S@!T Retail Customers Say!!!


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To me sometimes retail customers are not always right, and sometimes they are assholes that love to pick on the sales person and make their lives hell. Amazon link you can buy it in paperback, kindle and audiobook!



Situations Retail Workers Have No Control Over!

Pretty office manager isolated on white

Pretty office manager isolated on white

Retail Workers can’t control inventory, and they are only human after all….
Retail customers think workers have power over every aspect of the company, and the truth is they don’t have control over certain things at all. They don’t control the prices of an item, since it’s up to the company. If something rings up a different price then the one on the shelf, a customer might have moved the item to the wrong place. Or maybe an associate was setting something up and they forgot to change it.
Either way I’m sick and tired of customers saying I changed the price when all I did was ring up their item. I did not change it at all, and it’s up to the company, not the associates and if it’s an issue with the system, then that is different. If an item rings up higher than the clearance tag, then that isn’t an issue. And the prices vary per store because of inventory. One store can put an item on clearance, and the other store is full price because store wants the stuff to sell to make room for more stuff. It’s not hard to get that different stores carry different products. That is why we won’t carry the thing you are looking for that you found a few years ago. We don’t carry certain products that other stores do. I’m sick and tired of people saying that we got rid of something when it’s not my fault.
Retail workers don’t have control over policies either, and it gets annoying when people think we can break it just for them. It’s horrible for retail workers to be treated like dirt over policies their company has, and guess what? People try to get others to break it all the time. I can’t touch the products of another store if my store doesn’t carry it physically. I have had people bring in watches that my store doesn’t carry, and I can’t touch it at all. I’m not allowed too due to liability issues since if I break it the company has to pay for it. I’ve seen it happen all the time, and it’s company policy which is something I have no control over. Time and again people try to get me to work on it when we don’t carry it, and they use the excuse you did it last time. Or, they say they got it at the company when I know for a fact we don’t carry it. I’ve been working retail for 5 years, and I’ve seen it all.
Also when the register messes up the cashier or sales associate has to fix it, and the customers think we have control over it. They don’t. I can’t help it if the registers act up since it’s a machine, and not even my fault. Customers think it’s something I did, and they even try to help me with it like they know my job better than I do. Nope. I don’t want your help fixing the machine.
Cashiers/Sales Associates don’t have any control if your card gets declined, and it’s not our job to keep track of your money. I don’t care if you have enough money since it’s not my fault you didn’t check to see if you had enough for it to go through. Not my fault. Stop looking at me for every little thing with the register since I don’t know everything. Also if you think I know everything then stop treating me like I’m stupid.
Retail workers and sales associates have no control over merchandise. No, I don’t have the power to order items for you out of the cases unless they are personal orders. I won’t know what items come in till they come in. I don’t control how many products we receive either. If you want to get an item not in store then check online. The sales associate can only order special items not regular store inventory. We also can’t look up to see if another store has it.
Retail workers don’t control the weather so stop complaining about things being wet if it’s raining. We can’t give directions from our store to where you are at since it’s called google. We are not going to know what is around everywhere either. We don’t control your coupons being expired so don’t take it out on us since it’s not our fault you didn’t pay attention to the date. We can’t control your mood, and don’t take it out on us.
Store inventory is different for in store and online that it can take twenty-four hours for it to register. Again if it’s different for in store and online then it’s not our fault someone bought it, or put it on a random spot. Someone can actually have it in their baskets too. We don’t control items being out of stock either, and we know it’s popular but people buy stuff again not our control. We can’t help that someone bought your size since people buy stuff….
Some of these things are definitely out of a sales associates and cashiers control, and don’t take it out on them for it. It’s not their fault. They are only human after all, and yelling at them for things they can’t control is pointless since they can’t help it.

Lessons I’ve Learned In Retail


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Retail taught me a lot….
There are so many things I have learned while working retail. It’s not as easy as people think it is, and that is one of the things I thought when I first started. It’s not bad for a part time job, especially since you need something to build your resume. It’s something temporary to get you where you need to go. It can be the rest of your life if you enjoy it. However, it’s not for me permanently. I’m just using it to get through college. It teaches you how to deal with people, and problem solve since everything that goes wrong means it’s up to you to solve it. The customers treat you like you know everything, and at the same time they think you don’t know anything. The customer thinks the sales associate is supposed to wait hand and foot on them. It doesn’t mean that, but you have to act like it is.
Retail customers can also be pretty nasty to you just because they can, and in that case the customer is not always right. Retail gives you the ability to be in contact with other people, and to deal with many different personalities. Doing the same thing day after day though can get boring, and especially if you work there long enough then you have seen and heard it all. You have to learn how to multitask because you will be in charge of two departments at once, and sometimes even the customers expect you to wait on two at the same time. It sucks when they do that since it’s not easy to wait on two people at once, because you have to keep track of it. They also try to tell you how to do your job when they have never worked retail before. It teaches you to treat the person on the other side of the counter well since you know the struggle.
When you get hired, they never tell you that you will be in other areas, and that the managers can put you where ever they want to. You can be in one area, and then they will want you in another. The customers do have a habit of treating you like you are stupid sometimes, and when they have issues describing an item they will make it like you are stupid to them when they suck at describing it. It can be a very draining experience at times. Long hours for very little pay, and people who constantly run you ragged. It’s not for everyone either. It made me who I am though, and I’m an author so it helped me with my writing too.
I do recommend trying retail out when you are just getting experience so you will know what it’s like having a job. People are messy and they don’t clean up after themselves. They are so lazy they will put items in random spots, and then blame you for every little thing. It is a steady paycheck provided you don’t do anything stupid like steal or work off the clock. It gave me some people skills, and the ability to listen since people will tell you their stories. You also have the ability to act like you are listening when really your mind is somewhere else. Retail can be a source of entertainment too. Between the drama with the customers and managers it can be hilarious when they blow stuff out of proportion. It teaches you how to let stuff roll off you, and to let things go. If you stress about every little thing it can lead to high blood pressure. It did give me some lifelong friends, and people whom I love working with. There are good and bad points to every job since I love some of the customers that come through my line. You can always tell who works retail by the way they treat you. If they are nice then they understand what it’s like. It also teaches you how to keep calm in pressure situations, and I would not change it at all. It taught me a lot of valuable lessons I can use in other jobs, and I would recommend people to work retail just for the on the job experience. Even working in it full-time was eye opening since it allowed me to see it more in depth. I actually love the coworkers this time, and I get along with a lot of them. I love the people I work with now, and having good managers can make all the difference. I do suggest it’s a good starting job to have, and it will teach you a lot about working with the general public!

How to Tell if Mr.Right is Really Mr.Scammer:


mr right.jpg
In order to not let this happen again I will make a list of stuff to watch out for to make sure you are talking to a real person and not Mr.Scammer. They can be smooth talkers too. Here is a list:
They use the word Am…like am grateful to god….am washing the dishes instead of I am.
They can’t video chat or they make excuses. I gave him stuff to get a phone thinking that would be the end, but nope…One excuse after another to avoid video. So get their phone number to talk to them, video chat them, or even invite them somewhere in a public place. He will declare his love for you fast, even though you have never met in person. He will also switch up his story. The dude said stuff about living with his partner when he lived alone. He lied about his age, and there is another thing….Research the shit out of them since if they are a real person there must be some traces of them somewhere. Don’t forget to use the reverse image search to make sure it doesn’t pop up anywhere else. Hell, this dude stole a real picture of a soldier, and pretended to be one. And if they ask for money DEAD GIVEAWAY!! Don’t do it no matter how much they promise it is for your future because they will lie….And be careful since fake profiles are everywhere so I doubt you can get away from these dudes. If you are dealing with one then block them since they aren’t worth the time, effort, energy or money even. Never do anything they ask with giving them your info since if they give you checks then they bounce and you have to pay it back. There are a ton of scammers out there so it’s best to be wary….No platform is safe from these fuckers…And on the other hand it gives me a book idea to play with, and I have been watching Youtube videos which give me an idea as well. Also dealing with a Scammer and an Abuser just reminds me how much I need to write more books with The Killer Contract Agency since they are needed to take out these assholes! Expect them! The Scarlet Summers series, AngelWitch series and a few other of my projects. I also have just one website now, and one Youtube channel after having to take down everything to shut down my google account. My Youtube channel will have everything writing videos, gaming and military ration reviews. I needed a new start….

My Online Military Romance Scammer Story….


