How I Got a Traditional Contract!

I can’t believe I get to write this, but I signed a publishing contract with Celene Publishing to have the AngelWitch series translated and published in Greece. It was fun how it started too. I used a Book review service called Booktasters to get reviews for Angeline and I gave her a free copy to […]

My Road to Getting a Publisher…

I held a publishing contract for the first time in my life, and I almost cried. I almost cried because I thought my stories were too violent for a publisher to want, and I thought it would take me years of self-publishing to get the notice of one. I have been a self-published writer for […]

Big News About #TheKillerContractAgency

I have told Twitter and Facebook about this, and now I get to blog about it. I signed my first ever publishing contract with Write More Publications for #TheKillerContractAgency. It’s been a wold ride with that book since I pulled it off Amazon in 2011. I redid the whole thing, and I made it first […]