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Jessica here, and besides the Giant Authortube collaboration coming up soon I will hopefully be ready to publish Tales From Behind the Counter this summer. School is keeping me busy, and I work on the weekends.

I created another channel just for my meals ready to eat reviews.

Here is the link:

I also plan on releasing Tales From Behind the Counter this summer. It’s a novel different from what I’ve written before since it’s about Angeline’s experience working at Kyle’s General Store for 5 years. She has been through a lot, and I wrote it using some of my real experiences just not using names since it’s a privacy issue. The customer situations are real, and the names and characters are made up. I’ve also included a section where real people working retail tell their stories.

School is wrapping up soon which gives me more time to write books, review them, and film Youtube videos.

I do want to blog a few of my books and then make them into ebooks and paperbacks. One is NightWatch Supernatural Store, and the characters name is Rowan, and she wants to own her own witch shop so she applies to Night watch Supernatural Store to work in the witch department and get experience. It will be fun, and it’s going have people and supernatural creatures looking for help with spells and preparing them. Some are going to have faulty ones, and then expect Rowan to solve the issue even though she can’t. Basically her day to day life, and then she will join her boyfriend Ares who is a bounty hunter, and works for the Vampire military. It will be fun to write and it might be day by day entries.

The second one is called Fur and Fang of Love, and it’s about a witch/vampire hybrid called Midnight Starr, and she is engaged to an asshole who she doesn’t love. She has to marry him since he comes from a family with a lot of money, and she thinks she is doomed to stay with him. Until an Ad comes on for Fur and Fang of love. It’s a reality show where women are competing to win the heart of alpha wolf Zephyr, and Hyperion the vampire party boy. It will be fun, and I can even get all 20 girls to have their backstory out on my blog and newsletter before I release the episodes. Instead of chapters it will be episodes and even a reunion one. They have to be supernatural creatures, and no humans or ghosts of course one or two might try to join in on the fun. I can work with it, and it’s exciting!


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#MREReview Mondays Menu 15 Mexican Style Chicken Stew:

I’m still having issues with my internal webcam, and I went ahead and got an external one to solve the issue. I want to make more videos for book reviewing, and to talk about my author journey. But anyway here is the review.
Mexican Style Chicken Stew
Santa Fe rice and beans
Cheese filled pretzels
Cheese spread, Jalapeño
Crackers, vegetables
m and m’s
Beverage, carb fortified
Spice, red pepper
Accessory packet A
Flameless ration heater
Hot beverage bag
Cheese filled pretzels taste like those combo snacks. The M&M’s are still fresh. The cracker tasted good with the jalapeño cheese spread.
The Sante Fe style Rice with beans was okay, but I loved the Mexican Style Chicken Stew.

Overall it was a good meal for a soldier.

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Meals Ready to Eat, and the History of why I started….


I’ve been reviewing MRES for a while now, and the thing that got me into it was the research I did to make The Killer Contract Agency, and I wanted it to be based off the military. It led me to military rations, and Youtube videos which led me to all the different menus they have to offer, and there are ones you can get for civilians like XMRE and MREStar. You can find them on Amazon, Ebay, and even get some from soldiers willing to get them for you. They are issued them during field training, and they don’t like them at all. They are called meals rarely eaten, meals rarely edible, and all sorts of names. They are Department of Defense Rations and the first one came about in 1981. Ameriqual is the company that packages them. You can tell if it’s a genuine military ration since the Department of Defense seal is on them. It also says Warfighter Recommended, Warfighter Tested, and Warfighter Approved. A lot of research is online about the various menus and the changes they have been through. Some items have been added and some are taken away. One example of an MRE discontinued is Menu 4 the Cheese and Vegetable Omelet that went hands down as one of the worst MRES of all time. I have a Youtube channel, and since I got a hold of a ton of MRES I want to review them all which is why I made Monday MRE Review day. It’s fascinating and they last a while too. They have date codes listed on them and I just recently got this if it says 2275 it is the 275th day of 2012. They have a long history, and if you want more information on them then go to: to see more. Youtube is also a good way to get more information on them, and there is even a community full of people who review military rations. I love watching their channels and they are part of the reason why I got into it in the first place.
Here are the channels you can check out that review meals ready to eat, and these channels even review ones from other countries as well.
Kiwi Dude:
No East Too Far:
Paul Buikema:
Steve1989 MREinfo:

I love reviewing these things, and I hope I can review other countries eventually and even some of the civilian ones. I enjoy doing it since it gives me a break from everything. I use a webcam to film the videos and Cyberlink Power Director to edit them.

I hope you have enjoyed the post.


PS. Here is the link to my channel if you want to see my reviews of them.

#MREReviewMondays Menu 22: Asian Style Beef Strips with Vegetables:


After some time off I’m going to try to do MRE reviews more since I have a lot of them left over. I love asian food, so this is straight up my alley. The MRE contains beverage bag, flameless ration heater, cocoa beverage powder, the entree with fried rice at the side. A spoon, apple jelly, chunky peanut butter, wheat snack bread, chocolate toffee, creamer for coffee, coffee, salt, splenda, gum, moist towelette, and toilet paper too.
Everything you need if you are a soldier out in the field. This is actually one of the more popular menus too. Once I put the apple jelly and chunky peanut butter on the wheat snack bread it tasted like a pb and j. After the entree was heated up I combined it with the rice, and I was surprised about how good it was since it tasted like a stir fry. It has water chestnuts and peas. Even pepper carrots and beef. I loved it, and it’s a good meal for a soldier.


That’s all for now the next MRE Review will be on Menu 19 Sloppy Joe Filling.

