I recently became a Twitch affiliate and I stream a variety of games in my free time! Twitch was one of the things I used as an escape when my mom was sick and I was taking care of her. Over time I became close with several communities and discovered how fun it was to watch streams and I started streaming myself in October. I even got my gaming setup made since I wanted to stream as well as write full time. And I got an avatar since I’m a Vtuber now! I stream with the Scooby Gang on Saturday and stream after work on the week days!

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There is also an awesome streamer I recommend since he was there for me through everything: My awesome bunny:

Friends I stream with or Recommend:

BoomSquadron links:

SPARTAN_JACK – Twitch He is a British NEW Streamer navigating his way through Twitch! He is not amazingly good at games so don’t be expecting any 360 degree No ScOpEs as what he lack in MLG skill he make up for in pure entertainment! Equality, love and positive vibes ONLY. I love his drunk streams t

kcxuk – Twitch

bloodwolf_95 – Twitch

PixeledPaws – Twitch

maineventpong – Twitch

xOhGreen – Twitch

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Kitty Ear Headphones:

My Writing/Editing Monitor:

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S:

My Gaming Laptop:

My Switch:

My Wireless mouse and keyboard:

My Gaming chair:

My Gaming Monitor:

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