Writing a Serial for the first time…



I have wanted to try out this style for a while since I heard it’s basically like releasing episodes one at a time. I also have a project I can use it with, and I don’t want to publish on amazon at first. I’ll be publishing it to sites like my blogs, Wattpad, Radish, and others. It will be an interesting experiment to try too. I have been thinking about it for a while, and it’s something that I think would be fun doing. And while writing these stories I have discovered more stories to tell in the future of which I have written down for later. It’s fun going through the girls stories, and why they want to win Hyperion and Zephyr’s heart. Their pasts even come into play during the show, and these challenges are unlike any other, of course, it will be hard to come up with ones for everything. The first thing I am going to release is the girls stories. They are different creatures and come from different backgrounds. It’s a mix, and I’ll be able to show people different relationship stories that ended. I already have the cover for it too, and I’ll use it when I post new stories. I have finished a few, and I just need to type them up. Writing by hand helps keep the juices flowing, and it’s easy to finish once I sit down and get started. It’s also a new format to learn, and maybe if I like it I can continue to do it. I will definitely post my progress on my blog since I want to show people the process. I did base it off shows like Rock of Love, Flavor of love, Real Chance of love, and even The Bachelor. I am going to release the girls stories as I work on them to this blog, and I even got the cover. And hopefully when the girls stories are done I can release the episodes till it’s done, and then make a paperback out of it. It will be exclusively on Amazon for 90 days, and if there aren’t too many page reads I can release it wide. After writing for a while, and reading blogs/being in author Facebook groups you kind of get a feel for what to do. And I will be New York bound soon, and I’ll blog about it and take pictures. It will be fun to escape for a while, and I’ll be able to write and read on the way to and from New York! It will be an adventure since I’ve never been there!

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How to Survive a Break up!


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It’s time for another post like this since I’m single now, and it sucked with the way it ended. It had to be done though, and I don’t regret it at all since it means there is someone better for me out there. Everyone goes through break ups, and if you are too then trust me it will get better! Even if the dude tries his best to send you mean comments, and be pathetic enough to put someone new in your face don’t let it bother you.
Here are my tips for survival!
Crying about it for sometime is normal since if you loved the person it’s best to let your emotions out.
Talk with friends since it helps, and they can see the bigger picture better than you. I was in a shitty relationship, and my friends helped me through it and to see things more clearly. I did the breaking up which helped me more since I was the one who ended it. He wasn’t a good fit for me, and it was hard since I loved him. But after he pushed me I had to end it to keep myself from becoming more miserable since it was the second time. He also promised he won’t do it again.
Don’t blame yourself either since it wasn’t your fault, and don’t let the person make you feel guilty especially if it wasn’t your fault.
Have a drink and enjoy yourself, and don’t overdo it either since you will regret it in the morning,
Hang out with people you haven’t seen in a while, and have fun! Kick back and relax and enjoy the fact that you can do whatever you want.
See a movie, read a book, binge watch shows on Netflix since now you have the time to have fun.
Do something creative to take your mind off things, and in my case it’s concentrate on my writing, reading books, and blogging. Even filming some Youtube videos.
Throw out or give away everything of your exes, and don’t look back. If you still have each other’s shit then get someone else to get it for you. Don’t have him come to your house.
Block him on everything since you don’t want to have him mess everything up by trying to contact you. He will try shit like he is sorry, and put notes on your car to do it, but ignore it. Hence why he should be blocked on everything.
Keep busy, and that means pick up extra hours if work allows it, and don’t dwell on it. Be so busy you don’t have time to think about it. The hours will seem slow which is why you keep busy.
Things will get better with time and never rush into a relationship either. Wait until you heal to get back into another.
Take a shower to clear your mind, take a relaxing bath, and in the end you will be better off for it. Things happen for a reason, and break ups mean a new start. Time to focus on you, and that someone better is just around the corner.

Writing Updates!



Happy October by the way, and it’s my favorite month since I turn 28 this week. It’s hard to believe I’m that old at times. I graduated college in December, and got a full time job it’s retail though. Still something and it can take time for my books to take off and even find a better career. I hope to release the first Scarlet book by the end of the month, and it’s close to being done. Just need to put some details in, and in doing so book 2 has to be reworked. The Killer Contract Agency is introduced in book 1 now, and stuff will be explained more in book 2. I also have more plans for other series in the works, and I want to write books for the rest of my life. I have finally came closer to finishing then I have in a while, and I hope to publish more books. Besides books I also play video games and record gameplay for them too. I love video games. I play role playing games, horror, simulation, and even hidden object ones.

I created a Discord account, Twitch, Mixer, and I’m trying to publish more MRE videos on my Author channel. Here are all the links:
Twitter: @jdsamuels25
Facebook Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/authorjessicasamuels
The Facebook Group to discuss my books and ask me questions about them: on.fb.me/1QgNlWc
My Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn2LUoqPcFHmkV3pQFVFFDQ
My game channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI3Ymy1sVC1SYeRYvalbJWQ
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/wolfdreamer25
Mixer: https://mixer.com/Wolfdreamer25
Discord: Wolfdreamer25#0802

10 Things You Only Get To Enjoy In October


Happy Halloween. Jack o lantern pumpkin with candles, bowl, witc

October is definitely a spooky time!
It’s finally here and Halloween is right around the corner. October is the month of Halloween where people dress up in costumes and go trick or treat. Kids knock on doors and get candy from strangers, and there are a ton of horror movies to watch on TV. Here are ten things to do in October!
1.Go on a hayride especially in October and even go on a haunted one to be scared out of your pants.
2.Go to a bonfire and sit around the campfire telling scary stories.
3. Carve a pumpkin.
4. Watch nothing but horror movies!
5. Go to a haunted house in an amusement park.
6. Read horror novels to celebrate the month.
7. Plan a costume for Halloween.
8. To get in the spirit go to Halloween stores and get decorations for your house.
9. Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer to celebrate!
10. Cook spooky treats!

The Predator 2018 Movie Review



I went and saw The Predator yesterday, and I loved the movie. It’s good since it gave the old school feel to it. It also had The Predators real motivations on why they came to earth too. I saw Alien VS Predator already, and knew they enjoyed hunting the Xenomorphs as a form of proving they were great warriors. I also saw Predator VS Alien Requiem too when they took the fight to earth wiping out the species. This new one stars Quinn McKenna played by Boyd Holbrook, and he is on a mission in Mexico where he collides with the Alien, and the government tries to cover it up but he manages to send a few pieces back to his wife and son. His son is a genius and figures out how to activate the alien technology, and it becomes a fight to rescue the son. It had gore, action, and it was funny! I loved the ending since it teases the sequel, and a new technology to help win against the predators. It’s one of a kind and I loved every minute of it. There was action and a lot of gore. I definitely recommend it, and if you have seen it what did you think of it?



Twisted Gift By Jessi Elliott Cover Reveal


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Being the new leader of the light fae really puts a dent in your post-grad plans.

Aurora, once a snarky business major, struggles to adjust to fae life—and the diet of human energy that comes with it. A change made worse by the overwhelming ability to feel the emotions of everyone around her, especially when she can barely manage her own.

Agreeing to work with her dark fae counterpart, Tristan, in an attempt to bring peace between their people is a painful reminder of how strong they are together. Even still, Aurora fights the urge to keep her distance. She needs to be sure what she feels for him is real, and not a result of the former light fae leader’s manipulation as a part of his plan to eliminate Tristan.

Aurora thought she’d encountered the worst thing since early morning lectures when she stumbled into the world of the fae. She’s about to find out that they may not be the most twisted creatures out there.

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