Life and Ways to get over Heartbreak:



I finally got over the past completely yesterday. That is a huge accomplishment for me considering I used to torture myself over what could have happened, or what I should have done when I should be moving on. I should be focusing on the now like I am going to graduate in May then go to VCU. I will have an Associates and then go to VCU to get a Bachelors in Mass Communications in Journalism. It is exciting that I am graduating after 4 years. Of course there is still the planning to be done for next year like turning in my application. I am taking an Improvisation 1, Introduction to Theater, College Algebra, and a Stress and Stress Management course. I am still working on Killer Edits, Retail edits, and then making a paperback which I want to have done by next Fall or earlier.

I have to tell people that everyone goes through heartbreak, and when it comes to their first loves it is hard to get over it at first. I just recently got over all the times I was hurt period because of friends, exboyfriends you name it. I have been in a relationship for 3 years! Let me tell you the second time is better then the first since you now know what to expect.

Here are ten tips to dealing with heartbreak:

  1. Admit it is over and done with.
  2. Curse the guy or girl just let it out nothing is worse then holding it all in.
  3. Chocolate believe me your body will thank you.
  4. Exercise by running while listening to music.
  5. Get rid of everything they gave you because if you don’t then feelings will remain forcing you to not get over it as quickly.
  6. Don’t contact them because nothing makes things worse then trying to convince them to stay with you. I did that, and it hurt more then him punching me in the gut.
  7. Keep busy, hang with friends, and go to the mall. It gets you out of the house and makes you realize there is more fish in the sea.
  8. Take your time and let yourself feel things before moving on.
  9. It may hurt at first when you know they are married with a kid on the way in the future, but when you have someone better then them in every way. Well, you will not really care because there is a reason why you guys did not work out.
  10. If the relationship did not work out then it was not meant to be, and there is someone out there better for you to be with in the future. Good things maybe right around the corner.

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Rage and Writing..

Rage and Writing:
I have been thinking about emotions. Ones like rage in particular. I have built up a lot over the years. After being bullied, lied to, backstabbed, betrayed, and controlled I built up pent up rage. Instead of being depressed. Rage made me hate people and crowds. The littlest thing used to set me off. I did not want to go to a psychologist because they did not help.

I had absolutely no way in my mind to deal with it. I told my mom everything, and that is when I found a way to deal with it. Mom told me to write about it, and I did.

Afterward I felt so much better because I finally found a way to deal with my rage. I am a lot better now because I turned it into something creative instead of destructive.

I can deal with crowds better, and the only time I hate people is when they are rude back. I rarely go into rage mode, and when I do I write out a scene where the person gets it, or I turn the situation around. I like to use writing as therapy, and it is way cheaper. Here is a helpful way to deal with rage:

1. Write down the situation and why it made you angry.

2. Then turn it around and make it the way you wanted it to go.

3. If it is a person that made you mad with rage use them in a story, and have them get what they deserve.

4. Laugh at the reason why you were like that especially if the person was not worth thinking about.

5. Tell yourself you have better things to do then letting a childish, immature person get to you.

Those are some of the steps I take to deal with it. How about you how do you deal with situations and people that fill you up with rage? How do you deal with it period?