. She poured the Jack Daniels half and finished her coke and sat back down.  It felt good for her to relax and clear her head. Her memories kept wanting a replay of some of the worst customers she dealt with at Nikki’s. She remembered the one that was so rude to her when she was so new working there…

Mina had just checked the fitting room when she was at Customer Service when this rude, hostile lady came up to her and asked if she could get service since she had been waiting at the counter and that Mina should watch her area better. Mina was timid too and she said, “I apologize for keeping you waiting. How can I help you?”

And she was tall, white skinned blonde and had that blonde ‘I need a manager’ haircut with dark blue eyes looking at her like a target more than a person. She was dressed in a red tank and jeans and had a bag in her hand full of returns.  

“I need to return these.” Lady said. 

Mina went up to the counter and logged in. Then, she took out one item and said, “Do you have a receipt?” 

She gave her an annoyed look, “All I have is the tag, and you can use the return label which is all I need anyway, right?” 

“Yes, of course.” Mina said even though she was still new and it was a long shift already. 

Then, the lady repeated, “You can still use the crl, right? I thought you knew what you were doing,” she said treating her like an incompetent idiot. 

“I am new so you have to give me some credit.” Then she scanned the item and processed the ladies’ return. She could feel tears welling but she held them back since she didn’t want the lady to see her cry. 

“Then, they should have someone who knows what they were doing. They need to properly train you before they put you on the floor.” She said. Mina got all the ladies items done, and even got the extra items for her from the back. She never forgot how rude she was. It was awful serving her, and she was relieved when Nikki’s was closed for the night. 

Mina sat back down to sip on her last drink. Since she knew she would pay for it later she took Tylenol the spelled kind to prevent her from being hung over. She wanted to enjoy her night and drink to forget. She was tired of her life and wanted to wallow in her self-pity. Her friend also dumped her and is now with her ex. She was happy he was someone else’s issue. They deserved each other since they are both toxic. She kept drinking her drink and enjoying the taste. Her day was long, but the combination of jack and coke helped her forget everything. She was miserable and tired, too. All she did was work, and she didn’t have anyone to spend time with. 

She missed the feeling of having someone close by. Instead she was feeling so drunk passing out was imminent since she was that far gone. She passed out in front of the TV after she drained her glass dry…

Neo looked at his mate through the window and he was careful to make sure he wasn’t spotted. He knew she was his since he spotted her at Nikki’s. He has been trying to track her down to make sure she is safe. She was beautiful to him. Black hair, grey eyes, and pale. Half and half, the best of both worlds. And she was definitely one to match with him. He had dark brown hair to his shoulders, dark chocolate eyes and a tan. He was pretty built thanks to training. He was a Protector. He even wore a black trench coat, black boots and a short sleeved black shirt with leather pants under it. He even wore black sunglasses that helped him see any time of the day. He was armed with a samurai sword and a handgun loaded with silver, and even more special bullets in cartridges. He even had some tattoos which included a dragon on his shoulder, and a compass on his chest. He was a Protector, and has been ever since the VampireWitches came about. And he was also drafted by her dad to protect her, and it happened after he found out who she was. Neo was a full vampire, and he had blood packs with him to keep his thirst in check. He didn’t bite mortals, but he would love to bite his willing vampire mate. He hoped Mina would be his once she found out the truth. He was hers and once they met officially he hoped she would feel the same. He saw the glass of hers. She must have had a long day, and he longed to comfort her. To hold her and protect her from everything. He ex was a tracker and the evil vampire clan was going to take her to use her as bait since her dad and mom were high ranking leaders. Not on his watch. She slept peacefully. Probably from those three glasses she had. Her living room had a huge window and she didn’t close the blinds. He saw everything. He had enhanced hearing and he could even sense other vampires. He was built stronger than normal ones. He has been dreaming of Mina since birth and when the leader of the Protectors came to him, it all made sense. There are several types: AngelWitches, VampireWitches, Werewolf Witches, and even DragonWitches. They all had their mates, too since the idea of a perfect half being out there to produce more, and since they are the best of both worlds. They are the fierce ones. They even have their own high security compounds to keep them safe and bring them to their powers. Some can be stronger than others, and some even have dragons to guard them. Neo loved watching her sleep. And he would be even happier when they finally met face to face. It might have to be soon. He knew she was trying to get away, but her ex was still out there and trying to locate her to take her back to the lair. Her ex was a horrible black witch and he was trying to use her in a dark ritual and the only way to do that would be to take her heart and blood. It’s important to keep an eye on her. He could feel her pain, too. Still, it was for the best. His last relationship failed after she cheated on him and he didn’t want anything to do with relationships till she came into his life. She had to see he was a good person he hoped. And if her ex tried anything he would gladly kill him. 

Still he had to wait for the perfect time to talk to her. That way he could definitely keep a close eye on her. She was precious and the only hope to save the clan. She slept peacefully and not once did she toss or turn at all. He scanned the area making sure there was nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing but neighbors going in and out. Her apartment was at the very bottom: 1a. He took a sip of blood in his flask to keep his hunger down. He was hoping she would feel the same way and let him bond to her so she could come into her full power. She was a target right now. He had to protect her no matter what. And his vampire magic called to her. He was also a strong magic vampire. He even performed magic for other covens if needed. He loved the thought of having her by his side. Therefore, he needed to tell her everything when the time was right. Maybe she wouldn’t need a drink with him by her side? He didn’t know and his heart beat fast with anticipation. And to his horror someone was trying to break in…A shadowy figure was at her front door and she was safe sleeping soundly. He had to act fast to make sure nothing happened to her. If not he might not get another chance…