Scarlet Book 1 A Witchy Beginning Updates…..

I finished writing book 1 a few years ago, and then gave it to a few beta readers which was a huge wake up. I have the makings of a good story I just need to add in details and descriptions in the story. I need to make the characters more believable and make the […]

Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks is out!

It has been a long road, and this particular project is finally done. I loved how it turned out, and I could not be happier since I have a new cover artist I look forward to working with! I have my school stuff straight, and things are picking up! I did write a post about […]

Updates and another cut scene…

Unfortunately, the retail ebook is going to be delayed, and I should have the answer that I have been waiting for soon on when it will be done since the extensive editing is delayed. I have a month of school left, and after a certain time in May when my last exam is going to […]

It is finally here! #NaNoWriMo 2013

#NaNoWriMo is finally upon us, and I could not be happier since the novel I have been trying to get out is finally going to be finished by December 1st when it ends. I was going to do it last year, but things got in the way and I forgot why I did not do […]

Dark Tales of Vengeance is out!

I am happy to announce I have finally released an ebook, and it has been a few years since my first one. I love the cover,  and I am happy with the results. What is it about? Revenge comes in many forms, and in many ways. These are short stories about getting even with bullies, […]

Deleted Scenes:

Here are the last of them before I go over the story again:   I see the shop just a street away. The rush comes to me like a calm wave. I long to feel the tingling rush of spells, and it makes living in the realm worth it since only certain types of magic […]

More cut scenes:

    I have been editing more and more today, and this is some of the scenes I had to cut because it makes the character unlikeable.   “Excuse me ma’am do you work here?”   “No I just wear the nametag and uniform to confuse you surprise it is my costume.”   The guy […]

My Trip to the Mountains

I just got back Sunday from the mountains, and I stayed there for a few nights last weekend to escape work and writing. I saw some amazing view of the mountains when I go closer to the log cabin called Sweet Reunioun at Lydia Mountains. That is the log cabin I am staying at the […]