Midnight Starr’s Story


The Beginning!
Tears fall down my face into the shower, and a sick feeling twisted in my gut. Viper was looking for a home after getting kicked out of his house for the second time this month. He told me he was going to stay with a friend, and I reply back: As long as you don’t screw her.
I was mad since I had a feeling it was someone I knew, and I talked to her.
I asked her if Viper had talked to her and she said yes. Then I continued. Not only did he say he loved her like he did me, but he also wanted to stay in her room and take her as soon as he saw her.
My stomach flipped and it was all I could do not to rip his damn head off. He can shove this relationship up his ass, and I hated him for it. I wasn’t enough. He had to be a douche and flirt with her he couldn’t wait. We are going to let him move in, but now hell no. The engagement is off cause I can’t trust him. I will not be with someone like that.
He texts me back: So you’re breaking up with me?
Yes, I was cause I don’t want to be tied to a douche bag.
More back and forth and he managed to convince me to get back together with him. I was stupid cause the next day I thought about it I could not trust him. I would be wondering where he is, and if he is really fucking girls behind my back. They can have him cause I don’t want him.
I can’t take Viper anymore anyway since his temper is terrible especially when he drinks, and he lies constantly. He flirts with other girls telling them he loves them. Lying all the time and I talked to him about what he said to her, but he doesn’t understand how wrong it was. He broke my trust and shattered my heart into a million pieces when I was recovering from the previous douchebag. I hate him with a passion, and I wish I could kill him with a spell but they have ways of tracing back to the owner. My name is Midnight, and I’m a witch. I have long black hair, brown eyes, and I’m tan. I have a wolf as a guardian, and I can even turn into one if I wanted to for sometime. I was so depressed that I wanted to turn into one now.
Things were great the first few years, and then it got worse. Way worse since he turned into a controlling jerk since I owed him an explanation about everything. His temper is horrible even hitting things when he is frustrated since we go into a fight he hit the steering wheel over it. I can’t take it.
I don’t want to be engaged to him because I can’t trust him. He blew me off for my birthday saying he had to work. One lie after another, and told me what I wanted to hear. I don’t want to wake up next to someone who controls me and tells me what to do. Or what to say telling me how to live my life. I can’t take it anymore, and I want to run away. Viper is a sorcerer who loves to flirt with others and brag.
I sit down in the apartment I stay at, and flip through the channels. Don’t care about porn. Nope. No romance since I hate it. It sucks anyway and its overrated.
Okay screw it I deserve better, and he is always in my personal space all the time. He called me verbally abusive and that I was trying to change him. I’m not I was only calling him out on his shit. I can’t take it anymore and I shouldn’t have to. I need someone who will put an effort into me.
I call him up done with his shit, and he answers on the second ring.
“What do you want I’m in the middle of something?” He tells me probably fucking other girls behind my back.
“It’s over I don’t want to date someone who called me verbally abusive. That and you kept on asking why I needed to be alone. You were always there, and did not listen when I told you I needed days off. You always switched stories on me and never told me the truth causing me more bullshit. You told me what to do, and persuaded me your way by saying it was passionately defended like a douche. You are unfaithful since you wanted to move in with my friend into her bed. You told her you loved her, and showed her a picture of your dick. What kind of guy does that to a girl he loves? Better yet fuck you brother because I know you liked it. You’re not allowed to come to my apartment, and if you do I will get a restraining order. ”
I hung up not bothering to listen to his shit. I don’t want to marry someone like him anyway since he can’t handle emergencies without freaking out. I don’t have to put up with it. No girl should and being alone is better than being miserable. I pack up everything that reminded me of him, and then burn all the love notes.
I want to find love again, and with someone who cares about me enough to not control me. I don’t like being treated like a dog, and after 4 years I’m done. Finished. He can cry to me and bring all the chocolates, flowers, and candy he wants it wont change the fact that he is an asshole. After doing that I go back to watching television on the flat screen and turn it to the witch channel, and an ad pops up.
Want to win the love of two of the hottest men alive? Then keep watching.
A sexy guy pops on the screen and he is so gorgeous it is not even funny. Curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, and an eye brow ring. He even has an industrial in his left ear and a sexy scorpion tattoo on his left forearm. Dreamy. He wore a muscled shirt to show off his sculpted body. He has a trim waist and his legs are encased in leather. A dreamboat in my eyes. I really want him and he is a werewolf. Yummy!
“I’m Zephyr and I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to stay with me and rule by my side. You could have me if you win the challenges, and we can rule together in the Scorpion Moon pack. If your out there I’ll be waiting…”
Then another guy pops up and he was sexy too. A surfer with sexy hazel eyes, brown and blonde hair the blonde tips are spiked. He has a sculpted body too and wearing a sexy silk black shirt and legs encased in leather. This guy is a vampire since his fangs are jutting out of his mouth, and instantly I’m turned on. I love vampires.
“Hello ladies. I’m Hyperion. I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to rule by my side. I need a woman who has a wild side, and can help me rule the Wolf Fang clan. If you are her then come and fight for me don’t forget you have to win challenges and dates to win my love.”
Then it gives the information for the place to audition and I write it all down it starts tomorrow and ends in a week. I’ve missed feeling the love, and I’ve never done this before. I want to win one of them because I need a way out. I was promised to Viper because his bloodline is one of the ruling families, and if I marry Zephyr or Hyperion then I can get out of it for good. My mom probably thinks we are getting back together, but this time we are not. I’m done for good, and I’m not going back.
The tears start up again running down my cheeks, and I let it happen because there is no cure for a broken heart. I really did love him until he betrayed me. I hated him with a passion, and I can only hope one of the boys can get me out of my slump. I want to feel wanted and loved instead of miserable. They way he talked about my family and his family insulting me. I don’t want to marry someone like that. I hate him with a passion since he turned into a religious controlling jerk. I want to find someone who loves me, wants to spend time with me, and put the effort in the relationship. It makes me miserable to be with him like I’m not good enough.
The Audition:
I dress in my best outfit for the interview, a sexy silk black top and a red skirt. I even wore nice flats so I wont be too bad with my feet. I figured this will help keep my mind off the break up. I don’t want to just sit around and cry over it either. I took a potion to keep the pain of heartbreak away. I needed a clear head to win the audition. This is also the first reality television show that Luxor has done, and it is the first dating show of its kind. It was copied from the Crystal Crest realm when the humans started doing it. The hard part is waiting since I see all kinds of creatures here turn up for the meeting. Witches, vampires, werewolves, you name it they are all here. I hope I can beat them out. I know I have something to offer the guys that the other girls can’t like I’m a hybrid witch that can turn into a wolf. One of the first of my kind mom is a witch and dad is a werewolf which is why I need to marry someone powerful.
Finally, after a few minutes the interview begins in front of a panel of people and the director of the show. The woman is dressed in a nice black suit, and she is a vampire with black hair and brown eyes. The man is wearing a black suit with dark brown eyes and black hair a werewolf. They smile at me and the man speak, “My name is Archer and I’m the director for the show. I’m going to ask you a series of questions so I can better get to know you to see if you’re a good fit for Hyperion or Zephyr.”
I smile at him, “No problem, I understand.”
“Tell me about yourself.”
“Hi, my name is Midnight Starr, and I am a fun loving, free spirited witch. I love vampires and werewolves because they are way better than any species out there.” I smile at the camera hoping to please the people auditioning me for the show.
“How do you feel about vampires and werewolves?”
