Cut out Bits 


Some stuff never made it to the book, and here is all the cut scenes since some were too repetitive or didn’t belong in the final stuff:  

A guy was giving me shit over the online return being at another register, and said, “This is customer service isn’t it?” Yes, but it has to be returned at the fragrance counter since it’s a special item. Customer service doesn’t mean we return everything here. There is also a few customers that try to return fragrances at other departments since some of them buy the item to sell it online or ones they have tampered with.  

Then another bitched about the coupon not working. Again, since it’s my fault they don’t read the exclusions on the back. All my fault.  

I was told twice I could use the customer return label, and said I should know how to do my job, and she said I should keep an eye on my area. What the fuck ever you stupid idiot.   

So get this bitch I told her that she will have to go to shoes for her return. And that we can’t take it there and tell her yes they can ring up the stuff she has since she has a dress. And I tell her have a nice day she said you didn’t have to drag it out since I replied back I will. How is me replying back I will have a nice day dragging it out? It’s not my fault you wanted to argue with me because you didn’t want to walk your lazy ass to shoes. Keep walking bitch, and take your stupid shoes with you! 

.One lady demanded she get the items for $8.95 even though they rang up for $9.99. Whatever, I’ll give you it to shut you up. Whatever will make you stop arguing with me like an idiot. Since you are so right just because it came in the old packaging that you are entitled to it.  

Already have a lady bitch over panties since it rang up wrong. Apparently it is all my fault since I make the prices. 

A guy was being an asshole about his last act items not working with a coupon. He thought that because it said clearance it meant last act applied and it didn’t. And then dipshit comes back after leaving his crap with me reading the coupon to me like I can’t read and don’t work here every day. I grabbed the coupon from him, and told him there are exclusions, and it’s on the back of the coupon. Quit arguing with me when it said it excludes you aren’t always right just because you argue with me. In fact I’m treating you like a dumbass because you obviously can’t fucking read. We cannot magically make a coupon work on a last act item at all. We don’t have that power at all no matter how much you bitch at me about it.  

I don’t know if you need this chapter. You talked about coupons in two other chapters. Nothing pisses a department store worker off then coupons. People don’t read the fine print either since some coupons have exclusions. Exclusions means the coupons won’t work like specials. Then no coupons will work no matter how many times you ask the selling person they will still say no. Nothing will work and asking if another coupon won’t fucking work at all. Bitching about it to them doesn’t make them magically able to make it work.  

Then an old couple was being an idiot over specials not working with the coupons and couldn’t understand it was a no.  

And we can definitely read I even have some idiot ask me if I can read. I hate these things since they can give you so much trouble especially with the exclusions since I am pretty much blamed for it not working. All I do is ring shit up.  

Also don’t be rude to us either if we can’t do something that goes against the policy. We don’t make the policies dumbass.  

A lady wanted me to show her the jeans, and have me hold it for her and display it like I’m her personal shopper. I’m not.  

An old lady even brought in underwear she wanted to return and a list of reasons of what was wrong with them.  

I hate to say it – you’ve said a lot of this in other chapters: I can’t believe I even get to write this chapter, and it’s awesome to finally leave retail for good. There are some things I will miss like the employees and some of the nice customers. Also the hours weren’t too bad, and I loved the short shifts. But there are some things I will never miss! Such as: 

Angry customers 

Answering stupid questions. 

Bitchy customers 

Entitled people 

Ringing since I hate it 

Long ass lines that don’t seem to end 

Cleaning up after people who should know better 

Coupons with exclusions. Customers yell at us about it all the time.  

Blamed for everything even stuff I can’t control. 

Not going to miss being yelled at. Period.  

Hearing about people bitching at how understaffed we are that isn’t even my fault.  

People saying they feel sorry for me since God forbid I have a job! 

This is new stuff: 

I will never missed being bitched at since there is no one to ring them up.  

Repetitious Closings and opening sucked. 

Or blame me when the floor is messy yet it’s their fault since they don’t clean up after themselves. Idiots.  

And they blame me since they have coupons and the item they want isn’t eligible for it. Not my fault they can’t read.  

