Novel Writing is a long process…

I’ve heard it so many times after someone finds out that I write that they can write a book too. They say they have ideas, but very few actually finish writing them out on paper. I’m one of the few that can actually finish one, and it’s a long process.It all starts off with an […]

Drama and novels

It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged because I’ve had a few things throw me off besides the usual school and work stuff. I’ve been back in school, and I dropped my Fashion Writing class because I only want the classes required for my degree and it was two very different writing styles. I made the […]

True Friends…

    I forgot how freeing it is just to work, and write on my days off. I love summer since it means a break from the stress of school. It is usually filled with friends too since I have time to have a life. I always have to remember who my real friends are, […]

Laptop is being worked on…

I have been busy lately between work, school, and writing I have not had as much time to update this website. I am done with my summer class. I have been working on three main projects. The second killer ebook, Fur and Fang of love, and the second retail novel. I have not gotten back […]

Why I write:

I saw an interesting hashtag on twitter and facebook #whyiwrite. It got me thinking about why I do. It threw me off for a second too because I had to think about it for sometime. This is going to be more in-depth about it. I love writing though and I have been doing it ever […]

School is over!!

  …At least until May 21st when I start Creative Writing 2, and I could not be happier. I got a B in Zoology, and I thought I would get a C. I got a better grade, and left it at that. No school, and just work means I will have extra time to do […]

Writing and Life…And Hunger Games!

Last week nearly killed me thanks to working the whole week, but now that my schedule is back to where I want it I will keep going. I am printing out my first novel, and the extra scenes. The other copy is so old, and used that I want to start fresh. I have been […]