School is Over!



Yesterday I just finished my last final, and I’m happy to say its over till January 13th. Its been a long semester, and it was fun with two writing classes. Now that it is over I’ve been working and cleaning my room to organize my writing files. Yay! Time to organize my desk, pens, and notebooks! I’m waiting for the last two beta readers to finish then I can edit The Killer Contract Agency rewrites for the second to last time. I’m almost finished with the first Scarlet book, and I redid Obsession Spell and with enough feedback I can rewrite and edit it before hitting published it is a standalone about Jenna who is head of the evil ex-boyfriend division in The Killer Contract Agency! Everything is connected in some way in my worlds.

2014 is almost done and it is memorable since I got engaged and ended it in May since it was not going to work out because of the way I was treated. Add to a crazy ex that talked shit about you, and did not understand why I did not want him anymore then you can be why the summer was stressful.  I met someone else and I’ve been with him since August, and he will be moving in at the end of April. Yes, and it will be the first time I’ve lived with someone like that. I’m still working on the second retail story, and Fur and Fang of love which I have so many notes that I’ll be able to get it done in no time. I’m going to focus on writing more daily, and reading writing related books. I’m going to redo the entire layout of The Writing Dreamer since my writing in the workplace class taught me how to design my own website. My fiction writing class taught me how to critique someone’s work and what work and what does not. It made me a better critique partner. If you have any work for all the writers out there I’d be happy to read it. I love paranormal romance, urban fantasy, young adult and new adult too. Just email me at jdsamuels25(at)yahoo(dot)com and I wouldn’t mind beta reading your work.

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Bye 2013 Hello 2014 Goals:



As the year 2013 comes to a close I find myself excited, and sad at the same time.  Excited because I finished John Tyler in May 2013, and transferred to VCU in fall 2013. It was a challenge going from a community college to a university. I can handle it more now than when I started since I did not know what to expect. It made me sad since I did not get my paperback out liked I had hoped. And I am free of the negative influences in my life, and I have found people to get to know that I consider good friends. This year I also went to my first anime convention, and I should have enjoyed it more than I did. It was also the year I got engaged to my boyfriend of four years, and that is an accomplishment. I did so much it is not even funny, and I am looking forward to the future since one of my goals is to do better in VCU to get all A’s and B’s. I also had my second ebook published too, and that is a good accomplishment too.

I plan on making 2014 a better writing year. I plan on getting The Killer Contract Agency republished. Revenge against the Ex rewritten and published. I plan on writing Retribution is mine, and Redemption is mine this year. I plan on making them both into paperbacks as well as Tales of the Luxor and Crystal Crest realm out. Two paperbacks, and five ebooks will make this year rock. I plan on writing posts for my blogs Reviews for Writers, and Survey of Pop Culture to do more reviews on writing books, movies, and television shows. Also I have finished the novella Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks, and I am waiting for the okay from my proofreader, cover artist, and beta readers. As soon as I get the cover I am hitting publish it will be $2.99 because of how long it is, and the effort I put into it.

2014 is going to be an awesome year since I am going to become a more prolific writer, and I cannot wait. Bring it on 2014!


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Dark Tales of Vengeance is out!



I am happy to announce I have finally released an ebook, and it has been a few years since my first one. I love the cover,  and I am happy with the results.

What is it about?

Revenge comes in many forms, and in many ways. These are short stories about getting even with bullies, exes who have come back from the grave, and even getting even with evil bosses and coworkers. It even has the original version of The Killer Contract Agency, and Boyfriend Missing; Ex is a Zombie. There are a few short stories featuring Scarlet Summers who is the main character in Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks!, and she is a character that loves getting even with bullying men, and one that features Ella who is an assassin that focuses on getting rid of evil bosses and coworkers.

All fun stuff, and it even has violence, strong language, and it even has a bonus chapter of Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks! I do have a release date: October 31st. I have always wanted to release a work on that date since I love Halloween!

And here are the links:




(It shows the cover in the Kobo app versus the one on the website.)

I will add the link to Barnes and Noble Nook, Ibookstore, and Sony too when available.

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Exciting Changes are Happening:


I got back Sunday night from Georgia since I had to go there since my cousin was getting married to his new wife. I enjoyed spending time with my family, and I also got dresses to wear during the summer which is awesome. The one thing that the vacation did over everything else besides giving me a break from my job is renew my spirits with writing. I am planning on releasing an ebook for free to get my work noticed. It will have the original version of The Killer Contract Agency, and Boyfriend Missing Ex is a Zombie. The Tale of the Mean Boss is in the ebook, and it is about a woman named Sandy who is calling the assassin Ella Evans to terminate an evil coworker and boss who is terrorizing the employees. There are also a few stories starring Scarlet Summers, and the first chapter of the retail novella too. Just something fun for readers, and a short story collection that introduces the Luxor and Crystal Crest realm. It is now with an editor to check the grammar, and make sure everything is polished and ready to go.


I am re-releasing the Killer Contract ebook too, and all I have to do is write the final scene then turn it to the proofreader. The Revenge Against the Ex is with the proofreader, and I am slowly working on the retail novella too. I am going to release a paperback, and that will have all four ebooks combined into one. I still hope to have everything out by the end of August.


I have been reading more too, and I love the idea of having a post once a week about the results of writing prompt books too. I am just working and I am mainly excited about starting VCU in the fall!


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Editing Away..


Currently I am working more on my story, and I had to get rid of a chapter so here it is:

Chapter 1
People say that words have no power, and they cannot hurt you. They lie. Words can cut you up, and make you wish you were dead. They have the power to hurt you to the point where it is like a kick to the gut, or a shot to the heart when they end relationships with people that thought they cared about them. Words have the power to embarrass you to the point where people call you names everywhere you walk like they did me. Saying I had slept around when that is not the case.
It can make people talk about you, so bad that you can feel so miserable you think about suicide. Or you have to switch schools so the people don’t know you, and wont know the nickname they call you. Like a nightmare the emotional scars can keep you up at night. Words can be bad enough to turn people against you, and make you have no friends. The people who do this have a name:Bullies!
It is not just words they use to hurt people. Sometimes they use physical abuse. Boyfriends hurt girlfriends and use physical violence to make their girlfriends obey them like mine tried to. Pushing you, and even spreading rumors to trash your reputation.
I went through hell in elementary, middle, and high school because of them. I have at least five of them do the worst they could to me. It did not turn me suicidal though it turned me homicidal. I want them dead with their heads on a platter.
All the things they put me through are nothing compared to the hell I am going to cause them. Luckily for me the bullies grew up, and did more horrible things then gossiping like immature childish teenagers…
They grew up and landed with criminal charges such as killing, raping, abusing animals, child molesting, and torturing. And all these activities they did made them all targets of The Killer Contract Agency.
The Killer Contract agency is the agency i work for that allows me to get my revenge. The only way to get in it or become an operative is to be bullied, and that is how I started working for them. That is how I became the famous Scarlet Nightshade.
It would have been longer, but I thought of a better first chapter which will be in the story since it gives the novel more of a punch. 
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