Crazy schedule especially during the holidays 

Nasty attitudes for any reason 

People blaming me for the signs coming up wrong 

People blaming me for the small selection 

People blaming me for the messy floor 

People blaming me for their card not working 

People blaming me since we can’t order their stupid order online.  

Repititious And I will never miss people arguing with me over the price since they act like I made it when I didn’t. I also didn’t make the signs or what the website did. They treat me like I can’t use my brain over stuff I don’t control.  

I get blamed for a lot of stuff I don’t control.  

And that is something I will never miss about retail. It seems like everything is the employees fault, and the customers treat it like it is. It’s not and I will never miss any of it.  

I will never miss giving up holidays to work 

They wanted to know why it wasn’t free, and it was only free with the rebates that they had to mail in. 

Your retail worker doesn’t care about some complaints, especially if they can’t control it. I love getting off early knowing I have the rest of the day to myself.  I also don’t get paid enough to be bitched at over everything. I can’t control your coupon not working, and I am not going to give you a discount for being rude. I get shit on daily by assholes who don’t have common decency. I also get gawked at, made fun of, and treated like an idiot just because I work a retail job.  

We aren’t personal shoppers either besides a register we actually clean stuff up and put it away.

I hope you enjoyed some behind the scenes and I will post when the links are live!


Happy Holidays!


As we get into the new years I want to wish everyone a happy holidays and may them be fun and filled with awesome memories. I also have good new Mina’s Tales is done rough draft wise and all that is left is the editor and cover art. Then I can publish it. That means I will have 9 books after that and many more to come! There is a lot of awesome things in store and I am getting used to my new job. So time will be spent writing after work and the weekends and holidays!

Leaving Retail for Good!


So I am happy at this point since this Saturday is my last day in retail, and then Monday I start a new job non-retail related. After 8 years in retail it was time to move on. After 5 books including Mina’s Tales I am fully done with the subject. However, it means I can use this blog to talk about other subjects like book reading, tv shows, and movies. I will now get a regular schedule with weekends off, and I will finally be able to publish more since I will have the money for it. I failed Nanowrimo due to depression, and that is a subject I have been dealing with a lot since a lot of my time has been spend watching countless YouTube videos. I did start on a few new projects, and one of them is about a girl who is out of a shitty relationship and ends up coming in contact with a crazy fan. It will be interesting to write that, and the next Scarlet book feels like a reverse harem thing only with two guys so I will see how that goes!

Once I have more information for the next books I will let you know!


Uber Eats Review


Oh the beauty of the internet since you can have apps that deliver food to your door. I decided to try out UberEats since I was hungry, and wanted Sushi, and it even takes Paypal which is awesome! So the app is pretty easy to use. Choose the restaurant you want, get the food, and someone will deliver it to your door. It even notifies you every step of the way from the time you place the order, to the driver getting to the place to get it for you. 

I placed an order with Hibachi & Sushi Grill since I have been craving sushi for the longest time. I ordered the Eel Cucumber Roll and the Rainbow Roll. The cool thing about the app is it tells you the drivers name and even the car they are driving unlike Door Dash that just tells you the Dashers name. It even lets you know when the driver is heading your way, and it takes less time for this. It even has a cheap delivery fee. It also tells you the estimated arrival time too. It even tells you when the driver is almost there and to meet them at the door. 

The food came out fast, and nice! It’s a good service, and everything was nice and tasty!

Hungry? Get $7 off your first order on #Uber Eats with my code: eats-jessocas6ui.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and I will see you next time!

Booklist for my Books


Tales From Behind the Counter: Angeline has been working at Kyle’s General Store for five years. She has seen it all: crazy, stupid and even mean customers torment her on a daily basis. She has worked in over five different departments with stories for each. There is a chapter where she gives advice on how to survive retail, and shares pet peeves for the departments she has worked in. Join her down memory lane as she tells her stories about crazy customers and the stupid questions they ask. Also, if you think the customer is always right then you’ve never worked at a place like Kyle’s before.

The Darkside of Human Nature: Dark emotions like anger, hate, being betrayed and bored with life are some of the many themes in this ebook. A book that was a released to help people deal with the dark side of human nature because without it there will not be balance. Or light.