“I love them since they are both very sexy. I love being bitten too. I don’t mind giving my blood to the right vampire. I also loves wolves since I can turn into one. I love the feel of their fur against my skin, and they are strong and protective over the one they love.”
“How do you feel about the other girls?”
“Not competition and they can’t hold a candle to me. They are going to be picked off one by one. Its only going to be me and the guy in the end no one else. I always go after what I want. I get what I want and the rest of the girls can fight among themselves.” I tell them with a smile on my face.
“How do you feel about using spells to get what you want?”
“I’d do it in a heartbeat for the right guy. I’ll do anything for the one I love. I have no problem taking out the competition in any way just to get one of the guys.”
“Relationship status?”
“Single and recently out of a bad engagement. He was a tool so no loss there, and I want to find love with a sexy vampire or werewolf. I’m sick of asshole witches and I heard vampires and werewolves are better in relationships and with commitment which is what I’m looking for.”
“Are you prepared to fight for their love?”
“Yes, for them I will do anything even kill for them. I’d do anything they ask, and even hog them. I love men like them, and I’d do anything even let the vampire bite me because I know we are like energy drinks to vampires.”
“How do you feel about drama since you will be in a house full of women?”
“Bring it on since I will fight a girl for them. If they start stuff with me then I will finish it by any means necessary.”
“How are you in a fight?”
“I have spells to help me with that, and I can use them to give me strength that can out match them.”
“Do you have diplomatic skills?”
“Of course, my mom taught me that when I was little since I needed them as skills to talk my way out of situations. I’m from an important witch line and merging them with either the vampire or the werewolf will be beneficial in the long run.”
“Show me your best spell.” The head guy tells me I pull out my Opal. I had to get on this show since the leaders are on there. The guys I am competing to date for are Hyperion a 500 year old vampire coven leader who still has not found his soul mate, and Zephyr the uber hot werewolf Alpha with a take charge attitude. The winning girls will be taken as their mates and a ceremony will be performed to bind them together. The mates will also be in charge of their coven or packs with them. I would think it was a really good thing to be a leader, but I have no idea how to lead. I will learn in time if I win one of their hearts.
I activate the stone and the power bursts through me like a pulsating, energy giving being. It feels very good when the magic takes over and changes me into a white wolf. I’m not just a shapeshifter, but a witch shifter. I love to turn into predators like lions, tigers, wolves, and bears anything big. No prey animals at all. I look at them, and give them a howl. Their eyes widen. I change back my clothes on me before I appear.
“How was that?”
They nod…and smile.
“You’re in the show.” I walk out happy to be one step closer to finding my soulmate.
I drive home to my apartment. I drive past gas stations, restaurants and malls. The area of Kalino Moon is one exclusively for vampires, werewolves, witches and fae. No humans since they have a history of prosecuting us since we are different from them. I get back to my apartment in record time. I love it with its big kitchen, library, living room, master bedroom and office. I check my mail to find a letter from my parents house.
Dear Midnight,
We have to discuss an issue about your engagement. Viper Red is a great guy, and he asked about you too. Come over for dinner and we can discuss the details.
Sabrina Starr
I crumpled the stupid note, and sent it hurling into the fire place wishing I could burn the words Viper from my mind. The vile, selfish witch who cares more about status then love. He only wanted to marry me since my parents are head of the witches in Luxor. They control all the circles in the area, and whoever I marry will be head too.
I look at the time to see how long I have left. 3 hours until dinner which means time to play Enchanted Forest, a role playing game in Luxor where you can do missions and interact with other players. Some traditons from Crystal Crest are adopted like video games since it helps pass the time. I have the latest high tech computer. It has 8gb memory, and 2 tb hard drive space. I have a huge screen with a colorful mouse and keyboard. It is called a Windchaser computer for gamers with the latest graphics card. I turn on my computer and it starts up. I log into my account. It displays a picture of a wolf staring at the camera as my desktop display. I took the picture a long time ago while my friend captures a picture of me in wolf form. I love it, and the background is a place called Falling Waters a forest that has a beautiful waterfall in it. A time before Viper got his claws into me. The full moon was bright that day. I sigh wishing I could go back, and run through the forest as a wolf. Feeling the wind on my skin, and hearing all the sounds of nature. I hunted the small prey in the area. A swim in the pool that renews and cleanses me. It makes me happy, and I really need to be free of this promised relationship.
I click on the program and log into my account. My avatar pops up, and I go look to see who is online. I smile seeing the name xxglittersparklexx my friend Alexia who is a dragon shifter is on. I pull up the chat menu.
Witchwolf26: Hey
Xxglittersparklexx is typing…
xglittersparklexx: Hey how did the audition go? Do you think you go it? Did you use what you have?
Witchwolf26: Yes, I got it. The audition went great, and of course I used my gift. I have to have one of them to keep me from marrying that asshole. I really don’t want to end up with Viper he is too shallow and cruel.
Xxglittersparklexx: Exactly I wouldn’t want him either, and you need a portable computer in case I need to advise you how to take out competitors.
I smile to myself. Alexia is very good at persuasion considering she is one of the enchanter dragons that can persuade people with just her words. She gave me a necklace to hypnotize the person or people of my choice. It is going to be fun wreaking havoc on the girls lives. I will definitely tell the guys if one of the girls lie. I will be the spy and take out the girls one by one. I do need to form an alliance with one of them.
Witchwolf26: I know you are going to help me. I can see the fun already.
Xxglittersparklexx: Yes we are. let’s go get them tiger, and make sure you’re the only girl left standing.
Witchwolf26: I will ttyl
I sign off. I turn off the computer, and see if I have a laptop. I don’t. I need to buy one anyway. I get dressed since I’m going to dinner afterward. I do my make-up which means blue eye shadow, paint my lips pink, and brush my long black hair. I love my smoky grey eyes that look like I have a smog in them. A gothic witch ready for a party. I dress in a black dress with black high heels. I put on my moon necklace, and got in my car. A blue saber with a 6 cylinder engine, plush leather seats, and a cool barbed wire steering wheel. I love this car, and it got me through the tough times. I pull out of the complex and head to good old moms and dads house, which is a big mansion on top of Ravenswood Hill.
I whir past—oops I forgot my computer. I am supposed to get a laptop beforehand. I make a U-turn at Protheria, and head to the Cattal Metro complex which is a shopping center that houses all kinds of shops like a movie theater, restaurants, clubs, and various clothing stores. The one I wanted was Jack’s electronics that has all the latest computer gadgets, gaming systems, televisions, and cameras. It has movies and tv shows on DVD as well. The place is a big store and nicely displayed electronics with sections clearly labeled, and it has a grey marble floor with dark blue walls. It is a nice place, and I love shopping here since it is affordable for me. I head to the back where the laptops are, and I saw one of my friends named Typhoon who is a vampire that I met a few years ago. He is my go to guy for all my electronic needs. He has brown hair and eyes with glasses and has the expression he’d rather be partying then at work.
I spot him and smile at him after he is done helping a customer. He sees me and smiles back.
“Hey, I’m going to need a good laptop with a ton of memory. Good graphics with the highest speed out there, and a good sized screen not too big and not too small.”
He nods loving my question since I know what I want. “Yes, I know what you need. I’m providing technology to the contestants on the show to talk to their loved ones, doing interviews during the shows, and recording their thoughts about the girls, guys, and the situations. They are required this time.”
My eyes widen, “Wow….they are allowing people to have technology on the show? That is neat.”
He smiles, “Interacting with the fans is a must, and so is commenting on the things going on like fights and interaction with the guys.”
“Can we play video games during down time?”
He nods, “Yes they will allow you to play games in between challenges, and there will be down time too.”
Interesting….”So which one do you recommend?”
“The Ripkin Model 86 it has a good bit of memory, awesome graphics, good software programs. Everything you need to interact with the fans, talk to family, and play video games.”
