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I figured I should do this since I do have a long list of novels or novellas I want to publish. I am in this for the long term, and all of my books will take place in the Crystal Crest realm, or the Luxor.

Luxor realm: This is a realm for supernatural creatures to live in, and it is separate from the humans. The only time a human can be part of the Luxor realm is if they are a supernatural creature, and they don’t know it yet. There is a King and Queen of Luxor, and they are a vampire and werewolf couple. Ghosts can roam freely, and be visible. Magic is way stronger, and the sun does not kill vampires.

Crystal Crest: This is the human realm, and it is run by psychics to make sure that if war broke out between the realms then they would stand a little chance. Magic can be done, but it is not as strong. The sun can kill vampires, but not if they use a protective salve.



Donnies Untimely Demise: written some, and needs a rewrite.

Scarlet’s Beginning which is titled A Witchy Beginning. Done needs to be rewritten and changed to college.

Retribution is mine: First Scarlet book, and how she meets Dante. Outlined, needs to be written 7 chapters in.

Scarlets Redemption: Second Scarlet book, and outlined some.

Blood Fire & moon Watch: needs to be outlined and written.

The Dead Ex: needs to be rewritten.

Obsession spell: reoutlined and rewritten.

Astral Witch: outlined, and already chapters into it.

6 book series they are half angel/witch.

Fur and Fang of love: Outlined, and a few chapters into it.

AngelWitch: Needs more scenes and the ending done.

Tales From Behind the Counter: Done and is being rewritten. Also awaiting more feedback from beta readers…


These are the major projects, and I will have more at time goes on.

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