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I decided to delete my other two blogs and just use my The Writing Dreamer one. My Reviews for Writers and Survey of Popular Culture ones are deleted. It was too much having that many blogs so I just have this one and a website on WordPress. I saved my blog posts from those blogs to a separate word document, and I plan on publishing the posts on this one and my The Writing Dreamer one. Prepare to see some more posts today, and especially once I’m done with school since I plan on blogging a few books. I’m going to be uploading entries for Nightwatch and Fur and Fang of Love. I hope you like my content, and that you are as excited as I am. I’ve also added a page just for my journalism articles since I do want a job at a newsroom.

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Summer is Coming!


Vampire in retail teaser...

Jessica here, and besides the Giant Authortube collaboration coming up soon I will hopefully be ready to publish Tales From Behind the Counter this summer. School is keeping me busy, and I work on the weekends.

I created another channel just for my meals ready to eat reviews.

Here is the link:

I also plan on releasing Tales From Behind the Counter this summer. It’s a novel different from what I’ve written before since it’s about Angeline’s experience working at Kyle’s General Store for 5 years. She has been through a lot, and I wrote it using some of my real experiences just not using names since it’s a privacy issue. The customer situations are real, and the names and characters are made up. I’ve also included a section where real people working retail tell their stories.

School is wrapping up soon which gives me more time to write books, review them, and film Youtube videos.

I do want to blog a few of my books and then make them into ebooks and paperbacks. One is NightWatch Supernatural Store, and the characters name is Rowan, and she wants to own her own witch shop so she applies to Night watch Supernatural Store to work in the witch department and get experience. It will be fun, and it’s going have people and supernatural creatures looking for help with spells and preparing them. Some are going to have faulty ones, and then expect Rowan to solve the issue even though she can’t. Basically her day to day life, and then she will join her boyfriend Ares who is a bounty hunter, and works for the Vampire military. It will be fun to write and it might be day by day entries.

The second one is called Fur and Fang of Love, and it’s about a witch/vampire hybrid called Midnight Starr, and she is engaged to an asshole who she doesn’t love. She has to marry him since he comes from a family with a lot of money, and she thinks she is doomed to stay with him. Until an Ad comes on for Fur and Fang of love. It’s a reality show where women are competing to win the heart of alpha wolf Zephyr, and Hyperion the vampire party boy. It will be fun, and I can even get all 20 girls to have their backstory out on my blog and newsletter before I release the episodes. Instead of chapters it will be episodes and even a reunion one. They have to be supernatural creatures, and no humans or ghosts of course one or two might try to join in on the fun. I can work with it, and it’s exciting!


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#NightWatchSupernaturalStore Diaries: My Introduction



I need a job because going to Lavender Fall University is expensive, and it is a good school to go to in the Luxor realm. I’m a witch named Rowan Hawthorne, and I have blood red hair cascading down my back, and catlike green eyes. I’m so pale I look like a ghost, and I move as graceful as a cat does too. A knockout to some of the men in Luxor especially to vampires.

My boyfriend Aries Brennan is a vampire from the BloodFire clan lives with me in an apartment off WolfHaven road. He is a bad ass. Slick black hair with piercing brown eyes, and a look that said I don’t care. He wore a long trench coat with a black shirt under neath, his legs jammed into black jeans and wearing black combat boots. He is a bounty hunter, and hunts down rogue supernatural creatures, and he is good at it too even the King and Queen of Luxor calls for his help.
I have to get a job because I need to make more money then working at FastBlood, and I hate fast food since the pay is shit. I don’t want to work some where that even has a chance of me getting my head ripped off if I serve the blood wrong, or it’s not what they ordered…Too many times I’ve seen someone get their head ripped off due to a wrong order.

Nope, no way.

I need something that pays more, and is less dangerous. It’s the summer so I don’t need to worry about school yet like homework, tests, or quizzes. I’m studying witch journalism, and it’s been a ride so far. I’ve learned a lot of cool stuff too. It’s expensive though since I live in the dorms and have a meal plan. Throw in books and daily living then we are talking a lot just to survive. I saw that it paid 15 an hour part time. Perfect for a college student and especially for a witch. I don’t have any other choice since retail, fast food, restaurants, and strip clubs are all that I’m qualified for till I get a degree. Forget trade school because I know what I want to do.

I stay at the apartment during the summer, and the dorm during school. It’s not far from the university either, and I can stay there if my roommate is being a pain in the ass.

Nightwatch Supernatural Store is the name of the store I want to work at. It has been redone since the original owner Fiona Stagea went crazy, and it burned to the ground right a long with her. Or that’s what the report online said. It was all over the FangPaw News. One of the many news stations in Luxor. I don’t mind dealing with creatures either. I like them, and dealing with them is better then humans. I put in a job application, and fill out a survey online. They use a personality profile to filter out the hires they don’t want. Yes, the customer is always right. (Yuck I hate that phrase, and really people abuse that phrase everyday when they make the person feel like they are stupid. Some of them even treat the sales person like they can do the job better then the person actually trained for it.) I can also use spells to subdue an angry customer. I can talk my way out of everything. I will give the item to the customer if it rang up at a different price to satisfy them if my supervisor said it’s okay…Damn, I might be hating this already if I have to please people who are assholes to me.

