Isis’s Story:


I don’t feel like doing much anymore. All I do is sit there, and cry my ass off for an asshole that treated me like shit. He told me time a part when he really meant break up. He didn’t even have the balls to tell me it in person. He always talked about his whores like I didn’t matter to him. I saw him riding around with a whore after he sent me a “GoodBye” text. Not even bothering to explain anything. I waited for him for a year, and helped him out. I let him in, let him live with me, and he kicked me to the curb like I didn’t matter to him in the first place. I don’t matter to anyone and I’m single and alone. Me the goddess of love spells. I’ve made men beg for my touch at their feet, and he threw me out like I didn’t matter. I turn on the television and nothing but shit is on.
I have long black hair, but it’s messy from not combing because why should I give a shit when I don’t matter to anyone. Why care? I have olive skin chapped and red probably from all the crying over this asshole. My dark brown eyes so full of life are red and puffy because of all the crying. I wear nice black shirts that drape over my arms, and black leather jeans. Of course, I was now wearing a long black t shirt too big for me because I really didn’t give a shit anymore. Forget me wearing my nice pants. I wore yoga pants cause I still didn’t care about my appearance. I normally wear black boots, but not now. I didn’t want to wear shit. My job as a witch since I am one, and I specialize in love spells muse was gone replaced by searing pain so bad I wanted my heart to stop beating since I was so sick of feeling like shit. Everything feels dead, and I live in the Luxor realm with my friend who is currently out. She is lucky and everyone loves to party with her. I got tired of arguing with him, the drama, and not hearing from him. He would not keep in touch with me, and kept lying about a lot. Also would use me for money too. I cried at night wondering what I did since he didn’t text me. He had issues too since he would always complain about his job. I was going to marry him. Then I saw him with another girl and he got her pregnant. I hated him for it. Really? He did this to me? I was faithful too during the bullshit time a part, and he wasn’t. I was really done with everything. I just want to die it hurts so bad. I never thought Steven would do this to me, and he was horrible a few weeks earlier and finally admitted to me it was a break up. I’d rather hear the truth then have his sister tell it to me. Break up…When he was all I ever wanted. I would rather be shot then feel this hurt again. Betrayal sucks especially if it’s by someone you love. And I had not only a boyfriend but a best friend, and it’s gone now.
I flip through the channels trying to take my mind off things.
Nope. Don’t care to watch that.
Nope. Not that either.
The tears still come and I want it to go away. Please, go away. I don’t want this pain anymore. I hate it.
I never wanted to be feeling this in the first place since I wanted to be with him. I wanted us to work instead he rejected me. And acted like it was time apart instead of a break up not even bothering to tell me the truth. Assholes. I’m alone and single. It’s miserable for me. I try to forget it.
Flip again. Come on. Let me not feel shit. I don’t want this pain anymore. Please tell me it gets better. Steven left me with a void. I need something else to fill it. Booze…sex with strangers. Something. Not even the soap opera Vampire Slaves can take my mind off shit. Stupid elite witch men just suck ass, and want to use you for your status. I can’t believe I let that fucker into my home. I gave him everything, and he threw it back in my face. I wish I picked the other guy I was in love with. It might have been a different outcome, but he chose someone else over me. I don’t want that.
I hated myself even more, and I got ice cream to drown my sorrows out more. I got off my bed after sitting there for so long wallowing in misery. It’s just going to take time to heal everything. Not even my witch stuff can keep me busy.
How can I perform love spells when my heart is shattered? We had a good connection, and then he pulled away. I even saw him texting someone, and he looked at it the way he used to look at me. He would say he would spend time with friends, but secretly he was seeing other women. His family even lied to me too, and said he will be back. Yeah right.
At least I no longer had to wait around for his texts. He texted more when we were done then when we were together. At one point after not hearing from him for weeks I was prepared for it to go any way. Even lose him because I just wanted it to end. He didn’t want me to be distracted with cuddling with him, and it was like we could not do shit together. It was a shock how it suddenly went from time apart to break up. He must have found someone else. I sit at the table eating my snack torturing myself, and go back to the bed. I hated the fact that I saw him with another girl like I didn’t mean shit to him. I wanted him dead. Asshole didn’t even deserve anyone if he was going to treat her like shit. Can I curse him? No.
My heart is crushed as usual, and it sucks feeling this lonely.
A commercial comes on the television.
Two guys looking for love. They want to be cared for after getting out of bad relationships.
Introducing Alpha Werewolf Zephyr and Master Vampire Hyperion.
