The Scarlet Summers Series!

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These are all the Scarlet Summers books all together!

A Witchy Beginning Book 1

Scarlet book 1 cover

Scarlet Summers was just your ordinary high school student, and never knew her true heritage. Until her junior year which is when two sexy transfers came to her high school and turned her world upside down. She is a vampire witch which is rare in their world, and her best friend Annika her witch guardian will be there to watch her powers grow.

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Chapter 1

I thought I was always just a human with weird rages and a fetish for blood with fire powers. Nope. Not normal after all and it all started when Nathan and Zion came to my school to get me. I will start from the very beginning since it is why I joined Luxor academy in the Luxor realm.

It is my second to last year of high school, and I get ready for my day. I go to Crystal Crest Academy and live in a dorm with my best friend Annika. I had just gotten back from summer break, and a new year was beginning. I have my school schedule which is one I want. And this is just for humans as well. We have a gym, cafeteria, library, and various classrooms. I am excited since I will be graduating in a few years. It means I get to stay up late studying, picking my own classes for once, and more friends, too way more than just Annika. I get ready and dress in the school uniform. Black shirt and grey skirt with combat boots. Home of the howling wolves with the school colors of black and grey. 

I have my long, red hair brushed out, and eye shadow on my catlike green eyes. I meet my friend at a locker since we have them to put some of our stuff in, and she has her long blonde hair in a ponytail. Her blue eyes smiled at me, and she wore the uniform well and black boots; they completed her look. She is tan from going to the beach over the summer, and I’m happy to see her again after a boring summer. She must have put her stuff in when I was asleep. I am not a morning person like she is. 

“How was your summer?” I asked her. 

“Good. Tanning at the beach was a fun time, and I loved surfing. At least high school is almost over.”

I nod. “Oh, yeah, I’m so ready for college, and I want to attend Southbend for English and History. I love books.” 

She laughed. “You always have and will. Let’s go to your locker to get your things and head to class.” 

We head to my locker after she got her items, and once at my locker. I gather my things and head to my first class. We run into Nicole on our way there and she is the slut of high school that sleeps with everyone she sees. I was happy I was in a different dorm then she was. Nicole is a fair-looking brunette with long black hair and vacant brown eyes that show no emotion. She always wears skimpy tops making a mockery of the school uniform to show off her double D’s, a tight skirt, and heels like a wannabe model. She always loves to put down everyone around her, and thinks the world revolves around her. She loves to steal boyfriends, too. I hate her, and she has tried to steal some of my boyfriends without success. 

She gave me a nasty smile. “How was your summer? Mine was fabulous since I modeled for the latest Crystal Crest high style.” 

I smiled at her with a fake smile. “My summer was good since I read the whole summer to escape from the real world. I read about people who triumphed over idiots like you, and girls who cheat on their boyfriends.” 

She does cheat on every guy she is with…

She glared. “I love my boyfriend Chris, and I would never cheat on him.” 

As if on cue, Chris comes up beside her. His short black hair is combed back and his brown eyes sparkle with mirth. He has a good tan with a black shirt sculpted to his body, and his legs are encased in black jeans. He wore black boots to his knees with a chain hanging down. I still tried to figure out why he was with her since she was a horrid, selfish bitch. God, he should be with someone with a heart. 

His eyes turn toward Nicole with accusation in them, “Was what she said true? Did you really cheat on me again after I told you not to? Do I even matter to you, or am I just one of your play toys like half the guys you’ve dated?”

“No, I love you since you’re not like the rest of them. She’s a liar, and jealous because I stole several of her exes who weren’t good enough for her. They were assholes anyway.” She directed a glare my way. Then he grabbed her hand, and they headed to whatever pit they crawled out of. 

I shake my head and walk with Annika to my English class. She hates her like I do and says, “You really should just ignore her since she loves the drama and attention you give her. If you ignore her then she will leave you alone. Try not to play into her hands. She is not worth it.”

I sighed, “I know, but she really makes me want to hit her sometimes.” 

Annika sighed, “Me, too, especially with the way she treats the guys she dates, and almost getting one arrested since she has mommy issues.” 

“Wow…how do you know this?” I asked her.

Annika looked at me sadly, “I used to be Nicole’s friend until she got so busy she didn’t need me anymore. I gave her rides, I helped her with work, taking her places, and all she did was use me. We lost touch because I was busy with school. Once she unfriended me over Lumeline, I asked her why she did since I thought we were friends. Nicole said, ‘I haven’t heard from you in a while, and the first thing you ask is where is your stuff,’ since she borrowed stuff from me. In all honesty, I wanted it to cut her off for good because I was sick of listening to her drama and complaining. She was saying shit about the guys I was dating and tried to get in the way of it…”

“Damn, no wonder why I hate her for it. And what else?” I prompt her, wanting to hear the rest. 

Annika continued, “She told me she doesn’t lose touch with important people, and that she has stuff to keep her busy. She put down my goals, and thought she knew my job better than I did. Her advice was crap, and it’s about time I cut her off anyway.”

“You’re right after explaining all that to me, and that’s why she is not worth talking about. I hope karma bites her in the ass,” I told her, hoping it was true. She is not a friend worth having if she continued to put her friends down. People like her are a waste of oxygen.  

Annika laughed, “Hopefully it does so people will be better off not knowing her, and with her having the model gig and being an annoying bully , too. I doubt she is someone worth being around. She also had a child by a guy she claims to love, and ended up giving it to her mom like she couldn’t be bothered to take care of her own child.”