Dark Tales of Vengeance:Revenge comes in many forms, and in many ways. These are short stories about getting even with bullies, exes who have come back from the grave, and even getting even with evil bosses and coworkers. It even has the original version of The Killer Contract Agency, and Boyfriend Missing; Ex is a Zombie. There is a few short stories featuring Scarlet Summers who is the main character in Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks!, and she is a character that loves getting even with bullying men, and one that features Ella who is an assassin that focuses on getting rid of evil bosses and coworkers.

Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks:Scarlet Summers has been through hell since her last mission left her in the hands of an evil necromancer. She got out thanks to the Moon Wolf pack, but not without a price. When three of the werewolves in the pack go missing it is up to her to solve the case. In order to do this she has to go undercover at a supernatural retail store called Fiona’s Corner and Café to find the missing girls.

The Killer Contract Agency: Novella: Salina Sinclair hunts Malians, an alien species that preys on weak teenagers, making them crazy enough to kill themselves. But after being nearly burned alive by one, Salina is contacted by The Killer Contract Agency. Wielding the powers of The Bracelet and with her mentor, Carter, by her side, she exacts her revenge by taking out the Malians responsible for her near death.

But something big is happening with the Agency and operatives are dying. Will she find out what it is before it’s too late, or will the Agency be destroyed?

Angeline AngelWitch book 1: Angeline is just a Kyle’s General Store worker. When she goes to her local witches shop she gets a surprise – a guy with wings. Not just any guy, but the one in her dreams. … something greater than just your average retail worker.

Ember AngelWitch book 2: Ember is an ordinary witch until she discovers her full potential. Will she be able to hold onto the love that walks into her life or will the evil Poison Apple Coven take her AngelWitchy coven down?

Mia AngelWitch book 3:Mia is just a normal department store employee until her apartment is broken into. The dark angels found her and she is hiding from the werewolves who framed her. Will she become an AngelWitch and step it up with her mate, or will she fail at it?

Books I am Working on!

Vector Sketch Retro Typewriter

So Mia and Ember are out leaving me free to work on other projects. One of them is book 4 Raven in the AngelWitch series. I have decided it will be about Raven trying dating apps after getting out of a rough spot. It turns out she meets someone who ends up pretending to be someone he isn’t and she tries to find the real person. Around that same time her Angelmate is looking for her, and he is a bad guy. It turns out he couldn’t believe he finally found his soulmate even though he wanted to get rid of her. I hope it works out on paper like in my head, but I will have to see. And there is the book 1 of the Scarlet series as well I might have to redo parts since I want it to be academy style since it’s better suited to that. I also have plans on making another book about department store stories, and maybe another poem book. There is also a secret project I’ll be creating with a friend, and stuff is in the works. I’ll let you know the updates on it. Also, preptober is upon us which is preparing for National Novel Writing month next month. I’m still debating on attempting it. I’ll let you know my progress!
Until next time,

Mia is out!



Mia is now live on the Amazon store!

Mia is just a normal department store employee until her apartment is broken into. The dark angels found her and she is hiding from the werewolves who framed her. Will she become an AngelWitch and step it up with her mate, or will she fail? 

Here is the link:

Ember is live!


Jdsamuels25_ebook Ember cover

Ebook is live!


Chapter 1:

I hadn’t been happy in a while, and all I could do was sit there, thinking of my next move in the bathroom while I broke down. My life had amounted to nothing. My recent relationship came to an end. Before it was said and done, he tore my heart out and left me to pick up the pieces. He managed to convince me that we just needed time apart; next thing I knew, his stuff was gone, and I was alone once again. Tonight, my ex had the balls to walk into the bar, and he wasn’t alone either; he brought in here his newest fling. I snapped back to reality and began my pre-work ritual; I donned my Rockie’s Blood uniform, name tag and all. I wanted to just run away, somewhere nobody knew my name. It still weighed on my mind that I could be so easily replaced. My old coven threw me out since the dark witches took over and killed my mom for my book. My life had been thrown into shit, which is why I’m hiding and taking this job in the first place. Let’s just say that my life was never dull. In fact, it’d been pretty stop and go without a break for me to unwind and relax from.


