Life and Ways to get over Heartbreak:



I finally got over the past completely yesterday. That is a huge accomplishment for me considering I used to torture myself over what could have happened, or what I should have done when I should be moving on. I should be focusing on the now like I am going to graduate in May then go to VCU. I will have an Associates and then go to VCU to get a Bachelors in Mass Communications in Journalism. It is exciting that I am graduating after 4 years. Of course there is still the planning to be done for next year like turning in my application. I am taking an Improvisation 1, Introduction to Theater, College Algebra, and a Stress and Stress Management course. I am still working on Killer Edits, Retail edits, and then making a paperback which I want to have done by next Fall or earlier.

I have to tell people that everyone goes through heartbreak, and when it comes to their first loves it is hard to get over it at first. I just recently got over all the times I was hurt period because of friends, exboyfriends you name it. I have been in a relationship for 3 years! Let me tell you the second time is better then the first since you now know what to expect.

Here are ten tips to dealing with heartbreak:

  1. Admit it is over and done with.
  2. Curse the guy or girl just let it out nothing is worse then holding it all in.
  3. Chocolate believe me your body will thank you.
  4. Exercise by running while listening to music.
  5. Get rid of everything they gave you because if you don’t then feelings will remain forcing you to not get over it as quickly.
  6. Don’t contact them because nothing makes things worse then trying to convince them to stay with you. I did that, and it hurt more then him punching me in the gut.
  7. Keep busy, hang with friends, and go to the mall. It gets you out of the house and makes you realize there is more fish in the sea.
  8. Take your time and let yourself feel things before moving on.
  9. It may hurt at first when you know they are married with a kid on the way in the future, but when you have someone better then them in every way. Well, you will not really care because there is a reason why you guys did not work out.
  10. If the relationship did not work out then it was not meant to be, and there is someone out there better for you to be with in the future. Good things maybe right around the corner.

Until next time,


Keep Pushing Even When you want to stop!


I had issues when I was little that I could never complete my tasks, and that I would give up easily. I still struggle with the issue of giving up easily once in a while, but I can complete my tasks. I have improved on the trying something before giving up issue. I was bullied by people and in turn it made me feel like I was worthless, and that I could not do it. That I could not handle anything at all, and even if I try I would not be able to do it because of a relationship with a toxic person. He would jokingly call me names and put me down. He never told the truth either. He would tell me hurtful things, and honestly being rid of him was the happiest day ever.


Now I was finally free of a toxic relationship, but one issue was still present: He still left scars that affect me even to this day, and little by little I am building myself up. I am learning to try before saying I can’t do it, and thanks to the people around me being honest I now have people willing to help me. People who teach me that I can do it instead of can’t. If I did give up easily I would not have self-published, or even tried to. I would have seen the road, and gone. “Nope I cannot do it. It is too much work.” Instead I try to push myself even if I feel like giving up. I had to do a task that I thought was impossible like emptying a display with 4 sides of flip-flops. After it was emptied there was three baskets full. I was freaking out, but then I worked with a few co-workers on it, and I did it with their help.


I was ready to give up because I thought it was such an impossible task, but the people around me helped me see that I doubted myself way too early. I end up getting it finished, and little by little I am trying to change things from I can’t too I can. That is why I am having issues submitting my stuff because I think I can’t do it because of this or that when really I can…..


What about you? Have you ever felt that way about something? What did you do to overcome it?


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Never give up, and climb mountains in Skyrim!

I just got the new game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and it is a good game too. You build your character as you go, and it has dragons. I played it for a few hours, and I got to a point where I had to climb a mountain. I tried to find my way around it, but to no avail. Finally I decided to jump up it, and it was no easy task. I found my way eventually. And sitting there trying and trying..I almost gave up on it, but I did not at all. I kept trying despite the odds. I kept going and going no matter how hard it was. It was trying all that, and more that I realized it was like writing.

A good writer is one who does not give up despite the odds, and one who will not quit no matter what. One who keeps trying and trying until they have an agent or publisher contract in their hands. Apply the desire to not give up to writing, and you just might find yourself in a very happy place. And just maybe you can climb that annoying mountain that seems to take forever to climb! 

Any thoughts on it?

Until Next time,