15 Interesting Moments Of Resident Evil 7



Welcome to an immersive and scary game unlike any other….

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard was groundbreaking since it was in the first person, and you can even play it in virtual reality too. It’s dark with an eerie setting, and the atmosphere is creepy. 

It took a day of playing it to beat the game, and a few of the times a strategy guide was my best friend to help find out what to do next. Play it in the dark with the sound up, and you will be immersed in a world full of horror. Here are 15 of the best moments of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

1.When the wife goes crazy and attacks Ethan. Ethan finally found his wife, but then she loses it and goes after him instead. It was a scary and intense battle.

  1. Learning the Baker family has lost their minds especially when it looks like they are eating people. Ew.
  2. Daddy Jack comes back just when you think he is dead he comes back to life scaring you.
  3. Jack is defeated in an intense battle again, and you can roam the main house without the fear of being attacked.
  4. The Molded creatures seem to come out of nowhere and jump on you when you least expect it.

6.Old lady Grandma shows up in random places and stares at you when you are going the right way.

7.Random flashbacks happen at the end reminding you of the crazy beginning. The telephone also rings at random times in the game to tell you stuff moving forward.

  1. Random puzzles needed to be completed to move into different rooms. Wood figure needed to have the shadow match the picture. You need to get items to complete the burner and the serum for the cure.

9.The little girl hums a creepy tune and shows up to scare you when you least expect it.

10.The bosses are hard to beat at times, and they surprise you when you least expect it. Also intense and scary.

11.Finding tapes and playing them which makes you part of the scene. And finding out it was all Mia’s fault.

  1. Watching the story reveal itself as time goes on, and exploring different areas that are creepy and immersive.
  2. Using medkits that heal your wounds by splashing it on your hands.
  3. Reading notes about the virus and what happened to the missing people as the story goes on.
  4. Seeing the final ending and being amazed at how it all ended.

I loved the immersive world and the graphics were awesome. It was a good but creepy game to play in the dark. The story was full of jump scares and puzzles with someone chasing after you forcing you to hide at certain points. Overall a good game for survival horror fans.

Self-doubt is not cool!

Every writer deals with it, and it does not matter whether you are published or unpublished. Traditional or self published, or Indie published either, and it will always be there. In a dark part of your brain. The times where everything is good, and it rears its ugly head to tell you things to tear your heart to shredded bloody pieces. I feel like taking an imaginary shotgun, and blowing it to pieces.
If I do that maybe it will go away. Unforunately self doubt is not a person, so there is no harming it. There are ways to combat it though, and the main thing is to not let it get to you.

Sometimes if self-doubt strikes I read a book. I let the book distract me, and it keeps my mind on the book. Not the current WIP I am struggling with. I then proceed to spend my time typing, and working on other work. It helps to keep busy if you have any negative emotion. I hate it when it happens though because it can get you down quickly. It can make you stop writing, and give up when you have so much to say that letting it get in the way seems stupid. Push on though with whatever you are doing because that is a way to let it go.

You can also try these methods:
  • ·      Meditation helps because it allows you to stop thinking, and just be at peace.
  • ·      Aromatherapy helps too because certain oils can make it go away. It can help you relax, and combined with candles and a bath a good combination too make you feel better.
  • ·      Taking a walk can help to clear your mind, and you can repeat affirmations that can help you get back to where you were before the doubts creep in.
  • ·      Video games can help too since you can smash your self doubts to pieces if you play a violent video game that lets you shoot up things.
  • ·      Eat or sleep it off since taking a break to do that can help you out too.

Any other tips you guys have to share about conquering self-doubt?
Until next time,

Tour of Shadowmayne


This is part of a prompt I did in creative writing class. It is all one sentence, and I did a tour of Shadowmayne which is the city the Lady Black series is in.

The day is a pretty Friday night, in a town called Shadowmayne, clubs are filled with people, streets are busy with cars and more people, restaurants are busy, I walk the streets looking for danger, 38’s by my side to keep me and my dog safe from criminals, dressed in all black, eyes alert for danger, but I seem to be running into drunk people left and right, busy as usual, teens fill the place, families with children,
I go to the movie theater and mall with people crowding the place like jam packed sardines, my mind wanders to the xbox 360 game Dead Rising, the mall scene only no survivors instead they are all zombies, 

I look at the many stores Smoke by my side, Gothic R Us, Novelty Goodies, Books r awesome, Video Games Rule, Face Shop, Tweens Shop, Makeup Boutique, Beach Babes, Preps R Us, Skater Shop, Cool guys Rule, a knife and gun shop all filled with zombies, I mean people, it is all easy to imagine this as a Dead Rising game, I could break into the sword shop, and pull out a ketana, then I will have fun slicing and dicing all the zombies; I will even use a frying pan, a baseball bat, and more guns and bullets then the army allows, I have no idea why I thought of it.   

That is it, and I hope you enjoy it. The reason why I have not been posting often is because I have a job. It keeps me busy, and school does as well. I will post more once I have everything worked out, and once I get used to the schedule. I still hope I will be read by people even if I do not post as often as I used to.