Internet Dating
Oh, how I wish I didn’t have to write this, but it needs to get out there. I’m not the only one who went through it either, and apparently I never knew this shit even went on. I was into dating apps at the time and I was a part of at least 3 Badoo, Tinder, and Plenty of Fish. After not having as much luck and a shitload of hits on one I found someone on Badoo. I actually don’t want to give out his name so let’s go with Greg. He was sweet at first, and I actually got along with him. I even thought I was falling for it. Her said he was in the military on a secret mission in Africa. Should have been a red flag instead I was an idiot, and even let slide him not being able to call me or video me since the device he has doesn’t have a camera. Another red flag so you would think I would actually listen…Nope, because he was hot..And he also gave me a fake job title, another red flag, and a fake rank..Another. I did research online and I even found the soldier he was impersonating. I should have ended it there, and instead I bought into it giving him money so he could get a phone..(Why the fuck did I do such a dumb thing?)…He was good at emotional manipulation, and when I refused to give him money at first. He said why since we are using it as a foundation for our love…Another thing is he said I love you at lightning speed…Another red flag. You can’t really love someone if you haven’t seen them…And he wanted to take it off the dating site and move to another platform. Another red flag, and it was mainly through messaging. No phone number, no video, and there was a promise to meet in person but it never happened. After I was dumb enough to give him money he needed access to my online banking account…Should have said no, but my dumbass said yes. So it ended up with me being dumb enough to give him money through Coinbase a program with bitcoins, and cash drops with MoneyGram which should have raised a red flag…And his reason was so he could get groceries and toiletries…That should have been another one since they give the soldiers food while they are deployed. There is also no reason why they can’t use their own account either. And I started to get wiser since there were no public records on him, and there were on the soldiers whose identity he stole. He used a soldiers real picture and pretended to be him. Even fabricating a story to make him seem real, but his profile on the website and the shit he told me didn’t make sense. Like it said he was 35 when he was really 39…And I don’t usually date dudes that old…Joined at 19 when the legal age is 18. Even friends were beginning to warn me as well as family. Before I knew it the checks were bouncing, and I was down money since the bounced check took from my parents. So really…Instead of arguing with him when I was fed up I blocked him. I blocked his messages, email, and the fake account he made trying to fuck with me again. Deep down I know he knows what he did was wrong, and I reported it to the Internet Crime Complaint place, and get my finances back in order. It’s embarrassing, but I thought he really was the soldier he pretended to be, but then I got wiser since it turned out it wasn’t him at all. There were no traces of him even in court records, and the only trace was the identity of the real person. After the bank shit I really couldn’t afford to lose anymore…Hence why I blocked him since explaining shit to him is like talking to a brick wall. He needed stuff explained to him in screenshots, and quite frankly if he didn’t understand what he did wrong I wasn’t going to waste anymore time on it. The best thing to do is cut off all contact…Here are my tips to make sure it doesn’t happen to you! It’s not just military people it’s others they steal too.

Tips For Staying Safe From Online Dating Scammers:
Stay on the App! Don’t let them take you anywhere else unless it’s like Facebook, or something legit. The app I used was Google Hangouts which a lot of scammers use. If it’s Kik then it definitely can be legitimate. Snapchat is legitimate especially if they can send real time pictures.
Video Them! Chances are they have a phone with a camera so you can see them. Better yet ask for their phone number to hear them over the phone. I should never have believed him when he said he didn’t have a camera…It’s bullshit.
Meet up in person especially if they live close, and be sure to pick a public place too.
If they give you pics then use this site: https://www.tineye.com/ It can tell you where it has been used.
Also research the shit out of them…Stalking is now researching. Especially see if they have a social media profile. If they don’t they could be fake. You can even check their history if they are a criminal or not if you know where they live and their first and last names.
Never give them money either.
Also if they are military make them verify it by getting something that shows they are the real deal. Military ID in person, email, APO address, ask about the base, MREs or even rank. Even talk to other people in the branch to see if what they say checks out. Be careful if they switch stories, or seem like they have copy and pasted shit. Like Greg could have gotten some of the sayings somewhere else, and he has even repeated stuff to me to where I was like he said this already. Got one of the checks back in a different name so he must have been using someone…Not in his. Luckily, I got out before any real damage was done maybe to my heart and somewhat my wallet. This is going to be a mistake I will never forget. And I told my story so people can be forewarned. I always thought scammers were in email, phone, and bullshit stuff never on online dating sites…I was wrong.

If you have ever been scammed what happened? Do you have a story like that too? If so tell me it! I hope by reporting it more people can be warned and the person stopped since the more it’s reported the more that can be done to stop it from happening again. If you feel the person isn’t who they say they are then block them. If they keep making excuses as to why they can’t meet or talk on the phone. Block them! If they ask for money then definitely block it! Be smart since you don’t want to mess with the wrong person and pay the price. If they try to get you to answer their messages keep blocking! Don’t let them emotionally fuck you over either since it’s not worth it in the long run….
Stay safe!
Love Wolfdreamer!

Review of Twisted Desire by Jessi Elliot



Twisted Desire Tour Banner

Review of Twisted Desire by Jessi Elliot. I love the book and it stars Skylar and Nikolai which is interesting since it’s done in the aftermath of the events of the previous book. And now they are on the way to stop The Experiment forever. I love the dynamic between Skylar and Nikolai since they make a cute couple together. The book is well written with twists and turns to keep me interested. I loved the ending to the book. It was a really good page turner, and I wanted to ignore the world to see how they stopped The Experiment. I loved seeing the relationship form too, and the character is full of sass as well. I look forward to seeing what happens next in the series.

*I received an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion

Isis’s Story:


