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I am an ebook author, and I love to read, write, play video games, and target shoot. I drink mountain dew voltage all the time, and I make jewelry too. I have two cats, and I love wolves. I also read paranormal romance and urban fantasy which is the genre I write in. I love writing poems and short stories. I'm also studying journalism in college.

  • My ultimate goal..

    Since I only have a month to go for my job. I will focus on writing and school for now. I will not worry about getting a job because I will focus on getting things going with my writing career. Before… Read More ›

  • 22 Things I do whenever I Procrastinate..

    1. Daydream2. Write3. Video games4. Go on addicting Websites5. Read6. Everything but the thing I am supposed to do.7. Think about something other then the thing I have to do.8. Watch people and thank god I am not getting beat… Read More ›

  • Payback..

     Salina cried for the last time that day. She was lonely, and watching a romance movie as usual. The movie went on about love and relationships, and she realized how lonely she was. Her ex left her a few days… Read More ›

  • Revenge on bullies, and why it is not worth it..

    I was bullied in elementary, middle, and high school. They were awful people who would name call, spread rumors, and stab me in the back. I no longer think about getting back at them though. Telling them how I feel about what… Read More ›

  • The Writer That Got Revenge…

    Melody was writing furiously in her notebook. She was in class not paying attention, but writing always writing. She could feel some of the students looking at her paper. She ignored it though, but she thought it was mildly irritating because… Read More ›

  • Writing and working..

    I have passed my classes for the spring, but I have not been writing that much. It sucks to not have a ton of time to write. I have a bunch of ideas to write about like video games, book… Read More ›

  • My events…

    I have been offline for a while because of school. I have finals on the 10, and have been studying for them. After the finals I will have time to straighten up my room, and write more now. I am going back… Read More ›

  • Projects I am working on…

    Firecall 1 and 2The Angels Choice Outline doneWitches, Psychic Vampires Oh My! 1 outline done and 2Wolf SoulScarlet Nightshade 1 and 2Soul SnatcherThose are the projects I have planned, but right now I am focusing on my first novel I… Read More ›

  • Short Stories…

    I love writing short stories lately. I think there is something about taking a sentence and changing it into a story that is not too long. That makes me love writing it, and I also love poems as well. I… Read More ›

  • Writing..

    I am going ahead with getting an agent. I have the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents. I need to finish editing though. My powe went out, and it made me realize how much I depend on technology.