Cut Scenes from Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks!



 For one reason or another scenes are cut from the story because it slows down the plot, or in my case the character complains too much.

Here they are as deleted scenes:


After that I hope the rest of the shift is easy. The next person comes in line, and instead of the usual plastic bags the woman brings in her own bags. These are blue with handles, and I stare in horror at the damn demonic things. It looked like a cashier’s worst nightmare. I really cursed the lady since I try to put the bags on a sturdy belt, but the damn things keep falling.


“Oh, and I really don’t want these.” 


The lady hands me a few items. “And what the hell do I do with them?”


She looks at me. “Put them back.”


“Why can’t you do it yourself are you lazy or something? Did your hands break, or are the products too far for you to put it back yourself.”


“Ma’am just stops arguing with me, and ring up my stuff. Stop giving me an attitude because I am old ok.”


 “That is no excuse to make us do it.”


She glares at me, “Well…”


“Don’t even start with me you old bitch.” I rung up her stupid items, and put them in her stupid bad in her cart. She did not even offer to get her damn bags.


 “Get your bags yourself. I am not your damn butler.”


“I am old.”


 “No…you’re just lazy.”


She stared daggers at me meanwhile I let a smile creep up and I laughed. “Pick it up.”

She did as I asked and left. Leaving me to close the damn thing, and turn off the light. Some idiot tries to put their things on my aisle.


“I am not open sir.” And I walk away tired of the register screaming get me off this the whole time, and tired of getting yelled at by the spoiled customers.


A lady even told me to get off the register, and get her a bag that is not ripped then treated me like I was a dumbass, and told my handler “Can she understand me?” like I am a stupid child. Bitch! This is why I hate the register, and it is too fast one after the other after another.


“Now wait a minute this line was supposed to be open not closed.”


I stared straight at him, “It is closed because I said so.”

Shithead glares at me, “But your light is still on.” Oops I set it to flashing by accident which is used to signal I need help by the SCSM, and I turn it off.


“I am still closed asshole, and I want to get off the damned register because of jerks like you.” He leaves. As I was trying to get out another customer tries to walk through my line ignoring the fact that my light is fucking off. Jackass chimes in, “She is closed.” Fuck you asshole customer.  


I walked away because I fucking hate the front registers after dealing with so many assholes. Fiona’s Corner and Cafe is a big company. It says that they treat every employee special. All lies since they treat you like a body instead of a person. It really should say every employee is expendable and easily replaceable. Once one employee is fired another one will take its place. I look at the time: 2:45. God I step outside to cool off. I am happy to be able to stay in the sunlight. A vampire like me can stay in the sun until I turn 1,000 years old.


Shoe Scene extras:


Yeah right like I would check for an asshole like him. Douche! Not to mention he called me in a rude way. And his wife is rude too acting like she is entitled to me serving her. I am a human being, or I was before I became a vampire, and I deserve to be respected not treated like a dog. And as I make my way to the rude couple I see a few customers run into another worker like they don’t see them.


 They are seen when they need something though. Some of the employees are given looks of contempt and disdain when some of the customers meet their eyes. How sad. Please. “Get me someone in the shoe department.”


Ring guard bit:


Then he leaves. I said we did not have any, and he acts like we have a secret place just for him. I even had to direct a customer to the sunglasses when it was standing right in front of him! Really, does he now see it is standing in front of him?


The Necklace Dude:


I waited for my shift to be over, but before it was an old guy with spiky greyish white hair, blue eyes like a husky dog, with several necklaces around his neck wearing a camouflage shirt and shorts with sunglasses worn like a headband was looking at one of the cases. Let’s just call him Ted. He wanted to look at an attract an angel ring, so I opened up the case, and handed him one then he wanted to look at another. Then he went over to another case, and wanted to try on a   weather controlling necklace and a lightning conjuring bracelet.


When one caught his eye I showed him it, and then he wanted to look at another one especially the ones with red tags because he is a cheap guy that loves to save money. After having me tell him about each one and naming the price sometimes having me repeat the bloody price twice because I am a servant to him, and am there for his personal service slave!! Then he was picky about the necklaces, and not only that he was getting mad I was not picking out the right one when he was just pointing and not being specific. I really hate impatient people.