I don’t feel like doing much anymore. All I do is sit there, and cry my ass off for an asshole that treated me like shit. He told me time a part when he really meant break up. He didn’t even have the balls to tell me it in person. He always talked about his whores like I didn’t matter to him. I saw him riding around with a whore after he sent me a “GoodBye” text. Not even bothering to explain anything. I waited for him for a year, and helped him out. I let him in, let him live with me, and he kicked me to the curb like I didn’t matter to him in the first place. I don’t matter to anyone and I’m single and alone. Me the goddess of love spells. I’ve made men beg for my touch at their feet, and he threw me out like I didn’t matter. I turn on the television and nothing but shit is on.
I have long black hair, but it’s messy from not combing because why should I give a shit when I don’t matter to anyone. Why care? I have olive skin chapped and red probably from all the crying over this asshole. My dark brown eyes so full of life are red and puffy because of all the crying. I wear nice black shirts that drape over my arms, and black leather jeans. Of course, I was now wearing a long black t shirt too big for me because I really didn’t give a shit anymore. Forget me wearing my nice pants. I wore yoga pants cause I still didn’t care about my appearance. I normally wear black boots, but not now. I didn’t want to wear shit. My job as a witch since I am one, and I specialize in love spells muse was gone replaced by searing pain so bad I wanted my heart to stop beating since I was so sick of feeling like shit. Everything feels dead, and I live in the Luxor realm with my friend who is currently out. She is lucky and everyone loves to party with her. I got tired of arguing with him, the drama, and not hearing from him. He would not keep in touch with me, and kept lying about a lot. Also would use me for money too. I cried at night wondering what I did since he didn’t text me. He had issues too since he would always complain about his job. I was going to marry him. Then I saw him with another girl and he got her pregnant. I hated him for it. Really? He did this to me? I was faithful too during the bullshit time a part, and he wasn’t. I was really done with everything. I just want to die it hurts so bad. I never thought Steven would do this to me, and he was horrible a few weeks earlier and finally admitted to me it was a break up. I’d rather hear the truth then have his sister tell it to me. Break up…When he was all I ever wanted. I would rather be shot then feel this hurt again. Betrayal sucks especially if it’s by someone you love. And I had not only a boyfriend but a best friend, and it’s gone now.
I flip through the channels trying to take my mind off things.
Nope. Don’t care to watch that.
Nope. Not that either.
The tears still come and I want it to go away. Please, go away. I don’t want this pain anymore. I hate it.
I never wanted to be feeling this in the first place since I wanted to be with him. I wanted us to work instead he rejected me. And acted like it was time apart instead of a break up not even bothering to tell me the truth. Assholes. I’m alone and single. It’s miserable for me. I try to forget it.
Flip again. Come on. Let me not feel shit. I don’t want this pain anymore. Please tell me it gets better. Steven left me with a void. I need something else to fill it. Booze…sex with strangers. Something. Not even the soap opera Vampire Slaves can take my mind off shit. Stupid elite witch men just suck ass, and want to use you for your status. I can’t believe I let that fucker into my home. I gave him everything, and he threw it back in my face. I wish I picked the other guy I was in love with. It might have been a different outcome, but he chose someone else over me. I don’t want that.
I hated myself even more, and I got ice cream to drown my sorrows out more. I got off my bed after sitting there for so long wallowing in misery. It’s just going to take time to heal everything. Not even my witch stuff can keep me busy.
How can I perform love spells when my heart is shattered? We had a good connection, and then he pulled away. I even saw him texting someone, and he looked at it the way he used to look at me. He would say he would spend time with friends, but secretly he was seeing other women. His family even lied to me too, and said he will be back. Yeah right.
At least I no longer had to wait around for his texts. He texted more when we were done then when we were together. At one point after not hearing from him for weeks I was prepared for it to go any way. Even lose him because I just wanted it to end. He didn’t want me to be distracted with cuddling with him, and it was like we could not do shit together. It was a shock how it suddenly went from time apart to break up. He must have found someone else. I sit at the table eating my snack torturing myself, and go back to the bed. I hated the fact that I saw him with another girl like I didn’t mean shit to him. I wanted him dead. Asshole didn’t even deserve anyone if he was going to treat her like shit. Can I curse him? No.
My heart is crushed as usual, and it sucks feeling this lonely.
A commercial comes on the television.
Two guys looking for love. They want to be cared for after getting out of bad relationships.
Introducing Alpha Werewolf Zephyr and Master Vampire Hyperion.
Hyperion comes on the screen, and my eyes widen…it was the guy I’ve been dreaming about. He was so sexy it made my heart come back to life. Thoughts of Steven vanished, and I was no longer hurting anymore. My cells roared back to life with full force. He is why it never worked with Steven…
I had to get to know him. The commercial continued on, and I got the audition info. I had to get a spot to win Hyperion. The thought of being broken by asshole left my mind, and I had to get to Hyperion. Vampires are like crack to witches. Vampires do it for me more than asshole witches do. I don’t mind the thought of getting bitten either. Blood is a vampire’s life substance, and with the right one I’ll give him all I got. I saw the address and luckily the audition is the next day. I didn’t need to wait that long either.
Luxor realm people know me thanks to my favorite spells. I had to get something to get me out of my funk. It killed me because I wanted to stay with him so bad it was too much. He talked about other women and how he would fuck them. He talked about having girls on the side, and he even said he would dump me, and find someone new cause he was a heartless jerk. I never believed him till then. He hasn’t been the same person, and it felt like he was slipping away. I checked out. He dumped me over texts not even bothering to talk to me about it in person, and therefore not worth my time.
I pick myself up again, and I delete everything of his finally deciding to move on. I even gather up all the shit he left, and throw it away. I’m done and I don’t want to waste anymore time on someone who wanted to throw me away. No more being sad over losing him to another. No more pathetic attempts to look for his shitty truck at his work. No more bitchy exes with sticks up their asses either. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a start. I had to do something. I can’t stand anymore days of drinking till I black out.
No more thinking about why it didn’t work out, or what I could have done. My eyes are red and puffy I look like shit. All I wanted to do is blow everything off, and sulk over an asshole that doesn’t want me. I’m sick of the loneliness. I’m thinking no one wants me, and that I’m all alone.
I waited a year for him. It’s wasted time I’ll never get back. Time I could have spent with someone else. Time I could have spent getting to know other people instead of waiting for his ass to text me.
My worst enemy.
I’ll never get it back.
I need a new start to my life. I pick up my pieces and now want someone to make them whole again. I know if I get picked I can win one of their hearts. I say fuck it and get an entire bottle to celebrate my new life. Yep, I’ll be competing with other women, but to win one of their hearts especially Hyperion will be worth it.
I want to win someone’s heart worthy of me. Not someone who throws away women and uses them. I’ve even had to help him money wise, and he fucking lived with me. Only for him to throw me away claiming he needed to get his life together, and other shit. I’m not a pushover since I’ve successfully made couples fall in love. It just seems like it all backfires on me, and that letting anyone in is stupid. I just want someone willing to work through issues with me.
I pour myself another drink and let it burn me. I needed it. If only temporarily. It takes away the pain so I can sleep. I needed to be on my game too. I want to win one of their hearts. I deserve it and deserve more than a cheating asshole. People around the region have seen asshole with someone else, and he lied about time apart to cheat on me. I wonder if some of the other girls he used were treated like shit too. I can’t be the only one being cheated on. Of course, I’ll have to compete with other girls, but at least I know about it.
Cheating is the worst. It can damage you to the point where you don’t want to trust anyone. He should have said break up instead of time apart and not lied to me. Honesty goes a long way, and I hate lying assholes. He is a piece of shit, and I hope I can win one of the guys that way I can move on since the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. It’s a good distraction, and I need something to take my mind off things. There is no point in even wasting my time thinking about asshole if he doesn’t want me. It wasn’t love. He didn’t care about me at all instead he talked about other girls and flirted and wanted me to deal with it. His ex wanted to talk shit about me, and he was always lying to me about stuff. Some girls say hey baby, like he has done it before. Then sorry I’ll leave you alone. I’ve never really fully trusted him.
I drank and drank, and made sure to do a spell to prevent hangovers. I had to nail the audition. I have to get one of the guys. Someone who won’t hurt me. Someone who will treat me right. I was sick of being treated like shit at this point. I want to find someone better.
Someone who won’t cheat on me. The fucker didn’t even bother getting his shit, and he was seen with other whores. I can’t deal with it. It makes me want to barf with the way he treated me. I gave him everything, and he left me with nothing.
I needed this more than anything since maybe Hyperion and Zephyr can take my mind off things.
I look at my smartphone since everyone has on now a days. It’s a black one with a huge screen, shitload of memory, and the latest processor.
I check the texts…
I asked him to get his shit, and all he says is: Look please don’t fucking text me again.
Fuck it. I take all his shit and throw it away deciding not to deal with seeing it again, and he downgraded to an ugly piece of work too.
Bye douche! I delete his number and erase every trace of him.
