After the manuscript for a novel is done…

Congratulations on completeing your first novel draft! That is a step ahead of the writers that have not finished it. I have finished mine as well, and now I am writing a query letter. After that I will send it out to agents, but hold your horses do not send  your manuscripts to agents until you have […]

Duke Nukem Forever Review anxiously waited to play this game when I realized another Duke Nukem game was coming out. I  previously played  the original Atomic Duke Nukem 3d when it was on DOS. I thought the characters were good, and I loved the weapons. I mostly loved the attitude, and the funny things Duke […]

My Formal Introduction…

To Fellow Bloggers, Readers, and Writers,        I am a reader and a writer. I have been writing since the fifth grade. I am also an avid reader capable of burning through books to expand my array of vast knowledge. I originally created this blog to document my writing career.    One day I looked at […]

Trying something new…

I have shelves full of books such as vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, paranormal romances, writing ones. Too many to count.. I love some of the books, and I think they are good. I Have a goal to do reviews on the ones that I recently read. I will have to finish one before I do a review. […]

Reality of being a Writer..

       Being a writer is not always easy especially if you are starting out. There are so many new things to learn about like blogging, using the social networks called twitter, facebook,  learning how to network… The list goes on, and on. Some writers give up because it is so overwhelming, but the truth is the more you practice […]

Reasons to be a writer..

I thought about why anyone should want to be a writer, and here are the reasons.1. You can set your own hours.2. It can be done anywhere with a pen/paper or laptop.3. It can be amusing at times4. You can change what you do not like about the world or situations5. Writing is theraputic, and […]

X men First Class Review.., I had the pleasure of seeing X men First Class the first day. It was a Friday in the afternoon, so it was not as crowded as it could have been. I saw the previews, so I was excited going into it. It opened with the holocaust which is not surprising considering Magneto was […]