Hyperion comes on the screen, and my eyes widen…it was the guy I’ve been dreaming about. He was so sexy it made my heart come back to life. Thoughts of Steven vanished, and I was no longer hurting anymore. My cells roared back to life with full force. He is why it never worked with Steven…
I had to get to know him. The commercial continued on, and I got the audition info. I had to get a spot to win Hyperion. The thought of being broken by asshole left my mind, and I had to get to Hyperion. Vampires are like crack to witches. Vampires do it for me more than asshole witches do. I don’t mind the thought of getting bitten either. Blood is a vampire’s life substance, and with the right one I’ll give him all I got. I saw the address and luckily the audition is the next day. I didn’t need to wait that long either.
Luxor realm people know me thanks to my favorite spells. I had to get something to get me out of my funk. It killed me because I wanted to stay with him so bad it was too much. He talked about other women and how he would fuck them. He talked about having girls on the side, and he even said he would dump me, and find someone new cause he was a heartless jerk. I never believed him till then. He hasn’t been the same person, and it felt like he was slipping away. I checked out. He dumped me over texts not even bothering to talk to me about it in person, and therefore not worth my time.
I pick myself up again, and I delete everything of his finally deciding to move on. I even gather up all the shit he left, and throw it away. I’m done and I don’t want to waste anymore time on someone who wanted to throw me away. No more being sad over losing him to another. No more pathetic attempts to look for his shitty truck at his work. No more bitchy exes with sticks up their asses either. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a start. I had to do something. I can’t stand anymore days of drinking till I black out.
No more thinking about why it didn’t work out, or what I could have done. My eyes are red and puffy I look like shit. All I wanted to do is blow everything off, and sulk over an asshole that doesn’t want me. I’m sick of the loneliness. I’m thinking no one wants me, and that I’m all alone.
I waited a year for him. It’s wasted time I’ll never get back. Time I could have spent with someone else. Time I could have spent getting to know other people instead of waiting for his ass to text me.
My worst enemy.
I’ll never get it back.
I need a new start to my life. I pick up my pieces and now want someone to make them whole again. I know if I get picked I can win one of their hearts. I say fuck it and get an entire bottle to celebrate my new life. Yep, I’ll be competing with other women, but to win one of their hearts especially Hyperion will be worth it.
I want to win someone’s heart worthy of me. Not someone who throws away women and uses them. I’ve even had to help him money wise, and he fucking lived with me. Only for him to throw me away claiming he needed to get his life together, and other shit. I’m not a pushover since I’ve successfully made couples fall in love. It just seems like it all backfires on me, and that letting anyone in is stupid. I just want someone willing to work through issues with me.
I pour myself another drink and let it burn me. I needed it. If only temporarily. It takes away the pain so I can sleep. I needed to be on my game too. I want to win one of their hearts. I deserve it and deserve more than a cheating asshole. People around the region have seen asshole with someone else, and he lied about time apart to cheat on me. I wonder if some of the other girls he used were treated like shit too. I can’t be the only one being cheated on. Of course, I’ll have to compete with other girls, but at least I know about it.
Cheating is the worst. It can damage you to the point where you don’t want to trust anyone. He should have said break up instead of time apart and not lied to me. Honesty goes a long way, and I hate lying assholes. He is a piece of shit, and I hope I can win one of the guys that way I can move on since the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. It’s a good distraction, and I need something to take my mind off things. There is no point in even wasting my time thinking about asshole if he doesn’t want me. It wasn’t love. He didn’t care about me at all instead he talked about other girls and flirted and wanted me to deal with it. His ex wanted to talk shit about me, and he was always lying to me about stuff. Some girls say hey baby, like he has done it before. Then sorry I’ll leave you alone. I’ve never really fully trusted him.
I drank and drank, and made sure to do a spell to prevent hangovers. I had to nail the audition. I have to get one of the guys. Someone who won’t hurt me. Someone who will treat me right. I was sick of being treated like shit at this point. I want to find someone better.
Someone who won’t cheat on me. The fucker didn’t even bother getting his shit, and he was seen with other whores. I can’t deal with it. It makes me want to barf with the way he treated me. I gave him everything, and he left me with nothing.
I needed this more than anything since maybe Hyperion and Zephyr can take my mind off things.
I look at my smartphone since everyone has on now a days. It’s a black one with a huge screen, shitload of memory, and the latest processor.
I check the texts…
I asked him to get his shit, and all he says is: Look please don’t fucking text me again.
Fuck it. I take all his shit and throw it away deciding not to deal with seeing it again, and he downgraded to an ugly piece of work too.