I’d been there for maybe close to a year, and despite the fact I majored in conjuration and potions, I still struggled to keep a roof over my head. Rockie’s Blood was a Tavern for all kinds of creatures. Some of the regular vamps there preferred fine china to random necks. I assumed they kept the biting thing for their lovers instead of their prey. Werewolves could order raw meat to satiate their four-legged friends appetite, and there was even a menu for witches to order food–actual burgers, fries, steak, you name it and we got it. Rockie’s was also a popular place for high level baddies like vampires,  werewolves, and even some witch covens. Working there could be a drag at times, especially when table 75 ordered blood and complained it wasn’t as hot as it could be.

I adjusted my shirt, making my boobs pop for extra tips. I needed the extra money, after all. I took a deep breath in the bathroom. I redid my makeup since it ran down my face because my dumbass forgot waterproof makeup. All I wanted to do was drink alcohol till I passed out and eat awful tv dinners, while crying to cheesy romance movies. I didn’t want to go back and see it, or him. I put on a brave face anyway, since I was a kick ass witch. I was also done with letting someone win. Not to mention he knew I worked there, so he deliberately came just to shove his flings in my face. Like I cared about anything but hiding. He was a loser, nothing more, and I had more important things to be concerned with like staying hidden to care right now. I wish I didn’t, but it still twinged when I looked back on what we had. 

My ex, Derrick, was sexy for sure–soulful blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and tattoos. Like, my god, everything I thought I ever wanted in someone. We got along for the most part, and he was a vampire which meant he could take my blood and power, which was addicting. Very addicting when mixed with love and sex. I was on a high while I was with him, and there was nothing that could stop it. He was a vampire warrior, and I loved the uniform. Now he was kissing and smiling, and hugging someone else, someone ugly though. A vampire groupie, judging by the marks on her slender neck.

The tears came faster, threatening to fall all over. So much for redoing my makeup. It was hard seeing him smile at someone else and holding them like they would break at any moment. My facade tore to shreds again. Me, with my bad habit of letting everything get to me like I usually do.  Luckily, he wasn’t in my area to watch, and I didn’t have to ask him if he needed a thing of hay for his pig or his new chew toy. Not even the most powerful spells could help with this heartbreak. I didn’t feel like cursing her and ruining my rep. Not even poisoning her drink would make me happy. I was a good witch. Hell, if I was that bad, I might as well show up to the witch’s doorstep. 

I fought through the agony threatening to consume me. It was the worst, and my eyes turned red from all the crying. Not sleeping didn’t help. I also felt sick. Like, it was awful. Someone kill me, please. Witches hurt me? Anything?  No? Can someone save me from this torment?

I did the grown-up thing and pushed it all down, far away to the back of my mind. I thought about the good memories of me serving blood to a few nice vamps. Helping creatures in the cold, anything to get my mind to not hurt in the first place. I couldn’t afford to have another breakdown at work. The last thing I wanted was to explain why I was crying over table threes blood when it had nothing to do with work.  And these customers never bothered me anyway. I ignored their attitudes for the most part.

I just had to get through this shift and I was free to drink oodles of wine and pass out while binge watching sappy romance movies with tv dinners up the ass. No cooking for me. I couldn’t cook. The microwave was my best friend.

I walked out of the women’s restroom to get back to my job and save my sanity by throwing myself into work.

The restaurant was pretty nice, with black walls and a red ceiling with pictures of creatures on it. It was created to be a fun place to hang out and spend time with friends and family. There were even strategically placed televisions with various sports. The vinyl booths were nicer than the usual ones, and you could tell the owner spent more on them than the average restaurant.  I was determined to finish this shift today since it was all I had going for me, and all I had left was this job. After all, my life had been hell warmed over. And crispy with extra hot, spicy sauce. It was busy enough to help me keep my mind off of stuff. I just couldn’t look over at him.