I got the computer surprised that it came in colors. I winded up picking out a red one, purchased it, and made my way to my family house.
I put the computer in my trunk in a secret compartment to protect it from thieves. Once I get out of the parking lot I make my way to Redford Estate which is where my mom lives, and then pull up to the gate. I use the key card from my wallet to open the gate, and park in the driveway.
I did owe her an explanation as to why I finally left Viper for good. I make my way to the door seeing the paint peeling from age, and the bat shaped brass knocker. This house has been here for a while since she became a leader of the Saint Moon witch coven. I love the house with the statues of wolves and gargoyles.
It has several rooms, a big master bedroom, library, ritual room, office, and a big commercial kitchen. I can remember mom baking cookies with a touch of magic in them. I walked in the living room, and to my dismay my ex Viper was there. He is reddish blonde with blue eyes, and a body built like a swimmer. He gives me that arrogant smile he uses to entice girls. On me, it just looks like he tries too hard. I hate that smile since I was fooled by it once. A time when he was actually sweet instead of a major asshole. That arrogant smile now makes me feel like slapping him. I hate the fact that mom wants me to stay with him because he is rich. His parents are co leaders with us, and I’d rather get away from it all.
“You know you can’t end things with me without me saying anything right? Many girls would kill for someone like me?” He tells me arrogantly.
“I wouldn’t I’m not like the others remember, and I’m not going to be treated like a pet or called verbally abusive again. I was miserable and I’m not going to make myself miserable to keep you happy. I’m better then that you fucking rushed me, told me to deal with it, and that there is nothing I can do. You forced me to do things I didn’t want to do, and I had to argue with you to do something just because you didn’t do it yourself you obnoxious little shit. You made a big deal over the stupidest things, and I don’t want to deal with it anymore. You hit things when you were mad, and walked off. You had your friends step in when we were arguing. Douche bag. Let’s not forget the article you mentioned me in it too saying its my fault you’re in debt.”
He glares, “I was doing it for your own good you have to listen to me since I know what I’m doing.”
“So says the guy who still lives with his mom, and has her step in since he is not intelligent enough to solve his own problems without help. Who forces me to do things even though I’ve said no.” I turn my back and walk away not willing to argue with the idiot who treats me like I’m stupid when he doesn’t even know how to form sentences right.
I go straight to my mom. She has long black hair like me and grey eyes. She is wearing a black silk shirt and red jeans they fit her curves perfectly along with her size 6 combat boots. She smiles at me, and all I want to do is stick my tongue out at her. “Mom I told you to not invite him, and we are finally done for good. I’m done with him as of today, and I don’t want to see him ever again. You knew all the drama he put me through, the I’ll change bullshit, and the fact that he forced me to do things I didn’t want to do by jokingly slapping me and putting a racist sign on the floor. He was always stepping in for me, and telling me what to do.”
She shrugs, “He is the one promised to you. Of course he can join us, and he is just doing it because he loves you.”
I frown, “There is nothing there between us, and it does not make me happy anymore it makes me miserable. He was a controlling jerk who stepped in for me and told me what to do. I can’t deal with it anymore, and I want to find someone who treats me the way I deserve to be treated. .”
Viper comes in with a scowl, “Yes, there is a connection you just don’t want to admit it because you’re scared. I don’t have anyone else besides you, and I did not lie about wanting to get married. I know I’m scared too since this is the first time I felt anything with a girl. We are perfect for each other and I wont control you anymore I’ll let you make your own decisions. ”
I glared, “Liar, liar pants on fire. You lie so much it’s not even funny. I’ve given you five chances, and you’ve blown every single one of them. Enough is enough. The only reason why you want me is because of my status. Other then that you would not be looking at me otherwise. Which is why I auditioned for Fang and Fur of Love.”
His eyes widen, “How could you do that to me?” He looks at me with hurt, and the first real look I’ve seen on him that is real.
“I need someone else to see in my life, and I’m going to find love. Not based on looks, money, or status at all. I need an emotional connection.” I walk out not even going to dinner with them. I’m not going to be miserable to make someone happy. I’m not going to marry him at all since he is a shallow and manipulative asshole. I go home and crash on the living room couch exhausted about arguing with a brick wall.
I fall asleep and I don’t wake up till morning. By 2:00pm I read and play on my computer until the mail arrives. The letter by Nighting Ale media the station of the reality television show.
Dear Midnight,
Out of all the finalists you won a spot on the show. There will be no humans for you to worry about since they are not competition at all, and just for supernaturals. We are looking forward to seeing you. We hope you have a chance to win one of our hearts. We are also giving away a cash prize as well because we are leaders looking for someone to rule by our sides. We hope to see you then.
Hyperion and Zephyr
Wow…A cash prize too. I read the additional instructions after the letter. The filming will start in two days, so I have to be on the air plane the second day. I am psyched, but there will be 25 other girls too. I have to have something that will make me stand out from all the rest.
There was a slam, and the door is wide open. Viper again barging into my house like he has so many times before, but I hoped it would be my last since he was riding around with someone else.
“Why are you doing this to me you stupid bitch? We are supposed to be together, and I was taking time apart. Not breaking up, and you are not supposed to be going on a stupid show to compete for guys you know nothing about.”
“Let me stop you right there. It’s a break up not time a part you lying tool, and after you said that pathetic text you were with someone else forgive me for not giving a shit. You wasted two years of my time for a stupid reason, and didn’t even bother to work things out, and now I need a man not afraid of me unlike a boy who likes to fuck around. What kind of douche put the new bitch in my face anyway? You must not have cared if you want to move on that fast. I don’t want you. ” I told him wishing he was dead.
I used to have feelings for him. I don’t after he cheated on me for another girl who he supposedly moved in with.
“I can’t be with you after you cheated on me, lied to me, and I want someone who will tell me the truth. I want someone who cares about me, and wont use me like you did. I gave you everything, and even let you stay with me only to have you stomp all over it with bullshit about getting your life together.”
I also had to win cause then my mom will leave me alone. I win, and I never have to worry about being engaged. Also, I took my ring off and threw it right back in his face. Mom will definitely approve when she realizes I will be vying for the leader of the werewolves.
He took the ring off the ground, and looked at it sadly finally showing me regret for what he did. It was too late. “I am perfect for you, and no girl can resist me once they have had a taste of me. I’m a master of mind games, and I could break up with you and then have a new one the next day. I need you.”
Viper is a different story since he cheated on me, and a bitchy skank seduced him away from me. I never want to go back to a cheater like him.
“So what I asked you that when I could trust you to have my heart, but you broke it because of a skank. I want to find love with someone else now, and not be with a lying, cheating player. It’s not love it’s possession. You treated me like I was not a priority at all. You flirted with other women and slept with them and bragged about it. Fuck off already since I don’t want or need you in my life.”
I raised my hand and made his ass fly right out the door. Bye, bye cheater. I used a spell to keep him out for some time until I’m gone. I will be in a jet then taken to a secret location when the time arrives. I will be staying at a mansion with 15 other girls which will be fun, drama filled, and interesting. A day was spent packing, and I had no idea if I will make it to the end or a few days. I just packed for a month. I even put in my spell book, oils, crystals, candles and everything I needed to use spells in the show. I am a witch after all and I plan to use every advantage I have. .
With a wolf spirit which is why you will win…said Avalon my spirit wolf.
Yep. I pack my new laptop, and I am done for the day. Tomorrow I will board the plane, and go to the mansion.

