20 Things to do on a Snow Day!

Snow is on the ground up to your boots and you can’t go to work since the roads are iced over. What is a person to do? Simple a lot can be done at this time since snow days are a perfect time to catch up on things, and here are 20 things to do […]

Updates and Mad Monday

I have been very busy with work and school so much that this is one of the only days I can get without going to work and school. It was my birthday on the 25th, and I am one year older now. And for my birthday I got an early birthday present..An Ipad 1st generation. […]

Tour of Shadowmayne

This is part of a prompt I did in creative writing class. It is all one sentence, and I did a tour of Shadowmayne which is the city the Lady Black series is in. The day is a pretty Friday night, in a town called Shadowmayne, clubs are filled with people, streets are busy with […]

Projects I am working on…

Firecall 1 and 2The Angels Choice Outline doneWitches, Psychic Vampires Oh My! 1 outline done and 2Wolf SoulScarlet Nightshade 1 and 2Soul SnatcherThose are the projects I have planned, but right now I am focusing on my first novel I have finished. I want to get that published first. I do have the outlines done, […]