There was a war going on between the Poison Apple Coven, who were bad witches. The Fire Dragons, who were my people, the good guys, got dragons to call. My mom was caught in the crossfire and killed by the leader of them–Ivy, one of the baddest witches out there. I still remembered how my mom’s green eyes always smiled up at me like we both shared a big secret, and she wore it while she cooked dinner in the witch apron I got her. Her long, red hair was tied back. She loved making stuff with me, and we would have fun, especially with the asshole that tried to use me. She was a witch who conjured up revenge spells. She loved getting even with the people who truly deserved it. She was a good witch who used her magic only when she was truly wronged. She had an amazing gift and was taken out too early. I wanted to cry again, but I didn’t want to do it at work. That was the last thing I needed. We sent a curse to his house and set it on fire, making it look like an accident. Best day ever doing revenge spells with my mom. 

The fire element was our best friend. It could burn down an entire village and stop even the most stubborn water spell. She was gone. No more Mom to tell me how men sometimes sucked and that I deserved better than someone who wouldn’t make time for me. That I would find the man of my dreams. He was coming for me and the reason why it didn’t work with anyone else. How soon I’d be cuddling up to the love of my life, and how the warmth of our bodies would feel good as we watched a favorite movie for the tenth time. Cuddling was the best feeling, and being held made my day. I was way less stressed and happier. Now I was just depressed and a wreck, relying on alcohol to take my feelings away.

It was hard facing loss like losing my mother and a break up on top, like everything had to happen at once. There were some days when I was fine, and days where I just gave in and sobbed. I picked up my pen and paper out of my apron and walked up to greet the guy sitting at the bar with his head down. I felt that way too, buddy. It’s been a long one for me. I feel your pain. People come here to talk with friends, meet up with dates, and even drink their time away–one cold glass at a time. 

I went up to him and said, “Is there anything else I can get for you, sir?” In a friendly, cheery tone. It looked like he was already drinking based off the empty glasses on the table already there. I wondered where his server was, and if it was who I thought it was, I’d take over from there. This was my specialty. I loved dealing with drunks. 

He looked at me with his soulful, chocolate eyes. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe, he was that attractive, and his hair was spiked too, like he had just gotten out of bed. He actually existed. Holy shit! The guy in my dreams. Fuck me. He is real, and I just can’t believe he is here in the flesh. All thoughts were thrown out the window, thanks to this stranger in front of me. There was a strong chemistry feeling there. I wanted to trip over my words and even bow to his feet. He was a sexy, mysterious guy. A bad boy edge about him. He had a chain on his pants and tattoos. Holy fuck, I’m going to just worship the ground he walked on. Definitely an upgrade and not a downgrade. My mind was blown; there were no words to describe how it felt, and I wanted him to kiss me. To get lost in his touch. In his smell, his scent. Him. To forget the world and just be in our own little one with everything else thrown out. Gone. Lost. Mine, because I can felt like he was. There was a reason why it never worked out with anyone else. He was the reason maybe it was meant to fail.

He smiled at me with the same expression and said, “I’ll have the strongest drink you have on tap. These ain’t shit. I need a drink that will make me black out drunk, since I want to forget everything. Girls are the worst. They will take you for everything you got and leave you for someone else. Someone uglier, like I meant nothing to her, and she wanted the Elite better. Like he is so much better than me. She was all I had, or thought I did. What was I thinking?” He rubbed his eyes, and they were red. Irritated. Probably from crying. Damn. I want to hit the girl who broke this angel’s heart. I would never give him up once I have him. He is sexy. I could eat a steak on him and do body shots and still want more.

I looked over at my ex, now trying to kiss and hug his fling, and he was snuggling with that girl. Like tiny daggers in my heart, and they are gone now. Nothing is what. I no longer feel hurt. I feel nothing but pity since he is going to do the same to her that he did to me. Then again, I just saw someone better looking, and he was right in front of me, crying over a spilled relationship like me. I wanted to just comfort him and tell him she was a bitch for letting him go. She didn’t deserve someone as sexy as him.  I want to mend his broken heart and be the reason he smiles.

I smiled at him, and I know exactly what he needed, and thought maybe I should make a drink for myself to take the edge off. It can help after a long day and drinking on the job wasn’t frowned upon; plenty of people come to work drunk. It helped take the edge off and made people more bearable to serve. Less prone to hitting table three that argued their shit needed to be rawer and less well done. Just smile and listen since you are too drunk to care anyway. 