AngelWitch Cover reveal!!!!



This is going to be great news! I have the cover for the first AngelWitch book, and it will be out sometime next week! This is one of the best covers, and I couldn’t wait for it. AngelWitch took me 7 years to write, and it’s the story of how she became an AngelWitch, and met her Angelmate protector Felix. And did I mention dragons too? There is also spider shifters, and you can see the Supercelestial realm too. It’s been a long time coming! It’s a series, and it will follow the witches as they get discovered and find their mates! I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out because I can’t wait for you to meet her!!!

Enjoy the night,


Obsession Spell



I look at Jerry, and I’m now sad to let him go. I used to love him till he hit me. I don’t deal with it even if he was joking. It’s a serious matter, and I’ll leave in a heart beat since I hate guys like that.
“I really don’t want to date you anymore. You treat me like a toy, and you never let me make the decisions anymore. It is all up to you!”
Jerry was a jerk of a boyfriend, and I had to free myself from him since he slapped me the angry red welt is proof of that.
His eyes widen at my comment, “I cannot believe you are acting this way, and you love me. Why are you breaking up with me? I let you make the decisions too you don’t have to do this to me.”
“Your going away, and I need someone close by. Leave me alone you already slapped me once, and I don’t want that in my life. I will get a restraining order on you if you don’t leave me alone, and called me verbally abusive no one does that to me at all. I hate abusive men.”
He storms off seeing I am not budging, and leaves thankfully I hope this is the last time I see him.
I wasn’t going to take Jerry’s crap anymore. The last straw is when he called me verbally abusive. No one calls me that at all. I guess standing up to an asshole and calling him names is considered abuse. Whatever. I don’t have to be with him, and from now on he will mean nothing at all. I’m a witch, and the first thing I do is a cleansing spell to rid me of his influence. The spell gets rid of everything shred of good feeling I have for him, and leaves an empty hole inside where his love used to be. I’m in my apartment in the Luxor realm, and its just me and my dragon Thorn. I’m a dragon tamer witch, and I need to find someone like me to continue my legacy. It cannot be an ordinary witch either, and that is what Jerry was just a an ordinary witch. I was happier without him, and I didn’t need him in my life anymore. I tried to move on, but the magic he possessed made it crazier.
It has been a while since I’ve felt this way about anyone, and I want her to notice me. I’ve been with her for a while now, and she is all I think about. I want to be with her for the rest of my life. Jenna Michelle with her sexy long black hair down to her back, and grey smoky eyes like she has a storm cloud raging behind their depths. All I ever wanted, but she was with someone else. I had to have her all to myself. She is a witch like me, and she is obsessed with dragons too, and a dragon tamer the rarest witch of them all. I had to have her, and I need to put a spell on her so she will fall madly in love with me and not that asshole. I’m in my apartment in Luxor a realm exclusively for supernatural creatures. The creatures had to be separate from the humans. I don’t blame them since they would freak if they realized they were living next door to a witch. Or a dragon, vampire, or werewolf.
I love her, and I want to be with her the rest of my life. I had to have her to the point where I need to put a spell of obsession since that is the only way I can be with her. The only way to get her attention is too is to make her be so obsessed with me that she is all over me. We broke up after I hit her, and now she is going to be mine again. She threatened me with an order, but I’ll go to a witch and make her mine all over again. She will be mine. I get up off my ass, and go to the shop to win my love back.
He gets to the shop which has black walls on the outside, and a blue roof. There is a red sign with the shops name in fancy script, and it lights up.
He goes inside nervous since he had never been in a witch shop before, and he hated seeing Jenna use magic. This time desparate time calls for desparate measures. He opens the door to the shop noticing the smell of incense assaulting his nose, and the shop is a nice place too. It has everything a witch, sorcerer, or magic user needs to craft their spells and rituals. There is a woman behind the counter, and she is pretty in his eyes with curly long brown hair, and wide brown eyes like she has orbs instead of regular eyes. She has pale skin, and is wearing a long, flowing blue dress with a corset top. She smiles at him, “Welcome to my shop my name is Diana is there anything I can help you with?”
He smiles back at her, “There is something I need help with, and it involves a girl. I want her to need me to the point of obsession. I want it to be like she cannot stop thinking about me, and needs me the catch is she is a witch.”
Her eyebrows rise, “Are you sure you want one of those? Witches can be volatile when they are obsessed with something like that.”
“Non issue I will take it, and how much will it be?”
She smiles, “Okay just a moment?”
Diana went to the back to pick up the ingredients for the boys spell, but she knew who he was the moment he walked in. She knew him from her sister Jena, and she really did not want to put her sister through the spell. She made the spell so she will realize how horrible he was to her, and it will break the moment she realizes that. Her sister needed to be taught a small lesson, and she hated Jerry to the point where she will play along only because he will get the consequences of his actions back to him. She hopes it will end in death.
She finishes gathering the ingredients, and writes the spell on a piece of paper. Then returns to the front to see the boy.
“Here you go that will be 10 dollars, and it needs to be done on a full moon.”
Jerry pays her the money, and leaves happy to get what he wanted. Luckily it is already a full moon the day he gets the spell, and he waits until midnight to perform the ritual. He has a big black pot surrounded by rose petals, and candles are lit in his room. He took the picture of Jenna he needed for the ritual, and got out a lighter.
“By the powers of earth, air, and fire grant me the power to make her desire me. Make her love me to the point of obsession so she will think of no other. “
Then he took the lighter and set the picture on fire, and put it into the pot. The spell is complete, and Jerry got a call from his cell.
He picks it up, and hits talk. “Hello?”
“Hey, Jerry it is Jenna. I have been thinking about you, and I miss you lets get back together?” She replies in that cute way he loves, and he can tell she was the same Jenna he fell for.
He laughs glad the spell has worked. “Yes, I think it is a good idea.”
I’m finally happy now! I missed her and its good to have her back.
A few months later I met someone. A human in one of the vampire bars I was going to for fun, and suddenly getting Jenna did not seem so important anymore. I think it wasn’t supposed to work out with Jenna because of her. We began talking, and talking until finally we kissed. After that I broke it off with Jenna because Dawn was better even though she was a human she had a strength I needed that Jenna never had.
I broke it off from Jenna to be with Dawn, and I hope it all works out Jenna did not take it well, and I had to get a restraining order.
I still want him. He broke up with me for another woman. It is stupid because he is a great guy. He could have been my soul mate, and the ONE, and he fell in love with a human too. A pathetic whiny human. I want him back even if he is with someone else I do not care. I will get him back even if I have to kill her…Ahh…that will be fun considering she has a drug issue. Bitch! The new girl does not deserve him the way I do, and a vampire toy. My dragon Thorn is always by my side, and gives me a boost of his dragon magick when I need it.
But you’re with another, and you belong to Thorn these are not your thoughts.
Yes, they are I love Jerry and I want him in my life.
No, you don’t something is wrong here.
No, its fine.