This will be an experience….I hope. Man, I might want to give this a shot but something tells me I’ll hate it…I’ll find out since I just turned my application in. A few days later I got a call back for an interview. I dress in a nice shirt and black jeans since I want to look like I care about my appearance. I get in my sports car which is a Leopard GTX one of the fastest model sports cars in the realm. I buckle my seat belt, and put the key in the ignition. One turn and I’m off to my interview. I drove by myself since my boyfriend is away on another mission to catch a cheating wife. I hope he enjoys himself. I have the interview at 12, and the store is not too far from where I live. Traffic wont be bad at all because of how close it is, and I applied to work as a sales clerk in the witch department section. I know everything about: spells, charms, potions, incantations, rituals, herbs, crystals, and everything there is to know about being an actively practicing witch. I was born one since both my parents are witches.

I get there in record time. NightWatch Supernatural store is completely redone, and it is way bigger then Fiona’s was. They made it larger, and it looks like a super store that creatures can go to in order to get the items they need to survive. The carts are black with black wheels, and creatures are already shopping and walking back from the store with their carts full of black bagged items to their cars. It’s not as busy as a saturday since it’s a Wednesday. Most of the supernaturals are working at their office jobs, and it wont get busy till later in the day.

I look at their faces, and some smile at their families as they talk and walk with them. Vampires, witches, werewolves and all kinds of creatures shop here. The outside is all black walls and the roof is red. The tittle NightWatch Supernatural store was made with red lettering on a black background. The store is busy once I get through the revolving doors. I see the people checking out, and all the registers are lit up. I hope to God I don’t get a cashier position. I don’t like staying in one spot at all. I don’t want to be the one ringing up people with endless lines at all. Forget thinking about Black Friday. It’s not going to be here for a few months since it’s August. I passed the one and only fast food restaurant here. Fang’s FastBlood. There are hungry vampires standing around to get their hot blood order. Then customer service is busy with people returning things. The jewelry area and accessories are across from it. It’s all very slow in a way. There are not any major holidays coming up yet either. I pass all the various departments and head back to personnel.

I opened the door and a receptionist greeted me. She smiled at me and asked, “How may I help you?”
I smiled back at her, “I have a job interview at 12.”
“No problem, Ivy and Aqua will be with you soon just have a seat.”
I sat down at a seat, and waited for the interview. It’s annoying to wait for something since I have no patience. After a few minutes two women came through the door.

Nymphs by the looks of them Ivy and Aqua since they are wearing a name tag. Two different nymphs too. Ivy is green haired and Aqua is blue. Ivy took out a pen and paper to record my answers to the questions.

Aqua is the one who asked the questions.
“Tell me about yourself.” She asked with a smile on her face.
“I’m a witch, and I’m a college student at Lavender Fall University. I love reading old spell books, learning about rituals and using my knowledge to help my boyfriend Ares hunt down rogue creatures.”
Her eyes widened, “Impressive. He is a powerful vampire too. Next question: Why should we hire you?”
Easy question….
“I love helping other witches find the tools, ingredients, crystals and herbs they are looking for to assist them with their needs. Especially the new ones that are just learning about their crafts. Whether it’s a love spell to attract a mate, or protection from an evil ex. I love helping them it’s something I love to do, and I hope I can do that at Nightwatch.”
She smiled, “Good answer and I love hearing that since the customer is always number 1. They are the ones that pay our pay check after all.”

“They sure do, and that’s why I’d be an excellent asset to your company. I’m also a people person, and I love people.”
I rub it in some more because it’s easy to pretend you care but in reality you couldn’t give two shits.

“Okay, that’s a really good thing. I don’t need to ask you how you feel about people since you love them.”

I smiled, “I sure do.”

“Then you’ll fit right in the Nightwatch family here. We are more like a family now that crazy bitch Fiona is gone.”

“I heard about it, and she changed it some.”

“Yes, and it made Fiona’s more of a family, and a fun place to work at instead of one you dread working at. They come here for more then just a paycheck. You also get paid $15.00 for part time which is more then minimum wage in the Luxor realm.”

“Good, I’ll need the money to get through school.”

“And I would have the interview longer, but I already know you’ll make a good fit working at Nightwatch Supernatural Store. Welcome to the team we’ll let you know when orientation is…”

“Looking forward to it.” then I left after that since I’m now going to be a sales person in the witch department of this store. Maybe working retail might not be so bad?

I’ll see since I’m only just starting and I hope I don’t regret my decision to work in retail….

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Changes to the Blog


I’ve had this idea for a while now, and I have also asked other writers if they have had any experience with it too. They have and I plan on publishing a few of my novels on my blog. I think it would be a fun thing to do since the story can work like that. I have already decided that the stories I’m going to use are :#Furandfangoflove and #NightwatchSupernaturalStore. I will label which one is which, and try to publish them once a week labeling which part or chapter it is. I hope it will draw new readers, and that it will be a successful series. If I like it I may write more novels this way. A lot of writers are doing this, and experimenting with it so I figured why not. It seems like a fun thing to try anyway. It will help me keep to writing more too. It’s been a wild ride writing novels too. I think these projects will be fun to use to experiment with blogging a book. One of the stories has a lot of possibilities to it. The other is something that I hope people will tune into every week so they can see what will happen to the characters. I enjoy writing, and I write for the entertainment factor versus the money. It will introduce different characters story lines from the Luxor realm. It will make the world of Luxor more full, and it will be just like ours. I hope you enjoy the story just like I will enjoy writing it and working on it a little at a time.

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