The AngelWitch Series!

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Angeline is just a Kyle’s General Store worker. When she goes to her local witches shop she gets a surprise – a guy with wings. Not just any guy, but the one in her dreams. … something greater than just your average retail worker.
Chapter 1:
Another day done of this job from hell at Kyle’s General store. The hot water of the shower soothed my sore muscles, but it did nothing for the goop that ran off me in clumps going down the shower drain. Clumps of negative energy residue left over from the customers at my job. The shit that gets sloughed onto me day after day of working in a man-made prison of manual labor. Or hell. A hell I have to endure to hide from the thing chasing me: Next Star since I was stupid enough to fall for their bullshit. They don’t want to help people they want to hurt them. Supernaturals who have no place for themselves came to them. They turn them into slaves, and I refuse to be one. Already escaped a horrible relationship I don’t need to add slave to the list. Not me. Next Star can kiss my ass. I’m not going to be experimented on like that to find out who I am. I hid so they can’t find me.
Supernaturals don’t deserve to die since I am one. I don’t know which one though. I have been hidden for six years as a retail worker, and it slowly kills me.
God I hate it there! I hate the stupid shitty customers assaulting my mind with impatience, anger, hatred and fear. Their negative energy can make an awesome day into a bad one. I have a few good customers that make my day, and one asshole can ruin it all. Someone bitching that we are not able to work on their watch since it’s one that Kyle’s doesn’t carry. One guy made me want to punch him in the face since he was an asshole about it. Some even treat you like you are an idiot like this one dumbass was treating me like I didn’t know what a facial brush was when I don’t even work in the area. And another bitch was on her cell phone trying to get me to show her where the under armor was when I showed her twice she was in front of it. The customers think we are idiots.
Of course, I do have botanicals to combat their onslaught. Day after day is spent folding clothes, and serving customers at the jewelry counter. Kyle’s General Store’s customers are like bees buzzing in my head; Some are impatient pieces of work. They treat you like you are trash just because you work there, and work retail.
It is just a continuous stream of bullshit and misery. Seeing their looks of pity makes me sick. It’s like they feel sorry for me working retail when I need a job-Or, until I’m found out again. People say be grateful for a job, but even if that means being called names day after day it’s all good? No way! How can I be grateful dealing with people who complain about everything? Six years of my life. My apartment helped me get the independence I need, and this job temporarily sustained me. Still doesn’t keep me from thinking there is more to life than drinking till I fall asleep, and working retail dealing with idiots who need help to read.
It was a bad breakup, and I still have to see his stupid car around. It sucks I can’t blow him up. All the times Austin tormented me with every new girl he brought around to make me jealous. He was such an asshole and always criticizes me for working retail. Then he acted like he was such a god’s gift to women. More like I feel sorry for whoever falls for his act. He treated me like shit, and criticized me all the time even made me cry on Valentines Day. And then made me feel bad since we didn’t get his car when he came back from his deployment. He wasted my time, and cheated on me when I waited a year for his ass. I met him at Next Star, and was brainwashed. Sure, he was good looking dark hair to his shoulders, dark brown eyes, tan with a scorpion tattoo on his arm. He had a built body, but he was a cocky asshole who loved to hit on women and claimed to screw a lot and wasn’t very picky about the girls he had sex with. A douche to me. I loved the fact that he was a part of Next Stars soldiers who got supernaturals to the base. Until I realized I wasn’t special to him, and that I was a number on his belt. He is dead to me so he should just leave me alone already, and stop stalking my place of work. He brings in some whores of which he ignores and tries to shove his relationship in my face.
I am a cashier, apparel, shoes, and I answer the phones while helping in the fitting room, and take the keys to the jewelry counter when needed. It changes from day to day depending on where the idiots need me. I just wish I had a better way of dealing with the people and their emotional states. I wish I knew a way to control it to the point where it does not affect me. I dried off after my shower, and got dressed in a nightshirt and pants. I have to have this god, awful job. I hated it since I don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with their emotional crap. I say screw it and pour myself a drink. It at least calms me down, and makes me forget about everything. It doesn’t help that the customers look at me like they feel sorry for me just because I have a job.
Supernatural creatures came out of the closet years ago, and it was amazing when the first vampire appeared on television fangs bared for the world to see. They are real, and I’ve never seen one up close. It would be neat to meet one. Better than the dumbass human customers I deal with on a regular basis.
I turn on television to make time go by faster. My life is boringly human and despite my abilities I can pass for a normal person. Not hard either, just act like a sheep and bitch over things I can control. Guide idiot customers to items in front of them, and let them treat me like I don’t know what a belt is like they think I’m dumb even though I have a Bachelor degree.
I’m an empath. I can sense emotions and even influence them. It can come in handy at times especially when calming a bitchy customer.
Customers can be horrible and an example is a lady with greying hair, blue eyes, and an self-righteous attitude said, “It ran out of energy and it will not go very far.” She was referring to a motorized scooter. The whole time her eyebrows moved like they had a mind of their own. Blah…Blah…Blah…All white noise as far as I was concerned. I walkie the guys in charge because I doubt I could lift it. The guy sat down in the electric chair, and turned it on. And guess what? It worked. Miracle.

Trusting some customers to tell the truth is like making a rabid dog behave. And you can’t say shit without being fired or complained on. I flip through my notebooks, and they tell it all. The complaints, situations, and same managers who treat you like your a slave riding your ass ragged, and my novel Tales From Behind the Counter will tell it all since I might as well write about it while I’m at it. Especially the horrible managers Rebecca and Clare. It’s all getting old though, and boring. Same old shit different day. Managers ride their associates when company comes. Then again Rebecca and Clare are gone, and I could not be happier. That doesn’t stop the stupervisor from wrecking everything.
My favorite show is on called Hard Ass Pawn Shop, and the customers on this reality show are more outrageous than the idiots I have to deal with. I doubt I could handle the way they are yelled at. It makes me weep for humanity. I watch the show for hours since a marathon is on, and finally fall into a dreamless slumber. The quietness of sleep takes me after I stop worrying about dealing with idiots tomorrow, and the alcohol makes me fall even faster asleep. Too bad I drank too much.
Or, I thought I had gone to sleep. I am now in a forest with green trees, and a cloudless sky. I looked around the place, and a white light appeared before me. It sparkles and changes shape into a guy. A very sexy guy with short dark blond hair, spiked, and the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen. Built too, but he was not ordinary guy since cream colored wings are sticking out of his back. It didn’t matter since the moment I saw him I forgot everything, and nothing really mattered except him. He is all I can think about. He is all I ever wanted, and I knew he was mine since I’ve never felt that way about anyone before. Weird. He is the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen, and made me forget about my ex douche.
He smiled at me and said, “We will meet again my angel…” Then he disappeared. Damn it come back….
I wake up the next morning disappointed it was just a dream, and all I want to do is go to sleep, and see the cute angel again. The angel who is my other half, and knows me better than anyone else. I feel drawn to him, and if only it were real instead of a dream. I knew he was someone special in my life, but reality brings me back to the fact that I’m alone and in a dead end retail job where the only way up is to ass kiss. And to the ex-Austin who puts his new bitches in my face, and he has actually ignored one of them and he was smiling at his phone so probably cheating on her with another. He isn’t a good catch since he is a loud mouth douche with baby mama drama. His family was the worst by giving me hope when there wasn’t any.
I have to go into work though anyway to earn a paycheck as shitty pay as it is. At least until I don’t feel like hiding anymore. Or, I don’t feel like taking Salem, my stupidvisor’s shit. He is a nasty asshole, and enjoys torturing me. Saying I should show up like I’m a slacker, and taking vacations every chance he can get leaving me with a mess to deal, with not even bothering to tell me what’s going on. Treating me like a dumbass. Everyone hates him like I do. ‘Pick it up, go faster, move with a purpose.’ Sorry I don’t have superpowers, and I hate doing five departments at once. They give us too much in too little time.
I get up to shower and dress in my slave uniform. And I take Tylenol for my headache since hangovers are the worst.
Black pants, and a red shirt with a stupid name tag. Angeline is my full name but I put Angel for short so they don’t have to say my full name. I even put on makeup and accessories. My shift starts in a few hours leaving me time to ponder. 12:00-9:00 today! Before I do anything I put on my crystal quartz, and program it to block the signals of the brains of the many customers that walk through the doors of Kyle’s General Store. Even block it from the other employees’ brains. I know how they feel.
Kyle’s General store is a store that also has groceries, as well as shoes, jewelry, accessories, clothes, and various departments that deal with the home. I don’t go to the grocery side till the 2:00 shape up. It’s off Surrey road in a rich part of town, and the customers can be snobby.
I get a move on to go there dreading driving on Surrey road the main one in Crystal Crest which is run by psychics. Music blares from my stereo drowning out the annoying noises of cars, and trucks with drivers too big for their britches.
I can feel people in their cars like pulsing mounds of energy with emotions buzzing like bees. People are angry, sad, mad, and happy while driving their cars to wherever. I grab my opal ring on the black rough dashboard, and put it on the metal making their energy even duller so I cannot feel shit. I hate feeling people anyway, and I have been dealing with this since high school.
These stones I am wearing will give me the energy I need to block the crowds on Black Friday. It’s November the 25th, and since I don’t have anyone to celebrate with I don’t mind working since it will help me take my mind off things.
Today is one of the busiest days in retail besides the day before Christmas with people itching to get their hands on the latest gadget, television, tablet, and deals they would not normally have every day. I get to the parking lot amidst the crazy drivers, park my Karcano, and turn off the car. I sit there in silence and close my eyes. Shielding the emotions to block it all out.
I imagine my body’s aura around me, and surround my whole body with metal like a tower blocking everything out. I imagine a rock around my body, and it enables me to fully block out everything. Nothing can get through except for my own thoughts in my head. I don’t want to feel anything for the next few hours from people. I can read minds as well as feel their feelings.
It really sucks when I am folding clothes and a random thought pops up that isn’t mine.
Fully prepared I walk through the door of the crowded store. I see the front end registers already busy with customers shopping with carts full of goods. People checking out, and the beeps of ringing of the items as they are being passed across the register scanner.
“Hey, Angel you finally made it?”
I smile when I heard that voice since I know who it belongs to all too well.
Kalisa Stryker my light at the end of this shitty retail tunnel. She is also my best friend, and one I can vent to at a bar at the end of a long, shitty work day full of assholes.
“Yep, I did though I wish I hadn’t since a nice customer went and messed up my hard work…”
Kalisa has wild auburn curls, yellowish green catlike eyes, and green eyeshadow with a poison Ivy leaf at the end of her corners. She even has cherry plump lips that will make guys fall to their knees. She is pale like the full moon shining brightly in the sky. She does not take shit from anyone and she loves people. She always has a smile for me, and any man dumb enough to fall for it.
I have been friends with her since elementary school, and I really love the fact that she is not a mindless Kyle-kissing drone. I swear some of the employees must have sucked his dick to get the promotions they got. Or, Salem did to get to be promoted to stupidvisor. The dipshit.
“Good. We need to stick together on the battlefield with zombies scrambling for sales.” She said.
Her eyes widen when she sees the mess the customers left, “Fuck me. The piggies are out more today. That is the sixth fucked up pile of items I’ve seen.”
I smile sadly, “It won’t be the last on this hellish day.”
We begin picking up the pile the customers tore through like a lion through a gazelle. I hate it when they do that. It wastes my time when I have to pick up every individual piece, refold it, and put it back neatly then it’s messed up all over again.
Awesome day! I just hope I don’t have to watch the phones they are a pain in the ass more than anything. Apparel people are trained to watch phones since it is apart of the job. As well as putting up stock, putting things back, and watching the fitting rooms and phone. The only reason why phones can be a pain is because sometimes people don’t answer the phones in their department, and the customer gets mad at us. Everything is my fault just because I work there. My fault period.
I get everything done in an hour, and it is still crowded as I fought my way through the horde of people. People are getting mad over not getting a pair of jeans since we ran out the ones mentioned in the ad. Oops.
I really wish I was somewhere else because the energy they give off is hard for me to deal with when it is beating down on me like an echo in the room.
After I was done the supervisor Emma found me amidst all the craziness. The supervisor is a woman with long brown hair to her ass, wide black eyes, and pale skin. She wore the uniform that curved to her body versus fought it like mine always does. She had an earpiece in her ears connected to the walkie to listen in on idiot managers. She is actually one of the good managers who loves her job, unlike some of them who sit there and bitch. Some don’t do jack shit to help their sales associates. She smiles at me, and it was the wicked one that told me that one of my worst nightmare is coming true. “Since you’re done with that task I would like to have you man the jewelry counter with Dreama since she needs help while Jasmine is on her lunch.” She gives me the keys, I take them from her. The little metal keys opened the cases, and it means showing the zombies the merchandise. I mean customers…
I smiled at her even though I wanted to kill her. I hate the counter as much as I hate the register. Kyle always hangs around the front and hollers when there is no one at the counter.
“No problem only an hour right? How bad can it be?” I said using fake enthusiasm. I make my way there only to see it is already busy with non stop humans at least they found all the items since they did not have it earlier. Great! Thanks bitch for making me face the firing squad or stared at like a zoo animal. Dreama spots me her blue eyes sparkling like I saved her from dying. Her long black hair in a ponytail curled to her back, and she is tan from the beach. The uniform is perfectly molded to her body like a second skin making her curves stand out.
I got the extra keys from Emma, and head behind the counter to tag team with Dreama to thin the lines down. I service a few people by showing them pieces, and ringing them up when they are satisfied. It is not too bad things are going well until a guy comes up to the counter and asks, “Can you put a battery in my watch?”
I take the watch and examine it noticing it is not one of the brands we carry inside the store. We don’t take the batteries out unless we carry since a customer can sue us if we break their watch.
I regretfully say, “Sorry, sir due to liability issues I cannot open this watch since we don’t carry it in store.”
He glares, “You have done it before that is why I knew to come here.”
“I can’t open it since it’s not a brand we carry.” I repeat since this asshole is not getting it. And since watches have been broken before I’m not doing it.
He glares, “Then get me Kyle.” As if he can make me work on it when I’m not getting fired over an asshole’s watch.
“I’m here already sir since I saw you yell at one of my associates like a jerk.” He replied appearing out of nowhere like managers do. Of course, there is always the talking of the walkie up close also the jingle of keys can be heard too.
“Now what seems to be the problem?” He asked in a friendly tone even though he is a ruthless douche that fires without warning.
“Well,” he gave a glare my way as if I killed a puppy, “This worker refuses to open my watch since she says and I quote ‘not one we carry’ and due to liability issues. I just want a battery for my watch…” He gives Kyle wide eyes as if he can get his way…
“Unfortunately, it is true due to an associate messing up a watch that we did not carry. We had to pay for it to be repaired.” He replied apologetically.
The customer sighed, “Then how do I get it fixed?”
“Go to the mall I’m sure they have plenty of places there.” Kyle informed him.
“Okay, I guess I will leave.” Then he left the counter.
I service several more customers, and Jasmine comes back. She is a pretty caramel skinned woman with smiling brown eyes. She has long charcoal locks that seem to have a mind of their own. She comes up to me, and I hand her the keys then go back to my section. Thankfully.
But Emma finds me yet again and said, “The lines are too long, and you and Jasmine are needed at the front.”
Noooooooo! Oh the horror! Not the front registers!