“Coming up, sir. I know exactly what you need after going through that myself. You are better off now,” I said. And I went back to make him a drink he would never forget. And to get a shot of my own so I could get through the shift without crying. He had just the right idea. Bars were notorious for getting over exes by drinking it away and picking up someone to share a bed with for the night. It was a quick fix but a slow process, which is why I was throwing myself into work.  

I made my way to the kitchen, passing by servers and creatures needing to use the bathroom. I went inside the double doors, which was busy with everyone making food so the creatures wouldn’t eat them.

The alcoholic drink area was next to the vampire blood display which had various blood types and species. The alcohol area was my favorite area where I served drinks to patrons who loved me for it. They knew my specialty too. There was even an area for ghoul food, too, with items like rotten brains alamode. Eww. Don’t get too close, the smell might just make you puke your dinner, or in my case, waste good lunch food. 

They had all kinds of alcoholic drinks at the bar and on the menu. Then there were the spelled ingredients that were used for specialty drinks. The ones I used to add special stuff to the drinks. Drinks for luck, love, money, to attract a mate, and for heartbreak. I was licensed to serve it. There were even some hexes for enemies too. I’d been paid pretty well to help out some of the rival packs in exchange for their help in the future. And even Rockie said to do it to protect his pack, to stop a war, and even to give a cheater what he deserved. Revenge. But my specialty was luck, love, healing, and attracting the good.

I poured a shot for myself with some absinthe and soother. Fuck feeling this shit. I needed a quick fix to take the edge off. And to serve the hot guy the best drink in his life, the one that will blow his mind. He deserved it since we all go through bullshit break ups to find the right one. 

I took out a nice glass, and then looked at all the various alcohols to choose the best ones. I knew the exact combo to heal him and mess him up to forget the tramp. I only wished I could pour myself one too. I grabbed the bottles and began to pour and mix: gin, vodka, absinthe, whisky, and a few herbs for healing and heartbreak like rose and honeysuckle, which would help him feel better. I knew it made me feel better. That and a hug from someone, but I didn’t want to push anything right now. Hell, a cuddle would have helped and would have comforted us both.

I mixed it all up and said, “Heart heal to love another and find the mate that you desire.” My eyes turned red, and I put my hand over the glass to spell it and give it an extra kick. A kick that would help him heal, and find the right person for him. It was me. I knew it was. Maybe we could heal each other’s heart.

I took the glass, and went back to the bar where he sat slumped over. Poor guy, but it gave me time to admire his sexy attire. He was in a black silk shirt and black leather pants. It screamed badass.  His arms were crossed as he looked ahead, so I put a napkin down and set his drink on it. He looked at it, then at me and smiled, “Thanks, I am not usually like this at all. I’m just going through a rough time right now. My day already got better by you serving me this awesome drink.” And he winked at me. Flirting. My heart jumped at it. He made my heart feel better and more healed than it used to be. I could finally stop feeling so much hurt, and the drink was working too. Healing me for another. Possibly this perfect stranger. 

The weird connection just hovered in the air, and it was a zing that made me want to jump him. I had to behave and he was drunk enough as it was. I couldn’t take advantage of that either.

I smiled right back and said, “I know the feeling since I have recently been going through a horrible time too. It’s her loss and she didn’t deserve you. My ex was like that too, and he didn’t even have the balls to tell me it to my face it was a break up.” I looked over at the table. He was gone. Good. I didn’t have to watch her get fooled like me.

Mia Cut out bits!



Some bits are cut out to make the story flow, or ones that don’t need to be here. These are the scenes or sentences that didn’t make it to the book. 

Some creatures returning items too small, too big, some showed their nipples. Returns, getting more orders since it’s almost Christmas, and the lines are so long they wrap around the place. It’s exhausting listening to them bitch day after day about first world problems. They are sitting here bitching if their order isn’t ready on their time table, and bitching if it gets lost when it wasn’t even our fault. Don’t even ask about the fitting room since I’m even afraid to go there, afraid of what I will find. Clothes piled high, and with no one to help out and run there will be tables and chairs filled with items creatures don’t want. Sales and coupons left and right with creatures bitching about it not working, and how they don’t like shopping at Nikki’s since nothing ever works. They don’t know how to use it right. 