I think about my beloved with the cutest smile I have ever seen. I cannot wait until the other bitch is out of the way. I get out of my room. Walk out the door, and turn on the street my true love Jerry is at. I bring my binoculars, and I spy on him through the window every day. Every night without fail. I love him that much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He is everything to me, and I cannot wait until we are together.
But you don’t love him he was abusive to you remember? He hurt you by calling you verbally abusive and hit you. Or have you forgotten already?
No, I didn’t it was just a one time deal he loves me.
We go to the same school, and have the same classes which means I get to see him everyday. I dream about us being married and having kids. I wrote Jenna Michelle Stevenson several times in my notebook. I have fun watching my soul mate eat, sleep, and brush his teeth. I even take notes and observe what he does in my Jerry Funnel Stevenson diary notes to know what he likes. I call him seven times a day then I hang up. He does not know it is me since I use *67 to hide my number. To make him feel someone is watching him with love like he is my world, and if I could just have him my day is complete.
Jenna use your head you’re acting crazy! Stalking him? There is something wrong with you. Normal people don’t stalk someone they love. You’re acting crazy, and the guy is an abusive asshole.
Go away Thorn I know what I’m doing.
His parents will love me when I marry him. I stare at his room for several hours only to get mad. His slutty girlfriend Dawn Road is there. She has dull brown hair with no soul. Dead muddy eyes like a fish in the supermarket normal and average. Not a witch like me. Size DDD like she has a watermelon stuck to her chest. A cheerleader normal boring… I am better looking long flowy dark red hair, green eyes, pale like a ghost. I love wearing cherry red shirts with blue jeans and combat boots. Tall, curvy, wavy better than her period. Yuck. Gross.
She cheats on him constantly, and I keep trying to tell him. He threatens me with a restraining order I can’t tell him.
I will spy on the bitch then sending him the tape in the mail.. I see him and his girlfriend talking, and having a good time. It makes me want to grab my rifle, and take her out right now. I would do it from this height too, but the court took my rifle with them the moment an order was placed on me. I am trying to have it repealed though . Bitch! She needs to be eliminated, she does not deserve him like I do. He is mine, and not hers.
I smile, leave, and make it to my room to plan my next move against her. The bitch has to go either way alive or dead.
The first step in getting rid of her is to follow her. I will need to videotape her with another guy to ruin their relationship. Luckily, I know where she lives. I go to sleep knowing I will have fun making the girl’s life a living hell. She took someone from me, and now she is going to pay.
The next day I wake up, and it is a Saturday no Witch School that left me the whole weekend to spy on her. Goody. . I have to ruin their relationship period he does not need a woman like her. He needs me he will not admit it, and I’ll make him love me even if I have to tie him up in a basement until he loves me. I can use an unbreakable love spell to hook him on me forever.
I dress in all black, wear glasses for a disguise, and cast a small appearance spell to disguise myself. I doubt she will recognize me now. I smile happy about my plan. I am following her to wherever she goes. I brought a camera to record everything, and a notebook to take notes on her. I want to get all the information I can on her before I take her out. I need to take her out period. She is not good for him at all that woman is a horrible piece of trash. Icky…
I head out to her place, and I wait until she gets out of her trailer. An ugly trailer that no one, but a hobo will love. A dirty lawn full of crushed beer cans and cigarette butts littering the place. My…My…even my house looks better. He could do so much better. She does not have a porch, or a convertible only a rusted poor car. An old car that looks like it has been hit so many times it needs a ton of body work to get it working again. I see bitchy Dawn wearing a low cut top that makes her boobs pop. Maybe she thinks the shirt will make her blue eyes stand out? They don’t she only looks like a tired out hag that loves to pick on girls for breakfast, and wearing too short shorts and come fuck me heels.
She is in her car. I conjure an invisible dragon, and get on his back. My pet dragon named Thorn on who has red and black scales with yellow eyes. He is capable of turning into a human at a moment’s notice. He is my friend, and he can talk to me mind to mind if he wants to.
I am talking to you now stop this nonsense and think about what you are doing. You are following a guy’s girlfriend to interfere with a relationship that is not going to work out anyway.
Oh don’t be silly you know I have to stop them from becoming a couple permanently.
Think for yourself! Stop this madness, and don’t let thoughts about him do this to you.
I tune out not wanting to pay attention to it. He has no right in getting between me and Jerry. We have a bond no one can break. I cast a spell to cover me and the dragon, so people will not see it. I love flying, so this part will be fun. I love feeling the wind on my back, and I wish to show Jerry the beauty of it. Following someone is easy as long as they do not know you are there. I laugh, they will not know what is coming to them.
The car stops at a tanning place no surprise there because I doubt she could get her color out of a can. Uh.. Really? She took a few hours there and left came back burned an ugly red.
I kept following her, and she stopped at the mall. I said screw it, and follow her in. The mall we have called Parker’s Place a mall decked in black and gold with various shops and boutiques places where you can buy clothing, accessories, toys, and shoes. There are even perfume and bath and body shops.
She walks into a place called, “Minnies” a lingerie shop. The thing that made me happy is she met a guy there, and it was not Jerry. It was her ex-boyfriend Tommy! She has been cheating on him then. Like she will again and again because I doubt she could give him what I could give him. I doubt women like her are faithful anyway.
I recognize the guy too. Jerry’s archnemisis: Tommy Rock a blonde haired surfer boy with blue eyes, tan wearing a t-shirt and jeans with blue sneakers . Well, well, if I can get this on tape on my camera then they will break up. Hopefully, at least. I get out my camera, and hit record.
She is flirting with him too, and rubbing up against him kissing up on him. My blood boils seeing her treating Jerry like shit by being unfaithful, and cheating on him. Cheating on him with someone ugly and not attractive at all considering Jerry is better looking.. I recorded it all. I finally got the footage I was looking for. I record her spending time with Tommy a little bit too close to him with her hanging all over him like he is the best thing in her world. Watching them run errands together and flirt, laugh, joke, and she seems to be having more fun with him right now then Jerry.
I follow her all the way to Tommy’s house to see her hang with him, and spend time together.
Don’t do this to her let him find out on his own. You’re acting crazy all for a douchebag not worth your time. Not even worth the air he breathes.
Thorn says not getting that I don’t care what he has to say. I don’t care since it is my destiny to be with Jerry. This is the proof I need to make him see how much of a cheating person she is, and how unworthy she is of him. God I feel like throwing up now how could she do this to him? I am more worthy of him because I will never treat him like she did. A cheating bitch like her deserves to get her heart broken by him.
I made up a package especially for him, and put a note on it, “Watch it because it is about Dawn.” No return address is there.
I put it in his mailbox even as I break the stupid restraining order since it is for a good cause.
I sit in my room, and wait until 3 when he is home from his guitar practice. I walk over to spy on him, again and see his reaction through the trees. His eyes widen in disbelief. He sees her making love to someone else, his rival, and a guy who he hates more than anything. I smile evilly. Victory. He looks at his cell phone texting words. He puts it to his ear.