Definitely time for me to move on since he is that heartless.
He always bragged he can break up with someone, and be with someone the next day. I guess he wasn’t lying. But that means it’s only a matter of time before he breaks up with whore too. More tears fall, and I wish I broke up with him so I would not be feeling as bad. I don’t feel like doing shit except drinking.
I down the rest of my drink. Buzzed and more than drunk I try to snap myself out of it. He doesn’t deserve my tears anymore, and I’m on vacation from casting love spells to get space. I can’t cast spells when I’m in this state. I look like shit with my black hair tangled. I’ve never felt so shitty in my entire life. I do want to wake up feeling less shitty. I feel terrible and no amount of alcohol is going to make it go away. I can’t cast spells when I’m drunk so I decide to do it tomorrow. I need to be healed so I can function. None of this feeling sorry for myself bullshit. I say fuck it and make another drink even stronger than the first to knock me out. It does the trick, and then I’ll be done. I was on the couch watching television and then it was utter darkness.
I woke up the next morning. My head was pounding thanks to the drinks. But at least I can do magic now. I drink a potion to get rid of my headache, and get ready. Asshole was stupid for letting me go since I would have done anything for him. But oh well. His loss, and I hope he is happy with the dumb bitch stupid enough to fall for his shit. Time to go to the audition, move forward and find the love of my life. That vampire will be mine, and I’ll try to kill the girls trying to get in my way. I do a spell for heartbreak, and it helps me heal way faster. I can function enough to find love again. I will find someone on my level more, and that way I’ll be happier. I am so done beating myself up over it, and I should have ended things sooner.I also should not have given him money either. Or my time and attention with him talking about other girls, and telling me he is not trying to get me pregnant. Despite asshole betraying me for an ugly bitch I am hopeful though, and I need to find a spell to get the boys attention. I know how to attract vampires though, but first I need to nail the audition and land a spot on the show. I need that vampire because he might be my soulmate since he is always in my dreams. I wonder if he feels the same way…I had to find out.
I pick out an awesome outfit. My outfit that I kick ass in, and it’s one I love wearing since it has magical spells of attraction and luck sewn in. No one can resist me when I wear it since I am the goddess of love after all. The witch who can make people fall for each other whether they want them to or not. I told my assistant to help me manage the business if I win the audition. I love vampires, and they are better than witch men since they have centuries of practice ahead of them. I was excited too since it’s the first time I’ve been happy.
The first time I’ve smiled in a while too. It’s a long time coming. I deserve to have my chance at love. I deserve to move on from my happy ending. I deserve to be happy myself since I help people with love all the time. I know they will love me too. I have to meet Hyperion, and there is something about that vampire that I can’t let go. I know there is something there I can feel it like a longing I’ve never felt before. A connection that makes me want to be with him no matter what. I drive to call him mine even though I’ve only met him. I want him to take me, claim me, drink from me, and show me what I’ve been missing in my life.
I call the place to get the address, and put it in my car. My car has an auto drive feature and it’s awesome. I’ve been weaving spells for people ever since I graduated from Witch school in love and revenge spells. I know my work. The way there had my nerves on edge and my heart pounding in my chest. I needed this. After the shit my ex did I deserve to be happy. I was just floored when I saw his familiar blue truck pass by my place of work, and he was with someone else. Another girl not even having the balls to tell me in the first place it was a fucking break up. He wasn’t coming back, and he should have told me too, and I shouldn’t have learned it second hand from his family. He just didn’t want to be a man and stand up to the plate. I was fucking faithful to him even when he went away for a year. We kept in touch, and I was still loyal. I cared about him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. We had issues, and if he gave me enough time we could have fucking worked out. We could have made the relationship work, and I wasted so much time with life passing me by waiting for him to come back when he wasn’t. Still…doesn’t matter anymore. He is now dead to me. I need to move on no matter how hard it is, and put it behind me. He is a douchebag who cheats and not tell the girl he is dating or supposedly dating they actually broke up. He did say sorry but it didn’t change my hatred for him, and he replaced me with someone ugly it’s a joke like he is. It was so sudden I wonder why I wasted all that time waiting for him to come back.
The area where the audition came up into view, and before I knew it the car stopped. My heart pounded since I was one step closer to seeing him, and hearing his voice. Thank god since I needed this distraction to take him off my mind. Thank god for the show since it saved me from one more drunken night depressed over an asshole not even worth my time. I strut my stuff and pick my head up. I needed it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way since a ton of women are here for the same reason I am. And some of the women as I get here, and see them are pretty. I know some recognize me since their eyes widen as they spot me. Probably thinking what is she doing here? Maybe but how am I going to compete with some of them? I have no idea, but I was willing to find out. The place was huge too like in a hotel place, and I get to the lobby there which was nice and even had a fire place. There was a red table and three creatures sitting in chairs behind it. The sign said Fur and Fang of Love audition registration. I knew them too. The one on the left is a witch, and she is the leader of a powerful coven of witches. The firestorm one. Red hair to her shoulders. Green eyes like magic fire. Pale skin. Emerald was her name. The middle is a vampire, and a female one. Carolyn, and she is one of the ones that can wield magic. She has long black hair, grey eyes, and pale. I also helped her chase her stalker away, and did a spell for her. Lastly, the one on the far right is a werewolf. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and she is a white wolf. Rayne, and I helped her find her mate since she was coming to me in order to find her true wolfmate. Her ex left her for an ugly pig, so she wanted my help to get over him. I was more than happy to help since that is what I love doing.
All of them had their eyes trained on me.
Carolyn looked at me, “Isis what are you doing here?”
“I’m trying out for the show..” I said.
She smiled, “Okay, I guess things didn’t work out with the asshole did they?”
I sighed, “Nope, and he didn’t even bother telling me it was a break up. He said time a part. I heard it was a break up from one of his family members, and later Saw him with an ugly skank. He didn’t even have the balls to tell me the truth, and I deserved better since he was a piece of shit.”
“He was always a loser, and take a number to fill out these forms.” she said. She handed me the forms and I got the number. The place smelled like chlorine some, probably had a pool nearby. I sit down at an empty chair, and I fill out everything. It’s tedious. Annoying. I do it anyway so I can be on the show to get over him. I need this. I had to nail the audition. Girl after girl is called even one with black hair, and grey eyes. I could tell she was different from all the rest too. She had something that no one else in the room had. An infinity to wolves, and she is a witch. Must be a hybrid or something. If she got in then she should be on my team. She had a smile on her lips as she left. Maybe she got in? I had no idea, and I wondered how many of the girls are here since they just got out of shitty relationships. I know I’m not the only one, but I’ll see soon enough. I just know that I had better get at least one spot.
“Isis…” Someone calls, and I’m excited.
I thank my lucky stars that my name is called. I follow the person. She led me to a makeshift door marked directors. The door opened and it led to a well lit room. A big table, and the producers of the show are sitting in chairs behind the desk. I knew the main person. It was Rockie, a handsome werewolf with his hands in one too many pots. It must be big for him to be involved. Dark hair, dark eyes, tan. He has a slight tilt in his eyes, and he looked straight at me shocked, “Well…Well…Well..Isis? What brings you here for the show since you are a powerful love spell witch?” he asked.
I smiled at him putting on the charm, “I want to meet Hyperion and forget about my wretched ex. Hyperion might be my vampire soulmate, and I want to see if it’s true or not. I want to find love this time for myself…True love. I still believe it exists.I’ve helped couples which means I deserve a chance at love too..”
He smiled, “You do and you will love the guys. Hyperion especially…The competition, the challenges, and it will be something to see competing with the queen of love..”
I smile, “Exactly it will be good to see who wins their hearts, and you can be sure I will help weed out the ones not here for them.”
I gave him the right answer, “Okay…You got a spot on the show just don’t tell the others. Filming will begin in a week and I’ll give you instructions just for you.” He said.
“Thanks.” I said.
“You’re welcome. Just win it, and this is my favor to you since you have helped us so much.” He said.
“See you guys soon!” I left after that.
I just had a week to get through. A week to pack up and join a crazy adventure. Just because it didn’t work well with one didn’t mean it didn’t work out with the other. I still wanted to give it a shot and go after the vampire even if I had to do it through other girls. No one can get in my way. No one. And I won’t stop till I have him, and that he is all mine. A few days later a letter comes in the mail and it told me what to pack. It even said to bring a laptop. Interesting and I do use them for business and setting up spells for love for all kinds of creatures. I even contact my personal assistant to help me manage the workload while I was gone. It’s going to be a wild ride to compete with girls. I do wonder what kind of challenges there will be and if we win then we can go on dates to get to know them. I am a strong competitor since I have pleased all kinds of men in my line of work. I went through the motions trying to function as much as possible. Soon as the days passed my bags were packed. Now it’s time to head to the mansion and meet the love of my life….

