I am going ahead with getting an agent. I have the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents. I need to finish editing though. My powe went out, and it made me realize how much I depend on technology.

Book Writing..

 I finished a novel rough draft in December of 2010. You can guess what my new year resolution is: Finding a literary agent. I have a novel titled Blood Fire and Moon Watch. I am editing it, and adding things to it to make it more believeable. It is a tough thing to do when […]


It has been a while since I posted. I went to Alphretta Georgia to see relatives for the weekend. I went there to see relatives, and my boyfriend came with us. I went to a place in North Carolina called Bernie’s Barbaque, and it was a nice little dive. I also went to Cook Out […]

Writing and publishing…

I was hanging out with my boyfriend, and we got talking. The conversation led me to research self-publishing. I am talkative enough, and I doubt I need an agent right now. After I edit the work, and take it to be edited by others. I have decided to try with an E-Book to see what happens. It might […]

Private to Public Gone Wrong…

Private to Public Adjustment Went Wrong             I mirror wrote in the third grade. I had basically written the letters of the alphabet backwards instead of forwards. You could even take a mirror to my writing, and it would appear to be on the right side. It all started though when I moved from my […]


 I love writing because it is something I have wanted to do since the 5th grade. My first written novel was I put myself in the mummy returns. I have been writing ever since then. I have fun with it because it is like therapy. When I write i can rewrite history, and the stories […]