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From time to time I write poetry, and I will use this page to put on poems I have created from my classes or just cause I want to share them with the world.

The Boy I Love

Here I am hunched over another

He is sleeping peacefully without knowing anything is wrong

He is sleeping away and I am watching him breathe in and out

Slowly his chest is moving, and I am there lying beside him

My love for him is so deep not even the gods can break it

I love him and he is my world

It is because of him I know what love is like

We can laugh, and cry, and fight and still say I love you the next day

We can argue and vent to each other about our troubles without being judged at all

We know everything about each other yet there is always something new to learn about him

The way he sticks out and does not fit into society’s normalness

The fact that he has six piercings and loves to play with guns

He sleeps peacefully unaware of the devotion I have for him

Without him I would not be able to live

Without him life would not be living without my best friend

My loving caring boyfriend that loves me and treats me with respect

One who cares about me deeply no matter how crazy I act, and one who can deal with the insanity that comes with being a writer.

I love the man sleeping peacefully, and I will always love him no matter what.

For better or worse I know that no matter what happens he will always be there for me

Because I love him more than life itself and I know that the boy sleeping peacefully without a care in the world is the one there for me for life or until death takes me away.


Like a bad luck cat it waits.

The color of night.

No white at all.

Just solid.

Hunting in the moonlight with the inky sky and yellow moon shining brightly.

In the night sky overhead.

Underneath the starry night.

Waiting for a mouse to catch in its mouth.

A black hunting owl is in the willow tree

It sees the cat chasing the prey.

A guinea pig the color of coal is in a house stuck in a cage waiting for its owner to play

A spider waits in a cemetery with a nest and webs cover the headstones and

A black bat waits in a mausoleum

They love  to wait in the caves and the crypts for flies to eat

Waiting during the day

Hunting at night…

When the sun falls down into the ground

The bats spring to life.

They love to chase insects

Huge flies are what they love to feast on

During the dusk night creatures come out

Zombies come out of their spots waiting to devour people that wander by

Ghouls come out to eat the stray ones left behind ones that wander too close to the flesh eater

Vampires wake from their coffins

Witches fly on midnight brooms

Darkness takes over blocking the sun.

As the last of the rays fade

The creatures come out into the night to wreak havoc on people

Mansions are vampires place to live

Werewolves turn on the full moon and run around screaming into the night

Chasing prey with two feet instead of four

Asylums are pitch black when no one is gone

Empty…Alone…Insanity resides.

Waiting to take a persons mind to places that are not allowed waiting to swallow them up.

Never the energy or thoughts

It waits to swallow you whole

It waits to tear you apart.

It waits to rip you into pieces

It waits because you let him out

You summoned it

You made it real

It wears a black cape and fangs so sharp it can tear through anything

Destruction is what it can and loves to commit

It loves the dark and revels in it

That is all it loves to do

Which is why I love the color black and the creatures that reside in the dark.

Customers look Down on Workers:

I dream of getting out of retail

I hate some of the people who shop there because of their attitudes.

I hate the customers that don’t have to work at all since they make enough money from their spouses.

The ones are the ones who have no idea that calling an associate by beckoning them like a dog is not the way to get their attention.

They treat the workers badly by not giving them the respect they deserve

They treat us like we are their slaves not human beings.

Like we are stupid and cannot understand them when they gesture to us like a three year old.

Like we dropped out of high school to have kids and that is why we work there with no life, and our life is meaningless.

That we are only put there to serve them.

I graduated high school

Right now almost finished with a two year degree

Yet they still treat us like we are dumb.

They gesture to me when they want my attention like they cannot be bothered to talk to a retail worker.

When they want us to find them something then I exist they get on their knees to my height and talk to me like a three year old making me think that customers are the idiots that assume I am a child

As if I am a 3 year old…

As if they think I have a low IQ and did not go to college

Some of the workers like me do go to college or are going to high school

Some of us are trying to get by or have cars to pay off.

Some have kids and are going through nursing programs at a community college or trade school

Why do they treat us so horribly?

We are smart not dumb

They will never understand how they treat us unless they have been in our shoes

They attack us for not helping them when we try our best to please them or find out what they want.

Get us in trouble for the stupidest things ever

I hate it getting in trouble just because I had no idea where a sports bra was when it was not my area.

