I recently became a Twitch affiliate and I stream a variety of games in my free time! Twitch was one of the things I used as an escape when my mom was sick and I was taking care of her. Over time I became close with several communities and discovered how fun it was to watch streams and I started streaming myself in October. I even got my gaming setup made since I wanted to stream as well as write full time.

My channel: Wolfdreamer25 – Twitch

My Discord:

Fun Streamers I love watching:

iODn – Twitch

JerycoTheGamer – Twitch

GayBrownies93 – Twitch She is an awesome streamer who I have played games with!

Also a side note she is having an event this month called Stand Up to Cancer! I agree with her since my mom died in July and it sucks. She is trying to raise money for it and here is the link if you want to donate: Tori Stewart is fundraising for Stand Up To Cancer UK (

AshenLux – Twitch

SoyExtra – Twitch

Chezzi_ – Twitch

SerenityRose_ – Twitch

Beardlyson – Twitch

AStingWray – Twitch

kcxuk – Twitch

neekoxttv – Twitch

ttvFinnyG – Twitch

snoozy_blue – Twitch

GraveDoggg – Twitch

LawlaLeyshon – Twitch

bloodwolf_95 – Twitch

PixeledPaws – Twitch

maineventpong – Twitch

jibblin – Twitch

GabSmolders – Twitch

xOhGreen – Twitch

ScammerPayback – Twitch

Kitboga – Twitch