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Twitch was one of the things I used as an escape when my mom was sick and I was taking care of her. Over time I became close with several communities and discovered how fun it was to watch streams and I started streaming myself in October. I even got my gaming setup made since I wanted to stream as well as write full time. And I got an avatar since I’m a Vtuber now!

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Friends I stream with or Recommend: He is awesome and plays a variety of games! I have fun being in his streams! I recently became a fan of his ever since he raided me in phasmo he is one of the sweetest, wholesome streamers. He also plays a variety of games and even mods Stardew like me! I love the fact that she plays a variety of games including simulation and horror. She is cute when she rages at assholes! She plays Sunhaven which is my newest favorite game and Final Fantasy online. She is an awesome person to watch.

She is an Oni Vtuber and plays Hunt Showdown and her drunk streams are hilarious! I’ve played with her in multiple streams phasmo and Minecraft she is an awesome friend and even plays the Sims games and Simulation ones. he plays Digimon and it is fun to watch at times. He also plays Monster Hunter as well. he is Lady Titania lakes boyfriend and always talk about computers his favorite game to stream is Star Wars The Old Republic. I love his streams and he streams with friends and plays a variety of games! She is an awesome cow Vtuber and her streams are hilarious! I love her! She also describes herself as: A MooToober cow waifu! and it is adorable! Mia is fun to stream with and I enjoyed playing games with her she was awesome when she was observing Scott Pilgrim vs The World the game with me and friends! I love her she games and draws it was so fun going to her birthday stream and having her draw one of my characters! He plays Captain Jack Sparrow and cosplays I love his energy!! He plays DBD and Phasmo and his streams are always fun to watch. He is an awesome friend and I love going to his streams and watching him! Plays Red Dead Online and is an awesome person and friend! he plays a variety of games and goes by the name Bear. I loved playing Sea of thieves with him and he was one of the ones I can confide in!

Sassy- She is an awesome trans VTuber looking to make friends, hangout, play a variety of games, and throw some sass on the side! Fun to play Core Keeper with and goes on VRChat alot. I call her Dommy mommy!

One of my best friends from Sweden she is an amazing friend and I enjoy playing DBD with her! My stream wife!– He is an awesome streamer! His name is Asta L. Kitsune, but friends call him Senpai. He loves to play a variety of games. He streams on Youtube and streams on Twitch on the weekends. Plays a variety of games and he is apart of the Core Keeper gang too every Sunday 2-4pm! It is fun to watch him play and he is a good friend.

First Genie Vtuber I’ve come across I love watching him play The Trickster on Thirsty Thursdays!

Blue is one I met on VRCHat and he is also fun to watch and hang out with as well plays alot of games and will even explore horror maps with me and friends! Dr_Blue47 – Twitch

My Prince he is an awesome streamer with a sexy voice. I love playing games with him and he plays a variety of games. He is part of the Fallen Remanants and the Bamboo Bay Crew.

Dark Wolf DarkWolf20009 – Twitch He is a part of the Fallen Remnants and plays phasmo and 7 days to die. He does play a variety of games as well.

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