Why I Turned my Comments off!

I hate writing these but I have to say something to clear the air. My website was sent nasty comments by people saying I should stop writing and that I suck. And this and that they even went on like 3 paragraphs on everything I was bad at but honestly it doesn’t matter. The person or person’s behind it were people mad I left a certain group due to THEM being toxic not me. I deleted the comments on my blog so they took it to Twitter and I saw some bs so I deleted it cause honestly I don’t care. And then they did it again so I reported them and blocked another. I turned off comments here so they cannot say anything and even made my Tweets protected on Twitter and even closed my DMs. Like it is sad how they were trying to say I sucked and insulted me. Like I left the drama last year. None of it matters so I don’t know why they don’t wanna just move on. They claimed I was bitter yet they are acting that way. They said the friendship was one sided and they even asked if I bought friends which I didn’t. I’ve found people better then they are, and the streamer is so bitter even though I gifted like 526 sub’s to his channel. Like really? I left for a reason due to them treating me bad yet they tried to turn it on me instead of letting it go. Like I have a lot of plans and I don’t need their toxicity. I want to be left alone so I closed every way possible to show they don’t matter. They are not even grown ups and they act like children by getting fake accounts to bully me. The streamer said I was abusive for leaving yet here some of them are trying to be that way towards me. But honestly none of it matters. I’ll never let people stop me from writing books either. I don’t listen to people whose opinions don’t matter. People let this be a lesson to not let people bully you. I’ve found some amazing friends since then and people who treat me way better then I ever have been. Like I’ve never been happier. I’ll be doing more book reviews and even review some of the games I love to play the most. I love the fact I have awesome people as friends. And this drama is nothing cause I’ll still survive without them and I’m happier without their toxicity. Writers will always have people leaving bad reviews or other stuff. I wanted to make the post to clarify why I’m turning off posts for now especially when people attack you who have too much time on their hands. 2022 will be awesome! Love, Jess

Drama Never Ends!!

I thought that once I left high school the drama is gone forever none of this he said, she said stupidity. I was wrong. I was in for a rude surprise considering it never is going to stop because wherever you go there is someone trying to create problems for you. There is always someone trying to bring you down, and people who belittle you, and try to make you look bad.

College and work places have drama too. People get into your business all the time, and people try to start stuff with you because of stupid reasons. If you stick out like a sore thumb, or have hobbies that are not like theirs they will start stuff with you. They do it because they have nothing better to do then to go to work and that is it. Or they just go to school, and they need to start drama to feel more important. They are bored with their lives, and starting stuff is a way to make their life less dull. These people are pathetic considering they have to have drama in their lives to feel anything. They have a habit of picking on people they consider weak, and go after them. The best way to get back at them? Ignore them!!! It will piss them off the most to see you happy like you really could care less they are in your life.


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Why Revenge?

Another thought occurred to me why write about revenge? It is a touchy subject to some people. One thing is for sure some people out there have all been wronged one way or another. People deal with ways over being wronged in different ways for instance I write about it. Some people have the gift of letting it go, and getting over it quickly. Some people don’t though. 

There are people that don’t think about how to get back at them and make them pay, but I do. It is not a good thing though to do that because some say it is giving them power over you.

The reason why people do not get revenge is simply because of fear that they will get sent to jail or worse. There are ways around it though if you think about it hard enough. If you write about it without using their names or appearances you can definitely get away with it. Some people do deserve to get their revenge. Bully victims should be able to get back at their aggressors because if they did less people would be bullied.

I love to write about revenge because there are many people out there that deserved to get it served to them. I write for the victims of bullying, and I write it because I am one of the writers crazy enough to go there. I love getting back at people.

I do not do it in real life because it is not worth it. Those people are not worth paying attention to either. I have it stay in the story world, and I love making stories where people get what they deserve because I see too many people in real life getting away with it.

I write about it to get back at those people who do mean things, and people who do crimes and get away with it.  My character loves getting back at people especially the mean high school girls who bully people to death to the point where the victims kill themselves. I have the most fun with revenge stories, and I will hopefully have a collection dedicated to revenge out soon. 

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The Killer Contract Agency

http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=thewridre-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=B005HVZ8KO&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifrThe Killer Contract Agency, hires bully victims to eliminate and kill their tormentors. The Agency has invented a machine to predict how they grow up, and the bullies are members of the Malian race.

Salina was bullied to the point where she was almost killed, and the Agency finds her, and hires her to take them out one by one.

This is a short story, and it will be a part of The Killer Contract Agency series.

Here is Chapter 1 of the second book:
Die Bullies! Die!
By: Jessica Samuels

                              Chapter 1
People say that words have no power, and that they cannot hurt you. They lie. Words can cut you up, and sometimes make you wish you were dead. They have the power to hurt you to the point where it feels like a kick. It feels like a part of you died the moment you heard their cruel, unkind, vicious words. Words have the power to embarrass you to the point where people call you names everywhere you walk. It can make people talk, so bad about you that you kill yourself, or have to switch schools because their words are that bad. Bad enough to turn people against you, and make you have no friends. 

The people who do this have a name Bullies. I went through hell in elementary, middle, and high school because of them. All the things they put me through are nothing compared to the hell I can make them face. People say to let it go, but I cannot put up with people like them because they deserve to die! They deserve to burn in hell. Calling me names, beating me up, raping me, threatening to kill me and my family. Spreading rumors about me. It is not just me that this happened to, but they steal, kill, rape, assault, and countless of other crimes they have never been caught for until now. I am their demise, and I want my revenge!  

I washed the blood of my enemies off my hands. I dried them off, and sat on my black leather chair in Stephan’s apartment.  I thought about my life. I thought about what led me astray from the path to the light. Only one word comes to mind. Bullies the people who turned my good natured-ness into wanting vengeance I blame them. The same assholes who pushed me, so much that I had to kill them. I wrapped a soft-blue quilt around me while I held a hot cup of chocolate that Stephan made me. I took a sip of the liquid that warmed me up inside. 

Sitting by the warm roaring orange fire made me relax. I pondered about things, and I thought about how all this started. I still can’t believe Stephan Silorne accepts me despite what I did to all these people. I still don’t care that I killed them. They deserved what they got, and I feel like I did a community service by getting rid of them. As I watched them take their last breath before they died I felt nothing. I do not feel anything towards it my anger and rage died with the last asshole. I should feel something like regret or guilt, but I don’t. I am Scarlet NightShade, and this is my story of how I dealt with my bullies. I am a vampire now, and this is my story of before when I was human. I deal with demons and bad creatures, and not pathetic high school bullies that need to grow up. I am probably getting ahead of myself again. I still have issues at least that is what Stephan keeps telling me. So without further ranting here is my story, and I hope you learn that killing the way I did is not how you handle bullies. Rather then follow my path and possibly end up in jail. Ignore them because they will get theirs eventually. Suicide is not the answer either.
I hoped you like a little teaser of the book, and it will be better as I go along.
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