Nina Stone’s Story:


Tears fall down my face for the last time, and I have been tired of this dead end relationship for a while now. It wasn’t the same between us, and we would always fight. It’s been building like this for a while, and he has told me countless times what to do. How to act, dress, and even got mad I put away my own trash since according to him I don’t do it. He was supposed to put it away. He didn’t, and there is countless times he has kept track of the time I showered like I was cheating on him when I wasn’t. It felt like a death sentence not like a relationship.
I’ve had it with Oliver at this point. I could still feel the welt he left after he pushed me into the wall, and banged my head. It didn’t help that we were both drunk but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. No matter how drunk I got I would never do that, and I could still feel the throbbing of my shoulder when he jerked me around like I was a rag doll. He fought with me the first time since he was trying to fight his family. The stupid, hot headed jerk gets wasted and fights everyone. I don’t deserve it, and he shouldn’t have done it. I guess I blamed myself because I suggested a drink, but I didn’t push him or yell and call myself worthless. He even slammed the door in my moms face too. She was just trying to help me… Mom was trying to help me since he kept belittling me. He kept belittling me over the fact that I lived with my mom and that I don’t want to move out of my house. She paid for my stuff and car. She paid for my updated realm working phone. I needed it for everything, and to keep in touch with friends. He wanted me to dress a certain way too, and act my age. I mean the coven is nice to me and I feel safe there. I just graduated school in Lavender Fall university too. And I still remember him trying to accuse me of cheating on him with my partner who was a guy since I was staying out late trying to finish an assignment, and I wasn’t even doing anything except school work too. He kept trying to time me on things, and he didn’t want me having guy friends. I have a bachelor degree in elemental spells, and asshole is lucky I didn’t light his balls on fire. Of course, thanks to warlock blood I can do more. Oliver of course hates my warlock blood, and that’s yet again another reason to leave. I need someone to accept me for the hybrid that I am.
My mom owns a witch shop and her name is Ginger. She is one of the best witches in town. Dad is a powerful warlock with the Wolf Dragon clan and he got me a dragon to help with my warlock abilities. I am faster than a full witch. And my dad’s name is Leo Stone. He met my mom when he needed a spell to get rid of an ex lover harassing him, and then they fell in love and had me. I grew up learning the ways of both.
It was a bad relationship all around he wouldn’t let me have guy friends, and his trust issues were so bad they would go through my phone. It was annoying I had to constantly prove I wasn’t cheating. And he also had anger issues especially when he drank. I was afraid at times. And he was fighting with his family calling his mom a piece of shit since she didn’t take him in, and he was so hard to console at times that it wasn’t even funny. The first time he was being rough with me it was because I had to woke up a relative of his since his mom asked. He was fucking drunk as fuck, and wanted to start a fight with his relative. Told him to not come to my dinner, and the dick took the bait and was coming over. His mom called and I answered even though he didn’t want me to, and that is when he got mad and jerked the covers off me when I was staying with him. He was mad I woke the relative up. I wanted to leave because of how terrified he made me feel, and it wasn’t worth it being called names. Worthless….apparently working in my moms shop and having a degree is a throw away job. He apologized to me. And he said, “I will not do it again…” And I believed him. Until he did it again, and for the last time. I left him that night…Even the Angel police were called, and he kept blowing up my phone to the point where I handed it to them so they can deal with it. I am not going to be with someone like that. Even the police told me I could do better. I stayed in my mom’s room with the spare bed that night since I didn’t want to be alone after he got in my house and the door was locked.
The next morning I was working in her shop, and everything was normal as usual until Oliver walked in…Sober and smelling like shit he came back to apologize. I’ve had it at this point, and I was tired as fuck since I was recovering from going to the Angel police court house to fill out a protective order so he can stay the fuck away and be stripped of his powers.
I gave him one last kiss and hug and told him, “I loved you but I can’t be with you anymore.” He was sad and didn’t understand it. I also had to get my dragon to chase him away since he kept begging me to forgive him. The throbbing in my head told me to never forgive him since he pushed me into a wall, and I’ll never forget the thump of my head hitting the wall either. He was lucky he didn’t push me that hard since there was the possibility of having a concussion. It didn’t stop him from calling my mom’s work saying it’s an emergency. Like hell it was, and I went home since I couldn’t take him harassing me and bugging the shit out of the people who help my mom. Mom had to put a binding spell on him to keep him from calling the store anymore…
That didn’t stop him from going after my friends, and those closest to me. Like an asshole psycho path. He went to one friend, no dice. And then the other, “Tell Nina I love her and want to be with her. And to hurry up and decide if she wants to be with me before I move on.” That was fucked up. He even got his fucking family involved since I was nice and already got them something and the text read, “He made a mistake. He is a good person and everyone deserves another chance especially if you love someone.”
“I already gave him another chance, and I’m not going to do it again because if you loved someone you wouldn’t touch them like that in the first place.”
“I understand but people do stuff when they are drunk. He doesn’t want to drink anymore and he never hit you.”
“He pushed me into a wall so there is no way around it at all.”
“Okay that is your decision. He shouldn’t have pushed you and he said ya’ll were both drunk. He told me there are a few things he is going to change if you take him back and come to an agreement. He really does love you…”
I will never take him back. Ever…Seriously? How fucked up is that? You don’t push people when you love them. And you don’t threaten them to open their mouth one more time….Or tell your partner to say something again. There were times where I was afraid for my life. He was a fucker up individual. He had his powers taken away, and he can’t hurt anyone. He should have never been allowed to try out for the angel police after that. He claimed he was a hot shot who sold and did drugs like he was cool. He claimed to have been on the streets and maybe I believed him. The stalker even left a note on my car trying to say the same shit and said it was a minor thing taken to the extreme like trying to minimize the fact that he pushed me into a wall and that he jerked my arm out in a casual way. Men like him make me sick. He was an asshole psychopath and I was over it already. I just wanted to be left alone and I was tired of his drama. I am in my room in the mansion. I love it and it’s my escape from the world. Half water themed, and half fire with various paintings of dragons and some wolves. I even have a wolf themed pillow and cover set with the latest high tech laptop to game and read. It’s been one hell of a day since I was tired from not sleeping due to the break up. It also messes with my appetite and I wasn’t too hungry. I didn’t feel like a snack, and I just wanted to watch my favorite videos on Luxor’s video network…I power up the computer, put in my password and clicked on the Luxor web explorer. I went to my favorite website and clicked on a funny video….
Want to win the heart of two of the hottest men alive and undead? Then keep watching….
A sexy guy pops on the screen and he is so gorgeous it is not even funny. Curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, and an eye brow ring. He even has an industrial in his left ear and a sexy scorpion tattoo on his left forearm. Dreamy. He wore a muscled shirt to show off his sculpted body. He has a trim waist and his legs are encased in leather. A dreamboat in my eyes. I really want him and he is a werewolf. Yummy!
“I’m Zephyr and I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to stay with me and rule by my side. You could have me if you win the challenges, and we can rule together in the Scorpion Moon pack. If your out there I’ll be waiting…”
Then another guy pops up and he was sexy too. A surfer with sexy hazel eyes, brown and blonde hair the blonde tips are spiked. He has a sculpted body too and wearing a sexy silk black shirt and legs encased in leather. This guy is a vampire since his fangs are jutting out of his mouth, and instantly I’m turned on. I love vampires.