Chapter 2:
I walked up to the front noticing the ones in line are glaring at me like it’s my fault the lines are long. They always seem to look at the sales associates who are putting up stock when they are waiting in line with such venom just because they are not up there servicing their every whim. The lines are now so long they are past the counter, and some are getting so impatient that they try to check out at another register like the jewelry, electronics, or sporting goods. I go to a customer service manager to get the dreaded register number since they are numbered 1-40 it is a big store, and all lit up thanks to Black Friday.
The customer service manager Melissa who has long, wavy light brown curls, and light brown eyes that can see right into your soul since she is suspicious of everyone. She wore the uniform like it was a second skin. She had the attitude to direct cashiers as if they were soldiers going into the battlefield against an army of mindless shoppers. They are mindless since they have glazed over looks in their eyes shuffling the shopping carts. I make sure she spots me, and resist the urge to hide in a clothes rack so she can’t see me I’ve tried that already and it failed. . I get my register assignment which is 5.
I plaster a smile on my face, and imagine them dead. I get up to the dreaded register, punch in my keys and yell, “I’m open.” Even though I know some of them will ask if I’m really open with my light on. They advance like zombies to my register taking merchandise and putting them on the rotating belt.
One bitch says, “Bout damn time I have been waiting forever!”
Aww…you had to wait poor baby!
I grab her items, and pass the barcode over the scanner hearing the beeps as the items scans. Then after it beeps and appears on the screen time to bag!
Fruits and vegetables are together. Dairy is separate as well as meat since meat can leak out everywhere contaminating everything. All the crushed items go in a separate bag like bread and chips. I always put eggs in a separate bag and give it to them. Lastly, no mixing chemicals with food either since you don’t want them to get mixed up and spill on something. I double bag wine and cans. Some people have particular bagging preferences, and I ask it so I won’t get yelled at. This job is easy, but the customers can make it more difficult than it needs to be.
I try to talk to the customer in front of me as I bag her items. But I get done, and then tell her the total. Even though I’d rather be anywhere but here checking out people.
“Ma’am your total is $179.28.”
Her eyes widen, “You can’t be serious I thought it would be less…”
“Taxes make it higher to keep the creatures at bay, and we wouldn’t want a werewolf eating the dogs now would we?” I replied cheerfully since we have taxes in the Crystal Crest realm high to help please the supernaturals by paying them to live in the Luxor realm so they can let us be in peace. But I would love to meet one. And this woman makes me wish I had a zombie nearby.
She glares, “Then let me take something off. I can’t believe these freaks make our taxes high. It’s bad enough the monsters under our bed are real…”
She looks at the items already in the bag, and gives me enough items to void till the total was to her liking.
“Your new total is $70.00.”
She smiles, “Thanks but you could have been nicer.” Turning me from sweet to bitchy in 2.5 seconds because they treat the people behind the counter like dogs. Or servants.
“Yes, maybe but you need to factor in tax before you jump down my throat for something I can’t control.”
She glares again turning to bitchy, “You need to learn manners.”
“Whatever, take your shit, and stop arguing with me over stupid tax dollars.” I fire back.
She takes her bags after I give her the receipt, but not before I erase the memory of me being mean and give her new ones. I do it because people like her complain all the time. I’ve had this ability since high school when I wanted to erase a moment that has happened like the school bully laughing as I slip on paper. I have powers and I use them for fun. Maybe one day I can find someone from there to see why I have all these powers, and I can’t go there because only a real supernatural creature will be able to feel the entrance to the realm and know its location. Also running so it’s not like I can ask what I am.
After the bitch customer left the people after her are nice, and it almost makes me not hate the register almost.
I turn around and there is a cashier to relieve me of this spot in hell.
“Good luck.” I told her.
I go back to apparel only to have this lady in a motorized scooter flag me down like a dog. “Where is there a price checker?” and she repeated her question again like she thought I was deaf and stupid.
I take her to the jewelry checker, and scan the belts. “How is it full price when it was in the clearance section?” she asks me as if it was my fault it was ringing up full price.
“The belts are mixed in together there is sale price and clearance price items mixed in.” I tell her.
“Well then shouldn’t it be moved to a different section there was 20 of them.”
I repeat the same thing.
“I don’t think you are understanding me it should not be mixed in with the clearance items.” She said treating me like a dumbass once again.
“I do understand you but they are mixed in, and it’s not my fault because if it was clearance there would be a red tag. I know how to do my job bitch.” I tell her not playing nice because of how she is treating me.
“Wow…okay.” She replies and rolls off hopefully into traffic where she will get ran over by a car.
I make it back to the fitting room, and I check in the baskets to see the clothes. I gather a few of them. I start to put them in their spots. While I hung up a shirt I spot Kyle doing his usual walk around the store. To my horror he spots me, “Good morning.” Even though it is 4:00 in the bloody afternoon.
I smile back a fake retail smile, “Hi, to you too sir. I hope you enjoy your day.” Once I acknowledge him he walks away. I have already tried running away. He caught me so that was a bust. I was taking away the trash. Then I heard the cries to the register after the lines kept backing up. I ran to put away the trash so I can get up to the front. I saw Kyle, and ran the other way hoping he did not see me. Instead, he pulls me into the office to accuse me of running away from my responsibilities. Nope, I didn’t run away to hide from the register. He just loves to put me on it since he knows how badly I hate it.

I jump for joy when I go back to folding bliss since it allows me to fold on autopilot, and allowed me to daydream about leaving. The crowd died down at 4:30 which means I can fold without some jackass messing it up. I hate it just get me to get the size you want so you wont mess up my neat piles.
Kalisa comes back, “The fuckers pulled me too, and if they hire more cashiers this would not have to happen. We need to be on the sales floor doing our stupid jobs.”

I go to the time clock and clock out. I make my way to find lunch. I really love having an hour to myself, and I usually go out instead of staying in the store since I can’t stand Kyle. I get out of there and head to my friend Ginger’s shop. She is a local witch or supposedly is, I just think she is a new age human who loves oils and incense. I have known her since I started purchasing the stones from her. She knows about me being able to feel people’s emotions. She is the one who suggested which stones to use. I come to her during my lunch at 5:00 to get away.
I park my car and the cool air greets me wishing I had more on. It is now 5:00 right now and I have till 6:00 for my break. I open the rough door, and the bell jingles. Once I step in the smell of incense calms me, and I recognize the calming chamomile scent. Yum. It calms me down making my problems melt away. I love the smell, and it makes my stress from the assholes at Kyle’s melt. I see Ginger behind the counter her green eyes lighting up into a smile on her face when she sees me.
“Hey, how have you been?” She asks noticing the relaxed look on my face.
I smile, “I’m alive aren’t I? It has been a hectic Black Friday shift. I just need to get out of there before their energy drains me.”
“Do you want me to cleanse you from it?” she asks since she knows it can put a damper on my day when dealing with their negative energy. I can feel the weight of the customers bringing my energy level down. Just like theirs every time they come into the damn store.
I nod, “That’ll be good. I will like it, and I’m going to need it to get through the rest of the shift.”
“Yes, I know you need it since you’re naturally sassy, but their energy can build up to the point where it can overload your system. Follow me.”
I follow Ginger to the back to her cleansing room, and I love the smell since it’s filled with lavender. There is a chair in the middle of a circle with candles. I sit on the chair watching the candles flicker and sway then close my eyes.
Ginger puts her hands on me mumbling the chant to cleanse me while lifting the negative energy blocks the customers left in their wake. They send their energy toward me every time they yell, and it’s a horrible blast of energy putting a damper on my day. I feel it being lifted off me and I can breathe now. It burns at some point as a person left their hooks in my aura. Negative people use hooks to feed off your life force without doing it, and the fucker must be Kyle. He has been on my case ever since I started working there six years ago. She stops five minutes later, and I get off the table.
She smiles at me, “Feel better?”
I nod, “Good as new since I had no idea Kyle had his hooks in me till now.I’m happy I can finally breathe now.”
“It was a nasty hook, too with barbs coming in showing he was a real piece of work.” she said.
“I bet he has had it out for me since day one.” I told her.
“There is something I want to ask you though, and a question I haven’t asked you before. Do you believe in angels?” she asked.
My eyebrow rose, “Like halo, wings, and the things you meet when you die?”
She laughs, “Not like that but they do have wings. They live in a realm separate from ours like in the Luxor realm. Or course, you do need to fly to get to certain places, or ride the friendly angel dragons.”
“Okay, why did it not happen before?” I said.
“Not the right time, and if one angel can see what you are then the rest will follow. The dark one Zackary will too, and they will try to steal your powers to escape Hell.” she said. Huh? There must be some LSD in the incense she has lit…
My mind tries to process what she says, but it’s too much right now. “I have to go. This is too much right now…” I leave the room, exit the store, and head to my car. Work is on my mind now, and I can’t deal with this right now…
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Celene Publishing Greek Version! 