I could hear some of the words he is saying:
“How could you do this to me?”
“Why would you do this with my rival, and the one I hate?”
Then he said the words I really wanted him to say,
“It’s over, and you are a cheating liar. I have had enough. I do not want or need you in my life ever. Stay out of my life, or die for all I care. I did not deserve to be treated like that you heartless bitch. You are an emotionless bitch and dead inside, and you will never find someone as good as me. It does not matter who you marry or have kids with they are not me at all, and you will never have that again. Then again you did set me free, and I thank you for that. You can try to find someone, but really they cannot fill you like I can because I was your first love. You never really forget your first love, but you did. You had no issue treating me the way you did therefore you did not deserve me in the first place. ”
YAY! Finally she is gone, and done…Not there anymore…Now I can be with him forever. He is mine, and I have yearned for him since high school. I come out of the tree o go up to his house, and knock on the door. I hear him on the other side. The door opens, and it feels like an eternity before I see his face. Surprise. Eyes widen, and he looks like he is about to throw up.
“Now that Dawn is out of the way, and gone no one will be in the way of us my love.” I smile. He recoils like I burned him, and turns angry. Why is he angry I only want to be with him for the rest of my life?
“So it was you that sent the tape I should have known.” This is so not happening the way I planned.
He cuts me off. “No, I told you I do not want or need you in my life, so stay out of my life. It does not matter if she cheated on me. I still wish it would have ended better. You and I are done. The straw that broke the camels back was your selfishness. You cared more about going to prom then taking care of me when I was recovering from being an alcoholic.”
“You were a douchebag to me flirting with other girls while you were away especially after you joined the commandos and bragging about raping girls, and having nine fuck buddies. You did not wear protection for gods sake, and when you get a girl knocked up I will laugh my ass off. You play you pay, and karma will be a bigger bitch then me.”
The spell he had over me broke, and my blood pressure went through the roof. I was obsessing over an asshole. He is not the guy I fell in love with, but a stranger. One who I don’t even know…
He smiles at me like he won the fight. Nope not even close asshole. I spoke to shut him up, “I was wrong. Your not perfect for me at all. You made the decisions, and you ultimately dumped me in a way since you could not handle being in a relationship with me. You could not handle being in a long distance one either, and you were probably going to dump the girl you are seeing for the same reason. You’re a chicken shit, and I would rather have a guy who will fight for me versus one who just walks away. Pussy! Your also an abusive, douchy, prick who could die for all I care.”
I take a deep breath, “The only thing I regret is not breaking up with you before you hurt me. Oh that’s right I did. Then somehow I wound up obsessing over you to the point of obsession.”
His smile changes to one of shock the glare returns making him more ugly then he already is. I really should have hurt him more, and his other personality was way better then the one I was talking to.
Now you see him for who he really is…
“There is just one question I expect you to answer…She is a cheater. How could you love her?” I plead with wide eyes.
“She was not really doing it. She only made it look like she was because I should not have put a spell on you, and for that I’m sorry your not mine. You belong to someone else like a dog to her owner.”
I freeze not really registering how cruel he was to me. This cannot be happening…No….I refuse to believe it surely he cannot be that cruel.
A spell it was all a lie?
Told you now and time to break it you’re a powerful witch, and also you’re supposed to be mine not his. That is what I was trying to tell you all along.
“How could you do that? Do you expect me to believe that when I saw with my own eyes how much of a cheating bitch she is? Really no one goes out of their way to pull an elaborate scheme just to get me off your back.”
“I want you to leave me alone. Move on, and forget me. Leave me to a happy life with my pregnant wife. I don’t want you in my life anymore I used to until I realized you are a selfish person.”
I huff, “I doubt I want an ass like you. I don’t want to be stuck at home when I could be exploring all you wanted to do while we were dating is stay home, and watch movies. The greatest thing I ever did was break up with you, and I don’t care if you knocked her up you will pay, and you will both pay with you lives.” I walk away, and reality hit when I realized he held me back from enjoying my life, and really I am a witch no one crosses me and lives.
Inside me I rage, and I sneak into Jerry’s room when he is out slutting it up with cheating Dawn. I went through his things. Only to find a book of shadows, and turned to journal entry number 21.
I love Jenna so much it hurts. I love her more then anything in the world. She does not love me back which kills me. She might as well stab me, I wanted to spend my life with her. I even killed her lover to prove my love for her. I know I have done horrible things, but I thought it was over the moment I found her.
Entry 22
I went to the shop on Maple. I found a spell that causes Obsession in a person. It makes the person so crazy that they cannot do anything, but think about the person. I want her to feel that so she will want no one except me.
Entry 23
I performed the spell, and it did seem to work. It did work for a few weeks, but I got bored so I broke it off. It got so bad I had to get a restraining order on her.
Entry 24
I found Dawn. Dawn treats me better, and has less mental issues. Plus she puts out more then Jenna did. We were not even together that long anyway.
Entry 25
It worked, but it is more of an annoyance now. I could easily put her down. I threatened her with a restraining order…
I stopped reading. I just could not take it anymore. He put a spell on me, and hindered me.
Suddenly I was not so obsessed anymore with him. The rose colored glasses came off. I feel like I woke up. I did, and that is why instead of killing them I made Jerry go insane with rage to the point where he ended up killing people. It made it so that he had to be put down. And as for Dawn I just gave her to the vampire to be used as a chew toy. You never mess with a witch and live. I winded up going to the Dragon colony with Thorn.
I can move on now, and put the past behind me. I did..I cried red hot tears then left. I moved.. I changed my life…. I broke the spell… A few days later I got a letter in the mail.
Dear Jenna Stevenson,
I know it was you that killed Jerry and Dawn, but you are just what we need in the Agency. I hate men that love to cheat too, and that is why we are contacting you. The Killer Contract Agency is an agency that gets rid of evil exes, bosses, coworkers, and friends. We even get rid of the bullies. I know you fit he bill, so if you want to continue having fun getting rid of people like your evil ex then join the Agency, and you can continue to do that to make it safe for people like you everywhere. We can also use a dragon like your Thorn too, and there is a place for him. We need a witch like you, and that means you can now join the Luxor realm since we have an Agency headquarters there just for witches.
I hope to see you there,
Salina and Carter.
Oh hell yes! I loved being able to join the Luxor realm since it is full of supernaturals versus this realm of humans. I went to the Agency, and got accepted to the Agency passing their tests with flying colors, and that is just one way to get into the Agency.
After the Agency took care of their memories I even got contacted by the head witches about a position n the Luxor realm working for them on revenge against cheating exes and cases for breaking spells on men and women affected by the curse was under. I do that, and help the Agency I have never looked back since either. I found a new guy way better then Jerry, and this time a dragon that loves me, and will fight for me to the death. My dragon is always by my side, and I really will not have it any other way.
The end.

