#MREReviewMonday Menu 8 Marinara Sauce with Meatballs:


I have been after this one for a while ever since Youtube Emmymadeinjapan did her review for it, and instead of doing a video review I will just blog about it. I will also link to other Youtube channels I watch that review MRES too since I’ve been doing this for a while. I’m still trying to get a handle on being in front of a camera, so that’s why I will review some but not others on camera. At some point I’ll get over it to the point where I will have no issue with doing video reviews.

Here is the review. Items it comes with: Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, Au Gratin Potatoes, Wheat snack bread twin pack, First Strike energy bar, flameless ration heater, cheese spread, orange based powder, spoon, gum, toilet tissue, coffee and creamer, salt, splenda, and moist towelette.

IMG_0656 IMG_0655

The entree tastes pretty good like the ones that come in a can. The meatballs are tender, and it tastes good. The potatoes taste good too, and it feels like a real meal to eat. The first strike energy bar doesn’t taste bad either, and once you add stuff to the bread it actually tastes good. Overall not a bad meal if you are out in the field, and want something hearty and filling.

Emmy’s Review:https://youtu.be/I6R7ZsMchqE?list=PL49i1TV8TVER_6kON9-yuat7u0BJeciPr

Here are the other Youtube channels I watch for MRE Reviews:
gschultz9, gundog4314, and Kiwi Dude.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Menu 8, and see you next Monday which is Menu 3 Chicken with Noodles.

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MRE Review Monday Menu 16 Pork Rib


This time I did a review on Menu 16 Pork Rib for my MRE review Mondays. And it has:Pork Rib, Potato cheddar soup, Ranger bar
Cheese spread, Wheat snack bread (2),Reese’s Pieces candies,Orange flavored carbo drink,BBQ Sauce, Lemon Tea, Salt, Chewing Gum, Toilet Tissue, Towelette, Spoon,Flameless ration heater, Hot beverage bag. After heating it up and trying the soup it tasted pretty good like it came out of a can. The actual entree pork rib when I added barbecue sauce tasted like a tv dinner one. It wasn’t too bad. I loved the caramel apple bar since it tasted good. The wheat snack bread isn’t bad too since it doesn’t taste bad when you add something to it never eat it plain. Overall it was a good MRE. Good for something when it’s a cold day, and you want something hot to eat. That’s it for today. And I did a video review of it too and here is the link: https://youtu.be/C3v29zNp4NA

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Update: Some of the updated versions have cool mints with caffeine, tortillas, beef snack, apple jelly, and peanut butter instead of the other items.

MRE Review Mondays Menu 23: Chicken with Pasta in Pesto Sauce:



This is an MRE I’ve wanted to try for a while since I love pasta dishes. It comes with the main dish as well as chocolate pudding desert powder, grape flavored carbohydrate electrolyte powder, Italian bread sticks, a brown spoon, cheese spread, red pepper, corn nuggets, and an accessory pack. The pack comes with matches, non-dairy creamer, toilet paper, salt, a moist toilette, instant coffee, sugar and chewing gum. To heat up the entree just put it in the heater with water up to the fill line and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. While the entree heated up I tried the corn nuts which still tasted fresh since MREs have a long shelf life. It’s supposed to make it through tough terrains after all. MREs can be used for camping or when the power goes out. After heating it up and taking my first bite it didn’t taste bad at all. I would eat it especially if I had nothing else to eat. Some of these come with fruit especially the ones in 2012. The Italian bread sticks weren’t bad at all, and just add butter it’ll taste really good. Add chocolate pudding, and you have a good meal for a soldier. Overall, not a bad meal for a soldier.
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MRE Review: Menu 7 Brisket Entree:



This will be the second MRE or Meal Ready to Eat I’ve tried. There will be more reviews to follow since I’m actually enjoying these reviews. It comes with a brisket entree which is gravy seasoned with beef brisket slices.  Crackers, biscuit, BBQ sauce, Cheese spread, Cocoa beverage powder.  Toffee cubes, Raspberry white chip cookie, a flameless ration heater. A spoon idea tea drink lemon flavored, salt, Towellette, toilet paper, chewing gum and a butter packet.  To eat the entree you have to put it in the bag with the flameless ration heater, and put water up to the fill line. Just let it heat up for ten to 15 minutes and enjoy. Or don’t if you don’t like the taste of them. I did put the salt and the butter in the entree.  Just don’t put too much salt and the entree tastes good. I like it and it does not taste like it came out of a can either. Yum. The biscuit tastes like the weird wheat snack bread, but it does take some getting used to. It’s a good meal for being out in the field and it would be good to use for camping  too and overall a fun thing I’ve been doing lately.

*The second MRE I got which is the same one has garlic mashed potatoes in it, and those are some of the improvements they made to it. And a chocolate chip cookie with Twizzlers Nibs. For more info on mres go to MREInfo.com.

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MRE Research or Meals Ready to Eat:


MRE review pic
For my writing research it led me to find out as much as I can about the military. When doing research you have to observe take notes and even do what they do. The research led me to research MREs which are military rations they give troops going into battle. It’s hard to get your hands on them unless you use Ebay or know someone in the military. They can last for a while too. This one is menu 6 Beef Roast with Vegetables. They come with an entrée and a side dish this one is called Cherry Blueberry Cobbler with the Beef and Roast Vegetables as the entrée. It comes with a cocoa beverage powder bag. A spoon, wheat snack bread, chocolate chip cookie, hot beverage bag, flameless ration heater (just add water for the reaction), Salt, Splenda, coffee, creamer, moist towlette and toilet paper. And lastly is the chewing gum which is a mild laxative. It even comes with the chocolate peanut spread to put on the wheat cracker. After heating the main course by following the instructions using the heater. I tasted the entrée which is not too bad, but it did taste like it came out of a can. When I added the seasonings it tasted better, and not too bad. The Cherry Blueberry cobbler did not taste that bad either, and even the cat loved the roast and begged for more. The wheat snack bread just tastes like bread and when the spread is added it tastes like a piece of bread with chocolate and peanut butter. Overall not too bad of a meal for being on the field, and definitely nothing fancy. Just one of the fun facts to use in research for my stories.
If you have had an mre tell me about your experiences with them and which ones you’ve tried?
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