After he finally chose the right set I rang him up for the ring and bracelet. Then I checked to make sure the necklace was 38 like I thought it said. It turned out it was 58, and the guy freaked pointing to one of the SCSM’s thinking he was a manager like the dumbass he is. I had to get him, and tell him what was going on with the douchebag and the necklace.


Finally after the bastard paid for his stuff, and the whole time he kept insinuating I hated my job when he was the jackass making me look like a screw up after reading the price wrong. I give him the boxes for his stuff with the junk he wants in it, and he is stupid enough to “show” me how to do it like the pompous asshole he is.



He says things like, “If you had more pride in your work then people will Respect you more. You hate customers, and customer service is everything.”  And you’re probably an asshole that has not worked a day in retail in your life. I was pissed that I could not knock him on his ass, and the way he treated me was horrible. I have pride in my job, but not when it comes to dealing with assholes like him. I definitely will have to open a case for a contract on his head since he seemed like a sexist asshole.


I hope you enjoyed the deleted scenes!


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Writers Have to Write:



This picture above is a picture of my editing process. A notebook for notes in the middle, character notes to the left, and to the right is the document.

I just discovered this lately about being a writer that I really cannot go that long without doing something creative at all. I really can’t stop writing period end of story I have not been writing as much, and once I stop I start to not really feel like myself. I get so much joy from writing that I am really in a better mood once I get some time in since I love doing it. I love creating worlds too I have been world building with my stories, and crafting the world they live in deciding to have two realms for all my stories The Canama realm which is a realm for humans. The Melodian realm is for supernatural creatures, and I plan on exploring different regions and cities in both the Melodian and Canama realm in fact the Canama realm is where the Killer Contract Agency is located since some of the operatives and hits are human. I am loving the world at times wishing it was real. I used to think my thoughts and the characters in my worlds are the same it is not the case at all.


Paperback update: The paperback is expected to be out by August 1st. And the ebooks will be out once I am done getting them back from my critique buddy, and then I am letting a professional editor edit it before publishing it. Why so far for the paperback? Well, it is my last semester of community college, and I work part time too. I have Mondays free, Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3:45. With time in between working on the weekends. I am busy going out places, and I want to give myself time to properly edit my book before unleashing it on the unsuspecting world. I plan on getting another paperback out too, but it will be sometime after I get done with getting settled in my new college. I plan on having these stories in the first one:


The Killer short starring the first operative of The Killer Contract Agency, and it pretty much has her getting even with the group who tries to bully her to the point where she winds up in the hospital almost dead until she is rescued, and able to get her revenge.


Retail 1 Vampires in Retail Sucks where Scarlet Summers the star of the second killer book goes undercover as a retail employee working for Fiona’s Corner and Cafe to solve the case of the girls that went missing from a local werewolf pack, and the first chapter of the Second Killer novel will be in it too.


Boyfriend Missing Ex is a Zombie which is abot a girl that gets revenge on her ex with a spell only to have it back fire on her. Boyfriend goes missing after he spends days going over metaphysical books to look for a solution.


Donnie’s Demise where we meet Sapphire a shapeshifting witch, and her psychic vampire Storm, and on her day off gets called into her detective agency to go undercover as a waitress at a strip club to clear Hanna’s name, and solve the crime of who killed her evil ex. Then I am including the first chapter of Psychic Vampires, and Witches oh my.


The last story going in is Obsession Spell which is about a girl named Jenna who is a witch who broke up with her ex Jerry, and is now going as far as to break up his current relationship to get him back into a relationship with her.   


It is urban fantasy, and I loved creating the story. I had issues with the fact that stories feature girls, and first loves with no mention of second loves. I have stories that focus on exes and what happens if it does not work out, and ones that involve getting even with the ex sometimes him dying. I have come to terms with the fact that I love revenge and violence more then anything with strong language not to be vulgar, but my characters are sassy pottymouths with attitudes.


The last thing is I restored my Reviews for Writers blog, and the link is here:


I have so many writing books and ebooks that I decided to write a review about a book once a month or more depending on how much time I have, and how fast I can read it with everything going on. I love reading!

Questions? Comments?

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