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The one good thing about publishing yourself is the ability of control. I know I’ve been bad lately over finishing projects I start them and stop them just as quickly. There is no deadline by a publisher, and sometimes it rocks since I can decide what I want to write, and when I want to finish it. The thing that has been going through my head lately is to write a few non fiction books, and one will be about my experiences working retail. I can write about what to expect, how to not treat people, the ways you can piss off a cashier, and even tell people some real life stories about what actually happened to me. There are a few complaints I’ve dealt with in the past 4 years. Not many since I try to be nice when I can. I’ve made the most screw ups the first year of retail. I didn’t know what to expect and I learned as I go. It’s something I want to do because not many people starting know what to expect, and it will be a fun guide too.
I also wanted to make a guide on self-publishing like I did and how I got my publisher too. I’m still learning though, and it was a fun process. You never realize how much work something is until you experience it yourself there are also a ton of books out there on it. I’ve read a lot and I will definitely review the best ones on my blog. I also have a ton of writing books to read, and I learn something new each time I read one. Reading books like that is good for the mind since it keeps you going. I’ve learned the importance of networking and how word of mouth happens. People are really more likely to buy your book if they know you. Networking with other authors works as well, and it helps if you have a team so they can guide you through the process. I’ve been on this road for 5 years, and I’m still learning more as I go along.

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My Experience With Createspace

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Recently, I have discovered some readers will only buy books if it is in paperback form. Several of my novels only come in ebook form, and I have decided to publish on in paperback for the first time. I used the novella #BeingaVampireinRetailSucks since it’s longer then the rest, and it’s part of a series too. There are still people who prefer paperback over ebooks so that’s a good reason, and I can give copies to people who are doing giveaways too. The next question I will probably get is when are the rest of the books coming out, and I have book 1 done, halfway written book 2, and I know how to write book three since I’ve outlined the shit of out everything. It’s only a matter of time, and when they are popular enough then someone might pick them up to narrate the audio version. Maybe.
The paperback version is way different then the ebook since it has more to it like a spine, and actual cover. I had issues uploading the docx and pdf file since the words are bigger then the size I wanted it. I used 5 x 8 for it, and it’s glossy instead of matte since I’ve heard better results with the glossy version. It was a pain in the ass, but at the same time fun. I first went to and filled out my information. Then comes the tax information to get paid, and you have to create an account so you can keep track of everything. Then comes the book like putting in the title, and then you have to have an ISBN I went with the free Createspace one since I don’t have the money for the custom one. It was $99 for a Bowker one. Not for me yet.
But it’s a learning experience because I have had issues with the formatting mainly, and it sucked ass getting it to work but I still loved the results. In the end since the lettering kept getting cut off in the first one I had to change it again and again. In the end I changed it to 6×9 instead and moved the lettering underneath the name tag. I set it at $9.99. I centered the chapter headings and underlined them, and added page numbers. I should have deleted some of the front like the Smashwords edition stuff, and the ebook information. I left it though since I could spend days just getting it perfect, and in the end I left it as it is. It’s my first paperback after all. Now it’s available through Amazon and Createspace. The whole process was not bad at all, and it was pretty easy. I loved the results in the end. I even stayed with the glossy cover.
Here are the links since it’s live: link:

Createspace link:

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing this. If you are an author thinking about going with Createspace I highly recommend it since it’s the best option out there and you won’t regret it.

Here are the version pictures:

Version 1


Version 2

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Writers Imagination, and more blog post topics:


I took two weeks off of writing on my #RevengeSucks novel to get the retail one done, and when I don’t write the novel my nights become sleepless. One of the things writers never tell the general public is when you’re working on a novel it can consume you to the point where you dream about your character. Their thoughts become yours, and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between your thoughts and theirs. I have found that writing a few pages a day on it helps me keep the thoughts at bay.

It really helps you get into the zone when going on a roll writing and it does help you keep up with a routine. Something I need since I write sporadically when I have time. I do have days off my job and I am off of school till the end of August I do hope to have the paperback done by then.

Another thing I am going to write about on this blog is self-publishing because I have been researching it while I am getting ready to publish my second ebook. It has been a few years since I have published anything. One of the things I have learned recently is how to make a table of contents for an ebook. It took me a few hours to learn to bookmark the title in the story like this:

Chapter 1(Book mark this by going to word, and click on the insert tab.)

After that go to the table of contents first page highlight chapter 1 then click hyperlink, inside document, and press add.

It was a pain, but I finally got it done!

This is more of a learning process for me, and I am going to document it on the way.

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Self-publishing and Revising:


Right now, there is a lot going on in my life mainly revising and editing little by little. It is a long process, and one that can be exciting like rearranging words, and how even simple ones can have more of a meaning then a long drawn out sentence. I don’t mind it as much since revising means adding details, and making a story better. It also means listening to people critique my work, and not getting mad when they don’t praise my work since first drafts always suck. There is no getting around it either, and a rough draft is better than nothing at all. I have been reading more in between everything and a there are a few good books out there on self-publishing like the review I did, and the link is here:

 There are two ebooks I have read cover to cover one is called Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker which explains how to market your books. It even has 30 tips on getting your book out there, and it is really helpful with showing you inexpensive marketing techniques.


The second book is called Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker, and it is amazingly helpful in teaching you how to format your ebook for Smashwords. It even has step by step instructions to formatting your ebook as well as a list of resources to use. It shows you mistakes to avoid, and it teaches you how to work with Meatgrinder the program used to format the ebooks.


In the meantime in between editing and revising. I know that when the time comes to put the Retail novella out I will definitely be ready to implement the techniques I have been learning, and this time I will be more prepared especially with my team in place like my graphic designer, editor, and proofreaders I know I can become more successful especially with their help.

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