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MRE Review Mondays Menu 3 Chicken with Noodles…


For this review instead of writing a review I filmed the whole thing instead, and I plan on uploading it to Youtube too as well as just inserting the video into this post. The one thing I can say about filming Youtube videos is it gets easier as you practice filming more and more…Here is the review:

I tried to upload the video here, but it was too big so I linked to it instead.

The next review is going to be Menu 22 Asian Style Beef Strips with Vegetables.

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#MREReviewMonday Menu 8 Marinara Sauce with Meatballs:

I have been after this one for a while ever since Youtube Emmymadeinjapan did her review for it, and instead of doing a video review I will just blog about it. I will also link to other Youtube channels I watch that review MRES too since I’ve been doing this for a while. I’m still trying to get a handle on being in front of a camera, so that’s why I will review some but not others on camera. At some point I’ll get over it to the point where I will have no issue with doing video reviews.

Here is the review. Items it comes with: Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, Au Gratin Potatoes, Wheat snack bread twin pack, First Strike energy bar, flameless ration heater, cheese spread, orange based powder, spoon, gum, toilet tissue, coffee and creamer, salt, splenda, and moist towelette.

IMG_0656 IMG_0655

The entree tastes pretty good like the ones that come in a can. The meatballs are tender, and it tastes good. The potatoes taste good too, and it feels like a real meal to eat. The first strike energy bar doesn’t taste bad either, and once you add stuff to the bread it actually tastes good. Overall not a bad meal if you are out in the field, and want something hearty and filling.

Emmy’s Review:

Here are the other Youtube channels I watch for MRE Reviews:
gschultz9, gundog4314, and Kiwi Dude.

I hope you enjoyed my review on Menu 8, and see you next Monday which is Menu 3 Chicken with Noodles.

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MRE Review Monday Menu 20 Spaghetti with Beef and Sauce:


For this review this week I’m just going to type it up instead of film it. I’ve just been tired lately since I have a lot going on. I’m waiting on something important today, and I hope it works out. I will film next weeks though, and it takes getting used to. I also plan on making videos on my favorite books, and reviewing them.

And here is the review…
Ripping into the hard plastic bag is so tough you almost need a knife for it. Reelable seal my ass more like hard to get into struggle like hell seal. That’s actually the hardest part, and eating it is the easy one. Then you get to the plastic, and it’s easy from there. You have a multigrain snack bread, Hot beverage bag, flameless ration heater, Wild Berry skittles, spoon, cranberries, cheese spread, orange flavored juice, pepper sauce, pretzel sticks, the entree spaghetti with beef and sauce, creamer, coffee, salt, sugar, gum, moist towelette, matches, and toilet paper.

While I heated up the entree I tried the snacks in the meantime. The pretzel sticks taste like they came straight from the factory, and I loved the taste. Once the entree finished cooking it looked like a real spaghetti dish, and just add seasonings and it tasted like a real one too. You don’t even need the pepper sauce either. The meat is tender just like the noodles. The skittles in the pack taste good too like you just bought them at the store. The cranberries tasted fresh too like they just came out of the factory. I didn’t care for the multigrain snack bread since it had a gritty texture, but it might taste better with the cheese spread. It’s a good meal for a soldier in the field since you have a lot of snacks to choose from.

Until the next MRE,

MRE Review Mondays Menu 23: Chicken with Pasta in Pesto Sauce:


This is an MRE I’ve wanted to try for a while since I love pasta dishes. It comes with the main dish as well as chocolate pudding desert powder, grape flavored carbohydrate electrolyte powder, Italian bread sticks, a brown spoon, cheese spread, red pepper, corn nuggets, and an accessory pack. The pack comes with matches, non-dairy creamer, toilet paper, salt, a moist toilette, instant coffee, sugar and chewing gum. To heat up the entree just put it in the heater with water up to the fill line and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. While the entree heated up I tried the corn nuts which still tasted fresh since MREs have a long shelf life. It’s supposed to make it through tough terrains after all. MREs can be used for camping or when the power goes out. After heating it up and taking my first bite it didn’t taste bad at all. I would eat it especially if I had nothing else to eat. Some of these come with fruit especially the ones in 2012. The Italian bread sticks weren’t bad at all, and just add butter it’ll taste really good. Add chocolate pudding, and you have a good meal for a soldier. Overall, not a bad meal for a soldier.
Until next Monday,

MRE Review: Menu 7 Brisket Entree:


This will be the second MRE or Meal Ready to Eat I’ve tried. There will be more reviews to follow since I’m actually enjoying these reviews. It comes with a brisket entree which is gravy seasoned with beef brisket slices.  Crackers, biscuit, BBQ sauce, Cheese spread, Cocoa beverage powder.  Toffee cubes, Raspberry white chip cookie, a flameless ration heater. A spoon idea tea drink lemon flavored, salt, Towellette, toilet paper, chewing gum and a butter packet.  To eat the entree you have to put it in the bag with the flameless ration heater, and put water up to the fill line. Just let it heat up for ten to 15 minutes and enjoy. Or don’t if you don’t like the taste of them. I did put the salt and the butter in the entree.  Just don’t put too much salt and the entree tastes good. I like it and it does not taste like it came out of a can either. Yum. The biscuit tastes like the weird wheat snack bread, but it does take some getting used to. It’s a good meal for being out in the field and it would be good to use for camping  too and overall a fun thing I’ve been doing lately.

*The second MRE I got which is the same one has garlic mashed potatoes in it, and those are some of the improvements they made to it. And a chocolate chip cookie with Twizzlers Nibs. For more info on mres go to

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