Angeline – Celene Publishing

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Excerpt: Ember – Celene Publishing

Chapter 1:

I hadn’t been happy in a while, and all I could do was sit there, thinking of my next move in the bathroom while I broke down. My life had amounted to nothing. My recent relationship came to an end. Before it was said and done, he tore my heart out and left me to pick up the pieces. He managed to convince me that we just needed time apart; next thing I knew, his stuff was gone, and I was alone once again. Tonight, my ex had the balls to walk into the bar, and he wasn’t alone either; he brought in here his newest fling. I snapped back to reality and began my pre-work ritual; I donned my Rockie’s Blood uniform, name tag and all. I wanted to just run away, somewhere nobody knew my name. It still weighed on my mind that I could be so easily replaced. My old coven threw me out since the dark witches took over and killed my mom for my book. My life had been thrown into shit, which is why I’m hiding and taking this job in the first place. Let’s just say that my life was never dull. In fact, it’d been pretty stop and go without a break for me to unwind and relax from.

 I’d been there for maybe close to a year, and despite the fact I majored in conjuration and potions, I still struggled to keep a roof over my head. Rockie’s Blood was a Tavern for all kinds of creatures. Some of the regular vamps there preferred fine china to random necks. I assumed they kept the biting thing for their lovers instead of their prey. Werewolves could order raw meat to satiate their four-legged friends appetite, and there was even a menu for witches to order food–actual burgers, fries, steak, you name it and we got it. Rockie’s was also a popular place for high level baddies like vampires,  werewolves, and even some witch covens. Working there could be a drag at times, especially when table 75 ordered blood and complained it wasn’t as hot as it could be.

I adjusted my shirt, making my boobs pop for extra tips. I needed the extra money, after all. I took a deep breath in the bathroom. I redid my makeup since it ran down my face because my dumbass forgot waterproof makeup. All I wanted to do was drink alcohol till I passed out and eat awful tv dinners, while crying to cheesy romance movies. I didn’t want to go back and see it, or him. I put on a brave face anyway, since I was a kick ass witch. I was also done with letting someone win. Not to mention he knew I worked there, so he deliberately came just to shove his flings in my face. Like I cared about anything but hiding. He was a loser, nothing more, and I had more important things to be concerned with like staying hidden to care right now. I wish I didn’t, but it still twinged when I looked back on what we had. 

My ex, Derrick, was sexy for sure–soulful blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and tattoos. Like, my god, everything I thought I ever wanted in someone. We got along for the most part, and he was a vampire which meant he could take my blood and power, which was addicting. Very addicting when mixed with love and sex. I was on a high while I was with him, and there was nothing that could stop it. He was a vampire warrior, and I loved the uniform. Now he was kissing and smiling, and hugging someone else, someone ugly though. A vampire groupie, judging by the marks on her slender neck.

The tears came faster, threatening to fall all over. So much for redoing my makeup. It was hard seeing him smile at someone else and holding them like they would break at any moment. My facade tore to shreds again. Me, with my bad habit of letting everything get to me like I usually do.  Luckily, he wasn’t in my area to watch, and I didn’t have to ask him if he needed a thing of hay for his pig or his new chew toy. Not even the most powerful spells could help with this heartbreak. I didn’t feel like cursing her and ruining my rep. Not even poisoning her drink would make me happy. I was a good witch. Hell, if I was that bad, I might as well show up to the witch’s doorstep. 

I fought through the agony threatening to consume me. It was the worst, and my eyes turned red from all the crying. Not sleeping didn’t help. I also felt sick. Like, it was awful. Someone kill me, please. Witches hurt me? Anything?  No? Can someone save me from this torment?

I did the grown-up thing and pushed it all down, far away to the back of my mind. I thought about the good memories of me serving blood to a few nice vamps. Helping creatures in the cold, anything to get my mind to not hurt in the first place. I couldn’t afford to have another breakdown at work. The last thing I wanted was to explain why I was crying over table threes blood when it had nothing to do with work.  And these customers never bothered me anyway. I ignored their attitudes for the most part.

I just had to get through this shift and I was free to drink oodles of wine and pass out while binge watching sappy romance movies with tv dinners up the ass. No cooking for me. I couldn’t cook. The microwave was my best friend.

I walked out of the women’s restroom to get back to my job and save my sanity by throwing myself into work.

The restaurant was pretty nice, with black walls and a red ceiling with pictures of creatures on it. It was created to be a fun place to hang out and spend time with friends and family. There were even strategically placed televisions with various sports. The vinyl booths were nicer than the usual ones, and you could tell the owner spent more on them than the average restaurant.  I was determined to finish this shift today since it was all I had going for me, and all I had left was this job. After all, my life had been hell warmed over. And crispy with extra hot, spicy sauce. It was busy enough to help me keep my mind off of stuff. I just couldn’t look over at him.

 There was a war going on between the Poison Apple Coven, who were bad witches. The Fire Dragons, who were my people, the good guys, got dragons to call. My mom was caught in the crossfire and killed by the leader of them–Ivy, one of the baddest witches out there. I still remembered how my mom’s green eyes always smiled up at me like we both shared a big secret, and she wore it while she cooked dinner in the witch apron I got her. Her long, red hair was tied back. She loved making stuff with me, and we would have fun, especially with the asshole that tried to use me. She was a witch who conjured up revenge spells. She loved getting even with the people who truly deserved it. She was a good witch who used her magic only when she was truly wronged. She had an amazing gift and was taken out too early. I wanted to cry again, but I didn’t want to do it at work. That was the last thing I needed. We sent a curse to his house and set it on fire, making it look like an accident. Best day ever doing revenge spells with my mom. 

The fire element was our best friend. It could burn down an entire village and stop even the most stubborn water spell. She was gone. No more Mom to tell me how men sometimes sucked and that I deserved better than someone who wouldn’t make time for me. That I would find the man of my dreams. He was coming for me and the reason why it didn’t work with anyone else. How soon I’d be cuddling up to the love of my life, and how the warmth of our bodies would feel good as we watched a favorite movie for the tenth time. Cuddling was the best feeling, and being held made my day. I was way less stressed and happier. Now I was just depressed and a wreck, relying on alcohol to take my feelings away.

It was hard facing loss like losing my mother and a break up on top, like everything had to happen at once. There were some days when I was fine, and days where I just gave in and sobbed. I picked up my pen and paper out of my apron and walked up to greet the guy sitting at the bar with his head down. I felt that way too, buddy. It’s been a long one for me. I feel your pain. People come here to talk with friends, meet up with dates, and even drink their time away–one cold glass at a time. 

I went up to him and said, “Is there anything else I can get for you, sir?” In a friendly, cheery tone. It looked like he was already drinking based off the empty glasses on the table already there. I wondered where his server was, and if it was who I thought it was, I’d take over from there. This was my specialty. I loved dealing with drunks. 

He looked at me with his soulful, chocolate eyes. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe, he was that attractive, and his hair was spiked too, like he had just gotten out of bed. He actually existed. Holy shit! The guy in my dreams. Fuck me. He is real, and I just can’t believe he is here in the flesh. All thoughts were thrown out the window, thanks to this stranger in front of me. There was a strong chemistry feeling there. I wanted to trip over my words and even bow to his feet. He was a sexy, mysterious guy. A bad boy edge about him. He had a chain on his pants and tattoos. Holy fuck, I’m going to just worship the ground he walked on. Definitely an upgrade and not a downgrade. My mind was blown; there were no words to describe how it felt, and I wanted him to kiss me. To get lost in his touch. In his smell, his scent. Him. To forget the world and just be in our own little one with everything else thrown out. Gone. Lost. Mine, because I can felt like he was. There was a reason why it never worked out with anyone else. He was the reason maybe it was meant to fail.

He smiled at me with the same expression and said, “I’ll have the strongest drink you have on tap. These ain’t shit. I need a drink that will make me black out drunk, since I want to forget everything. Girls are the worst. They will take you for everything you got and leave you for someone else. Someone uglier, like I meant nothing to her, and she wanted the Elite better. Like he is so much better than me. She was all I had, or thought I did. What was I thinking?” He rubbed his eyes, and they were red. Irritated. Probably from crying. Damn. I want to hit the girl who broke this angel’s heart. I would never give him up once I have him. He is sexy. I could eat a steak on him and do body shots and still want more.

I looked over at my ex, now trying to kiss and hug his fling, and he was snuggling with that girl. Like tiny daggers in my heart, and they are gone now. Nothing is what. I no longer feel hurt. I feel nothing but pity since he is going to do the same to her that he did to me. Then again, I just saw someone better looking, and he was right in front of me, crying over a spilled relationship like me. I wanted to just comfort him and tell him she was a bitch for letting him go. She didn’t deserve someone as sexy as him.  I want to mend his broken heart and be the reason he smiles.

I smiled at him, and I know exactly what he needed, and thought maybe I should make a drink for myself to take the edge off. It can help after a long day and drinking on the job wasn’t frowned upon; plenty of people come to work drunk. It helped take the edge off and made people more bearable to serve. Less prone to hitting table three that argued their shit needed to be rawer and less well done. Just smile and listen since you are too drunk to care anyway. 

“Coming up, sir. I know exactly what you need after going through that myself. You are better off now,” I said. And I went back to make him a drink he would never forget. And to get a shot of my own so I could get through the shift without crying. He had just the right idea. Bars were notorious for getting over exes by drinking it away and picking up someone to share a bed with for the night. It was a quick fix but a slow process, which is why I was throwing myself into work.  

I made my way to the kitchen, passing by servers and creatures needing to use the bathroom. I went inside the double doors, which was busy with everyone making food so the creatures wouldn’t eat them.

The alcoholic drink area was next to the vampire blood display which had various blood types and species. The alcohol area was my favorite area where I served drinks to patrons who loved me for it. They knew my specialty too. There was even an area for ghoul food, too, with items like rotten brains alamode. Eww. Don’t get too close, the smell might just make you puke your dinner, or in my case, waste good lunch food. 

They had all kinds of alcoholic drinks at the bar and on the menu. Then there were the spelled ingredients that were used for specialty drinks. The ones I used to add special stuff to the drinks. Drinks for luck, love, money, to attract a mate, and for heartbreak. I was licensed to serve it. There were even some hexes for enemies too. I’d been paid pretty well to help out some of the rival packs in exchange for their help in the future. And even Rockie said to do it to protect his pack, to stop a war, and even to give a cheater what he deserved. Revenge. But my specialty was luck, love, healing, and attracting the good.