#NightWatchSupernaturalStore Diaries: My Introduction



I need a job because going to Lavender Fall University is expensive, and it is a good school to go to in the Luxor realm. I’m a witch named Rowan Hawthorne, and I have blood red hair cascading down my back, and catlike green eyes. I’m so pale I look like a ghost, and I move as graceful as a cat does too. A knockout to some of the men in Luxor especially to vampires.

My boyfriend Aries Brennan is a vampire from the BloodFire clan lives with me in an apartment off WolfHaven road. He is a bad ass. Slick black hair with piercing brown eyes, and a look that said I don’t care. He wore a long trench coat with a black shirt under neath, his legs jammed into black jeans and wearing black combat boots. He is a bounty hunter, and hunts down rogue supernatural creatures, and he is good at it too even the King and Queen of Luxor calls for his help.
I have to get a job because I need to make more money then working at FastBlood, and I hate fast food since the pay is shit. I don’t want to work some where that even has a chance of me getting my head ripped off if I serve the blood wrong, or it’s not what they ordered…Too many times I’ve seen someone get their head ripped off due to a wrong order.

Nope, no way.

I need something that pays more, and is less dangerous. It’s the summer so I don’t need to worry about school yet like homework, tests, or quizzes. I’m studying witch journalism, and it’s been a ride so far. I’ve learned a lot of cool stuff too. It’s expensive though since I live in the dorms and have a meal plan. Throw in books and daily living then we are talking a lot just to survive. I saw that it paid 15 an hour part time. Perfect for a college student and especially for a witch. I don’t have any other choice since retail, fast food, restaurants, and strip clubs are all that I’m qualified for till I get a degree. Forget trade school because I know what I want to do.

I stay at the apartment during the summer, and the dorm during school. It’s not far from the university either, and I can stay there if my roommate is being a pain in the ass.

Nightwatch Supernatural Store is the name of the store I want to work at. It has been redone since the original owner Fiona Stagea went crazy, and it burned to the ground right a long with her. Or that’s what the report online said. It was all over the FangPaw News. One of the many news stations in Luxor. I don’t mind dealing with creatures either. I like them, and dealing with them is better then humans. I put in a job application, and fill out a survey online. They use a personality profile to filter out the hires they don’t want. Yes, the customer is always right. (Yuck I hate that phrase, and really people abuse that phrase everyday when they make the person feel like they are stupid. Some of them even treat the sales person like they can do the job better then the person actually trained for it.) I can also use spells to subdue an angry customer. I can talk my way out of everything. I will give the item to the customer if it rang up at a different price to satisfy them if my supervisor said it’s okay…Damn, I might be hating this already if I have to please people who are assholes to me.

