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Being the new leader of the light fae really puts a dent in your post-grad plans.

Aurora, once a snarky business major, struggles to adjust to fae life—and the diet of human energy that comes with it. A change made worse by the overwhelming ability to feel the emotions of everyone around her, especially when she can barely manage her own.

Agreeing to work with her dark fae counterpart, Tristan, in an attempt to bring peace between their people is a painful reminder of how strong they are together. Even still, Aurora fights the urge to keep her distance. She needs to be sure what she feels for him is real, and not a result of the former light fae leader’s manipulation as a part of his plan to eliminate Tristan.

Aurora thought she’d encountered the worst thing since early morning lectures when she stumbled into the world of the fae. She’s about to find out that they may not be the most twisted creatures out there.




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Blogs To Follow for writers.

Hey everyone,

I have been busy doing tons of research on blogging, and following blogs. I love following author blogs especially, and some of them are really helpful to me. Some I follow constantly, and I am keeping this post short. I am giving you the top five blogs I follow.

1. Called It’s a Mystery By: .
I just started following this recently because of the helpful insights she gives in the writing process. Like these articles: and

2. The blog By: Nathan Bransford because he gives really good advice to writers. Like these two articles: and

He writes insightful articles about the writing process. Querying, finding agents, and book promotions are a few of the topics, but there is a lot more that I find helpful on his blog.

3. By: Rachel Gardner.

The blog is run by a literary agent named Rachel Gardner, and it is very helpful to writers looking for literary agent advice. She gives tons of advice about getting published and finding an agent. some examples of the articles I find helpful are: and I read her blog articles every time a new one comes out. It is helpful to read about a blog from a literary agent that actively takes on clients.

4. Life on The Fringe By: Yasmine Galenorn

I love reading her books, and I became a fan of her blog before that. She is very successful in my eyes, and I hope to be as good as her one day. I love reading about her life because she gives insight into the world of the writing process. She is not afraid to write about sex either. A few of her insightful articles are:
I love coming back to the blog to see her latest posts, and there are more helpful articles. Just read and you will find out what I mean.

5. From Sarah, With Joy: By Sarah Allen

She is a writer, and I love reading her blog because she writes really good and helpful posts.  She is also very friendly, and she was nice enough to let me guest post on her blog. A few of the articles I find helpful are:

These are just a few of the good articles she has to offer, and there are plenty more where that came from. What about you what are your favorite blogs, and would you like me to review yours, and write about it?

Until next time,