Keep Pushing Even When you want to stop!


I had issues when I was little that I could never complete my tasks, and that I would give up easily. I still struggle with the issue of giving up easily once in a while, but I can complete my tasks. I have improved on the trying something before giving up issue. I was bullied by people and in turn it made me feel like I was worthless, and that I could not do it. That I could not handle anything at all, and even if I try I would not be able to do it because of a relationship with a toxic person. He would jokingly call me names and put me down. He never told the truth either. He would tell me hurtful things, and honestly being rid of him was the happiest day ever.


Now I was finally free of a toxic relationship, but one issue was still present: He still left scars that affect me even to this day, and little by little I am building myself up. I am learning to try before saying I can’t do it, and thanks to the people around me being honest I now have people willing to help me. People who teach me that I can do it instead of can’t. If I did give up easily I would not have self-published, or even tried to. I would have seen the road, and gone. “Nope I cannot do it. It is too much work.” Instead I try to push myself even if I feel like giving up. I had to do a task that I thought was impossible like emptying a display with 4 sides of flip-flops. After it was emptied there was three baskets full. I was freaking out, but then I worked with a few co-workers on it, and I did it with their help.


I was ready to give up because I thought it was such an impossible task, but the people around me helped me see that I doubted myself way too early. I end up getting it finished, and little by little I am trying to change things from I can’t too I can. That is why I am having issues submitting my stuff because I think I can’t do it because of this or that when really I can…..


What about you? Have you ever felt that way about something? What did you do to overcome it?


Until next time,



Self-doubt is not cool!

Every writer deals with it, and it does not matter whether you are published or unpublished. Traditional or self published, or Indie published either, and it will always be there. In a dark part of your brain. The times where everything is good, and it rears its ugly head to tell you things to tear your heart to shredded bloody pieces. I feel like taking an imaginary shotgun, and blowing it to pieces.
If I do that maybe it will go away. Unforunately self doubt is not a person, so there is no harming it. There are ways to combat it though, and the main thing is to not let it get to you.

Sometimes if self-doubt strikes I read a book. I let the book distract me, and it keeps my mind on the book. Not the current WIP I am struggling with. I then proceed to spend my time typing, and working on other work. It helps to keep busy if you have any negative emotion. I hate it when it happens though because it can get you down quickly. It can make you stop writing, and give up when you have so much to say that letting it get in the way seems stupid. Push on though with whatever you are doing because that is a way to let it go.

You can also try these methods:
  • ·      Meditation helps because it allows you to stop thinking, and just be at peace.
  • ·      Aromatherapy helps too because certain oils can make it go away. It can help you relax, and combined with candles and a bath a good combination too make you feel better.
  • ·      Taking a walk can help to clear your mind, and you can repeat affirmations that can help you get back to where you were before the doubts creep in.
  • ·      Video games can help too since you can smash your self doubts to pieces if you play a violent video game that lets you shoot up things.
  • ·      Eat or sleep it off since taking a break to do that can help you out too.

Any other tips you guys have to share about conquering self-doubt?
Until next time,