Deleted Scenes:

Here are the last of them before I go over the story again:   I see the shop just a street away. The rush comes to me like a calm wave. I long to feel the tingling rush of spells, and it makes living in the realm worth it since only certain types of magic […]

More cut scenes:

    I have been editing more and more today, and this is some of the scenes I had to cut because it makes the character unlikeable.   “Excuse me ma’am do you work here?”   “No I just wear the nametag and uniform to confuse you surprise it is my costume.”   The guy […]

So it begins…

I graduated school Monday, and I loved it! I had fun that day, and I even got a shirt. Since school is over until the end of August I will be working five days a week, and working on the ebooks too.    I also had an idea to have an awesome indie post featuring […]