Leaving a Toxic Relationship

I was honestly in an unhealthy relationship for a year and 5 months. It wasn’t the best for me either. I won’t say names since that’s not the point of the post. I was so far gone I lost myself. I even lost friends that I’m now talking to, and it was freeing being done […]

Moving On….

One of the hardest lessons I have learned so far is Letting go and moving on. It is hard because someone you knew, and are close to is a stranger now instead of a friend. The guy or girl you used to date and laugh with no longer sees you as a girlfriend or boyfriend just a stranger. It hurts even more if […]

Second Love makes you better

They say people never marry their high school sweethearts, and sometimes that is true some people do marry them. The majority of people don’t because let’s face it people change. I always wonder why relationships don’t work out when both parties could have worked on it, and distance does not mean anything at all when […]