 She has already worked retail with creatures before. Hell, she was here when Nikkis wasn’t here, but Dave’s Creature Store was, and it closed down since the owner was bought out by another company. Thank god, she was with me till close.

Since they were a pretty blue, I could tell they were beginning to tear up some. My hair is a long, whitish blonde, and I have a good sized chest. I currently wore my uniform and it’s a nice blue shirt, blue dress pants, and blue heels. 


 Standing on my feet all day doesn’t help either.  I’ve been cleaning fitting rooms all day too. People have no idea how to leave a fitting room right. Clothes are on the floor, shit is inside out, and even clothes left on the peg. They should be hung up instead. Like really? It this how you keep your place? Do you really think it’s our job to clean up after your nasty ass? 

I have been yelled at coupons not working on certain items. I was tired and wanted to leave. I hoped the last 15 minutes were boring since it’s been a long day and I just want to go home. I don’t want to be picked on anymore. I’ve been standing behind a register, and cleaning up shit all day. Going home sounds better, safer and not being exposed to their shit. Or people who want to bitch over coupons and fuck up the fitting room…or leave items on fixtures that they don’t want since they had to come back just as we were about to close. 

“Yes, and those customers are the worst so far I’ve seen dragon lady several times. She made me cry the first time. She said I shouldn’t be working there if I don’t know what I was doing. And bitching over not being at my register. Then she repeated herself twice over using the return label since she didn’t have her receipt or card.” I said shuddering over it. 

Supernaturals can suck at communication when it comes to returning things. This vampire wanted an exchange on a few things and got mad she got charged money since according to her bitchy attitude it should be the same. I cancelled it and did it separate. Cause lo and behold she took out the ones she wanted to exchange them for. If the dumb bitch had gotten the items out beforehad it wouldn’t have happened…like was it really hard to give me the items you are exchanging them for. And she treated me like I was the dumbass when she didn’t use her head to give me the items beforehand. Another lady was making a big deal of her Bat money being added to her account and couldn’t understand it would be credited to it and added on top so after 3 times of redoing the damn transaction she finally let it go on the coffin return card. 


I get yelled at over everything, and one lady got mad because she had to go all the way back to her car in the rain to get her ID and she came back with an attitude. She tossed it at me, and jerked her items away in a huff when she left. Like really? We ID so a person won’t get your stuff no need to be rude over it, and a lady gave me the nastiest attitude and kept screaming at me when I was typing her license number in. 

 My own car was a Stryker which is a fast car. It took me to where I wanted to go in a good amount of time. It takes me less then 20 minutes to get from my house to work. It’s also less then 20 to fill the tank. And the car in front of us was amazing once I opened the door and saw it. It was all black too. Castiel pulled out the key thing and hit a button. The door opened by itself. Neat. I go to the car, and get in the passenger seat. The inside is all leather and instead of a normal wheel it has a huge ass tablet instead. Castiel gets in the driver side. And when I sit in the passenger seat it buckled me in automatically.  It’s a sweet car I liked it. 

Someone who won’t control me or tell me that I don’t need a shower since I’ve already taken one. My ex had major trust issues.

I am so ready for a change other then working in a department store. I need it since retail is killing my soul and I need out of here. At least I have a mate for life


I can’t believe we can finally get this settled. It’s important to me. I need him gone. It’s bad enough I lost everything. I need to get my mom out of hiding since they cast her out. So much is riding on this that I hope it works out. And maybe I’ll be able to ask her about my dad, and tell her when I meet him if I do. I

The car stopped and we all got out and the place in front of me is nice. It’s a building with the words Rockies Blood on top. There were even a neon vampire and werewolf sharing drinks. It’s all black and red and there are even people going inside. It was a fun little restaurant and Ember walked ahead of us so I followed behind her. She is the one who used to work there after all. She will know the way better than the rest of us.