Bye douche! I delete his number and erase every trace of him.
Definitely time for me to move on since he is that heartless.
He always bragged he can break up with someone, and be with someone the next day. I guess he wasn’t lying. But that means it’s only a matter of time before he breaks up with whore too. More tears fall, and I wish I broke up with him so I would not be feeling as bad. I don’t feel like doing shit except drinking.
I down the rest of my drink. Buzzed and more than drunk I try to snap myself out of it. He doesn’t deserve my tears anymore, and I’m on vacation from casting love spells to get space. I can’t cast spells when I’m in this state. I look like shit with my black hair tangled. I’ve never felt so shitty in my entire life. I do want to wake up feeling less shitty. I feel terrible and no amount of alcohol is going to make it go away. I can’t cast spells when I’m drunk so I decide to do it tomorrow. I need to be healed so I can function. None of this feeling sorry for myself bullshit. I say fuck it and make another drink even stronger than the first to knock me out. It does the trick, and then I’ll be done. I was on the couch watching television and then it was utter darkness.
I woke up the next morning. My head was pounding thanks to the drinks. But at least I can do magic now. I drink a potion to get rid of my headache, and get ready. Asshole was stupid for letting me go since I would have done anything for him. But oh well. His loss, and I hope he is happy with the dumb bitch stupid enough to fall for his shit. Time to go to the audition, move forward and find the love of my life. That vampire will be mine, and I’ll try to kill the girls trying to get in my way. I do a spell for heartbreak, and it helps me heal way faster. I can function enough to find love again. I will find someone on my level more, and that way I’ll be happier. I am so done beating myself up over it, and I should have ended things sooner.I also should not have given him money either. Or my time and attention with him talking about other girls, and telling me he is not trying to get me pregnant. Despite asshole betraying me for an ugly bitch I am hopeful though, and I need to find a spell to get the boys attention. I know how to attract vampires though, but first I need to nail the audition and land a spot on the show. I need that vampire because he might be my soulmate since he is always in my dreams. I wonder if he feels the same way…I had to find out.
I pick out an awesome outfit. My outfit that I kick ass in, and it’s one I love wearing since it has magical spells of attraction and luck sewn in. No one can resist me when I wear it since I am the goddess of love after all. The witch who can make people fall for each other whether they want them to or not. I told my assistant to help me manage the business if I win the audition. I love vampires, and they are better than witch men since they have centuries of practice ahead of them. I was excited too since it’s the first time I’ve been happy.
The first time I’ve smiled in a while too. It’s a long time coming. I deserve to have my chance at love. I deserve to move on from my happy ending. I deserve to be happy myself since I help people with love all the time. I know they will love me too. I have to meet Hyperion, and there is something about that vampire that I can’t let go. I know there is something there I can feel it like a longing I’ve never felt before. A connection that makes me want to be with him no matter what. I drive to call him mine even though I’ve only met him. I want him to take me, claim me, drink from me, and show me what I’ve been missing in my life.
I call the place to get the address, and put it in my car. My car has an auto drive feature and it’s awesome. I’ve been weaving spells for people ever since I graduated from Witch school in love and revenge spells. I know my work. The way there had my nerves on edge and my heart pounding in my chest. I needed this. After the shit my ex did I deserve to be happy. I was just floored when I saw his familiar blue truck pass by my place of work, and he was with someone else. Another girl not even having the balls to tell me in the first place it was a fucking break up. He wasn’t coming back, and he should have told me too, and I shouldn’t have learned it second hand from his family. He just didn’t want to be a man and stand up to the plate. I was fucking faithful to him even when he went away for a year. We kept in touch, and I was still loyal. I cared about him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. We had issues, and if he gave me enough time we could have fucking worked out. We could have made the relationship work, and I wasted so much time with life passing me by waiting for him to come back when he wasn’t. Still…doesn’t matter anymore. He is now dead to me. I need to move on no matter how hard it is, and put it behind me. He is a douchebag who cheats and not tell the girl he is dating or supposedly dating they actually broke up. He did say sorry but it didn’t change my hatred for him, and he replaced me with someone ugly it’s a joke like he is. It was so sudden I wonder why I wasted all that time waiting for him to come back.
