Blogging…and new ebook release:


I have been reading blog posts tons of themlately on the subject of blogging..Posts such as:

Those are just some examples of the many postsgoing on about why writers should or should not blog. Some saying it is dead ora waste of time. Some think that you should not do it if you want to become abestseller. I love it personally. It is not a time waster for me since I loveto read and write.

I love talking about the challenges of being awriter. The late nights dealing with inner demons. The insanity that comes withhaving too many characters in my head. I need caffeine like any writer does towrite sometimes because I was up late the night before thinking a spider is inmy bed. I love all aspects of being a writer which is why I blog about it.

I use blogging to showcase my work, talk aboutthe writing progress and process, and talk about research topics for mywriting. I love using blogs to network and talk to people. As I have said workand school keep me busy. I still am working on balance though, and I know Ineed to blog more. Blogging is also a time consuming activity, but it is wellworth it.

What is your opinion on it? Why do you blog andwhy do you read others?

On another note my second ebook is out onSmashwords and Amazon. It is volume 1 of my poem collection titled The DarkSide of Human Nature. There are poems on hate, depression, anger, betrayal, andother dark subjects. I will have a volume 2 out, and it will be the opposite ofthe dark one, and feature the better side of human nature.

Here is the description for volume 1:

Death, betrayal, lies, abuse. Being controlledby someone you thought you loved. Bored and depressed with life. These arepoems about the darker emotions of human nature. A time to deal with numbness,and the hardship of life. When you read about the world through the eyes of aperson with thoughts this dark you will be happier with the life you have now.Of course there is always light, and hope for a better future to those thatwait for a new day!

And here is the link to it:

I priced it $2.99. I thought that will be a goodprice since it has tons of poems in it. I hope you enjoyed my post, and I willtry to blog more, and maybe see if I can blog on Mondays, Tuesdays, andThursdays.

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Reality of being a Writer..


       Being a writer is not always easy especially if you are starting out. There are so many new things to learn about like blogging, using the social networks called twitter, facebook,  learning how to network… The list goes on, and on. Some writers give up because it is so overwhelming, but the truth is the more you practice at it the better you get. Sometimes you stay up late at night wired on voltage, and head full of ideas. Sometimes you really do not feel like writing, and only reading which is okay.

The point to all the late night writing sometimes is publication, and the end result of finishing something. To me that is the ultimate goal with why I am writing getting published, and changing the world with my view. I have already completed a novel, and I am in the stages of editing. It took me 4 years off and on for  the rough draft of it. A lot of revisions I have to go through, and many more to go as of now. I am going to finish editing, and then after that I will type a query letter. The query letter is a letter to a literary agent, or publisher about your novel. You also have to worry about making the agent hooked enough to read. I have a pretty good idea of who I want to query. Research is another part of writing, and finding the agent to send your letter to.
      To all aspiring writers out there do not give up the dream of getting published, and having your book end up on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. That is all for now, and I will keep you updated as I try to get published.