Drama Never Ends!!


I thought that once I left high school the drama is gone forever none of this he said, she said stupidity. I was wrong. I was in for a rude surprise considering it never is going to stop because wherever you go there is someone trying to create problems for you. There is always someone trying to bring you down, and people who belittle you, and try to make you look bad.

College and work places have drama too. People get into your business all the time, and people try to start stuff with you because of stupid reasons. If you stick out like a sore thumb, or have hobbies that are not like theirs they will start stuff with you. They do it because they have nothing better to do then to go to work and that is it. Or they just go to school, and they need to start drama to feel more important. They are bored with their lives, and starting stuff is a way to make their life less dull. These people are pathetic considering they have to have drama in their lives to feel anything. They have a habit of picking on people they consider weak, and go after them. The best way to get back at them? Ignore them!!! It will piss them off the most to see you happy like you really could care less they are in your life.


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Bullies, Drama Queens, and miserable people oh my!


      The people that try to stop you, and make fun of you are only giving you power. They are wasting time obsessing over getting back at you when they should be focused on their own lives. No wonder why bullies make fun of people it seems like they have nothing better to do, and nothing going for them. Take all the negativity they send at you, and use it to fuel you into action. Make it power you, and show them you are stronger then they are.  If you are in an office environment you cannot just ignore the negative person on purpose because then the employee would go to the boss and say, “Waah, that person is ignoring my existence.” Just say hi and bye, but do not get in a conversation with them. That is just giving them the attention they do not deserve at all.

People who are mean are miserable, ugly, and have low self-esteem, so they make up for the lack by making fun of others. I mean ugly by saying that they are ugly inside to degrade a human to the point where the person is mentally scarred. It is pathetic really, and people these days are even using the internet to make their victims hell.
Drama queens are also bullies. They think the world is about them when really it is not. They think they are always the center of attention. If they see you they try to get a rise out of you because they want you to react when really they seem desperate for attention.  I find them laughable because they apparently need drama in their life because of the boring lives they lead. Everything is dramatic to them. They over-exaggerate, and blow up situations that are not that big of a deal. They backstab their friends to create more drama because they feed off it. I see no point in even reacting to them because they are not worth my attention.
They are negative people that want you to be miserable, and the only way to combat people who want to make you miserable is be happy. Do not be negative towards them negativity will only make them think you are letting them get to you. That is what their aim is all along.
If you have good friends and family and everything that you could ever want then you have no reason to be in a bad mood because of them. You should be happy. People who want to bring you down, or try want you to be miserable, but if you are not miserable then they will not effect you. They might try harder, but do not let them have the chance to see you ever miserable around them. People want people to be just as miserable if not more because they want everyone to be just as unhappy as they are. 
I found that being happy most of the time is more better then being sad. I used to be negative and miserable, but I am not anymore because I have everything I could ever want. Be happy and positive and the mean people will disappear from you life. Most of all try to succeed because the moment you do you can laugh about how sad they acted, and people like them will end up alone, no job, and miserable for the rest of their lives.