What to Blog About When You’re a Fiction Author…




bookBlogging is fun and so is article writing. It’s easy for me to write about anything even stuff that I’ve never researched till now. I have read dozens of posts and blogs where people are just starting out and they are fiction writers. Some ask what do I write about? Do I write about writing a book or writing in general? Well you can, but it’s so crowded nowadays that you have to think outside the box. I can write a whole blog post about awesome writers who write about writing. I don’t see many fiction writers writing about other topics, and it’s sad so here is my suggestion.
Write about your characters…
Write about your vampires, werewolves, and witches…
Do character interviews.
Include story maps.
Write quizzes for readers to take.
Start blogging a book and giving away free stories.
There are tons of stuff to write about for fiction writers.
Write about your story world, and how it works.
Put up a few posts about character backstories.
There is a ton of stuff to blog about, and you can even put a few excerpts of your books.
Also put up some posts about your work in progress, and even post a picture of you working at your desk…

That’s my cat Callie at mine.
Writing is fun especially blogging since it gives readers a chance to see your work for fiction.

I hope you enjoyed this post since there are many more to come especially when my school is over for the summer.

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One Blog and a Website!


I decided to delete my other two blogs and just use my The Writing Dreamer one. My Reviews for Writers and Survey of Popular Culture ones are deleted. It was too much having that many blogs so I just have this one and a website on WordPress. I saved my blog posts from those blogs to a separate word document, and I plan on publishing the posts on this one and my The Writing Dreamer one. Prepare to see some more posts today, and especially once I’m done with school since I plan on blogging a few books. I’m going to be uploading entries for Nightwatch and Fur and Fang of Love. I hope you like my content, and that you are as excited as I am. I’ve also added a page just for my journalism articles since I do want a job at a newsroom.

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Updates, WIP Updates, and 2015 Look backs!


I’m on my break for school until January 19th, and I got my 2.5 which means I’m now taking my upper level Mass Communications classes. This will be exciting and I’m going to school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The classes are: Reporting For Print And Web, Graphics For Journalism, Intro To Broadcast Writing, and Audio & Video Journalism. They will be interesting to take, and it means I’m 3 semesters away from graduating which will be Spring 2017. I’m happy to finally be done with school soon. The Killer Contract Agency is out and I have a book trailer out for it. It’s been a long journey, and in the mean time I have some projects I will be working on since I have time off to kill. A Witchy Beginning will be worked on as well as AngelWitch, and I have some ideas for Fang and Fur of Love too. It’s good to have time off sometimes since I need to stop stressing about school. I was worried for the longest time that I was going to be behind, but I’m not. I’m only working the weekends which will be good for my mind. I can’t handle not having enough time to study for school. I figured I would give myself more time to study, and I will be a full time student and writer. These classes also means I can make my writing better as well as my Youtube videos. I’ve already planned out some of the other videos I want to do.
2015 is coming to a close leaving me to ponder where I’m headed next. I want to publish and write more novels too. I also want to find a way to write full time instead of working retail by the end of next year. I’m sick of not dedicating enough time to my writing too. I know what I want to do the rest of my life, and it’s not sitting behind a counter while people stare and laugh at me. I want it to be the year for me to make a living writing. I have a plan to release more novels, and write more. I’ll make it a daily habit. I plan on self-publishing and working with a publisher.
AngelWitch word count is 15,162. I still have more to go on that, but half way done since I have to make the angel witch ceremony after she has lunch with her dad, the last few weeks at work scenes, and the one where Zack is defeated. There will be romance in it, and it’s a new adult paranormal romance too. I love writing it, and it allows me to explore the angel realm. I hope to finish it this year. Then it needs editing and beta reading before a final polish then done. I still can’t decide on if I want to make it a series or not, and I want to write all three Scarlet books and publish them myself. It’s going to be my year, and I can’t wait to put it all into practice.

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Blogging…and new ebook release:


I have been reading blog posts tons of themlately on the subject of blogging..Posts such as:

Those are just some examples of the many postsgoing on about why writers should or should not blog. Some saying it is dead ora waste of time. Some think that you should not do it if you want to become abestseller. I love it personally. It is not a time waster for me since I loveto read and write.

I love talking about the challenges of being awriter. The late nights dealing with inner demons. The insanity that comes withhaving too many characters in my head. I need caffeine like any writer does towrite sometimes because I was up late the night before thinking a spider is inmy bed. I love all aspects of being a writer which is why I blog about it.

I use blogging to showcase my work, talk aboutthe writing progress and process, and talk about research topics for mywriting. I love using blogs to network and talk to people. As I have said workand school keep me busy. I still am working on balance though, and I know Ineed to blog more. Blogging is also a time consuming activity, but it is wellworth it.

What is your opinion on it? Why do you blog andwhy do you read others?

On another note my second ebook is out onSmashwords and Amazon. It is volume 1 of my poem collection titled The DarkSide of Human Nature. There are poems on hate, depression, anger, betrayal, andother dark subjects. I will have a volume 2 out, and it will be the opposite ofthe dark one, and feature the better side of human nature.

Here is the description for volume 1:

Death, betrayal, lies, abuse. Being controlledby someone you thought you loved. Bored and depressed with life. These arepoems about the darker emotions of human nature. A time to deal with numbness,and the hardship of life. When you read about the world through the eyes of aperson with thoughts this dark you will be happier with the life you have now.Of course there is always light, and hope for a better future to those thatwait for a new day!

And here is the link to it:

I priced it $2.99. I thought that will be a goodprice since it has tons of poems in it. I hope you enjoyed my post, and I willtry to blog more, and maybe see if I can blog on Mondays, Tuesdays, andThursdays.

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