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I am going to do something new with my blog, and I am going to have #WriterReviewWednsday as a way of paying homage to my favorite indie and traditionally published authors. I will be posting it to Goodreads, Amazon, and this blog as well as my #ReviewsforWriters blog.

*I did receive and ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.


The first one is going to be on Ionshaker Desparate by Felix Timothy.

Here is my review:

5 out of 5

I enjoyed the book especially since it was a believable thriller that made me want to read more and more to find out what happens next. I loved the fact that it was in multiple viewpoints, and you can see the overall events unfold in the story. There are car chases, and people getting framed left and right all because of a program the FBI invented.

The many twists thrown in were pretty clever, and the dialogue was realistic and funny between the detective and his partner. I loved the manhunt going on since the guy the detectives were hunting is really smart in evading the FBI. As you get more involved in the world you start to see the bigger picture, and why the characters do the things they do.

I had fun reading the novel because of the intricate character relationships involved, and it made me want to read thrillers more too since this is the first thriller I have read all the way through. I loved the cliffhanger at the end, and I look forward to seeing more of Felix Timothy’s work. I cannot wait for the next book.

And it is free today from Amazon:

Here is the description, and the link:

Trey’s wife, his wife’s shrink and his attorney are shot dead. His ex-girlfriend narrowly escapes death, gets admitted in ICU in critical condition, but mysteriously disappears from the hospital just a few hours after being admitted. The four of them are connected to Trey.


Brett (the lead FBI detective) pursues Trey (now the sole murder suspect), finds himself framed for two new other murders, becomes a wanted man and starts running like Trey, after learning that its not Trey but Al Fakir (an Al Qaeda splinter group) that is killing anyone with the knowledge that Al Fakir has stolen Ionshaker (a cutting edge universal nuclear management device).


Al Fakir’s intention with Ionshaker are not very clear but it is obvious that the country that possesses Ionshaker possesses all world nuclear power on its finger tips because the device can control any nuke on earth. It is suspected that either Iran, Germany, China, Russia or Pakistan could be behind Ionshaker’s disappearance and in the event that Ionshaker actually leaves American soil, then the U.S automatically loses its dominance, security and stability. Worse still, if Al Fakir’s imagination is to detonate American nukes, then their best imagination will be Americas worst nightmare.


In response, the President sanctions a covert mission led by the only two people that can stop Al Fakir: Trey (an ex CIA) and Brett (now ex FBI) to repossess Ionshaker from Al Fakir before the device leaves the country. Before things get better, they will first get worse as people will die, scandals will be exposed, and America will be desperate. The mission is called Ionshaker Desperate.


Link to book: http://www.amazon.com/Ionshaker-Desperate-nuclear-terrorism-ebook/dp/B00FF4I7K6/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1380209466&sr=1-1&keywords=Felix+Timothy


I hope you enjoy it!

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Ps. I just got back from vacation, and I will do a post on it because I have pictures to show you.





 I have been so busy between work and school that I have barely had any time to write at all. It shows at times when I don’t write since writing is something I have to do in order to stay sane. I was kept up late at night last night thinking about my characters Scarlet and Anubis. I thought about where they came from, and who their parents are realizing I need to do more research on ancient Egypt to understand where Anubis came from. I applied to Virginia Commonwealth University because I really want to go there to get a Bachelors in Mass Communications in Journalism. I plan on minoring in Creative Writing because I love to write. It is more of a have to versus write when I feel like it since if I don’t write I feel emotionally bad. It is a thing I have learned about myself since I use my writing as a way of therapy.
I also plan on using my Reviews for Writers blog to talk about a writing book I have been reading called Book in a Month by Victoria Schmidt. It is a good book, and I will be doing an experiment to see if I can write a book in a month. I also plan on reviewing The Writer magazine since I get it all the time. Of course I might just do it during the summer. I have been working more on the second killer novel, and at one point I was trying another way. It did not work out, and I kept the original version instead. I might be putting the first few chapters in the paperback, but I will have to see meanwhile I am waiting for the editor and working on editing the retail story to send it off to a proofreader before I send it to an editor. I am going to get another laptop when I start vcu as a way of making a fresh start.
I will be turning my blog Survey of Popular Culture into a blog for reviewing movies, television shows, and video games since I watch a ton of tv shows and movies in my spare time. I know I should use it to review books too since it falls in the realm of popular culture too. I will be free during the summer for the first time, so expect me to post way more than I do now since I will be free from school. That leaves me time to write more too, and play video games. I am thinking for my first review that I will review Bioshock Infinite, and I do have the Samsung Galaxy S3 review done so expect to see that when I find all the pieces to it since my room is so messy I only found a few pages. As always I will keep you guys up to date when I re-release the first killer short and the first retail ebook.
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Writers Have to Write:



This picture above is a picture of my editing process. A notebook for notes in the middle, character notes to the left, and to the right is the document.

I just discovered this lately about being a writer that I really cannot go that long without doing something creative at all. I really can’t stop writing period end of story I have not been writing as much, and once I stop I start to not really feel like myself. I get so much joy from writing that I am really in a better mood once I get some time in since I love doing it. I love creating worlds too I have been world building with my stories, and crafting the world they live in deciding to have two realms for all my stories The Canama realm which is a realm for humans. The Melodian realm is for supernatural creatures, and I plan on exploring different regions and cities in both the Melodian and Canama realm in fact the Canama realm is where the Killer Contract Agency is located since some of the operatives and hits are human. I am loving the world at times wishing it was real. I used to think my thoughts and the characters in my worlds are the same it is not the case at all.


Paperback update: The paperback is expected to be out by August 1st. And the ebooks will be out once I am done getting them back from my critique buddy, and then I am letting a professional editor edit it before publishing it. Why so far for the paperback? Well, it is my last semester of community college, and I work part time too. I have Mondays free, Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3:45. With time in between working on the weekends. I am busy going out places, and I want to give myself time to properly edit my book before unleashing it on the unsuspecting world. I plan on getting another paperback out too, but it will be sometime after I get done with getting settled in my new college. I plan on having these stories in the first one:


The Killer short starring the first operative of The Killer Contract Agency, and it pretty much has her getting even with the group who tries to bully her to the point where she winds up in the hospital almost dead until she is rescued, and able to get her revenge.


Retail 1 Vampires in Retail Sucks where Scarlet Summers the star of the second killer book goes undercover as a retail employee working for Fiona’s Corner and Cafe to solve the case of the girls that went missing from a local werewolf pack, and the first chapter of the Second Killer novel will be in it too.


Boyfriend Missing Ex is a Zombie which is abot a girl that gets revenge on her ex with a spell only to have it back fire on her. Boyfriend goes missing after he spends days going over metaphysical books to look for a solution.


Donnie’s Demise where we meet Sapphire a shapeshifting witch, and her psychic vampire Storm, and on her day off gets called into her detective agency to go undercover as a waitress at a strip club to clear Hanna’s name, and solve the crime of who killed her evil ex. Then I am including the first chapter of Psychic Vampires, and Witches oh my.


The last story going in is Obsession Spell which is about a girl named Jenna who is a witch who broke up with her ex Jerry, and is now going as far as to break up his current relationship to get him back into a relationship with her.   


It is urban fantasy, and I loved creating the story. I had issues with the fact that stories feature girls, and first loves with no mention of second loves. I have stories that focus on exes and what happens if it does not work out, and ones that involve getting even with the ex sometimes him dying. I have come to terms with the fact that I love revenge and violence more then anything with strong language not to be vulgar, but my characters are sassy pottymouths with attitudes.


The last thing is I restored my Reviews for Writers blog, and the link is here:




I have so many writing books and ebooks that I decided to write a review about a book once a month or more depending on how much time I have, and how fast I can read it with everything going on. I love reading!

Questions? Comments?

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