Writing Afterlife the beginning!

Live Writing Stream 1 Talking about my books and working on Afterlife – YouTube I did my first writing stream on January 29th and it was fine. It was harder then I though to type it up but I had no issues planning it out and talking over the worlds. However, the writing flows better […]

Writing Twitch Stream at 4pm this Thursday!!!

Hey everyone I’ll be doing a special writing stream on my Twitch channel and you will be able to see the writing process. Also ask me questions!! Links! Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/wolfdreamer25 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jessica_SWriter Discord link: https://discord.gg/YBFKDZE Be there this Thursday! https://www.twitch.tv/wolfdreamer25 #SmallStreamerCommunity #smallstreamer #SmallStreamersConnect #twitch #twitchgirl #gamergirl #twitchstream  #Twitchaffiliate #IndieThursday #AmWriting #IndieAuthor #WritersLIfe #WIP #writingcommunity


Besides it being my birthday I have been publishing Mina’s Vampire Mate to the rest of the platforms. I am also on vacation since I have needed a break to focus on me and my stuff. I am working on AngelWitch book 6 and Afterlife which is one of the books in my Vampire Witch […]

AngelWitch book 5 is Complete!!!

I finished book 5 yesterday which means once it is published 14 books. It wasn’t easy to finish since I was writing it through taking care of mom, and she passed away July 22nd. So after she passed I was a wreck and I still am at times. Watching someone you love slowly die just […]

Mom’s Cancer Journey till the end!

Mom first had cancer in her breasts, and had to get them removed.  She had surgery in the summer of 2017. We thought she would be done with cancer after this, and we were wrong. The cancer actually spread to her brain and spine. This is a rough timeline on how it happened. And I […]

Some of my books are now everywhere!

Besides working on book 5 some of my titles have been pulled out of Kindle Unlimited since I wasn’t getting page reads as much. Also, with the AngelWitch series getting translated to Greek I decided it was better off everywhere for everyone so a lot of readers can read it. I wanted to sell them […]

How I Got a Traditional Contract!

I can’t believe I get to write this, but I signed a publishing contract with Celene Publishing to have the AngelWitch series translated and published in Greece. It was fun how it started too. I used a Book review service called Booktasters to get reviews for Angeline and I gave her a free copy to […]

A Witchy Beginning is Out!!!

I am happy to say it is available to purchase the first in a 5 book series! Scarlet Summers was just your ordinary high school student, and never knew her true heritage. Until her junior year which is when two sexy transfers came to her high school and turned her world upside down.¬†She is a […]