Until next time,


Intro to new blog review topics..


Hi Guys and Girls,
This blog is for my favorite tv shows, movies, and video games as well as writing. Besides writing I love playing video games, watching television shows and movies. I will only review my favorites the ones I can watch or play everyday. The video games I can play over and over without getting bored. The shows I am excited to watch ever week night. The movies I watch every time they come on. Unforgettable ones that make me think. I will be doing this whenever I have a chance, or went to the movies. I will be doing more when I get an Xbox 360 as well.

These are the video game systems I have:

  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 2
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation Portable
  • PC
  • Nintendo Ds  

That is all for now, and until next time.

I might be doing video game and online game reviews..


 I love video games, and I want to do a review on some of my favorite ones. The types of games I play are role-playing, hidden object, online role playing, first person shooters, and a few strategy games. I have been playing video games since the nintendo came out which is the first system I played on when I was little.
    I also play games on these consoles: Xbox 360, playstation 2, playstation 3. PC, Playstation portable, and  Nintendo DS. I will be talking about the kind of games I could play over and over again.

Have a nice day,


Duke Nukem Forever Review


       http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=thewridre-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=B002I0HAC6&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifrI anxiously waited to play this game when I realized another Duke Nukem game was coming out. I  previously played  the original Atomic Duke Nukem 3d when it was on DOS. I thought the characters were good, and I loved the weapons. I mostly loved the attitude, and the funny things Duke says.
        I just started playing Duke Nukem Forever a few days ago, and  I love it now more then I did the last one..This time the aliens are back impregnating women, and now it is up to Duke to stop them. From the aliens, to the guns, and everything in between. The critics however are being too brutal to the game. They do not like the graphics, okay the graphics are not as good as other games. The environment is 3D not 2D, and it looks more real. The graphics engine used made the game more spectacular. Duke Nukem 3d did not have good graphics back then either it was pixilated, so it is damn good compared to now.

       The game is a like a fun ride to go on, and there in nonstop action. The character is a smartass, and it is very fun to use the very weapons that made the original awesome. I love the game, and I will play it over and over again. It is that great of a game. The people who say otherwise as Duke Nukem would say, “Come get some.” with lines like that the game is funny, entertaining, and too awesome to stop playing. Play it, and you will see how cool it really is. I even got my boyfriends opinion on it. This is what he said about the game, “The game took elements from the 3d game years ago, and the fun of interacting with the environment like peeing or drinking a beer even small things like drawing on a dry erase board. The game is very funny I think just blasting away at the enemies is still a fun Duke Nukem thing. I think this is what fans of the franchise were dreaming of. Newbies to the Duke Nukem games just need to play with an open mind, and then they may see this game for what it truly is. A really good dream of a shooter  as the Duke would say.”
       There you go a fully interactive environment  makes the game even more wildly entertaining. Like sticking a rat in the microwave, and drinking, smoking, and the good thing is you can get more points for interacting in the form of points toward his ego. The ego recharges over time instead of using health packs. There are also various puzzles placed throughout the game like riding around on a car when your shrunk down to a ant. Places such as a strip club, a burger joint, a casino, and many more places that makes the game entertaining. The game is just amazing which is why I think the reviews Duke Nukem got were unfair, and it is now up to you to decide whether to get the game or not.

Tv Shows, Books, and Video Games oh my!


I have been staying away from the computer, and relaxing while watching mindless tv shows. I love the new teen wolf series on mtv. It was better then the classic movie. I watch Choppped a tv show where contestants compete to win 10,000 dollars. It is a very good show that comes on tuesdays at 10 on the food network.
Top Chef Master is always a favorite with chefs winning money for the charity, and competeing to win Top Chef masters, and 100,000 for their charity of choice.
The Next Food Network star is also a show I watch, and contestants compete to win a show on the food network. I love the challenges they have to do.

The shows I watch are good, but I cannot wait for True Blood. Season 4 is the season with witches, and the book for 4 is called Dead To The World. I hope they follow the story line.
I am re-reading The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning, by Kelley Armstrong. The main character is Chloe Saunders who is a necromancer running away from the people that genetically altered her powers. I forgot how good it was until now.
 As for video games I am anxiously waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, and Elder Scrolls Skyrim.
Duke Nukem Forever takes place where the last Duke left off. The earth is once again taken over by Aliens, and it is up to Duke to kick ass and take names. I played the demo, and it was better then I imagined. The graphics are surreal, and very good. I saw some of the monsters like the pig cops who are better then the original. I even saw a baby octobrain, and the face suckers are done really well. I loved the guns like the shrink ray.  The shotguns are there as well as some of the classic Duke Nukem guns. If the demo was good then the game will be even more awesome.
Elder Scrolls Skyrim takes place after Oblivion. This time there are real dragons in the main story. You can dual weild magic and weapons which is a very cool feature. The trailers are awesome in describing what has changed about the game, and so much has been added to the game that I want it to come out now. There are weather changes, more spells, leveling up is different, and more characters. The graphics are way cooler this time around.