Stop letting negativity and fear hurt your writing:


I used to let things get to me easily thanks to being bullied in elementary, high school, and middle school. I used to spend days filled with hate, anger, and wanting revenge towards those who bullied me. The day I found writing is the day it all stopped being bad, and my perspective on life changed. I wasted my life some thinking about the bullies instead of finding ways to help people like me. Writing allows me to reach out to people like me, and show them that they should not waste time with childish people. Writing is a refuge I use to make things better, and it made me have the power to take things into my own hands. It allows me to create worlds where extraordinary things happen, and where fantastical creatures exist. It helped me get over the negativity of my past by allowing me to use writing as a therapy. I wrote down the negative situations, and changed them to a better outcome. I follow authors on twitter, and it amazes me how they cope with negativity. I hope to be like them someday.
Another situation this time dealing with fear is I used to let the fear of people judging my work get in the way as well when I first started. I was afraid they would not like it, and that they would say mean things about it. I dealt with that by getting together emails of those close to me, and sending it to them. It worked so much that the fear is gone some. I know that people there will not like my work totally, but I think in order to be a writer you have to get over it. You have to not let it get in the way of writing.
The root of fear and negativity sometimes is success. The negative people who throw negativity at your work are probably jealous that they cannot make works of art like that. The reason why we fear something might be because we focus on that to have a reason to stop taking risks. I hope you liked reading this as much as I loved writing it. Go after your dreams and try not to let fear and negativity get in the way. Believe me if I can do it so can you.

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Fear Sucks!


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We all have felt fear before since it is a part of what stops us, and it can be what moves us forward. Fear of failing like not being able to complete my degree, and the fear of failing at becoming a successful author is a part of life. Putting a book out there is scary, and it is like standing in the middle of the street naked and exposed to the world. It is publishing a book for people to read and having them either liking it or hating it. I realize that once I publish the eBook that it won’t be mine it will belong to readers. Of course, I am willing to take that chance because I want to write full time no matter how hard it gets. Fear is a part of life, and one of the ways to combat it is to keep writing and never give up. It has been one of the reasons why I have not been writing as much because I am afraid of failing. I am afraid of showing people the vulnerable side because I have been bullied to the point where I have put up a wall. I’ll tear it down though, and channel it to writing. I have to get over it if I want to succeed anyway. It is scary putting yourself out there in your writing, but if you don’t try then you will have already failed. I used to be afraid of people thanks to being bullied so much, but thanks to the job I work at where I have to deal with people it is not as scary anymore. The world is not out to get me, and it has its ups and downs like anything else. It gave me the confidence I need to succeed in pitching my book to people, and I am finding the more I tell people the more I get them interested in my work. I know it never goes away completely, but it no longer cripples me the way it once did. I figured I am not the only one who goes through this, so I thought I would share a side to me the world has never seen before.
What do you fear? How did you overcome it?
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