Why is society not that accepting??


I had an interesting day today after going to two libraries to look for cool publishing books, and writing books. I did not find any conceal carry books either at the library. That sucked, but online they have it. I also learned how to deal with situations like what to do if you get pulled over, and you have a gun in the car. I had a few questions to a few people about superheroes, and talked to them about Hit Girl in Kick Ass like if she tried to do that in real life would she get caught? It turned out a yes, but apparently I am now labeled as “Crazy” just because I asked a few serious questions about the things that would happen if the superhero world was real. I did not know society frowns about that, and asking questions in that area. What happened to imagination these days? Or is it once you get older you lose that what if thing, and you just live in the real world. I guess that is what I get for asking a perfectly reasonable question in my opinion, and I end up getting labeled as crazy for being a writer. Oh well not to self do not ask people those questions.  



It has been a while since I posted. I went to Alphretta Georgia to see relatives for the weekend. I went there to see relatives, and my boyfriend came with us. I went to a place in North Carolina called Bernie’s Barbaque, and it was a nice little dive. I also went to Cook Out which is kind of like Five Guys and I heard we are getting one in Richmond which is great. I have also planned to get the Guide to Literary Agents in my quest to become a published author. I also need an Ipod touch to blog on the go as well. That is all for now.

The Southern women’s convention and fun..


Today, I had fun at the Southern womens show. It had all kinds of vendors there, and there were samples galore I wound up with a whole bag of goodies as well. It made being a woman a very good thing to be there were make-up booths, food ones, jewelry, clothes, hair booths too. It was at the sme place where the galactic beadshow was.
I went to Feathernesters for lunch which was a unique place to dine at. Once you go in the store you think is this a restaurant or an antique shop because that is all you see. The farther you go in the more you realize it is a restaurant the menu is very simple, but tasty and good. The place is in Lakeview richmond.
I explored the area and found a consignment place and a store called Memory Records where you can find actual vinyl records. There was even a place called Umami tea and coffee shop in the are which had a wide collection of teas and coffees. Overall it was a good day exploring and trying foods.

Writing and publishing…


I was hanging out with my boyfriend, and we got talking. The conversation led me to research self-publishing. I am talkative enough, and I doubt I need an agent right now. After I edit the work, and take it to be edited by others. I have decided to try with an E-Book to see what happens. It might lead to other publishers noticing my work, and I still have a ways to go though before I get my  novel published. I just hope I do good with getting on track.

