Contact Me…

If you have any questions about my books or about self-publishing then just contact me at jdsamuels25(at)yahoo(dot)com. I check my email daily so I will get back to you within a day or sooner depending on the time of day.

Here are my other links as well since I know I want people to reach me on social media too. I swear I’m totally people friendly!

Facebook Fanpage:

Twitter: Jdsamuels25 and it is also my Instagram user account name too!





The Facebook Group to discuss my books and ask me questions about them:


Here is a link if you want to donate to my Paypal if you like what you see:

My Authortube channel:

Jess Eats:
My MRE review, food challenge and restaurant review channel!
Jess plays! My video game gameplay/ commentary where I play games and even talk about them.

Discord: Wolfdreamer25#0802

Instagram: @jdsamuels25

Snapchat: @jdsamuels25

Free Book on Instafreebie!

T-Shirts link:






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