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22 Things I do whenever I Procrastinate..

1. Daydream2. Write3. Video games4. Go on addicting Websites5. Read6. Everything but the thing I am supposed to do.7. Think about something other then the thing I have to do.8. Watch people and thank god I am not getting beat… Read More ›

My events…

I have been offline for a while because of school. I have finals on the 10, and have been studying for them. After the finals I will have time to straighten up my room, and write more now. I am going back… Read More ›


I am going ahead with getting an agent. I have the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents. I need to finish editing though. My powe went out, and it made me realize how much I depend on technology.


It has been a while since I posted. I went to Alphretta Georgia to see relatives for the weekend. I went there to see relatives, and my boyfriend came with us. I went to a place in North Carolina called… Read More ›