This will be an experience….I hope. Man, I might want to give this a shot but something tells me I’ll hate it…I’ll find out since I just turned my application in. A few days later I got a call back for an interview. I dress in a nice shirt and black jeans since I want to look like I care about my appearance. I get in my sports car which is a Leopard GTX one of the fastest model sports cars in the realm. I buckle my seat belt, and put the key in the ignition. One turn and I’m off to my interview. I drove by myself since my boyfriend is away on another mission to catch a cheating wife. I hope he enjoys himself. I have the interview at 12, and the store is not too far from where I live. Traffic wont be bad at all because of how close it is, and I applied to work as a sales clerk in the witch department section. I know everything about: spells, charms, potions, incantations, rituals, herbs, crystals, and everything there is to know about being an actively practicing witch. I was born one since both my parents are witches.

I get there in record time. NightWatch Supernatural store is completely redone, and it is way bigger then Fiona’s was. They made it larger, and it looks like a super store that creatures can go to in order to get the items they need to survive. The carts are black with black wheels, and creatures are already shopping and walking back from the store with their carts full of black bagged items to their cars. It’s not as busy as a saturday since it’s a Wednesday. Most of the supernaturals are working at their office jobs, and it wont get busy till later in the day.

I look at their faces, and some smile at their families as they talk and walk with them. Vampires, witches, werewolves and all kinds of creatures shop here. The outside is all black walls and the roof is red. The tittle NightWatch Supernatural store was made with red lettering on a black background. The store is busy once I get through the revolving doors. I see the people checking out, and all the registers are lit up. I hope to God I don’t get a cashier position. I don’t like staying in one spot at all. I don’t want to be the one ringing up people with endless lines at all. Forget thinking about Black Friday. It’s not going to be here for a few months since it’s August. I passed the one and only fast food restaurant here. Fang’s FastBlood. There are hungry vampires standing around to get their hot blood order. Then customer service is busy with people returning things. The jewelry area and accessories are across from it. It’s all very slow in a way. There are not any major holidays coming up yet either. I pass all the various departments and head back to personnel.

I opened the door and a receptionist greeted me. She smiled at me and asked, “How may I help you?”
I smiled back at her, “I have a job interview at 12.”
“No problem, Ivy and Aqua will be with you soon just have a seat.”
I sat down at a seat, and waited for the interview. It’s annoying to wait for something since I have no patience. After a few minutes two women came through the door.

Nymphs by the looks of them Ivy and Aqua since they are wearing a name tag. Two different nymphs too. Ivy is green haired and Aqua is blue. Ivy took out a pen and paper to record my answers to the questions.

Aqua is the one who asked the questions.
“Tell me about yourself.” She asked with a smile on her face.
“I’m a witch, and I’m a college student at Lavender Fall University. I love reading old spell books, learning about rituals and using my knowledge to help my boyfriend Ares hunt down rogue creatures.”
Her eyes widened, “Impressive. He is a powerful vampire too. Next question: Why should we hire you?”
Easy question….
“I love helping other witches find the tools, ingredients, crystals and herbs they are looking for to assist them with their needs. Especially the new ones that are just learning about their crafts. Whether it’s a love spell to attract a mate, or protection from an evil ex. I love helping them it’s something I love to do, and I hope I can do that at Nightwatch.”
She smiled, “Good answer and I love hearing that since the customer is always number 1. They are the ones that pay our pay check after all.”

“They sure do, and that’s why I’d be an excellent asset to your company. I’m also a people person, and I love people.”
I rub it in some more because it’s easy to pretend you care but in reality you couldn’t give two shits.

“Okay, that’s a really good thing. I don’t need to ask you how you feel about people since you love them.”

I smiled, “I sure do.”

“Then you’ll fit right in the Nightwatch family here. We are more like a family now that crazy bitch Fiona is gone.”

“I heard about it, and she changed it some.”

“Yes, and it made Fiona’s more of a family, and a fun place to work at instead of one you dread working at. They come here for more then just a paycheck. You also get paid $15.00 for part time which is more then minimum wage in the Luxor realm.”

“Good, I’ll need the money to get through school.”

“And I would have the interview longer, but I already know you’ll make a good fit working at Nightwatch Supernatural Store. Welcome to the team we’ll let you know when orientation is…”

“Looking forward to it.” then I left after that since I’m now going to be a sales person in the witch department of this store. Maybe working retail might not be so bad?

I’ll see since I’m only just starting and I hope I don’t regret my decision to work in retail….

Until next time,


Another Novel Done!!!




I just finished the first retail novel, and it was really fun to write. It took up a whole notebook, and some of  my Writing Thoughts notebook. The only thing is I mainly wrote it by long hand, and now I have to type the entire thing up almost which is going to take some time. I love my Film and Literature online class, and the cool thing about it is I am doing a five page paper on the book Dracula, and the movie. I will be taking a Novel Writing class during the fall as well as a Poetry one. I cannot wait, but I am not excited about the math class.

I am going to be working on the second killer novel, and second retail one. I set the first book up for the second. It will have a new character this time dealing with witches, and angels. The main character is an empathy that can sense people’s emotions. I graduate from John Tyler in May, so I am pretty excited about that. Then I will be going into Mass Communications doing print journalism. I have been working a whole lot too, but that means I have been getting less writing done. I perfected my query letter a second time, and I am waiting on feedback for my first novel.  I will let people know when the first retail novel will be out since it needs to be edited, and I need a cover for it too. That is really all that I have been doing, and I am taking a four day vacation in July to Dc then Maryland which I have been looking forward to all summer!!

I have been getting impatient with everything lately cause it is such a slow process in writing. Any tips on what to do when you get impatient?

Until Next Time,


Anthology draft done!! And Plans for it and the future on:


I finally finished the anthology Karma Turns on the Wicked. All I have to do is type in the changes, edit it, and send it to beta readers. I am hoping to have the cover done in a few weeks too!! I was so happy I finally finished it I jumped around which is something I do not do as often anymore. I feel better now that I stopped taking medicine, and it made me sick I had to switch it. I feel alert, and all I plan on not writing revenge after the second Killer Contract book, and I am trying my hand at Young adult and Scifi.

I can already tell you what the anthology is about: Revenge stories, and there are even vampires, witches (Ones who can turn into any person just by looking at them), and I will introduce Scarlet Nightshade who is going to be staring in the Second Killer book. There will be excerpts of Die Bullies Die! The second Killer Contract book, and Psychic Vampires, and Witches oh my!

I plan on enrolling my book in the Kindle Select Program, and I will do a post on how it is going for me, but when the anthology comes out in March or April it will be free at first for a few days. I hope you enjoyed my updates..

Until next time,