I poured a shot for myself with some absinthe and soother. Fuck feeling this shit. I needed a quick fix to take the edge off. And to serve the hot guy the best drink in his life, the one that will blow his mind. He deserved it since we all go through bullshit break ups to find the right one. 

I took out a nice glass, and then looked at all the various alcohols to choose the best ones. I knew the exact combo to heal him and mess him up to forget the tramp. I only wished I could pour myself one too. I grabbed the bottles and began to pour and mix: gin, vodka, absinthe, whisky, and a few herbs for healing and heartbreak like rose and honeysuckle, which would help him feel better. I knew it made me feel better. That and a hug from someone, but I didn’t want to push anything right now. Hell, a cuddle would have helped and would have comforted us both.

I mixed it all up and said, “Heart heal to love another and find the mate that you desire.” My eyes turned red, and I put my hand over the glass to spell it and give it an extra kick. A kick that would help him heal, and find the right person for him. It was me. I knew it was. Maybe we could heal each other’s heart.

I took the glass, and went back to the bar where he sat slumped over. Poor guy, but it gave me time to admire his sexy attire. He was in a black silk shirt and black leather pants. It screamed badass.  His arms were crossed as he looked ahead, so I put a napkin down and set his drink on it. He looked at it, then at me and smiled, “Thanks, I am not usually like this at all. I’m just going through a rough time right now. My day already got better by you serving me this awesome drink.” And he winked at me. Flirting. My heart jumped at it. He made my heart feel better and more healed than it used to be. I could finally stop feeling so much hurt, and the drink was working too. Healing me for another. Possibly this perfect stranger. 

The weird connection just hovered in the air, and it was a zing that made me want to jump him. I had to behave and he was drunk enough as it was. I couldn’t take advantage of that either.

I smiled right back and said, “I know the feeling since I have recently been going through a horrible time too. It’s her loss and she didn’t deserve you. My ex was like that too, and he didn’t even have the balls to tell me it to my face it was a break up.” I looked over at the table. He was gone. Good. I didn’t have to watch her get fooled like me.


Mia is just a normal department store employee until her apartment is broken into. The dark angels found her and she is hiding from the werewolves who framed her. Will she become an AngelWitch and step it up with her mate, or will she fail? 

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Celene Publishing Greek Version: Mia – Celene Publishing

Chapter 1

As a powerful witch that was part of a strong coven, it sucks to be reduced to a department store worker. I was recently kicked out of my coven due to a corrupt werewolf leader and forced to hide out. When I tried to stop Dorian, my mom was on my side and they took her out. This is personal. Me! Reduced to someone who has to serve snobby creatures with too much money and time on their hands. Forced to hide out and not be able to control the sea, and not so much make a trip to visit my friends down under.

I have to hide for my sake. And that is why I got reduced to working at a place that sells clothes for people who don’t even know how to use it right. And this summer has been hell; between losing my job and having a relationship with an Elite who said it was time apart when really it was a breakup, was just the tip of the shitburg sundae of my life. I was done. Like seriously tired. Just a witch trying to get by, and I lost the only person that was on my side, too. 

Fifteen glorious minutes until close at Nikki’s Supernatural Clothing department store. After a long-ass day I was happy to get off. I wanted to go home. My feet ached from all the standing I was doing. I was also getting yelled at left and right over stuff I don’t control so my powers were beginning to slip, and I was becoming snappier than usual. 

I was on my feet getting orders, ringing up purchases and returns; an invisible shirt here, a winged shoe there, and even a few vampires needed some capes. I wasn’t alone in having to deal with the crowds of impatient, angry people either. A sassy witch named Laura was with me. 

I was tired, and even though I did my eyes up, they were already fading towards the end. My feet were killing me even with a foot pad. But, no, these bitches just had to come in and torment us fifteen fucking minutes before close… 

The lady in question was dark-haired, dark-eyed, and looked like she chain smoked cigarettes all day. She was dark-skinned and had the “I’m better than you” attitude that some customers possess because I work behind a counter and they don’t. She also looked like someone pissed in her cornflakes and shot her dog. All because she wanted her refund on a gift card. No we can’t, bitch all you want to! 

Still, Nikki’s has a no spell zone to make sure the employees are safe from creatures retaliating. Even the manager said “no” and she had the final say, but she still argued in the nastiest voice ever. Then, when doing her return, she forgot her license and card. The result was her leaving all her shit on the counter, and she walked away to retrieve it. While she was gone, SHE comes up. The worst customer the people of Nikki’s has ever dealt with. 

I knew her when I saw her. White-blonde hair, blue eyes, tan, and she thinks she is the shit since she is in the Dragon Army. She made a few employees cry by cutting them down and treating them like they don’t know how to do their jobs. There have even been instances where she told employees what to do like she owned the place. She looks at you like you are garbage and blinks rapidly when she is talking. She is also always bringing in wads of cash but whips out her calculator to get the best deals. 

It was almost closing time and I was checking the fitting room and I heard a nasty voice say, “Can I get some help here?” 

I turn to the counter and it’s her! 

“Sorry, ma’am, I was just around the corner,” I said apologetically. 

“Well you should keep an eye on it more often since it’s a service area,” she said. Fucking bitch of a customer and I just got unlucky enough to deal with her.

“Hi, how can I help you?” I replied in my retail “fuck you too” voice.

“I need to do a return for these items since they don’t fit me right. They don’t match my outfits like I thought, and this one isn’t even making me attractive to vampires,” she said. 

I go behind the counter and take out her items one by one. I ask her for her receipt since I always ask that from people. 

“You can use the customer return label,” she replied, like she knew how to do my job better than I did.

“I know…,” I say. I didn’t even do that before. 

I still ask for the receipt anyway and she repeats, “Use the return label instead…”

“I’m sorry I’m still new at this,” I told her.

“Then you should know your job if you are trained to work here, and they shouldn’t put someone up here that doesn’t know what they were doing,” she replied. And she said it in the nastiest voice ever! One that made me hold back tears. This woman was a nightmare. I process her shitty returns, and she wants me to put a fresh label there, too, and finally she asks for her hold items. After all that, I’m finally left to cry in the stockroom. 

Now I have to deal with her shitty ass again. She is so infamous that she got banned at another location, too. And my unlucky ass has to deal with her. Joy! And yet again she has her bag of shit with her. Her returns, price adjustments, and condescending attitude make me want to puke. 

She gave a dirty look to the items the customer left and said, “Is anyone in line?” 

I gave her a fake retail smile and said, “How can I help you?”

She sighed. “I have a return. Duh.” 

She has an eye twitch whenever she talks, and she is the type to break up her transactions to save the most money. 

“No problem.” I took the first item, scanned the receipt and tag for the items as well as the item return label, and told her the total. “That will be $40.73 going back to your Nikki’s account, and I just need a signature,” I said. 

She was returning a Glamour Me shirt which are used to be more attractive to others, but it depends on the person or creature wearing it. The material is made with spells weaved in and it’s supposed to work with the wearer. Some magic items should only be held by witches since some creatures don’t even know how to use them properly, but sometimes not even the strongest spell will help some people be more attractive to others. It can even work the opposite way, too. We even have blood vials that vampires can buy at customer service for a quick snack. However, it’s one of those days today. 

“Good.” She signed her name on the signature pad and the receipt printed out. I gave it to her, and she took out another item. 

“For this item I want to see if it’s past the return date,” she said. 

I took the next item and scanned the receipt and tag. RETURN NOT ALLOWED!

“Unfortunately, it’s past the return date,” I said apologetically. 

“Okay, I was afraid of that,” she said. 

Five minutes till close and I’m still returning her shit since she brought an entire bag full of it.

Return. Return. Return more items. Put new labels on the items she wants to rebuy since she returns and rebuys stuff constantly. Even other people have encountered her, and she made them cry, too. 

Nikki’s is now closed. Yes! The words retail workers love to hear. Luckily, the very last item she wanted me to order isn’t available. She left. Then it was finally time to close the register and even the evil customer left. We just laughed it off. 

Laura sighed, “Finally done with this day!”

I was happy another Sunday was behind me. Retail in a department store is different. They have a whole different level of customers and here we have to sell Nikki’s card and push rewards programs. I was just tired. Drained. Too many people I had to deal with, and I ached all over. My neck and back were killing me from standing and moving all over.

I made my way home after I closed my registers, which I hated since you have to count everything in the drawer, put away the slips, and finally clock out. I was done with life in general since all I have is an annoying customer service job full of self-entitled creatures with rods stuck up their asses. Life in general is the worst. I just go back to my lovely apartment and watch television. Not even magic can help me out of my despair and there is no spell in the world that will help me out of this hole I am in. My life is at the lowest it has ever been, and I’m stuck where I’m at. It’s hard having a job where people think they can shit on you every day. Getting yelled at is just too much, especially when I can feel the anger radiating off of them and directed at me just because their fucking coupon doesn’t work with the item, and somehow, it’s my fault since, apparently, I can control everything at Nikki’s. I’m also treated like I’m dumb and can’t read when their stupid asses can’t even use their own fucking cards. I have to tell them how to use it and I hate it.

I’m not even good enough to be told the truth by my ex. He said time apart when he meant to break up, and never bothered telling me in person at all. I wasn’t good enough to be told the truth at all. I suck at everything and lost it all. My life is worthless…

I lost my job trying to prove how corrupt a powerful leader was, and it got me fired. Now I’m here, and I have no choice but to work. It sucks and my coven cast me out. My mom is gone. 

I unwound and even had a glass of wine. 

Today was long and returns suck. I know it’s only going to get worse the closer it gets to Christmas. Even Luxor celebrates the holidays. I kick back and watch television. Of course I want to watch “Fur and Fang of Love” since it will be fun to see who wins their hearts. It gives me a chance to escape reality and my boring-ass life of department store work, if only for a little bit, and then on to watch romantic comedies until I pass out from alcohol poisoning since my life is a joke. 

Of course, I had a bad feeling I was being watched. Something wasn’t right. It’s been happening on and off lately. It happened ever since I tried to go after that asshole. It could be just a coincidence though, but I know something is up. I hear a crash. Definitely not my imagination since it came from downstairs. Luckily, I’m not defenseless and I know a lot of fire spells. I get ready for it by invoking the fire guardian and the element appears. I walk slowly down the stairs, careful to make sure that I don’t alert the thing or person that I’m aware of them. I want it to be a surprise and the fire guardian sneaks with me. Witches have guardians to help them in battle, mine are water and fire. I can also turn into a mermaid and breathe underwater. 

Of course it dulled itself so it wouldn’t be that visible. They can sneak too, and it means he or she won’t draw attention to themselves. I get closer and make sure I blend in the background so they won’t know that I’ve spotted them. 

“She is here though I know she is, and our leader will be pleased we have her in our grasp. She will be a nice addition to our girls,” the person said. 

I cast a spell so they won’t see me at all. I doubt they are human since people don’t talk like that. And the guy has wings coming out of his back. Fuck. That isn’t good at all. 



I’ve never seen one of those before. This isn’t going to end well if I can’t get away from them. I always thought I was safe, but it looks like I have more enemies than just werewolves.

Raven Book 4

Raven is an AngelWitch, and she turns to dating apps to ease her loneliness. No one ever warned her about fake profiles, and it leads her on a journey she will never forget. – Is Lucas real or is he a scammer? Is Aiden the one she is looking for all along? Will she find the love that she is looking for?

