How I Got a Traditional Contract!


I can’t believe I get to write this, but I signed a publishing contract with Celene Publishing to have the AngelWitch series translated and published in Greece. It was fun how it started too. I used a Book review service called Booktasters to get reviews for Angeline and I gave her a free copy to read. And then she wanted to interview me for her publishing company since she loved my book so much. And then she gave it to her editor who loved it as well, and that is how I got the contract. I also am taking off the series in KU and published the books using Draft 2 Digital to spread it elsewhere and see where it goes. Some books do better in Kindle Unlimited then others. It really wasn’t working for that series anyway. And that makes me a hybrid author. Quarantine has been crazy and I am taking care of my mom who is in hospice care due to cancer in her spine. I finally took time off to relax and focus on writing/books/games. I even made a list of Authortube tags to film. I will be working on book 5 in the AngelWitch series titled Marina and it will involve vampires and dragons. This is the 2nd to last and you will find others make an appearance there.

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My Road to Getting a Publisher…


I held a publishing contract for the first time in my life, and I almost cried. I almost cried because I thought my stories were too violent for a publisher to want, and I thought it would take me years of self-publishing to get the notice of one. I have been a self-published writer for five years with only three ebooks, and finally a paperback to my name. I sent some things out, but I was rejected every time. I submitted to an anthology, but I was rejected. I sent my best work to a story place, and I was rejected. I even wrote a synopsis, and worked on the summary for one of my books. I’ve recently released a paperback since more readers prefer print over ebook. I sent The Killer Contract Agency to an editor I’ve worked with for the latest round of edits before I republish it a second time. I published it in 2011, but I pulled it off after someone told me how horrible it is. I redid the entire thing, and made it first person instead of third. I even added romance to it, and situations from my past to get over it. It made it way better then it was, and that’s when I got the notice of Theresa Oliver who owns Write More Publications, and it was surreal. I was happy when I found out she was interested, and I signed it a few weeks later since it was a really good contract. This is the first time that the work is not all up to me, and if I like it I plan on sending her the first three Scarlet books. I was almost going to give up a few weeks earlier too. It’s funny how things work out, and that’s why I encourage all aspiring writers to never give up your dreams of being published, since you never know when something like this will happen. Who knows it might even be right around the corner…

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Big News About #TheKillerContractAgency


I have told Twitter and Facebook about this, and now I get to blog about it. I signed my first ever publishing contract with Write More Publications for #TheKillerContractAgency. It’s been a wold ride with that book since I pulled it off Amazon in 2011. I redid the whole thing, and I made it first person instead of third. I did fewer victims to make it a better story. I made them aliens instead of humans to give them a super hero vibe instead of a killing people for fun one. It’s been a crazy journey. I gave it to Liz McKeown to edit it so I can republish it, and when she finished editing it she recommended me to Theresa Oliver who is the owner of Write More Publications. She loved the story so much, and praised it to her. I sent her an email after that, and because of how hard I worked on the story it got the notice of a publisher. It means they are taking most of the work off my shoulders, and after doing it for so long I read over the contract which is better then a traditional deal. I jumped at it, and now time for the cover art, formatting, and I’ll let you know when the release date is. This will be my first time working with one, and it’s exciting too. I will also be blogging a few books because of the format, and the style. I write for the story and the characters mainly. I hope to do this full time since I love writing and reading. I never gave up on the story, and that’s they key to this writing business. It’s a good feeling that my hard work paid off. It makes writing worth while, and it will be in paperback which is awesome because it’s my first one.
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Beta Reader Notes/Editor Notes for The Killer Contract Agency:



After you write a novel there comes the editing phase, and several rough drafts to go before it is polished. I have very good feedback from the people I gave The Killer Contract Agency too. It doesn’t need any major rewrites just grammar issues, and expanding parts of the story to make it longer and more filling. I figured I would write a blog post about this phase to let people see what it is like to work on a novel, novella, or short story. Everything needs to be edited before publication since you want the best possible book out there. There is no such thing as getting it perfect because you are not going to catch everything. As I go through it I check to make sure it makes sense, and to fact check the issues that don’t. I had to change the first scene from tar to mud because it made more sense for it. I have to make the hospital scene more realistic as well.  The ending needs to be longer and I have to fix the switching from past to present issue better. I need to make sure the customer stays a certain form in the story, and make sure Salina’s dad is named Steve through the entire story. I also need to put in more of Carter’s back story since he is a part of the story in a big way. You will definitely see Salina and Carter in Retribution is Mine which is the second Scarlet book. I’m halfway through it too. It might take less time for me to edit The Killer Contract Agency and then after I get the cover I’ll have it republished. I’m also working more since school is over, but I hope to have it republished by the end of summer.

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