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Besides publish books I’m going to VCU to study Print/Online Journalism, and this is the page that will have all my journalism Articles.

This semester I’ll be writing for Capital News Service, and they report on the General Assembly and events around the Capitol.

Here are links to my clips:

Quiz on Virginia’s Emblems

An article I did on a bill that will allow blaze pink as a substitute for blaze orange during hunting season.

Some female hunters have sights set on pink camo

A law that will allow concession stands to sell cans of beer.

Law that will allow an original metal can

Schools can’t start before labor day the infamous Kings Dominion Law

School Calendar Law

An article I did with Jessica Nolte another Capital New Service Reporter about dueling gun rallies.

Dueling Gun Rallies

This is the blaze pink article when it first came out, and before it became a law.

Blaze Pink is the new Orange

The poll I went to that reported college prepares people for jobs.

Poll for College

Another poll I went to about workforce training.

Workforce training poll

The third poll I went to that said to treat Heroin users and don’t drug them.

Treat, don’t jail drug users

The fourth poll article that said college is more effective then high school.

College is more effective

An article I did on the Trump travel ban, and Virginia General Mark Herring vows to fight it.

Trump Travel Ban

Here is a link to my resume and clips in a pdf format:

My resume and portfolio link

For the last project for this semester I did a mini-project with Amelia Heymann one of my classmates for Capital News Service, and it was about the rise in alcohol sales for the ABC Store. Here are the links:

Here are the links and it was the most fun project to date so far:

Quite a bit, and then I’ll be taking iPad Journals during the Fall, and I’ll post them here:

Story 1:

Story 2:

Story 3:

Story 4:


Here is an article I did along with another journalism student, and it was published in The Commonwealth Times.



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