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Celene Publishing Greek version: Raven – Celene Publishing

Chapter 1

Everyone wants to be loved, to find someone worth their time, and someone who will stay to the end. Some want it so badly to the point where it would take over and they ignore the red flags. The perfect target for a romance scammer. I fell for it like a dumbass. They say the best person will come after the worst mistake of your life, and they were right. It is true.  I got him in the end my soulmate, and someone who helped me put the missing pieces of my life together after it got fucked up so badly.

I wound up as an AngelWitch though, and with the coven I was meant to be with. I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long, and that I had known about fake profiles before I gave up my time and money to some asshole who wasn’t even real. Take it from me and learn this all before you make a mistake like me. And it all began when I went on a dating app…

It was a Friday night for me, and I had just got done streaming for the day. I answer stuff about spells and perform live ones for everyone, heck some even involve finding the one for them. 

Luxor online is a streaming platform and video site where creatures can interact with people by liking, commenting, and even donating money to them during live streams. It was a fun way to make money and be around an audience to help them. It was fun using my degree too. I have long black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and have the power over the earth and weather. My mom is a high witch and dad is an archangel which means I am half and half. So, there is the whole outsider thing. And the last time I got involved with someone he turned out to be an abusive witch. It took a lot for me to move on. A year of me being alone and streaming and I was finally ready to put myself out there again. I wanted to find someone since I was tired of being by myself. I have the latest desktop for gaming, food challenge videos, vlogs, and a smartphone to post on social media sites to build a platform. I finally have the freedom now that I didn’t have before. My ex was such a little shit he told me I couldn’t have guy friends since according to him he was the only dude I needed. Yeah right. He was the worst and even my fans could tell how stressed he made me and how utterly helpless I felt till he got physical with me and I left. It was the best decision I ever made: to send someone packing who didn’t deserve me. And I will never let anyone treat me that way again. Of course, I wanted to find someone better and up my alley. And in my apartment that I worked hard to get I felt safe for once it even had a room that I dedicated to streaming. A kitchen, living room with a big tv and I can even plug up my laptop to it. And I have a nice bedroom and bathroom attached. I was just missing friends and someone to share it with. I needed a way to relax after I am done streaming, and as fun as it is it would be nice to have someone to share the life with. Someone sexy, mysterious, and someone I can go to my favorite bar with since I am right near one. 

I used to go there a lot, and it was something fun. Also got to know one of the bartenders there who is a dark angel by the name of Aiden, and he is also half and half like me, but he is half vampire not witch. There is something there, and he is a sexy guy. He is friendly too, but I don’t think he would fall for me at all. He was nice to me after I got a drink at the bar after the breakup. He is cute. Spiky black hair, blue eyes, and tattoos with a smile for me every time he got me a drink. It was nice, and today I would rather be at home and having a jack and coke instead. It has been one of those lonely days, and drinking is my way of relaxing. Sometimes and it can help after a long day of streaming and talking. I was happy to get a break. A break from it all is what I needed. I also needed someone to spend said break with. Still I don’t have any idea on how to pick-up guys at bars, and I have anxiety, so it is not ideal at all. Not for someone like me at all. I was terrified in person. 

I have heard a lot of people use dating apps to find someone, and it is a better option than trying in person. I get my smartphone, and it is awesome since it has a big screen and the fastest internet there. It has a ton of apps I need, and I can even stream from my phone. It is the best, and now I was tapping the app store, and choosing a dating app to find the guy of my dreams. I was lonely, and I also got out a glass to pour wine while doing it. It was kind of nice. Also, there were many options to choose from vampires, werewolves, witches, even angels and other creatures have their own apps to meet people. It was pretty neat to see it, and I chose the app that allowed us to all mix. Vampires, witches, werewolves, and angels can all mingle and chat. It was a pretty cool app called Luxor dating where everyone can mingle all together. It was nice, and I hit the install the app button. 

While it downloaded, I thought of all the guys that were available now that I was single. I was happy to get a clean slate and get away from the pain of heartbreak and find a healthy relationship for once. The last one was the worst and even abusive to the point where I wanted to give up and call myself worthless. It was so horrible I was done with life, and my self-esteem was shot. 

Now I have another chance to find someone and be in a healthy relationship. They also have to be okay with streaming and my ex hated it since he accused me of cheating with the males that commented on my videos and came into my streams. It was a nightmare. He wanted me to get a separate phone from my mom since she was paying on my phone and he didn’t like that, so I have two phones now and one main one. I let the other one run out and now I use it for the internet only. Or answering stuff on streams he was mad when guys gave me money on chats since they loved my content.  It was a mess and I even got a second account opened since he didn’t like the fact that my mom had access to my money to help me. I stupidly opened up an account that I won’t do shit with. 

Also, I have to be with someone who accepts my witch and angel half. Mom was a good witch and dad an angel. The only one like me I have met is Aiden. And he is unique. Maybe there is something there? I didn’t know but I did maybe want to find a sexy vampire soldier though. After the app was downloaded, I got to create my account, and luckily, I have a lot of pictures to choose from. I chose the best ones like ones of me smiling in my gaming stuff, and ones of me being goofy and dressing up. I love choosing pictures that have me at my best. And I put my bio as a Luxor online video creator and streamer. I even put my social media links there too so they can find me if they want to. It might be fun to make some friends and socialize since I have some friends. And I also talk to people when I go live. It is nice talking to others. I even play video games with my followers and some of them even help me when I am stuck. It is pretty nice for a job. Of course, I wanted someone here with me afterward. 

I got done with my bio: A fun loving witch streamer looking for the man of my dreams. I love werewolves, vampires, witches and angels. Even a dragon if he is sexy enough to light my fire. Military is a plus, and he has to be sexy with tattoos. I am here to see what happens since I just got out of a bad spot.

And it even has other information for me to fill out. 

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Looking for: Chat, friendship, maybe date?

Species: Witch/Angel

Height: 4’10

Birthday: October 31st, 2033

I drink and sometimes smoke. 

I live by myself and I speak regular language. 

Now it was time to find someone. 

The app was neat since there are various ways to meet people. Besides creating my profile, I also can choose to like pictures in a swiping game of people I find attractive. There was also the option to live stream too, and even see people nearby. It was a pretty neat app to use. There were creatures of all kinds which was the best since I didn’t know who I wanted to date. I didn’t know the species or my type yet since I haven’t got a chance yet. It was my time to find someone who will actually be a better fit for me. Someone I can be happy and will give me the actual love I deserve. Someone who won’t be controlling or shitty to me. I keep this in mind and do my best to find love even though it is hard. It can be a lot trying to find a person who will make you happy….

…And so, it begins. I even turned on the notifications for people to message me if they want to, and when I have a like or match. It was pretty neat to use this and there is a space for someone to stream live and move to the top of the list for streamers. It was pretty nice. And then it started: my journey. There was even a part where you swipe one way if you liked them and swiped on the other if you didn’t. It was fun to use and yet addicting. 

There were some pretty sexy guys on there. Guys of all kinds, and species. They have different looks, tattoos, and species. A lot and that wasn’t the only thing the messages were constant there too. A lot of hey baby, hi, and even some rude sexual ones. People saying, they want to do stuff to me, and asking for full body shots. Heck there were even some desperate ones too. They kept texting me even though I didn’t want to respond, and they kept going. One wanted my number so bad that I blocked his profile, and he kept making new ones to get my number. It was kind of cute, but I wasn’t interested though. I didn’t want to sleep with just anyone either. I wasn’t one of those girls at all.  That didn’t stop people from trying to ask for hook-ups or ask to see their private parts when I didn’t even know them. It was actually kind of annoying with the number of dudes bothering me. Guys of all species too. However, there was one guy in particular who I definitely wanted to get to know since he was actually attractive. 

His name was Lucas Xander, and he was 35 and from another state. He had short dark hair, brown eyes, tan and was muscular with tattoos. He was a vampire soldier. Which was my type since I already dated a soldier, and even waited for him for a year only to have him tell me time apart and leave me for an ugly pig. He deserved the downgrade and I hope he got bored with his blood whore since that is what she is. One of those hookers who let vampires feed off them for money. And I loved that vampire aspect. 

Vampires were sexy to me and it did make me wonder about Aiden since he was half angel and half vampire. I didn’t think that was possible either. Still I will ask him about it eventually there is something there and I wonder if he feels it too. But it seems like he wants to be friends first at the moment, so I want to find someone now who is ready through dating apps. Or trying to, but there is a lot of people to wade through and there is no way in hell I am dating zombies, ghouls or necromancers. Eww…Falling parts, rotting and ugly. No fucking way would I date one. Vampires, werewolves, angels and other witches are my style. And I can even adjust the search to certain species and I did just that.  I pinpointed the exact type of guy I wanted and it was awesome since it made it easier to search. It was also pretty cool to get a message back from Lucas. 

I opened it and it said:

Lucas: Hi gorgeous do you care to chat? ?

Me: Just got off streaming and drinking to relax. 

Lucas: That’s cool. Hope it wasn’t stressful for you today?

Me: Not too bad actually since it was fun streaming with everyone. 😊 

Lucas: Do you mind telling me what a beautiful woman like you is looking for on this site?

Me: It was fun seeing all my fans. I wanted to see what was out there since I just got out of an abusive relationship in December. 

Lucas: Why, what went wrong do you mind telling me?

I was thinking about whether to tell him some stuff and he seemed nice so I said:

He pushed me into a wall and he was controlling. Kept accusing me of cheating since he had major trust issues even though I wasn’t. He made fun of me for working and called me worthless, said I would never amount to anything. And he was abusive.

Be sure and indicate Who is chatting? every time Maybe a chatroom handle?

Lucas: Am so sorry he said and did these things to you. Some people never know what they got until they lose it. 

Me: You should have seen what he did afterward and what his mom said. It was worse afterward. He stalked me at my job, and harassed my coworkers looking for me. Saying it was an emergency when he wanted to convince me to come back to him. It was the worst. 

And I even sent him the pics of what she said. 

Lucas: Christ. Lillith has her ways of turning things around. I will not be on here often but I would like to get to know you more…Can we chat on Luxor hangouts?

Me: Sure. 

Lucas: Alright. What’s your email address?


Lucas: Nice email address. 

Me: 31 is my birthday and I am a witch. 

Lucas: Vampire. Here’s my email address.

I have the app already downloaded to my phone since I use it to talk to the fans I like. It is handy to have for talking to people privately…which is weird how he wants to get off the app when some people stay on the app to talk. I find his account and send him an invite to talk. There is no harm in talking to someone. 

Me: Sent it.

Lucas: Seen.

Me: Lol

And that is when I moved to the app and got a text from him later. 

Lucas: What are your fav sports and hobby?

Me: “I do like watching wrestling since it’s fun to watch. Used to watch Super Creature Wrestling with my dad.  And I like to read, play video games and stream games and spell casting.”

Lucas: Wrestle maniac? Really. 

Me: I watched it all the time. I do target shoot, but I haven’t done it in a while. 

Lucas: I hope you don’t smack me down when we meet and I try to hug you. 

Me: Lol nope I swear I won’t.

Lucas: Lol Just messing with you. 

Me: I know. 

Lucas: Lol. So what do you do for a living apart from being beautiful?

Me: I stream videos to entertain people and cast spells. 

Lucas: Okay. You ever heard of Luxor Vampire Elites?

Me: No. 

Lucas: You can look it up on Luxor online.

Me: It’s a us military operation thing.

Lucas: Yes hun.

Me: Is that what you do?