“Damn, not someone I’d want to keep in touch with anyway,” I reply, deciding to leave it at that since class is starting. I pay attention to the lecture after the syllabus is read since it talks about journaling and keeping a diary of events throughout the day. I make a note to go to the store to pick up a journal. I enjoy journaling anyway, and it’s due at the end of the year, too. It would be boring though coming from me. I get through the English period without falling asleep. After it’s over, I get up and Annika smiles and says, “We can go journal shopping after school. I will drive you home to save you from riding the bus.”

I smile at her. “That’s exactly what I was thinking.” 

We made our way to the next class which is history. I don’t mind it since you must know about the past to move forward with the future. I try not to think about my past, too much since it brings up horrible memories. Memories I don’t want to remember since it causes me to have rage so powerful I black out or set things on fire with my mind. The thing that makes it happen is anger, and that is why I try to control it. I don’t know why or anything about the strange power, but it can’t be normal, can it? My eyes turn red and the object engulfs into flames. 

Once you have had horrible things happen to you that are traumatizing, you’re never the same again. I sit down at a seat, and Annika sits next to me. I was happy to have her by my side; at least with her I can do anything. She has been my friend through it all. I go through men like tissue paper, sometimes every month. Most of the time I end the thing, but only twice has the guy ended things with me. I really hated the way one guy did end it by getting a friend to tell me it’s over versus telling it himself all because he was pressured to break up with me thanks to his friends. Guys suck, and I just want to find someone who will be with me and make me happy.

Really? I stop thinking about relationships long enough to notice Annika kicking my chair lightly. 

I look at her and mouth “What?” She points to the door of the classroom, and a guy walks in. The hottest guy I have ever seen. Hypnotic and oh-so-bad-boy yummy. Long black hair, almond dark brown eyes, and an eyebrow ring and a lip ring on one side. He wears a black muscle t-shirt molded to his chest, tight blue jeans, and black combat boots. What sets him apart is he doesn’t feel normal and I was drawn to him. The way he carries himself is a confident yet daring attitude. He moves to the back, and sits down. God, totally my type. Then another guy comes in through the door and the total opposite. He had light brown hair with blonde tips and light blue eyes. Muscles poked through his blue shirt and he wore tight blue jeans with sneakers. Instead of heading to the back he heads straight for me, and my jaw drops since he was a sexy stud, too. The second sexiest guy I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  Wow…Two hot guys in one day–what are the odds?

The light-haired guy smiles at me and says, “Hey, I’m Nathan. What’s your name, babe?”

I smile at him. “Scarlet.”

He laughs. “What a pretty name for a cute girl. How about going out with me Friday night?” 

I nod. “Sure.”

“Alright.” And he gets situated in his seat, then gets his items out for the class. I turn to the front once the lecture begins on ancient Egypt. Ancient history is pretty cool and Luxor was even named after it. The teacher talked about their society, and the fact that they worship gods and goddesses. They even have spells and they bury their dead by mummifying them before they bury them in sarcophagus. I love learning about that history. I wonder about the other guy, too; I have questions like, who is he? And why did he transfer here? I think about it all throughout the class, and I am surprised to hear the bell since time went too fast for me. I get up as if in a daze, and we head to lunch. 

“Earth to Scarlet…” Annika says to get my attention. 

“Huh?” I replied. 

“Those two new guys were staring at you, especially the light haired one,” she told me excitedly. 

“What are you talking about?” I asked her, wondering if it was the blonde with big boobs, they were staring at who was sitting in front of me. 

“They were definitely looking at you, and they must love red heads…”

Nicole was sitting close to us and overheard Annika since she has nothing better to do than to be the school bully/slut. She always sat by us, and glared like how dare we even exist here, and breathe the same air… 

“Impossible. No one would even think of Scarlet as even remotely attractive.” Bitchy Nicole said, like I’m a bug on her shoe she could always sit far away from us. She is the type that always has to be the center of attention.  

“Maybe you should chase someone as ugly as you,” I replied with scorn in my voice. She wasn’t as attractive as she thought she was…

“Well, the blonde is mine because he is not good enough for you.” She glared at me like she won already, and the guy was hers, but he wasn’t. 

I rolled my eyes at her, “Whatever. Nathan asked me, not you, so back off.” 

She smiled, “Nathan, is it? Well, may the best girl win.” She left, and I imagined blowing her head off because I hated her that much. She treated me like shit the past three years, and I really can’t wait until I don’t have to deal with her ass anymore. I made my way with Annika to lunch, and get in line. I chose a burger and fries over whatever the hell mystery meat is…Yuck, it could very well be chopped up students in there, or animals. I shudder wondering if they really did put bad students in there. 

I find a table and Annika sat across from me. She smiled as she put toppings on her burger. “So how do you feel about a hot new transfer asking you out?” 

“Scared,” I replied truthfully, and took a bite of my burger. I don’t have the best track record when it comes to dating. 

“It’s weird how two new guys decided to start here instead of the other high school in this realm.” She said suspiciously. 

“True, it seemed weird since Luxor is the place to be for creatures like werewolves, vampires, and witches. I’ve never met anyone from there yet, and it’s kind of exciting. I was happy when they came out a few years ago.” I said. But I had a weird feeling since there must be a reason why I have these powers. I could feel energies and apparently that is not normal. I feel like an outsider here, and even my foster parents couldn’t explain these feelings either. Or the fact that I could feel the life force of people. Or like the taste of blood. The new dudes don’t feel like normal humans either. They feel different..

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