Everything is solved and now I can do what I always want to do. Turn in my two weeks at Nikkis, and tell my mom the news. And I couldn’t wait. I finally get to leave the department store for good. I was excited so much it wasn’t funny. I was happy to say it was finally over. My time in customer service returns is done. I’m happy that I have finished retail for good. I typed up my two weeks and it was all a matter of time until I was done. This two weeks allowed me to get situated, and it was time for me to finish my two weeks and retail does have a drama of its own.  Short staffed, customers being assholes, and I was done with it all. My vacation went by so fast that it was time to hand in my notice and finish up strong. I never want to go back after this again. The people who look at you like shit, and insult you suck. I get to wear the name tag for two more weeks and then I’ll be done. After it’s up I will move to the island and stay there. No longer will I have to worry over working there forever. 

I don’t have work till tomorrow so I go back to my roots, and finally track down my mom. I got to her hiding spot and drive to the area, and park my car. It was finally time to make peace with her. 

I go up to the door of the small beach house she owns to escape. I knock on her door. 

“Who is it?” she asked. 

“Mia I have good news…” I yell hoping she answers…

She does and the door opened. He eyes wide, “Mia, I thought you were a goner…what happened?”

I smiled, “The leader is taken care of since Rockie stopped him, and I’m an AngelWitch because the dark angels found me…And Castiel saved me. He is my angelmate, and the one I needed in my life.” 

She smiled, “Your father Raphael wanted me to keep us a secret since not a lot of creatures like you existing. We loved each other, and still do hence why it was shocking to see you arrive. I had no idea you could exist since you are a blessing. I was afraid I wasn’t able to have children and here you come. I’ll get word out to the coven and you can have our help.”

I nod, “That is good, and you’ll have to meet Castiel sometime and have him over for dinner. He is everything I ever wanted in a relationship and mate.” 

“They are meant to be and I knew your father was mine, but we have to rule different world so we try to do what we can.” She said. 

“Yes, and I can finally finish retail for good, and I’ll see you some other time. I love you…and you can tell the other.” I said.

“I will let me know when you need our help.” She said. I gave her a hug. 

“I will…” I said. 

And I left. Finally made up with mom I prepare for my last two weeks of retail…

But I still have hell to get through and these last 10 shifts are going to drag because it’s filled with stupid idiots wanting to ask stupid questions. Let’s hope they aren’t too shitty but it’s retail so let the torment begin! 2 weeks I can do this…I hope or go off on them because I don’t give a shit anymore since I’m already out.  I no longer had to care either…Because fuck it that’s why. I can now say all I wanted to without worry, and if they tried to fire me then whatever because they can’t since I’m already out. No pushing cards I don’t care to shove down people’s throat. And no mannequin bullshit either…Bring it. 

The next day I don my uniform and put on my stupid nametag and head in. Already dreading bullshit but happy I don’t have to soon. I walk to personnel first thing. There is a lady sitting at the Nikkis desk, and I hand her the paper…He eyes widen, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am since I have a better job that pays more…” I tell her then I walk back to the floor. I go to my area and there is already bullshit. 

“And you should also know what it feels like to have someone control you, accuse you of cheating and break up without telling the person and having to find out from their sister like a jackass. He should have told me it was a break up from the start instead he didn’t, and tossed me like I meant nothing to him.” I said. Breakups are the worst, and it’s no wonder why I wanted to get blackout drunk. It’s hard enough as it is and to add being in customer service makes it ten times worse. 

These are the scenes that didn’t make the book since some involved a ton of stuff that has nothing to do with the story line, or it slowed it down. I cut some scenes since I didn’t want to have too many subplots either. I am also working on a department store tales book since some scenes in Mia were way too long, and I have enough material for another book!

Until I have updates for Ember.



Mia Cover Reveal and Ember Updates!



Here is the cover, and I finished the edits and turned it into the editor last night. I have had a busy morning since I edited Ember one last time. I formatted it and hit publish! It feels good, and I will post the link when it’s live on the Amazon store!

I even made videos on the publishing process.

Formatting Ember with Vellum:

Publishing Ember to Kindle:

And here is a video of me editing Ember!

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek, and I will post an excerpt and link when Ember is live!

Until next time,

Jessica Samuels