Lucas: Yes hun. I work for the Luxor Vampire elites. The Luxor Vampire command as a military vampire mercenary. I also teach weapons and training self defense. 

Me: That is cool. I do own firearms. 

Lucas: Thanks. 

Me: Yep and you could probably teach me a few things lol.

Lucas: Lmao. I’m currently deployed to a place in Luxor called Luxor East End. One of the more dangerous areas with ghouls galore. 

Me: That is cool-probably there for a while huh?

Lucas: Yes hun. 

Me: I figured. One of my exes was in the military and he was deployed for a year in Cantor.

Lucas: Ok. He still over there?

Me: No last I heard he was somewhere far away from me. I don’t care where. 

Lucas: Okay. Tell me something unique about you. 

Me: I love to stream and do food challenge videos and games.

Lucas: That is nice. I do watch videos a lot there. 

Me: Wow. 

Lucas: That’s nice.  I dosed off lol. 

Me: I know I won’t be asleep till 1am..I’m kind of a nigh owl. I mean night…I can’t spell when I drink and it’s been a long ass day. 

Lucas: Lol. 

And then I was talking to more of the dudes on the dating apps. It was pretty fun getting to know them. I loved it and all the attention, and it was nice getting to know someone and not rushing into it. I wanted to take my time and get to know someone versus rush into things. It is good to start out as friends then form a relationship versus straight up jumping into one. To start out slow. The messages were constant and some I couldn’t even keep up with at all. It lets me know there were plenty of fish in the sea. 

Constant too and it was pretty nice having all this attention. 

Also swiping was addicting.



That dude is a loser.




Hell no. 

Maybe this was a mistake. 

Then someone else caught my eye that I never thought would be here. 

Aiden….He was showing his sexy poses and even had some pictures of him at the bar where he works. I loved the pictures so much I wanted to save it to my phone. He was good at them. And I read his bio: I am looking for a girl who will be there no matter what, someone who will be there till the end. My soulmate and someone who will love a half angel half vampire like me. 

I spit out my wine by accident. He was perfect in this. And it made me want him even more. I was hooked. He was tattooed too, and besides bartending he worked in a secret place too. He could make awesome drinks. 

I scrolled down more to see his stuff. 

And he was single, he does drink, sometimes smoke. And he had a nice body, very athletic. I gave him a like for it and kept swiping left on the losers. Swipe. Swipe. And swipe on the losers it was getting discouraging since there were a lot of guys I wasn’t interested in. Some I swiped right but didn’t match and there was one who wanted to talk dirty to me and I said no hook ups so he obviously didn’t read. It got annoying. There was even someone saying good morning who looked old enough to be my father. Ewww. Hell no. I am not dating someone way older than me. No zombies. Eww. No necromancers and they are a lot on here. 

I wonder if Lucas is a decent person. And one guy just showed me his dick. No way. I will try to stand it for a little bit, but I was tired of all the messages; they were nonstop. It will be annoying when I live stream and there are constant messages from desperate dudes who want to just play and nothing more.  It was annoying and the wine was kicking in so that didn’t help, and the messages kept coming throughout the night. It was fun but there were a lot of losers there too. And creatures would match with me and then unmatch if they got tired of me or what I said. 

I get tired of flipping through the losers and see some of the streamers there. Streaming was something fun to do and a way to connect with people.  There were a lot of streamers on there too with people gifting them items and diamonds too. There are even a lot of people who follow me gifting me things, so it was a maze to get sucked into. I loved watching all the various streams, even someone changing live on one. And there were vampires drinking blood on another. 

And in the background of one was a girl I was all too familiar with. Her name was Angeline, and she has joined me before on mine to ask about me joining her coven. I said no at the time since I wasn’t ready. The person I am watching must be a friend or coworker of hers. And the person streaming was a dude and his name was Felix and he was asking people to ask him questions about the compound where they stood since they housed AngelWitches…like me? Wow. No wonder why they wanted me to join since I was just like them. It was pretty cool how streaming connected us all. I was happy to say I wasn’t alone. 

There was the option to private message too. I clicked on the profile of his, and sent him a message. Angeline never told me she was an AngelWitch. I would have said yes if I had known. 

Me (Raven): My name is Raven and I am one of you too. My number is 456-321-7887. I am an AngelWitch too with the power over electricity, water and fire even earth since I can cause earthquakes. 

Message sent. 

And I went into the kitchen to refill my glass of wine and continued scrolling through idiots. I even got a like back from Aiden, and a message. I gladly clicked on it to see what he said:

Aiden: It can be a lot of fun, but watch out for fake profiles on here. If they ask for money and run. Some will claim they are military but aren’t and now you have me if you run into trouble. If you were looking for someone then maybe I was there all along?

I smiled at it. How cute. I wonder what he meant by fake profiles. 

I even got a text from a number I didn’t recognize. I tapped on the text.

Hi, this is Felix and we got your message. You have my number down since we might need your help soon. Something is happening and we need all the help we can get with this battle. 

Wow. And I could feel something in the air too. Maybe there are more important things to worry about than boys? I do have allies all over too. They can help as well. 

Me: No problem count me in.

Felix: You do need to come by the compound to get inducted as an AngelWitch. We need five witches for it to represent the elements. It’s the only way to get the ultimate dragon to call. 

Me: My element is earth. I feel at home in nature. 

Felix: Thanks we will be in touch.

Boy, has the night turned into one interesting one…And after a while of talking I pass out since I am tired…

Book 5

Marina is an Air witch with the power to call dragons, and the last AngelWitch. She is forced to flee her witch mansion when one of her own coven members attacks her coven. She teams up with her mate Draven, who is half vampire and half dragon. Together they will stop the evil witch and the evil vampires attacking his dad’s peaceful vampires, by having the key to summon the ultimate Elemental dragon. All together the AngelWitches have the power to stop the evil since war is almost here! Good versus evil and the final showdown will be Book 6 AngelWitch.

All other retailers:

Barnes and Noble: Marina by Jessica Samuels | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble® (

KOBO: Marina eBook by Jessica Samuels – 1230004164326 | Rakuten Kobo United States

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Celene Publishing Greek version: Marina – Celene Publishing

Chapter 1:

I never thought I would actually have a place to belong. I always thought I would be an outsider since the coven never liked my powers. I was promised to someone not out of love but out of necessity. Instead of that, I was cast out. I have the love of my life now and I couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t always like this though. And I complete the circle of a coven more powerful than my mom’s to call the ultimate Dragon. It wasn’t always like this either. And my mate completely changed my life for the better. 

It led me to a journey of self-discovery since there was a war going on and the ones who could save the realm were five Witches. They weren’t ordinary ones, but half angel and half Witch like me. And this is how I met my AngelWitch coven and even found my soulmate along the way. 

I was in my room in the WitchFire coven mansion. Mom was done with the lecture about me being the next leader. I learned history, spells, rituals, and I even practiced Dragon magic on the side. Something I never asked for was to be a leader since it wasn’t part of my plans. It wasn’t in my plans at all, but they wanted me to take charge. Unlike most Witches I can call upon Dragons which is really rare. I sat in my room to think about what I truly wanted. I wished I had a Coven who would accept me. Honestly, I am different than the rest of them. I have powers they don’t have. My abilities are rare and I can even summon Dragons to help me fight in battle. I wish I could use them and have a coven full of fierce fighters.  I have a cool theme to my room since it is about the sea with a high-powered desktop and cool gaming chair. It was fine out today so no need to wear a sweater inside. I relaxed on my bed with my phone in hand scrolling through social media. I thought being a Witch involved spell casting and fun times, but it is a lot of boring meetings at times. 

The Luxor realm was built for Supernaturals to live in, yet it was becoming more than a joke. What I wouldn’t give for some action. Something that didn’t involve a meeting or discussion, but action and magic. 

Things are rocky right now ever since the Luxor realm went into chaos. There are creatures attacking the good covens. The bad covens are trying to take over since an evil is growing you can see it everywhere. The good Witches just want to pretend it doesn’t exist, but I see it. The Dragon goddess herself even said that things are going to happen like good covens being attacked by bad as a new evil tries to take over. Something is here and I can feel it and there is also going to be a gathering of supernatural creatures soon. 

Something must be happening to warrant that.  It must be and I am not the only one who feels it. The goddess herself of the Dragons Malinda said for me to look out for the one who calls to me and me to him. I am an AngelWitch and it means there is a mate out there that is mine and he is my everything. He will help me come into my full power and give me wings. They are called Protectors and they are there to be with you through everything. Unlike the dude who only cared about himself and was very fucking controlling. He didn’t even want me to have guy friends and thought I was sleeping with anyone that moved; I wasn’t. I needed to get out of that failure of a future marriage before they are stupid enough to make me be tied to the abusive asshole. I needed to find a guy more powerful who I love to be by my side. Someone from a powerful family, too. He needs to be worth breaking the powerful alliance and someone who will help more than an idiot. 

The abusive guy’s name is Wade Johnson, the golden blonde Warlock who has everything going for him. Looks and all and he was even excelling in Luxor academy; but someone I had to be tied to since he came from a powerful line of Warlocks and their alliance means we can forge a powerful coven. Bullshit politics. Not love but bloodline and I was sick of it, really I was. Scrolling through stuff took my mind off things until another boring meeting took place. But I was done after a little bit. Bored. Life isn’t the best and it is better to forget about it. And just move on. Move on from a time when I liked meetings and boredom. 

A knock at the door, and I called out, “Come in.” 

The door opened and there was a girl standing in front of me. She had black hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. She wore black jeans and a nice black shirt. She is also smiling at me. I wondered why.

“My name is Angeline, and I have been looking for you since you are the last AngelWitch to complete the circle,” she said.

I smiled at her. “And why should I come with you?” 

“We need you since you are a powerful Witch, and you are the last one we need to form a powerful coven to stop evil. And it isn’t safe for you here once a Tracker finds you. You see, being an AngelWitch means you have a Protector who will help you come into your full power. You will even have Trackers trying to kill you or turn you. And the only safe thing for you is being with a Protector or a coven, and a lot of the girls came from broken covens or covens who cast them out.” She said.

I thought about it some and I do want more than just meetings. 

Then a girl came behind her and she had dark red hair and green eyes. She also had pale skin and wore a green top, and blue jeans. She smiled at me. 

“And I am Ember, and you look like you need a drink lets go to the bar across the street to talk.”

That sounded like a good idea, and I could use a good drink. I smiled at them since they seemed nice and approachable. I needed to get out anyway this place was starting to bore me with all the shit going on. I gathered my stuff and headed with them to see what they had to say.

“I will go with you and it’s better than sitting in my room being bored out of my mind with the same shit,” I said. And I followed them.

I walked with them through the mansion and some of the Witches looked at me curiously. The coven members probably wondered about them, too and the coven house was all I knew. But I let them take me to the bar by us since it was a place that I liked going to as well. The place they were talking about is Rockie’s Blood and I knew the owner all too well since he was a major player here. He was a Werewolf leader that actually helped us out from time to time if there were wolf issues. I enjoyed staring at him, but he was taken so I wouldn’t even do that. 

And then my mind wandered to that bitchy Witch Lisa some more who just loved to go out of her way to make my life miserable. She would always have something to say about what I did. She never liked the fact that I could summon Dragons and show her up when it came to magic. Yet she never wanted to lift a finger or do real spells. She loved being a Witch without the effort it took to cast spells.  Joke is on her since her husband left her for another woman. And she even tried to say that I wanted her husband when I didn’t even care. He was taken and I don’t go after married men. She was my friend at one point even best friends, but all I heard about was their marriage issues. And she was always stuck in the past. I got sick of it and when we got into a fight it was the final straw and I didn’t bother answering her texts. She was bitter, but it doesn’t matter anymore. 

