Chapters 11-18 of Blood Fire and Moon Watch (Complete)

Chapter 11 Oliver I took my time getting ready for talking with the leader. So much has happened since yesterday. I went out for a run after I drove Serena home. I caught a few mice and a rabbit as a snack. I have never had much time to just enjoy my surroundings. My mansion […]

5-10 of Blood Fire and Moon Watch

Chapter 5: Serena I  saw Crystal in the hallway,  and met her at the bus loop. An idea popped into my head, “Hey Crystal those four new guys at Solarcosmo transferred in at the last year. Why? Why now?  I was thinking about breaking into the main office and copying their school records.I know you […]

Chapters 1-4 of #BloodFire&MoonWatch

Chapter 1 Serena I am so ready to get my senior year over with, and head to Lavender Fall University. I am heading to the kitchen to see my mom. Along the way, I passed my parents room on the left, the weight room on the right. The bathroom, and across the bedroom is a […]

#FurandFangofLove Chapter 1 and 2

I don’t love Viper the way I used to, and I feel more miserable then happy with him. He makes me want to give up hope that I will ever be happy again. Things were great the first few years, and then it got worse. Way worse since he turned into a controlling jerk. I […]