Drama and novels

It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged because I’ve had a few things throw me off besides the usual school and work stuff. I’ve been back in school, and I dropped my Fashion Writing class because I only want the classes required for my degree and it was two very different writing styles. I made the […]

My First day at a University:

I had my first day at #VCU yesterday, and parking is a nightmare in the morning with the streets crowded with cars on both sides students going to and from classes. I found my first building class easily since there are signs leading to each building. I took a tour first of the buildings, and […]

VCU, working and Writing

I went to orientation last Tuesday to be introduced to VCU, and I got my ID now. My schedule is 5 classes two are online, and three are at VCU Tuesday and Thursdays. Not a bad schedule for the fall, and it is going to be my first semester at a University. I will talk […]

Improvisation can be used in retail:

I have been taking theater courses like Introduction to Theater and Improvisation which is a theater technique that allows you to practice in the moment. It has made me realize how it can be applied to working retail. It can be useful for putting everything your worried about on the backburner, and acting like problems […]

First Love Changes You

When you are in love for the first time it is an exhilarating experience, and your heart beats every time you see him or her.  You love the way they look, smell, act, and they love you back the same. Time stops every time you two kiss and touch saying the words, “I love you.” […]

Moving Forward

I have officially started a new semester at Tyler, and it will be my  second to last  semester. I graduate that Spring in May with an Associates of Science. I am transferring to VCU to major in Journalism and Minor in Creative Writing. This semester I have a poetry and a novel writing class, and […]