We got to the car Angeline was driving and two guys were already in with them. Angeline smiled, “This is my Angelmate Felix, head of the Protectors in the front and in the back is Embers Syphon.” The guy in the front had short, dark blonde hair spiked and blue eyes. He wore a nice shirt and jeans. There was a guy in the back with brown eyes, and tousled brown hair wearing a shirt and jeans. Wow. This was something I can definitely see myself being a part of. Maybe. I just didn’t know what to do at times. I got in with them and we made our way to the bar. 

I didn’t need to worry about much except the meeting life which was boring and something was missing in my life. The coven members never did anything fun either and it is such a hassle to just even do one simple spell for them. They need to talk about it first. So, I do some in secret and even practice summoning Dragons and even look up mythology. I wanted to explore more than just my coven walls and belong to something that matters and makes a difference. The way there is easy and close by and before I know it, we pulled into the parking lot of the bar.

Rockie’s Blood is a popular place and every creature goes there: Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, everyone pretty much. It is also a no fighting zone and a place to relax and discuss stuff. It is a pretty nice place and has a lot of tables, chairs and booths. It is a place to even have a drink, and I wasn’t driving so I can definitely order one

We got to the hostess stand and she sat all of us at a booth. The place was busy for an afternoon and it was a happy hour. Perfect time to kick back, have a drink and bitch about how shitty the day was. I sat down next to Angeline. Felix was next to her then Ember and Syphon. They had a way different feel to them. All connected not disjointed or broken. Something I wished to be a part of since my Coven is different and they don’t like to get their hands dirty thinking spells and rituals are beneath them.  Everyone is like a complete unit and no bickering like the coven I am used to where they argue about stuff and can’t make up their minds. It took forever for them to decide how to handle a simple ritual that would be completed in five minutes. 

The coven is split into two: my mom’s side, and the evil rival side. Lisa does have power, but she isn’t nearly as strong as me. I look at the menu deciding what I want to get and a lot of it looks good. There was a weird feeling of being watched so I looked around the room only to see this sexy guy staring straight at me. My god was he sexy, chocolate brown eyes, brown hair to his shoulders, tan, and wore a nice silk shirt while drinking from a blood glass. A Vampire and something else. Something different that called to me and said mine which is weird since I don’t even know him. And he is muscled with a blue Dragon tattoo. He looked like he came off the cover of a romance novel. Wow. Vampires are definitely really sexy. I am definitely thinking of jumping him. He is such a sexy sight.

“Marina?” Angeline said. I looked at her, and she smiled.

“Sorry I got distracted.” I said looking at the menu and ignoring my raging hormones telling me to jump him. This night calls for a drink. I got a burger and a Jack and Coke. I wanted to relax and not think about meetings for once. If something was happening, I needed to be a part of it especially since I know something is up. The bar is nice with creatures all around us joking, laughing and having a good time. There were some drinking blood, and some even eating creatures’ parts. Eww. 

The waitress came up to the table and we all ordered what we wanted. It was nice to sit down, and to get away from all the coven politics. Since I was the next in line or was if Lisa doesn’t try to do anything. I had to navigate everything. I want to be a part of a powerful coven and help people. 

Angeline looked at me.

“We have needed your help for a while and finally found you by tracking you down from our compound. We have a place just for AngelWitches and you are the last one so we can perform the ritual with the Dragons. It was also a shock when my Protector found me for the first time since I was living in Crystal Crest not even knowing my heritage, and I adjusted after a while. I worked retail and hated where I was at. I was happy to find a coven of my own. I was even able to meet my mom and dad. You’ll also be able to fly once we help you come into your power and join us. ”

I thought about it some and it’s not like I felt welcome at my coven anymore with one side hating mine. There were members that treated me like an outcast since I have the powers over the Dragons. But I have never seen a Dragon yet; I just see the one in my mind. 

“I have always been in this realm all my life, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I know what it is like to not know your place. We have a coven split in two: one side opposes my mom the other doesn’t. Instead of taking action or doing spells they just sit in meetings to discuss stuff.  I dread the day when they are in actual danger since they will probably just meet about it, too.  I do like the feeling of it being a family and being part of a coven who takes action. Do you actually do spells?” I asked.

“Yes and we explore places getting artifacts of power if needed to help each other. We helped the Spiders and even Mermaids, too. We love adventure,” She said.

“I love adventure as well,” a voice said. We all turned toward it and in front of the table was the dude I was staring at. He was taller than I thought, and even sexier with that bad boy edge. He held the glass of blood in his hand. I suddenly wondered what it would be like to be bitten since we are like energy drinks to them. A part of me really wanted to find out and have him take me…wow. There was something there that I have never felt before since he actually gave me butterflies. 

He smiled at me.

“Sorry to interrupt. I couldn’t help but overhear it and adventure is everything. My name is Draven. I am her Protector, and I have been watching her for a while so she will be protected by me at all times,” He said.

Everyone was shocked to see him

“We were just talking about having her in our coven since she is a powerful Dragon Witch and we are the AngelWitches; I am the leader. We have finally found the last member to help us in defeating the dark angels. We have been waiting for her Protector to show up since we knew one would be nearby,” Angeline said.

“I’ve no doubt. She is unique…as am I. No one has ever heard of a Vampire Dragon before. My mom was a Dragon and she is in the Dragon area, dad was a Vampire. They had no idea it would happen. Yet I am here and I have never had someone call to my Dragon half like she does. I could feel her as soon as she entered the bar – she calls to me,” He said. His look made my heart beat faster since he’s soo hot. Damn Vampires are sexy and one was focused right on me. But I had other things to think of and it was nice to see someone as sexy as him.

And a ding on my phone made me get it out. It could be an important text. It is the latest phone and it even allows me to play fun games. I open it and I get a text that shocks me.

It was from my mom. 

Don’t come back, some stuff went down with Lisa and she even took Wade to join her along with some corrupted of the members to the dark side. Not safe to come back until she is gone. And she even mentioned something about if she catches you then she will give you to Zack as a present since he promised her dark angel powers. 

I froze, my eyes went wide and thank god I have alcohol since it makes me calm.

Angeline looked at me worried and I showed her the text. “Who is Lisa?”

“My rival and the one who wants to take the coven from me. She hates the fact that I got the dude since she is always trying to steal my boyfriends from me. I don’t even want him though and I even told him I didn’t want to be with someone I don’t love. She can have him and my old life,” I said.

It looks like I have no choice now, but to leave.

And that bitch finally did something right since now it allows me to be free of everything and start a new coven.

I even showed them the text from my mom.

Angeline’s eyes went wide after she saw it, “Zack is Felix’s Dark Angel Brother, he was imprisoned… we will protect you and once you come into your power…She can’t touch you since you have us. Zack will never get to touch you,” Angeline said.

Felix smiled. “We will keep you safe or Draven will and since she mentioned Zack then we have bigger problems than a Witch Tracker. He must not be where he is supposed to be so I will find out and text you as soon as I can. We must also keep watch on Draven with him out since it means Marina is in danger.”

Draven smiled, “And you have me and now we can bring the wrath of the Dragons on her and make sure she isn’t a threat again. She can’t get away with threatening you at all.” 

I smiled thinking of the thought. “I now have no choice but to go with you since I can’t go back now with her threatening my life. I want to join your coven as an AngelWitch.”

Angeline smiled, “Welcome to the team and we can even gather the girls so you can come into your power with us all.”

The waiter brought us a round of drinks and I was happy over it. My shot came and I downed it. I was ready to take a chance and I needed magic not meetings. Action. However, I still needed my stuff and mom and I do have a spot we share just for emergencies. I needed all my arsenal since she is clearly a threat like always but now threatening my life? 

The bitch is going down. 

I texted my mom.

I need my stuff and my magic items. Meet at the special place and I will tell you about where I will be going. The AngelWitches found me here.

Mom texted back. 

Will do! I hope you are safe!

“I texted my mom to get my stuff and meet at the special place,” I said. 

“We will go with you since we want to know the full story too,” Angeline said. 

The bill was paid and we left. Even Draven came with us and I had a feeling he was there to stay. There is something about him that says mine and safety. I was at that point where I was coming up with another plan and I hope mom grabbed everything I needed. Also, at my secret spot was my Dragon Daxter. He was a strong Dragon and very tall with blue scales and the power to set things on fire. He came to me when I first got the ability to summon and even transform into a Dragon. It was fun when I did since it allowed me to set fire to my enemies. I can use that gift when people are in danger and it allows me to be strong enough to break through anything and ups my reflexes.  One day I will go to the Dragons since I can call them and meet their leader. It was rare that a Witch had this power. We might even have to tell Daxter’s leader and he will have questions when Draven shows up since no one is technically supposed to know about it. Luckily, the car fit everyone and Draven sat next to me. I wanted him to anyway since there was something about him that screamed mine. I also could tell there was something there and spending more time with him will make it clear. Maybe I will be happy once everything is settled since a lot is happening and we need to be all together instead of divided. I was going to try to do something to prevent Lisa from becoming an issue in the first place. She is bad for the coven and would make a lousy leader if she is ever allowed to take over. 

Everyone was silent. I told Felix where the hideout was since he needed to know in order to keep me safe here. I had to tell them since they do seem like they can be trusted. I couldn’t wait to go back since it was like my second home and a place I go to in order to think. The drive there was quiet which gave me time to think. There was one particular thing that will actually be able to stop Lisa and make the coven respect me more which is the artifact that will call the ultimate Dragon. I was doing research on it since it requires a certain kind of Witch and a half undead counterpart…Draven. I start to smile since a plan is forming. He can help me summon the Dragon since he is half Vampire. 

“So, there is an artifact that I have been researching and it will allow me to summon the Ultimate Elemental Dragon but it can only be done once I come into my full powers and it requires a Witch like me and a half Vampire. I was going to use a spell to find one, but now I don’t have to and you can be the key to help me summon the Dragon. Something is happening since I keep hearing reports of other covens being under attack by evil beings – Dark Witches,” I said looking at Draven. 

Draven’s eyes went wide, “Oh wow…Then you are the one we need to help us win. The Vampires and Dragons together will be a force to be reckoned with.” 

“There is a Dragon that helps me with Dragon magic where we are going called Daxter and he can get to the Dragons easily,” I said.

“Then we do have a chance to unite everyone,” Angeline said.

For once I was okay with everything, and my mom will be too, I hope. We arrived 30 minutes later and the place was a cave in the woods. I needed something far away from everything in case I wanted to do high level spells. There were even spells I can use to throw electricity or lightning balls and I needed destructive spells just in case or ones to summon stuff to me.  We got there and the car is parked. I got out eager to see mom and get to the bottom of things.

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AngelWitch Retribution!

In the series finale, the girls gather the stones they need to awaken the good dragon and defeat the evil dragon. They join forces with the other heroes of their world and take on the evil dragon. After a long and hard fought battle, they emerge victorious! With the help of the good dragon, they restore peace to their world. The girls have saved not only their own kingdom, but all those around them! They celebrate their victory together, knowing that the future is bright for everyone!

At the end, the girls are surrounded by loved ones and friends that have stood by them throughout their journey. They reflect on all they have accomplished and how much they have grown during their adventures. They smile at each other with a new understanding of themselves, knowing that together they can accomplish anything.