“Hello ladies. I’m Hyperion. I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to rule by my side. I need a woman who has a wild side, and can help me rule the Wolf Fang clan. If you are her then come and fight for me don’t forget you have to win challenges and dates to win my love.”
Then it gives the information for the place to audition and I write it all down it starts tomorrow and ends in a week. The Fang and Fur of Love auditions were happening soon.
I can try for love and piss of my ex in a very public way. He claimed I wasn’t pretty compared to everyone else he has been with. A lot of jabs about how he can get anyone, and that his ex was the best and he dumped her for a stupid reason. Those guys dwarfed him by comparison especially the vampire. They were sexy. Hyperion in particular too. He was sexy for a vampire, and I wanted to run my hands all over him. So was Zephyr and there was something else different about them that I couldn’t put my finger on too. I’ll see if I meet them in person. I love vampires more than anything else. I couldn’t wait to try out. I even talk to mom about it. During dinner I get the chance, and maybe she will be on board after the shit I have been through….We eat at 7 and have the kitchen to ourselves today, and I was ready to talk to her over the news. And it’s usually over a big family meal. Meanwhile I began blocking asshole off everything, and while I’m trying to block him from the video uploading platform so he can’t see my posts I accidentally hit sub when I was trying to hit the block button….That didn’t stop him from sending me a nasty email: Idk why you subbed to my channel, but I have a girlfriend and I don’t want to hear from you. You are childish, and are a horrible person for what you did..” Excuse me? You pushed me into a fucking wall, and called me worthless. You did it to yourself, and that just goes to show how fucking pathetic he is….if he really do move that fast he was never in love with me in the first place. Now I really needed to move on and forget him. If only for my own happiness. He made me miserable too, and he wasn’t as compatible with me as he should be. I guess I stayed with him since I was afraid to move on, but I shouldn’t have been. I deserve better, and it will be cool to compete with a sexy vampires heart. I hope he treats women right, and won’t hit them like my ex did. I chose to walk away so I can find my happiness. I am so excited I just hope I do well.
Tomorrow they start with auditions, but I choose to wait instead. Before I knew it the day was tomorrow, and I chose to pick out my best outfit. I just have to get my mom’s blessing for it. I was happy over the change, but afraid she would say no…She was the opposite. I dressed some for dinner in my black dress that looks like it came out of a morticia adams closet. I wore my red hair down, and my green eyes are done up too. I’m pale with red lips.
Mom is a more grown up version of me, “Maybe you can unite the vampires and witches together and we can get them on our side…” She said.
I smiled at that, “Maybe and it would be a good way to get over Oliver and his bullshit. And I’ll be able to give someone else a chance to make me happy.”
She smiled, “Yep, and then he will realize what he had lost, and beat himself up over it.”
Mom understood the pain, and after the drama Oliver caused she was more than happy to let me go after someone in the food chain. Someone actually worth fighting for. Yes, I’ll be competing with other girls but at least it’s something I know I can do. I also need to get a suitcase and pack if I do. The next day I dress to the nines, and take my car to the audition. The drive had my heart jumping at the thought of meeting Hyperion. It was crazy experiencing these feelings all over again. I have never felt this excited in a while, and maybe it was my chance to get a do-over. I pass by cars in the Luxor realm, and the sights too. It’s hard to think there is a ton of creatures in a realm for creatures. I’m not human, and I couldn’t be more happier too. I do wonder if they will allow humans there. I know we have some who can go in the realm thanks to a creature who let them in, or a vampire that needed them for sex and blood. Vampires do that too, and they can take humans as lovers, donors, and whatever else they need. It was exhilarating moving on from a bad relationship. I was ready to find love too. Before I knew it the place was in front of me, and it was crowded with people. Girls in particular. Girls of all sizes, shapes, species, and all trying to audition for the show. Luxor has never had something like this at all, and they probably modeled it after the Crystal Crest realm came out with The Bachelor. All species can try out. Girls were talking amongst themselves and holding numbers, some girls were filling out forms on clipboards. Everyone waiting for their turn to try out.
I saw a table with creatures sitting behind it. Below the table was a sign that said: Fur and Fang of Love Audition Registration.
I went up to them and said, “I would like to audition for the show, my mom Ginger said it would be good for me.”
The one on the left is a witch, and she is the leader of a powerful coven of witches. The firestorm one. Red hair to her shoulders. Green eyes like magic fire. Pale skin. Emerald was her name. The middle is a vampire, and a female one. Carolyn, and she is one of the ones that can wield magic. She has long black hair, grey eyes, and pale. Lastly, the one on the far right is a werewolf. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and she is a white wolf. Rayne. The middle one said, “Take a number and then have a seat, and fill out the forms as legibly as you can.”
They gave me a number and I filled out a shitload of forms as I sat in a chair waiting for my turn. The forms were a mile long…too long and number after number was being called. It was nerve wracking doing this and I even got the sweats. I wanted this and I definitely hope to be chosen. I want to fall in love. I want to be with someone way better for me then my ex. He was toxic. I want be with someone who won’t push me or bring me down. He destroyed me and my self-confidence. He was so paranoid over cheating and asking me if I’ve already showered, and that if I had showered that morning then I won’t need one at all. He treated me like I was some cheating whore, and it was exhausting.He even betrayed me by asking my friend to date him, and lied about it.
“Nina Stone…” A person called out. I walk up to them as if I was in a dream. They take me back to the audition room. The person opened the door and there were more people sitting behind the desk. The one in the middle smiled he has brown eyes, short brown hair and tan looking like he saw a lot. Werewolf by the looks of him.
He smiled, My name is Cedrick Wolf. I am one of the producers of the show. So why are you auditioning?”
I smile at him…Time to turn on the charm.
“I want to audition to see if there is something there between Hyperion and me.” I said.
The director thought about it and asked, “Okay, and what was your last relationship like?”
I sighed, “Well, he pushed me into a wall so I ended it. He also verbally abused me and called me worthless. He treated me shitty and would talk down to me. He would even tell me what to do. He made me miserable and had trust issues. He would go through my phone to make me prove I wasn’t cheating on him. He lied about trying to get with my friend. I hate his guts and hope he is miserable the rest of my life. That’s why I need to be here…” and I was in tears. The stupid things kept falling yet again. And the producer actually came over to me and said, “You’re in! Just don’t tell the others, and we do know your mom who has helped us numerous times with spells and potions. It will also make great ratings, and I can tell there is something special with you.”
I nodded and for the first time in a long time I smile a genuine smile since it means I could possibly meet the love of my life. “I won’t thanks, and you have no idea how much this means to me.”
And after that I leave and head to moms shop. I’m happy…It’s exciting! I’m in, and I get to meet the possible love of my life. I get to the shop, and open the door. Mom was there cleaning behind a register, she looked up at me and said, “How did it go?”
I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer, “I’m in! And they also asked about Oliver, and I told them what happened…they also said I deserve to be happy.”
“You do and this will be a good experience for you. Make sure to stand out, and get time with the guys. In fact, don’t be afraid to get some alone time with him. I don’t want you to be kicked off, and he isn’t abusive either.”
“He isn’t. I don’t think, and witches can be addicting to vampires. There is that.” I said.
“You might be even more so since you have warlock blood.” she said.
“True, and we have to see what happens, and in the meantime I got to go find everything I need.” I said.
Then I left after that. I went to the store to get a luggage set since I have to pack enough clothes for a while. And the week passed by, and before I know it filming will be done soon and I finally get to meet Hyperion.
I was finally ready to move on, and be happy. I’ll just have to go through 14 other girls to prove it.

