Top Kindle Fire Applications:


The Kindle Fire is a breathtaking 7 inch tablet that is an essential piece of technology for students, writers, and people with on-the-go busy lives. It is a handy tool capable of taking notes, entertaining people waiting for the bus or on the bus going into work, check email,  and it is an integral part of everyday life.

It will be a year in December that I have had the fire. In that time I have found a multitude of applications that are handy to have for every Kindle Fire, or possible Kindle Fire if you have not decided whether to get it yet.

In fact I have already done a review of the Kindle Fire already, so if you want to read about the Fire in general the link is here:

This post is going to go more in depth about the applications essential for the Fire, and this already sounds like one of those boring posts that have absolutely no humor in them, so I am going to change it. I will go over ones that are used for school, social networking, and entertainment.

  1. Color Note Notepad: Free. This can be used for taking notes in class, on the go reminders, and for writers writing down story ideas or notes about the world when the muse strikes. Which is handy to have in a purse too, and in my case it was handy when I found it useful when I was looking at the headstone last names at Hollywood Cemetery. Gee, do I find inspiration in weird places or what…
  2.  Pocket formerly read it later: Free: I have discovered this quite recently actually when I was looking for an application that I can use to save blog posts to read later. That is the use for it to save blog posts, or articles from the web to read for later.
  3. Email : Free. It is handy to have when you want to check your email, but you can’t access a computer desktop or laptop. And handy to have when you don’t want to lug a bulky laptop around.
  4. gReader: Free. I use the application everyday to keep up with the blogs I subscribe to. It really is handy to be able to check the blogs I read without having to power up a laptop, and you can even take it to college or the local Starbucks and read while you drink your coffee as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Facebook: Free. Everyone has one, and it is handy to have an application like that to see your friends and what they are doing, and update your status, and keep up with groups too, or a Facebook fan page like me.
  6. Twitter: Free. Some have it, and some don’t but if you do get this application  to use anywhere on the go, and update your status in 140 characters or less.
  7. Adobe Reader: Free. This is handy to have when you are reading PDF’s on the go for college and writing too. It is handy to keep all the PDFS on the kindle too. I love using this for ebooks in PDF form as well.
  8. OfficeSuite Pro: 14.99. It comes with Quickword which is the equivalent to Microsoft word. Quicksheet which is the equivalent to Excel. Quickpoint which is the equivalent to Powerpoint. And QuickPDF which is the equivalent to making a PDF on the go like Adobe.  I got it when it was 4.99, and it went up but I love being able to type up my word documents anywhere, and not need to carry around a laptop. It even has an Excel  one to make spreadsheets, and a power point one to makes them anywhere at anytime.
  9. GoodReads: It is really handy to have when you want to update statuses on the book you are reading, and it comes in handy when I want to check messages or see if I have any friend requests.
  10. Netflix and Trutv2go: Free. These are both entertainment applications requiring you to already have a Netflix account so you can watch the television shows and movies they offer at anytime and anywhere. I love the picture and sound to it too. With Trutv2go all I have to do is put in my cable provider and I can watch Hardcore Pawn anywhere and anytime I feel like it as long as I have a Wifi connection.

These are my top ten or 11 if you count Netflix and Trutv2go separate. These are the ones I use the most where they are for accessing pdfs, word documents, or reading blog posts on the go. The Kindle Fire is an important device to have no matter the age group or occupation.

In other news I will be getting an Ipad 2 in May, and once I have had it for some time I will be doing a review on it too, and the top applications I found that are handy to have.

Is there any other handy Kindle Fire Application not on this list? If so just put it in the comments below.

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Writers and dealing with people..



I want to be a stay at home author and journalist in the future. I have to have a job though so I can make money to afford college. I thought I would end up staying at my first job,  but it did not happen at all. I got let go thanks to not being funded anymore. No problem I will get a job somewhere in that field with no luck at the end of trying to find a job in another department.

I instead applied to jobs that deal with people since it was a better option to me then working in restaurants or fast food. I landed a job that deals with people not having any experience, and not knowing what I was really in for. It turns out after a year I found out there are lessons to learn there that I can use to make me a more successful writer. 

  • How to deal with people. I have never dealt with the general public before, and authors have readers with all kinds of personalities, and they have to deal with agents, editors, and publishers too. It prepares you for getting used to their opinions, and sometimes how to deal when it clashes with your personality.
  • It teaches you certain business skills you will need for the future. Skills like counting money, and what people like and don’t like. What people can improve on, and sometimes what not to do when it comes to certain situations.
  • It teaches you how to solve problems and think critically. You have no idea how to solve an issue unless you face it head on. Like trying to solve a reader issue is one example, and people related jobs prepares you to solve issues when they arise. Sometimes you have to solve it on your own without help.
  • You get to see a side of people you have never seen unless you are on the other side.
  • It teaches you how to be patient. Writing can take a very long time in the process from  idea for a book to published in the stores. Jobs that deal with people allow you to develop patience when dealing with certain customer or reader interactions.
  • It can teach you lessons like treating the ones behind the counter or ones that have to obey the companies rules. Considering people related jobs like retail, mall ones, and restaurant people take a lot of flack from the general public like being yelled at because of a little issue easily fixable if they would stop yelling at you and allow you to solve it. People complain about policies to you when there is nothing you can do about it, and they should take it up to the people in charge instead. I just wish the general public would stop treating people that work in stores better too.

Those are some of the lessons and what about you have you learned lessons to take away from the job that you work at? Ones that apply to real life?

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Why I write:



I saw an interesting hashtag on twitter and facebook #whyiwrite. It got me thinking about why I do. It threw me off for a second too because I had to think about it for sometime.

This is going to be more in-depth about it. I love writing though and I have been doing it ever since I was little. Journals, Diaries and notebooks are filled with entries about my day and goals. I have tons of pens for writing my innermost thoughts down, and a binder full of dreams I write down when I can. It is a part of my life, and I would never change it. I thought it was insulting when someone on a message boards told me I should choose another evocation, or when someone told me I should stop writing…There is no way I will ever stop, and when it comes to what I really want to do there will be no stopping me.


My first novel ever was me writing myself in The Mummy Returns. I have to write though because I could not stop even if I tried it. I have a story to tell, and maybe several of them in store. No one will do it the way I do.


Sometimes writing is the only way to keep sane. Writing can give people a voice when they are shut down by others like I was by a bully who told me to not waste my breath it is not worth it. Looking back she really was not worth it in the end either, and I should not have let her affect me at all. Words have the power to change or destroy, and instead of using it to apologize to someone willing throw words around like daggers I should have ignored her, and saved my words to use in something creative rather than destructive. I write to have a voice, and that is why I write. Writing can change the world. Sometimes writing is not a choice, and maybe that is what people don’t understand. Sometimes it is something you have to do no matter who tries to tell you otherwise, and nothing they can say will change anything at all. To writers writing is their destiny, and they are meant to change the world with their writing.

Writers have a calling to write words that speak to them. Being a writer means being a story teller, and a higher calling considering you can change the world with it. The hours you spend writing fly by easily sometimes, and when a character is talking to you nothing else matters. Time flies by as you write the next scene and the next until you hit the end.


What about you, and the reason why you write if you are a writer?


Until next time,