Amazon: AngelWitch Retribution eBook : Samuels, Jessica: Kindle Store

Kobo: AngelWitch Retribution eBook by Jessica Samuels – EPUB | Rakuten Kobo United States

Google play!Angel Witch Retribution by Jessica Samuels – Books on Google Play



Chapter 1 Angeline:

Angeline was too late; she went to meet Sophia Rivers and her soulmate Leon to stop the evil streamer from using her to awaken the evil dragon. By the time she got there she was too late, and Zack awakened the demonic thing anyway, but it will take time for it to fully wake up. It was just stirring.

Black goo was oozing out of the sleeping evil dragon. There was even worms crawling toward her leaving trails of blood. Nearby the goo touched one of the good people and it transformed them making their eyes red and have spikes sticking out of it. Now they have exactly 7 days to figure out a way to awaken the good dragon so they can battle it out one last time.

There was a timer above its head counting down and a machine powering it up and waking up the evil lurking inside. She even found extra help. She grabbed Sophia, her mate, her dragon and her friend and they all went to the private jet she owned.

Being an Angel Witch leader means she has the means to help her people in any way possible and they were funded by her father in the Angel realm. He was closer to her than ever before. She was also sure Next Star even had a few tricks up their sleeves too and she received a text from them one of the days claiming their days are numbered. Sure. Not if she can help it.

She was in the pilot seat of the jet and next to her was Felix her mate. Her blonde-haired blue-eyed savior. He saved her from retail and even told her why she was different, and she never looked back ever since.

She has a bunch of people to protect, and she won’t let them down. She was tired of how worse it was getting even though things in the Angel realm changed. Everyone was afraid of the evil that Zack awaked since it brought destruction and damage to the place.

But they had a new hope and a new purpose. There was another dragon that could save them and it needed all the girls and all the stones. Only they can access the places in their areas.

Stones are unique to them since all together they fit in the rock and it can wake the good dragon to prevent the bad one from destroying the realm and causing chaos. They all were needed and there was even an extra place for a stone Angeline guessed it was because of Sophia and with her shifter powers they can all gather forces to combat the bad dragon and the evil groups.

The evil groups are growing in numbers, and they keep gaining more power the longer the dragon is wakening. It had to be stopped and they had to get more numbers. They have plenty of allies with them.

The drive there was quiet since she was in her thoughts. She did have a place she can go to figure out things. She knew there was a place to go in case things got crazy. An escape. She had an idea and in order to go to it she needed to get on her helmet to go in virtual reality.

She had a quiet space where she could travel anywhere in the world in the planes, one exactly like the realm to see everything that is going on but unnoticeable. To do that was a total immersive experience and with it she can finally figure out where she needed to go. She also recently got the powers of the dragons and they were her allies.

She needed to go to the virtu sphere and find out exactly where the good dragon is so they can figure out how to waken them. She was prepared this time and will do whatever it takes to save the realm.

They got to the compound 10 minutes later and she turned to Felix, “I found a way to discover where the clue is to find the good dragon. It has to be somewhere in the Virtusphere. Virtual reality will tell me the way to the good dragon place. We need to discover the place to find the clues.”

He nodded, “Good idea. Try the Red Wing Cove world; they have people there you can talk to.”

She nodded, “I will and hoping it will give me the clues I need to find the place.”

“And once you do, we need to know where it is and find the stones to fit the places. Each of the girls have to find the stones needed to wake the dragon up.” he said.

“Exactly. And I have to start in the Virtusphere…” She said.

She headed there since the room was close to her and decided she would eat after. This was important since she even needed to find the stones too. She had a feeling it was somewhere in the Angel world but didn’t know where maybe once she found the place it could tell her where to go.

She even needed one too since it is an ancient stone only she was supposed to have access to. She did wonder if there was even a place for evil souls and the stone there but that is a thought for another day. 

She made the way through the halls and went to a black door marked Virtusphere in bold lettering. She opened the door and a blast of cold air hit her as she entered the room.

There was always a fan on since the stuff can overheat easily being technology and all. It is also its own place and there is full body tracking for it since it is a virtual world.

Creatures come here to do a lot of stuff they can’t do in the real world and even go there in the astral plane. It was introduced to their world quite recently and you can buy clothes, houses, furniture, cars, join groups and they even have their own currency system too. It was a fun place to come to with a fun world to just not think about, filled with waterfalls, rain, and some of the prettiest places she has seen. It is a place to get lost in and there is even a dark pink bodysuit she wears so she can make it more real to her. And she even has a cute pink kitty ear headset and headphones that light up to be fully immersed.

There are pods and she has the first one all to herself. Once she steps in with the body suit she puts on the headset and headphones and she is fully immersed in the world.  The real world is gone, replaced by the virtual one.

There are even a few controllers that are pink so she can move around in the world.  She loved the freedom and came here to think and now she was using it to find the stones. She has the girls and they are all safe. There are also others around finding even more hybrids to save and make sure to put them in safe places so they can’t be found by the evil ones.

They built another compound and have the dragons fly there to make sure they are safe for the final battle. And afterwards there will be academies built for young hybrids to harness their powers.

She wanted to create an army of them to defend the realms from evil. The controllers were cool to her touch and the clicking of the controllers soothed her. She loved going to the sphere. After powering up the headset she was fully immersed in the world. It came to life and she was in the Virtusphere.

She needed to find the world that had the key to finding the stone thing. She logged into her account and the pink screen popped up and she was named AngelWitch13 and then after clicking log in she was immersed in her home world.

It was a chill place where she even met up with some of the people in other realms there. The Virtue Sphere connected everyone from different realms and planes. Everywhere she can get to place she normally couldn’t get to in there and even do some spells there that she couldn’t in that realm.

She had a nice home world with plenty of rooms and waterfalls. There were even settings to turn on rain and make it louder with sea creatures everywhere. She could even make it a bigger room to hold important meetings in.

The place had a few floors too and plenty of beds to sleep in. She loved the place and now she was using it as a base to find the answers she was looking for. She clicked on the controller using the A button to bring up the realms option.

There were favorites and the ones she went to for fun. And the ones to relax in but this time she pulled up the menu and went to the pink search bar. The entire interface is pink since she loved the color a lot.

She took her controller and clicked on the search bar then she typed Red Wing Cove. And after she typed it in she hit the search button and the world listed the description: A world so all the angels can collide and get records of myths and legends. Even has dragon lore since they are friends. There were already people in the world and this time she didn’t mind since she usually makes friends only since public realms can be a lot.

She clicked on the world travel button and she was whisked away. She was immersed in the world and the real world was gone replaced with another world all in another reality.

She wound up in a main room and it was a pretty sight since it is in a cool living room with a fire place and candles everywhere. She always loved how immersive reality is. And in the living room was a dragon avatar with the username TripDragon23. A blue and red dragon with green eyes. He smiled at her, “Angeline we were expecting you! Come and follow me!”

He turned around and she followed him. The place looked like it belonged to the Elder Dragons and they were some of the oldest ones around with records of myths and legends. She needed to find the forest to wake the Ultimate Elemental, a good dragon so powerful it can cause all kinds of hell on its enemies.

It can even cause thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes with the power of all the elements. It can hurl all kinds of fire, earth, water, and air balls and manipulate the elements.

It was said to be created when a few elders had an evil dragon try to destroy the land so they created a more powerful one to stop it. It is white eyed and it’s scales are all the colors of the rainbow and it can even bend reality at will.

That is what Angeline was trying to track down. It was hidden in the forest behind the sacred stones so it could be awakened when the evil dragon broke free to wreak havoc on the realms. The time was now and there must be a way to free it.

The halls were dark blue and lined with wall candles and pictures of all the elders and the ones before them. Dragons of many colors and ages. She loved all the history there and finally Trip opened a door marked Library and when she saw the contents of the room her eyes widened.

Thousands of books piled high and the ceiling was arched and see-through leading to a blue and black with starred skies and jelly fish above. It was pretty and the dragon flew to a book on a high-top shelf and pulled it out.

The book was red with ancient blue pages and titled Ultimate dragon guide. She smiled and so did Trip. He knew she needed it since he figured the most powerful AngelWitch leader would need it.

He gave her the book and she took it to look for the place to summon it. She flipped though the blued pages and saw times where the evil dragon was raised and defeated and then she was given gold. There was a place to summon it in the forest.

She recognized the place and it was the forest of the realm which was pretty and it was in the Supercelestial realm. She wasn’t surprised since it was a safe place. She did need the shifter queen with her too Sophia is definitely needed since she does have her cat shifter Ella which will come in handy and she needed to take the girls with her since 8 are needed to unlock the powers to wake the dragon.

AngelWitches and Vampire Witches books 1-9

Angeline: Angeline is just a Kyle’s General Store worker. When she goes to her local witches shop she gets a surprise – a guy with wings. Not just any guy, but the one in her dreams. … something greater than just your average retail worker.

Ember: Ember is an ordinary witch until she discovers her full potential. Will she be able to hold onto the love that walks into her life or will the evil Poison Apple Coven take her AngelWitchy coven down?

Mia: Mia is just a normal department store employee until her apartment is broken into. The dark angels found her and she is hiding from the werewolves who framed her. Will she become an AngelWitch and step it up with her mate, or will she fail at it?

Raven: Raven is an AngelWitch, and she turns to dating apps to ease her loneliness. No one ever warned her about fake profiles, and it leads her on a journey she will never forget. – Is Lucas real or is he a scammer? Is Aiden the one she is looking for all along? Will she find the love that she is looking for?

Marina: Marina is an Air witch with the power to call dragons, and the last AngelWitch. She is forced to flee her witch mansion when one of her own coven members attacks her coven. She teams up with her mate Draven, who is half vampire and half dragon. Together they will stop the evil witch and the evil vampires attacking his dad’s peaceful vampires, by having the key to summon the ultimate Elemental dragon. All together the AngelWitches have the power to stop the evil since war is almost here! Good versus evil and the final showdown will be Book 6 AngelWitch.

Mina’s Vampire Mate: Mina is working at Nikki’s Department store after leaving an abusive relationship. She wanted to take a break from everything until someone breaks into her house disturbing her peace. And the person to the rescue is Neo her vampire mate.


What would you do when the fate of a realm lies on your shoulders?

Lilly finds herself in pure chaos while the realm gets corrupted by evil. Only a few months ago her mother passed away and on top of that Agatha, the new leader of the coven made it her goal to harass her for her ancestry.

Unable to stand up to these challenges, she lets herself get consumed by her grief til the day her father gives her a new purpose – to retrieve the magic stones so she can save the realm of the ever consuming evil. Her vampire soulmate Malachi stands by her side while she learns the shocking truth about her mothers death.

Sophia Rivers was depressed until she turned to streaming and discovered her passion. Not everyone liked the fact that she was half vampire and half witch and when the evil Giles found out he wanted her for her blood. Along came Leon and he is the good streamer to save the day. Join her as she discovers the good and bad communities that will show her how magical it is to be a witch streamer!

AngelWitch Retribution:

In the series finale, the girls gather the stones they need to awaken the good dragon and defeat the evil dragon. They join forces with the other heroes of their world and take on the evil dragon. After a long and hard fought battle, they emerge victorious! With the help of the good dragon, they restore peace to their world. The girls have saved not only their own kingdom, but all those around them! They celebrate their victory together, knowing that the future is bright for everyone!

At the end, the girls are surrounded by loved ones and friends that have stood by them throughout their journey. They reflect on all they have accomplished and how much they have grown during their adventures. They smile at each other with a new understanding of themselves, knowing that together they can accomplish anything.


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