I hate them the customers that get you for every stupid thing one glaring at me to ring them up when I had a customer

Some are impatient little kids

A guy got mad because I was helping one of the nice customers out with a purchase and he was an ass too

Their attitudes towards employees looking down on us for working there and making money

Some mad because we don’t break the rules for their stupid cheap watches fixing them when we are not allowed and get in serious trouble if it were to break.

Asking things like: Do you understand what I am talking about?

Or, “I don’t think you understand me.”

Duh you moron…I understand perfectly well the words coming out of your mouth.

Would you like me to speak Spanish the next time you idiots ask that?

The people’s eyes downcast towards us like we should be ashamed for working there when the economy sucks.

A rich area full of people who get what they want no matter what even if they have to make you lose your job to get what they want.

The will fuss up a storm, and get the damn manager on you

Or tell you, “You did it wrong.”  In a rude way like you’re a dog that pooped in their yard.

Not understanding we are not slaves, servants, or dogs to be ordered around we are people and we deserved to be treated that way.

The Scream

I always wondered why he is screaming like he is in terror or feeling insanity.

Driven by the insanity of his mind? I know how he is feeling especially when I work jewelry and phones at the same time.

Driven crazy by the thoughts that plagued his soul?

I can relate to that since my mind never stops at all..

The writing gene drives my thoughts crazy like the way he expresses himself.

People see him in the background but do nothing like the sheep they are..

They stare when he screams in terror.

I wonder still why.

A picture with a sunset on the background

Crimson like blood

Trace of orange evident in the picture like a bright roaring fire in a living room.

Overlooking a swirling lake on a dock…

He wore a black shirt like a funeral shroud screaming for his life?

Maybe he ended up in a mental hospital in the end?

A supernatural force chases him waiting to take his soul.

He could even be screaming thanks to burning on the inside.

In anguish and anger with despair and anxiety plaguing his mind

The passersby look on not realizing how he feels

All the pain that is terrorizing him day after day

He could have become homeless with nowhere to go

He could have seen a spirit that wishes vengeance on his life.

A moment of hopelessness and despair witnessed only by himself

Is it a really desperate situation that led him to howl in pain car gone, home gone, and broke?

Anguish set in, and despair takes over there is nothing left for him now making him with for a quick death.

There could be a hit man after him

Something chasing him a nightmare not a dream

A force, or a ghost that wants vengeance

It could be anything making him howl like his skin boiling on the outside.

Making him freak and scream for his life in terror while the innocent town people do nothing to ease his pain.

It could just be himself worrying for no reason like I do about this and that…

It could be everything and nothing.

Why is he doing that howling like that did he see a flesh eating zombie rotting from the outside?

What made him do that maybe he drank too much?

I work retail and write.

I feel like him sometimes when my mind is driving me too crazy to sleep.

Insanity though is one of the traits of a writer, and I can relate to the poem in that way.

All poems are owned and copyrighted by Jessica Samuels.

Copyright 2012 by: Jessica Samuels

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So Sorry

So sorry it came true.

So sorry it came out.

So sorry it was there.

So sorry I told him.

So sorry it was raining.

So sorry you got sad.

So sorry your rep was ruined.

So sorry he hates you.

So sorry they left you.

So sorry they abandoned you.

So sorry they think you’re a slut.

So sorry  you think you’re better than everyone else.

So sorry you left your backstabbing friends  

So sorry you abandoned them.

So sorry your family screwed up.

So sorry about so many things.

So sorry you’re a wimp

So sorry your giving up because you have cancer.

So sorry you pick on people because you have low self-esteem.

So sorry it is not my problem it is yours

So sorry I feel for a pathetic waste of space like you.

Stronger girl

There is a girl I know.

She is not strong.

It will show.

She gets depressed.

So the memory is repressed.

Her boyfriend’s best friend died.

She wants to hide.

She is on the verge of suicide.

She cries.

She hides.

She should get stronger.

Not fall apart.

The wounds will be gone.

She is now strong.



The pain I always feel thanks to the enemy.

The scars that never heal since the war took you away.

The days I waste away waiting for you to come back.

The lives that are destroyed thanks to the enemy.

The hearts that are toyed with as loved ones wait

To see if the enemy takes away their life.

The sanity that is gone from the war heroes fighting in the war.

The lies that are always there telling people to fight.

This world is bad since it went to war.

People are always killed by the guns from the other side.

Blood is always spilled by enemy lines.

The fear is thicker than air in this war zone.

Bodies are lying there.

It hurts people every day takes them away

It bleeds people who fight for the war

It makes you very sad.

To see this world that is always bad.

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