Midnight Starr’s Story


The Beginning!
Tears fall down my face into the shower, and a sick feeling twisted in my gut. Viper was looking for a home after getting kicked out of his house for the second time this month. He told me he was going to stay with a friend, and I reply back: As long as you don’t screw her.
I was mad since I had a feeling it was someone I knew, and I talked to her.
I asked her if Viper had talked to her and she said yes. Then I continued. Not only did he say he loved her like he did me, but he also wanted to stay in her room and take her as soon as he saw her.
My stomach flipped and it was all I could do not to rip his damn head off. He can shove this relationship up his ass, and I hated him for it. I wasn’t enough. He had to be a douche and flirt with her he couldn’t wait. We are going to let him move in, but now hell no. The engagement is off cause I can’t trust him. I will not be with someone like that.
He texts me back: So you’re breaking up with me?
Yes, I was cause I don’t want to be tied to a douche bag.
More back and forth and he managed to convince me to get back together with him. I was stupid cause the next day I thought about it I could not trust him. I would be wondering where he is, and if he is really fucking girls behind my back. They can have him cause I don’t want him.
I can’t take Viper anymore anyway since his temper is terrible especially when he drinks, and he lies constantly. He flirts with other girls telling them he loves them. Lying all the time and I talked to him about what he said to her, but he doesn’t understand how wrong it was. He broke my trust and shattered my heart into a million pieces when I was recovering from the previous douchebag. I hate him with a passion, and I wish I could kill him with a spell but they have ways of tracing back to the owner. My name is Midnight, and I’m a witch. I have long black hair, brown eyes, and I’m tan. I have a wolf as a guardian, and I can even turn into one if I wanted to for sometime. I was so depressed that I wanted to turn into one now.
Things were great the first few years, and then it got worse. Way worse since he turned into a controlling jerk since I owed him an explanation about everything. His temper is horrible even hitting things when he is frustrated since we go into a fight he hit the steering wheel over it. I can’t take it.
I don’t want to be engaged to him because I can’t trust him. He blew me off for my birthday saying he had to work. One lie after another, and told me what I wanted to hear. I don’t want to wake up next to someone who controls me and tells me what to do. Or what to say telling me how to live my life. I can’t take it anymore, and I want to run away. Viper is a sorcerer who loves to flirt with others and brag.
I sit down in the apartment I stay at, and flip through the channels. Don’t care about porn. Nope. No romance since I hate it. It sucks anyway and its overrated.
Okay screw it I deserve better, and he is always in my personal space all the time. He called me verbally abusive and that I was trying to change him. I’m not I was only calling him out on his shit. I can’t take it anymore and I shouldn’t have to. I need someone who will put an effort into me.
I call him up done with his shit, and he answers on the second ring.
“What do you want I’m in the middle of something?” He tells me probably fucking other girls behind my back.
“It’s over I don’t want to date someone who called me verbally abusive. That and you kept on asking why I needed to be alone. You were always there, and did not listen when I told you I needed days off. You always switched stories on me and never told me the truth causing me more bullshit. You told me what to do, and persuaded me your way by saying it was passionately defended like a douche. You are unfaithful since you wanted to move in with my friend into her bed. You told her you loved her, and showed her a picture of your dick. What kind of guy does that to a girl he loves? Better yet fuck you brother because I know you liked it. You’re not allowed to come to my apartment, and if you do I will get a restraining order. ”
I hung up not bothering to listen to his shit. I don’t want to marry someone like him anyway since he can’t handle emergencies without freaking out. I don’t have to put up with it. No girl should and being alone is better than being miserable. I pack up everything that reminded me of him, and then burn all the love notes.
I want to find love again, and with someone who cares about me enough to not control me. I don’t like being treated like a dog, and after 4 years I’m done. Finished. He can cry to me and bring all the chocolates, flowers, and candy he wants it wont change the fact that he is an asshole. After doing that I go back to watching television on the flat screen and turn it to the witch channel, and an ad pops up.
Want to win the love of two of the hottest men alive? Then keep watching.
A sexy guy pops on the screen and he is so gorgeous it is not even funny. Curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, and an eye brow ring. He even has an industrial in his left ear and a sexy scorpion tattoo on his left forearm. Dreamy. He wore a muscled shirt to show off his sculpted body. He has a trim waist and his legs are encased in leather. A dreamboat in my eyes. I really want him and he is a werewolf. Yummy!
“I’m Zephyr and I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to stay with me and rule by my side. You could have me if you win the challenges, and we can rule together in the Scorpion Moon pack. If your out there I’ll be waiting…”
Then another guy pops up and he was sexy too. A surfer with sexy hazel eyes, brown and blonde hair the blonde tips are spiked. He has a sculpted body too and wearing a sexy silk black shirt and legs encased in leather. This guy is a vampire since his fangs are jutting out of his mouth, and instantly I’m turned on. I love vampires.
“Hello ladies. I’m Hyperion. I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to rule by my side. I need a woman who has a wild side, and can help me rule the Wolf Fang clan. If you are her then come and fight for me don’t forget you have to win challenges and dates to win my love.”
Then it gives the information for the place to audition and I write it all down it starts tomorrow and ends in a week. I’ve missed feeling the love, and I’ve never done this before. I want to win one of them because I need a way out. I was promised to Viper because his bloodline is one of the ruling families, and if I marry Zephyr or Hyperion then I can get out of it for good. My mom probably thinks we are getting back together, but this time we are not. I’m done for good, and I’m not going back.
The tears start up again running down my cheeks, and I let it happen because there is no cure for a broken heart. I really did love him until he betrayed me. I hated him with a passion, and I can only hope one of the boys can get me out of my slump. I want to feel wanted and loved instead of miserable. They way he talked about my family and his family insulting me. I don’t want to marry someone like that. I hate him with a passion since he turned into a religious controlling jerk. I want to find someone who loves me, wants to spend time with me, and put the effort in the relationship. It makes me miserable to be with him like I’m not good enough.
The Audition:
I dress in my best outfit for the interview, a sexy silk black top and a red skirt. I even wore nice flats so I wont be too bad with my feet. I figured this will help keep my mind off the break up. I don’t want to just sit around and cry over it either. I took a potion to keep the pain of heartbreak away. I needed a clear head to win the audition. This is also the first reality television show that Luxor has done, and it is the first dating show of its kind. It was copied from the Crystal Crest realm when the humans started doing it. The hard part is waiting since I see all kinds of creatures here turn up for the meeting. Witches, vampires, werewolves, you name it they are all here. I hope I can beat them out. I know I have something to offer the guys that the other girls can’t like I’m a hybrid witch that can turn into a wolf. One of the first of my kind mom is a witch and dad is a werewolf which is why I need to marry someone powerful.
Finally, after a few minutes the interview begins in front of a panel of people and the director of the show. The woman is dressed in a nice black suit, and she is a vampire with black hair and brown eyes. The man is wearing a black suit with dark brown eyes and black hair a werewolf. They smile at me and the man speak, “My name is Archer and I’m the director for the show. I’m going to ask you a series of questions so I can better get to know you to see if you’re a good fit for Hyperion or Zephyr.”
I smile at him, “No problem, I understand.”
“Tell me about yourself.”
“Hi, my name is Midnight Starr, and I am a fun loving, free spirited witch. I love vampires and werewolves because they are way better than any species out there.” I smile at the camera hoping to please the people auditioning me for the show.
“How do you feel about vampires and werewolves?”
“I love them since they are both very sexy. I love being bitten too. I don’t mind giving my blood to the right vampire. I also loves wolves since I can turn into one. I love the feel of their fur against my skin, and they are strong and protective over the one they love.”
“How do you feel about the other girls?”
“Not competition and they can’t hold a candle to me. They are going to be picked off one by one. Its only going to be me and the guy in the end no one else. I always go after what I want. I get what I want and the rest of the girls can fight among themselves.” I tell them with a smile on my face.
“How do you feel about using spells to get what you want?”
“I’d do it in a heartbeat for the right guy. I’ll do anything for the one I love. I have no problem taking out the competition in any way just to get one of the guys.”
“Relationship status?”
“Single and recently out of a bad engagement. He was a tool so no loss there, and I want to find love with a sexy vampire or werewolf. I’m sick of asshole witches and I heard vampires and werewolves are better in relationships and with commitment which is what I’m looking for.”
“Are you prepared to fight for their love?”
“Yes, for them I will do anything even kill for them. I’d do anything they ask, and even hog them. I love men like them, and I’d do anything even let the vampire bite me because I know we are like energy drinks to vampires.”
“How do you feel about drama since you will be in a house full of women?”
“Bring it on since I will fight a girl for them. If they start stuff with me then I will finish it by any means necessary.”
“How are you in a fight?”
“I have spells to help me with that, and I can use them to give me strength that can out match them.”
“Do you have diplomatic skills?”
“Of course, my mom taught me that when I was little since I needed them as skills to talk my way out of situations. I’m from an important witch line and merging them with either the vampire or the werewolf will be beneficial in the long run.”
“Show me your best spell.” The head guy tells me I pull out my Opal. I had to get on this show since the leaders are on there. The guys I am competing to date for are Hyperion a 500 year old vampire coven leader who still has not found his soul mate, and Zephyr the uber hot werewolf Alpha with a take charge attitude. The winning girls will be taken as their mates and a ceremony will be performed to bind them together. The mates will also be in charge of their coven or packs with them. I would think it was a really good thing to be a leader, but I have no idea how to lead. I will learn in time if I win one of their hearts.
I activate the stone and the power bursts through me like a pulsating, energy giving being. It feels very good when the magic takes over and changes me into a white wolf. I’m not just a shapeshifter, but a witch shifter. I love to turn into predators like lions, tigers, wolves, and bears anything big. No prey animals at all. I look at them, and give them a howl. Their eyes widen. I change back my clothes on me before I appear.
“How was that?”
They nod…and smile.
“You’re in the show.” I walk out happy to be one step closer to finding my soulmate.
I drive home to my apartment. I drive past gas stations, restaurants and malls. The area of Kalino Moon is one exclusively for vampires, werewolves, witches and fae. No humans since they have a history of prosecuting us since we are different from them. I get back to my apartment in record time. I love it with its big kitchen, library, living room, master bedroom and office. I check my mail to find a letter from my parents house.
Dear Midnight,
We have to discuss an issue about your engagement. Viper Red is a great guy, and he asked about you too. Come over for dinner and we can discuss the details.
Sabrina Starr
I crumpled the stupid note, and sent it hurling into the fire place wishing I could burn the words Viper from my mind. The vile, selfish witch who cares more about status then love. He only wanted to marry me since my parents are head of the witches in Luxor. They control all the circles in the area, and whoever I marry will be head too.
I look at the time to see how long I have left. 3 hours until dinner which means time to play Enchanted Forest, a role playing game in Luxor where you can do missions and interact with other players. Some traditons from Crystal Crest are adopted like video games since it helps pass the time. I have the latest high tech computer. It has 8gb memory, and 2 tb hard drive space. I have a huge screen with a colorful mouse and keyboard. It is called a Windchaser computer for gamers with the latest graphics card. I turn on my computer and it starts up. I log into my account. It displays a picture of a wolf staring at the camera as my desktop display. I took the picture a long time ago while my friend captures a picture of me in wolf form. I love it, and the background is a place called Falling Waters a forest that has a beautiful waterfall in it. A time before Viper got his claws into me. The full moon was bright that day. I sigh wishing I could go back, and run through the forest as a wolf. Feeling the wind on my skin, and hearing all the sounds of nature. I hunted the small prey in the area. A swim in the pool that renews and cleanses me. It makes me happy, and I really need to be free of this promised relationship.