The area where the audition came up into view, and before I knew it the car stopped. My heart pounded since I was one step closer to seeing him, and hearing his voice. Thank god since I needed this distraction to take him off my mind. Thank god for the show since it saved me from one more drunken night depressed over an asshole not even worth my time. I strut my stuff and pick my head up. I needed it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way since a ton of women are here for the same reason I am. And some of the women as I get here, and see them are pretty. I know some recognize me since their eyes widen as they spot me. Probably thinking what is she doing here? Maybe but how am I going to compete with some of them? I have no idea, but I was willing to find out. The place was huge too like in a hotel place, and I get to the lobby there which was nice and even had a fire place. There was a red table and three creatures sitting in chairs behind it. The sign said Fur and Fang of Love audition registration. I knew them too. The one on the left is a witch, and she is the leader of a powerful coven of witches. The firestorm one. Red hair to her shoulders. Green eyes like magic fire. Pale skin. Emerald was her name. The middle is a vampire, and a female one. Carolyn, and she is one of the ones that can wield magic. She has long black hair, grey eyes, and pale. I also helped her chase her stalker away, and did a spell for her. Lastly, the one on the far right is a werewolf. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and she is a white wolf. Rayne, and I helped her find her mate since she was coming to me in order to find her true wolfmate. Her ex left her for an ugly pig, so she wanted my help to get over him. I was more than happy to help since that is what I love doing.
All of them had their eyes trained on me.
Carolyn looked at me, “Isis what are you doing here?”
“I’m trying out for the show..” I said.
She smiled, “Okay, I guess things didn’t work out with the asshole did they?”
I sighed, “Nope, and he didn’t even bother telling me it was a break up. He said time a part. I heard it was a break up from one of his family members, and later Saw him with an ugly skank. He didn’t even have the balls to tell me the truth, and I deserved better since he was a piece of shit.”
“He was always a loser, and take a number to fill out these forms.” she said. She handed me the forms and I got the number. The place smelled like chlorine some, probably had a pool nearby. I sit down at an empty chair, and I fill out everything. It’s tedious. Annoying. I do it anyway so I can be on the show to get over him. I need this. I had to nail the audition. Girl after girl is called even one with black hair, and grey eyes. I could tell she was different from all the rest too. She had something that no one else in the room had. An infinity to wolves, and she is a witch. Must be a hybrid or something. If she got in then she should be on my team. She had a smile on her lips as she left. Maybe she got in? I had no idea, and I wondered how many of the girls are here since they just got out of shitty relationships. I know I’m not the only one, but I’ll see soon enough. I just know that I had better get at least one spot.
“Isis…” Someone calls, and I’m excited.
I thank my lucky stars that my name is called. I follow the person. She led me to a makeshift door marked directors. The door opened and it led to a well lit room. A big table, and the producers of the show are sitting in chairs behind the desk. I knew the main person. It was Rockie, a handsome werewolf with his hands in one too many pots. It must be big for him to be involved. Dark hair, dark eyes, tan. He has a slight tilt in his eyes, and he looked straight at me shocked, “Well…Well…Well..Isis? What brings you here for the show since you are a powerful love spell witch?” he asked.
I smiled at him putting on the charm, “I want to meet Hyperion and forget about my wretched ex. Hyperion might be my vampire soulmate, and I want to see if it’s true or not. I want to find love this time for myself…True love. I still believe it exists.I’ve helped couples which means I deserve a chance at love too..”
He smiled, “You do and you will love the guys. Hyperion especially…The competition, the challenges, and it will be something to see competing with the queen of love..”
I smile, “Exactly it will be good to see who wins their hearts, and you can be sure I will help weed out the ones not here for them.”
I gave him the right answer, “Okay…You got a spot on the show just don’t tell the others. Filming will begin in a week and I’ll give you instructions just for you.” He said.
“Thanks.” I said.
“You’re welcome. Just win it, and this is my favor to you since you have helped us so much.” He said.
“See you guys soon!” I left after that.
I just had a week to get through. A week to pack up and join a crazy adventure. Just because it didn’t work well with one didn’t mean it didn’t work out with the other. I still wanted to give it a shot and go after the vampire even if I had to do it through other girls. No one can get in my way. No one. And I won’t stop till I have him, and that he is all mine. A few days later a letter comes in the mail and it told me what to pack. It even said to bring a laptop. Interesting and I do use them for business and setting up spells for love for all kinds of creatures. I even contact my personal assistant to help me manage the workload while I was gone. It’s going to be a wild ride to compete with girls. I do wonder what kind of challenges there will be and if we win then we can go on dates to get to know them. I am a strong competitor since I have pleased all kinds of men in my line of work. I went through the motions trying to function as much as possible. Soon as the days passed my bags were packed. Now it’s time to head to the mansion and meet the love of my life….