Private to Public Gone Wrong…

Private to Public Adjustment Went Wrong
            I mirror wrote in the third grade. I had basically written the letters of the alphabet backwards instead of forwards. You could even take a mirror to my writing, and it would appear to be on the right side. It all started though when I moved from my old neighborhood to a new one.
I went to a school in the west end from Kindergarten to Second grade. The school was a private Jewish school called Rudlin Torah Academy. I had to move though when I got to the third grade because my mom could not afford to send me there anymore.
We moved from an apartment in Lamplighter Drive in the county of Richmond, and switched to a cottage two story house on Pursuit in the suburbs of Chesterfield. When I got to public school though it did not take me long in the school year to discover I had issues besides worrying about making new friends. The school was way bigger then my old one, and unlike private school where we had private instruction.  The public school that I went to however had more students which means barely any instruction time with the teacher privately. The lunches were different as well like we bought lunch instead of packed it. The private school had half of my classes in Hebrew which is the Jewish alphabet and half were in English. I wrote right to left instead of left to right.
I was the shortest kid in my class on top of that, and like all kids I was scared when I first started out the school year, and it took time to adjust going from private to public school. I went to class nervous only to find the kids in my class nicer then I thought as well as the teacher. Those were the least of my problems though. Soon I would get news that would lead me to my issues that were a turning point in my life.
I had to have testing done a few days into school to see if I had any issues with learning, and the test proved I had Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It even showed that I had Dyslexia when it came to math because I would switch numbers, and sometimes my mind would play games on me like I thought the answer was sixty four when it was actually forty-six.  A situation also happened to me in public school during the year that revealed I had been writing backward. I would write my letters in the wrong way mirror writing instead of the correct way like everyone else. I had to go to Riverside which is a school for special students that needed individual help on certain subjects I went there for writing and math. I went there for a few weeks, and after a while taking those lessons improved my writing until I wrote the correct ways.
After finding out my issues it was hard for me to adjust. I sat through class doodling instead of paying attention. My teacher would get frustrated with me saying, “Jessica would sit there all day instead of doing her work. She is difficult to work with.” I had just started out at a public school, so maybe she could have given me time to adjust. I had to go to a psychologist to see if I had any mental issues in learning. I was put on Ritalin to help me pay attention in school to see if that would help, but it made me have headaches and I would stay up on it. The second drug did the same, so drugs would not help at all. The second psychologist I saw did not help either instead his answer was, “Jessica is Bi-Polar and needs to be put on medication.”  My mom’s friend looked at me instead and said, “There is nothing wrong with her, and she is not Bi-Polar.”    
It seemed like my third grade teacher was a bad teacher she acted like she did not care about me struggling, and she did not help me out at all it was hard for me that year in school. I failed the third grade that year crying because I had to start that year all over again.  I saw her one day wishing I could say thank you for making me fail, but I will show her that I was better off without her help.
I sometimes wish I was still able to go to private school because I loved being in an environment where I was the same religion as everyone else. That was also hard on me knowing the people in my class were not the same religion. I think about my life wondering what would have happened to me if I had stayed going to private school because of all the adjustments I had to face. All this happened because I went from public to private school, and I still have the psychological report that was done on me. I read it once and a while laughing because I have come a long way from all that.
The second year of third grade was better because I was finally put in special education. I got the help that I need with a good teacher that knew how to handle me. I laugh seeing that old report. Later down the line I wrote my first full novel called The Adventurer which was basically me in The Mummy Returns. I continued with special education for math all the way until I graduated high school. I always write my letter the correct way, but I still have those old notebooks that had my letters backwards.
I overcame my issues to go on, and become a really talented writer capable of producing page and page of writing within minutes. That was a special moment for me in my life when I moved from private to public because of all the adjustments and challenges I had to face. I tested my character in a way because I moved to a new school, neighborhood, and house. I had to make new friends, and deal with going to a public school with children of a different religion. I even had a few disabilities to deal with as well. It was a turning point for me in my life, and one that made me realize I wanted to be a writer later down the line as I overcame my challenges. I have now proved to the third grade teacher that I am not just a kid daydreaming in her class and not paying attention.  I made the point when I produced a novel really good, and I am going to prove to the world that I was meant to be one when my book is on the shelves of Barnes N Noble. It will prove I have the strength to face even more challenges then I did the first year of going from public to private school.     

To all the Short People out there…


      I am only 4”8 which is not that tall to some people. To most people I look like a child. I am not complaining though being short has its advantages. I thought that I was too weak at one point. I thought that it was easy for a taller person to easily hurt me, and that I was too weak to do real damage. That is not the case though.
       You see I can easily hide under a table, locker, or a small space that taller people will have trouble getting towhich is a good advantage. Plus, aiming for the knee caps of taller people is very easy, and putting them in a headlock is easy if you get picked up by a taller person, and can get to their throat without them pushing you off.
        I also target shoot in my spare time, and that is my way of leveling the playing field if you will. I have learned to utilize my surroundings, and finding  objects to stand on if I cannot reach the object I am trying to get. Having a boyfriend that is 6”3 helps me to reach things that I  normally cannot get down unless I stand on something. I have to sit on things when I am driving, so I can see over the steering wheel. I would not have it any other way though because that is who I am. People have called me a midget, troll, gremlin, short, and little.
        I used to let it get to me, but I do not anymore. I had to take shots as a child because my growth hormone stopped working. Me being short is not my fault either because it is genetics, and then I stopped taking the shots because it just was not worth it to go through the pain in order to be taller. It is not worth it trying to be someone that I am not. If it was not for the shots I would be 4”2, and now I laugh whenever someone confuses me for a child. You cannot change who you are, and you should not have to either. Being short is more good then bad, and I honestly would take being short rather then being tall. 



 I love writing because it is something I have wanted to do since the 5th grade. My first written novel was I put myself in the mummy returns. I have been writing ever since then. I have fun with it because it is like therapy. When I write i can rewrite history, and the stories I have written about vampires and werewolves are cool. i am hoping to get them published to reach out to people like me. I want to entertain people with it as well.

Video Games..


 I love playing them I could play them all day, and for hours on end. An idea struck me one day that there are no guides for new gamers that tell about the systems, their controllers, and games. Maybe they need to be explained more I wrote a paper on the various systems with short paragraphs on each. I was thinking of expanding it more. That idea might work.