I click on the program and log into my account. My avatar pops up, and I go look to see who is online. I smile seeing the name xxglittersparklexx my friend Alexia who is a dragon shifter is on. I pull up the chat menu.
Witchwolf26: Hey
Xxglittersparklexx is typing…
xglittersparklexx: Hey how did the audition go? Do you think you go it? Did you use what you have?
Witchwolf26: Yes, I got it. The audition went great, and of course I used my gift. I have to have one of them to keep me from marrying that asshole. I really don’t want to end up with Viper he is too shallow and cruel.
Xxglittersparklexx: Exactly I wouldn’t want him either, and you need a portable computer in case I need to advise you how to take out competitors.
I smile to myself. Alexia is very good at persuasion considering she is one of the enchanter dragons that can persuade people with just her words. She gave me a necklace to hypnotize the person or people of my choice. It is going to be fun wreaking havoc on the girls lives. I will definitely tell the guys if one of the girls lie. I will be the spy and take out the girls one by one. I do need to form an alliance with one of them.
Witchwolf26: I know you are going to help me. I can see the fun already.
Xxglittersparklexx: Yes we are. let’s go get them tiger, and make sure you’re the only girl left standing.
Witchwolf26: I will ttyl
I sign off. I turn off the computer, and see if I have a laptop. I don’t. I need to buy one anyway. I get dressed since I’m going to dinner afterward. I do my make-up which means blue eye shadow, paint my lips pink, and brush my long black hair. I love my smoky grey eyes that look like I have a smog in them. A gothic witch ready for a party. I dress in a black dress with black high heels. I put on my moon necklace, and got in my car. A blue saber with a 6 cylinder engine, plush leather seats, and a cool barbed wire steering wheel. I love this car, and it got me through the tough times. I pull out of the complex and head to good old moms and dads house, which is a big mansion on top of Ravenswood Hill.
I whir past—oops I forgot my computer. I am supposed to get a laptop beforehand. I make a U-turn at Protheria, and head to the Cattal Metro complex which is a shopping center that houses all kinds of shops like a movie theater, restaurants, clubs, and various clothing stores. The one I wanted was Jack’s electronics that has all the latest computer gadgets, gaming systems, televisions, and cameras. It has movies and tv shows on DVD as well. The place is a big store and nicely displayed electronics with sections clearly labeled, and it has a grey marble floor with dark blue walls. It is a nice place, and I love shopping here since it is affordable for me. I head to the back where the laptops are, and I saw one of my friends named Typhoon who is a vampire that I met a few years ago. He is my go to guy for all my electronic needs. He has brown hair and eyes with glasses and has the expression he’d rather be partying then at work.
I spot him and smile at him after he is done helping a customer. He sees me and smiles back.
“Hey, I’m going to need a good laptop with a ton of memory. Good graphics with the highest speed out there, and a good sized screen not too big and not too small.”
He nods loving my question since I know what I want. “Yes, I know what you need. I’m providing technology to the contestants on the show to talk to their loved ones, doing interviews during the shows, and recording their thoughts about the girls, guys, and the situations. They are required this time.”
My eyes widen, “Wow….they are allowing people to have technology on the show? That is neat.”
He smiles, “Interacting with the fans is a must, and so is commenting on the things going on like fights and interaction with the guys.”
“Can we play video games during down time?”
He nods, “Yes they will allow you to play games in between challenges, and there will be down time too.”
Interesting….”So which one do you recommend?”
“The Ripkin Model 86 it has a good bit of memory, awesome graphics, good software programs. Everything you need to interact with the fans, talk to family, and play video games.”
I got the computer surprised that it came in colors. I winded up picking out a red one, purchased it, and made my way to my family house.
I put the computer in my trunk in a secret compartment to protect it from thieves. Once I get out of the parking lot I make my way to Redford Estate which is where my mom lives, and then pull up to the gate. I use the key card from my wallet to open the gate, and park in the driveway.
I did owe her an explanation as to why I finally left Viper for good. I make my way to the door seeing the paint peeling from age, and the bat shaped brass knocker. This house has been here for a while since she became a leader of the Saint Moon witch coven. I love the house with the statues of wolves and gargoyles.
It has several rooms, a big master bedroom, library, ritual room, office, and a big commercial kitchen. I can remember mom baking cookies with a touch of magic in them. I walked in the living room, and to my dismay my ex Viper was there. He is reddish blonde with blue eyes, and a body built like a swimmer. He gives me that arrogant smile he uses to entice girls. On me, it just looks like he tries too hard. I hate that smile since I was fooled by it once. A time when he was actually sweet instead of a major asshole. That arrogant smile now makes me feel like slapping him. I hate the fact that mom wants me to stay with him because he is rich. His parents are co leaders with us, and I’d rather get away from it all.
“You know you can’t end things with me without me saying anything right? Many girls would kill for someone like me?” He tells me arrogantly.
“I wouldn’t I’m not like the others remember, and I’m not going to be treated like a pet or called verbally abusive again. I was miserable and I’m not going to make myself miserable to keep you happy. I’m better then that you fucking rushed me, told me to deal with it, and that there is nothing I can do. You forced me to do things I didn’t want to do, and I had to argue with you to do something just because you didn’t do it yourself you obnoxious little shit. You made a big deal over the stupidest things, and I don’t want to deal with it anymore. You hit things when you were mad, and walked off. You had your friends step in when we were arguing. Douche bag. Let’s not forget the article you mentioned me in it too saying its my fault you’re in debt.”
He glares, “I was doing it for your own good you have to listen to me since I know what I’m doing.”
“So says the guy who still lives with his mom, and has her step in since he is not intelligent enough to solve his own problems without help. Who forces me to do things even though I’ve said no.” I turn my back and walk away not willing to argue with the idiot who treats me like I’m stupid when he doesn’t even know how to form sentences right.
I go straight to my mom. She has long black hair like me and grey eyes. She is wearing a black silk shirt and red jeans they fit her curves perfectly along with her size 6 combat boots. She smiles at me, and all I want to do is stick my tongue out at her. “Mom I told you to not invite him, and we are finally done for good. I’m done with him as of today, and I don’t want to see him ever again. You knew all the drama he put me through, the I’ll change bullshit, and the fact that he forced me to do things I didn’t want to do by jokingly slapping me and putting a racist sign on the floor. He was always stepping in for me, and telling me what to do.”
She shrugs, “He is the one promised to you. Of course he can join us, and he is just doing it because he loves you.”
I frown, “There is nothing there between us, and it does not make me happy anymore it makes me miserable. He was a controlling jerk who stepped in for me and told me what to do. I can’t deal with it anymore, and I want to find someone who treats me the way I deserve to be treated. .”
Viper comes in with a scowl, “Yes, there is a connection you just don’t want to admit it because you’re scared. I don’t have anyone else besides you, and I did not lie about wanting to get married. I know I’m scared too since this is the first time I felt anything with a girl. We are perfect for each other and I wont control you anymore I’ll let you make your own decisions. ”
I glared, “Liar, liar pants on fire. You lie so much it’s not even funny. I’ve given you five chances, and you’ve blown every single one of them. Enough is enough. The only reason why you want me is because of my status. Other then that you would not be looking at me otherwise. Which is why I auditioned for Fang and Fur of Love.”
His eyes widen, “How could you do that to me?” He looks at me with hurt, and the first real look I’ve seen on him that is real.
“I need someone else to see in my life, and I’m going to find love. Not based on looks, money, or status at all. I need an emotional connection.” I walk out not even going to dinner with them. I’m not going to be miserable to make someone happy. I’m not going to marry him at all since he is a shallow and manipulative asshole. I go home and crash on the living room couch exhausted about arguing with a brick wall.
I fall asleep and I don’t wake up till morning. By 2:00pm I read and play on my computer until the mail arrives. The letter by Nighting Ale media the station of the reality television show.
Dear Midnight,
Out of all the finalists you won a spot on the show. There will be no humans for you to worry about since they are not competition at all, and just for supernaturals. We are looking forward to seeing you. We hope you have a chance to win one of our hearts. We are also giving away a cash prize as well because we are leaders looking for someone to rule by our sides. We hope to see you then.
Hyperion and Zephyr
Wow…A cash prize too. I read the additional instructions after the letter. The filming will start in two days, so I have to be on the air plane the second day. I am psyched, but there will be 25 other girls too. I have to have something that will make me stand out from all the rest.
There was a slam, and the door is wide open. Viper again barging into my house like he has so many times before, but I hoped it would be my last since he was riding around with someone else.
“Why are you doing this to me you stupid bitch? We are supposed to be together, and I was taking time apart. Not breaking up, and you are not supposed to be going on a stupid show to compete for guys you know nothing about.”
“Let me stop you right there. It’s a break up not time a part you lying tool, and after you said that pathetic text you were with someone else forgive me for not giving a shit. You wasted two years of my time for a stupid reason, and didn’t even bother to work things out, and now I need a man not afraid of me unlike a boy who likes to fuck around. What kind of douche put the new bitch in my face anyway? You must not have cared if you want to move on that fast. I don’t want you. ” I told him wishing he was dead.
I used to have feelings for him. I don’t after he cheated on me for another girl who he supposedly moved in with.
“I can’t be with you after you cheated on me, lied to me, and I want someone who will tell me the truth. I want someone who cares about me, and wont use me like you did. I gave you everything, and even let you stay with me only to have you stomp all over it with bullshit about getting your life together.”
I also had to win cause then my mom will leave me alone. I win, and I never have to worry about being engaged. Also, I took my ring off and threw it right back in his face. Mom will definitely approve when she realizes I will be vying for the leader of the werewolves.
He took the ring off the ground, and looked at it sadly finally showing me regret for what he did. It was too late. “I am perfect for you, and no girl can resist me once they have had a taste of me. I’m a master of mind games, and I could break up with you and then have a new one the next day. I need you.”
Viper is a different story since he cheated on me, and a bitchy skank seduced him away from me. I never want to go back to a cheater like him.
“So what I asked you that when I could trust you to have my heart, but you broke it because of a skank. I want to find love with someone else now, and not be with a lying, cheating player. It’s not love it’s possession. You treated me like I was not a priority at all. You flirted with other women and slept with them and bragged about it. Fuck off already since I don’t want or need you in my life.”
I raised my hand and made his ass fly right out the door. Bye, bye cheater. I used a spell to keep him out for some time until I’m gone. I will be in a jet then taken to a secret location when the time arrives. I will be staying at a mansion with 15 other girls which will be fun, drama filled, and interesting. A day was spent packing, and I had no idea if I will make it to the end or a few days. I just packed for a month. I even put in my spell book, oils, crystals, candles and everything I needed to use spells in the show. I am a witch after all and I plan to use every advantage I have. .
With a wolf spirit which is why you will win…said Avalon my spirit wolf.
Yep. I pack my new laptop, and I am done for the day. Tomorrow I will board the plane, and go to the mansion.