Save a Cat Story Cards Review!


Save the Cat!’s

About Save the Cat! Story Cards

Introducing Save the Cat!®Story Cards, consisting of Save the Cat! Beat Cards and Save the Cat! Scene Cards, all designed to outline and develop your story. 

Save the Cat! Beat Cards 

Crack your story from the “Opening Image” to the “Final Image.” Save the Cat!® Beat Cards provide writers with the 15 key plot points to map out your script or novel. Every set contains 15 individual index cards with helpful explanations of each beat to form the foundation of your story. 

Save the Cat! Scene Cards 

Every scene of your story needs to communicate “place,” “basic action,” “emotional transformation,” and “outcome.” The Save the Cat!® Scene Cards help writers nail the purpose of every scene. Each set of cards contains 40 color-coded cards broken down by act, with 10 extra cards because we know you’ll need them. 

My Review!

Once Save a Cat had these story cards I knew I had to try them out. I love using them for stories since it has all the points discussed in the book. I loved the book since it went over how to plot a story and for my example I use the hero/heroine arc more than anything. They have beat cards where you can write down all the various beats to your novel and they also have the scene cards. Both are helpful for outlining your novel. It is actually fun to use these cards since it is like using them to outline your novel. They are very helpful in helping you plot out the story since it goes through these various beat cards: OPENING IMAGE,  THEME STATED, SETUP, CATALYST, DEBATE, BREAK INTO 2, B STORY, FUN AND GAMES, MIDPOINT, BAD GUYS CLOSE IN, ALL IS LOST,  DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, BREAK INTO 3, FINALE, and the final image. They also have scene cards with location, moment, the emotional change and you can even put the conflict with the good guy and the obstacle. These are very helpful for breaking down a novel and I loved using them to help me plot Afterlife. These pretty much lay the foundation for your book and help you outline using the Save a Cat book plan. For a more detailed review I’ll link the book review here:

I suggest you use them both to help you outline your novel. I would definitely recommend them since they help you thoroughly outline your book. Everything you ever need to write and outline a novel is in these cards. I definitely plan on using them for future books when I plan my novels. I’ve finished two chapters of Afterlife, and I’m trying to take my time with this. I hope you enjoyed the review and I will see you in the next post. 

Writing Afterlife the beginning!


Live Writing Stream 1 Talking about my books and working on Afterlife – YouTube

I did my first writing stream on January 29th and it was fine. It was harder then I though to type it up but I had no issues planning it out and talking over the worlds. However, the writing flows better when I write it by hand so if I do another stream it might be me typing it up since to stream I have to have more to talk about since writing isn’t exactly interactive. It will also be a rough draft which is the first part of the process. Finishing is another story but in order to do that I’ll need to carve out time to write. I want to do this full time and stream full time. This is my journey unlike any other. I’ll be streaming the process here and there and writing about it on my website. The concept of Afterlife came about since my mom passed and you will see the character going through the grieving process. No one will really understand unless it happens to them. When I wrote more it also took a life of it’s own since I recently learned about Dungeons and Dragons and Minecraft. So this book will be more fantasy then others. This is hard work really and something few people understand. There will be more articles to come!

See you next time!

Writing Twitch Stream at 4pm this Thursday!!!


Hey everyone I’ll be doing a special writing stream on my Twitch channel and you will be able to see the writing process. Also ask me questions!!




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Stand Up To Cancer Month!


As you know my mom died of cancer. It sucks and it effects peoples lives drastically. So my friend Tori is having a fundraiser to raise money for people affected by cancer. I loved that since it is near and dear to my heart.

Here is the link: Tori Stewart is fundraising for Stand Up To Cancer UK (

Donate if you want and share. Cancer effects everyone and it would be awesome to raise money for something people all over are affected.

And she is also an amazing Twitch streamer too!

GayBrownies93 Links:

About her: She is a variety streamer and an artist.








Besides it being my birthday I have been publishing Mina’s Vampire Mate to the rest of the platforms. I am also on vacation since I have needed a break to focus on me and my stuff. I am working on AngelWitch book 6 and Afterlife which is one of the books in my Vampire Witch series. You will see Mina in it since she will play a part in the last AngelWitch book.

I also plan on streaming games like Phasmophobia, Among Us, Dead by Daylight. The Sims 4 and other games.

Here are the links:

Discord link:

Twitch Link:

I will update you in the next post when I have them!


Marina Book 5 of my AngelWitch series is out!!!


Marina is an Air witch with the power to call dragons, and the last AngelWitch. She is forced to flee her witch mansion when one of her own coven members attacks her coven. She teams up with her mate Draven, who is half vampire and half dragon. Together they will stop the evil witch and the evil vampires attacking his dad’s peaceful vampires, by having the key to summon the ultimate Elemental dragon. All together the AngelWitches have the power to stop the evil since war is almost here! Good versus evil and the final showdown will be Book 6 AngelWitch.

It is finally out! And it was hard to write with all the stuff going on since my mom passed away last month. I figured keeping busy with writing will help so I will be working on Book 6 in the meantime it will have all the girls and you get to catch up with what they are doing. It will also be in third person so look out for that!

Chapter 1:

I never thought I would actually have a place to belong. I always thought I would be an outsider since the coven never liked my powers. I was promised to someone not out of love but out of necessity. Instead of that, I was cast out. I have the love of my life now and I couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t always like this though. And I complete the circle of a coven more powerful than my mom’s to call the ultimate Dragon. It wasn’t always like this either. And my mate completely changed my life for the better. 

It led me to a journey of self-discovery since there was a war going on and the ones who could save the realm were five Witches. They weren’t ordinary ones, but half angel and half Witch like me. And this is how I met my AngelWitch coven and even found my soulmate along the way. 

I was in my room in the WitchFire coven mansion. Mom was done with the lecture about me being the next leader. I learned history, spells, rituals, and I even practiced Dragon magic on the side. Something I never asked for was to be a leader since it wasn’t part of my plans. It wasn’t in my plans at all, but they wanted me to take charge. Unlike most Witches I can call upon Dragons which is really rare. I sat in my room to think about what I truly wanted. I wished I had a Coven who would accept me. Honestly, I am different than the rest of them. I have powers they don’t have. My abilities are rare and I can even summon Dragons to help me fight in battle. I wish I could use them and have a coven full of fierce fighters.  I have a cool theme to my room since it is about the sea with a high-powered desktop and cool gaming chair. It was fine out today so no need to wear a sweater inside. I relaxed on my bed with my phone in hand scrolling through social media. I thought being a Witch involved spell casting and fun times, but it is a lot of boring meetings at times. 

The Luxor realm was built for Supernaturals to live in, yet it was becoming more than a joke. What I wouldn’t give for some action. Something that didn’t involve a meeting or discussion, but action and magic. 

Things are rocky right now ever since the Luxor realm went into chaos. There are creatures attacking the good covens. The bad covens are trying to take over since an evil is growing you can see it everywhere. The good Witches just want to pretend it doesn’t exist, but I see it. The Dragon goddess herself even said that things are going to happen like good covens being attacked by bad as a new evil tries to take over. Something is here and I can feel it and there is also going to be a gathering of supernatural creatures soon. 

Something must be happening to warrant that.  It must be and I am not the only one who feels it. The goddess herself of the Dragons Malinda said for me to look out for the one who calls to me and me to him. I am an AngelWitch and it means there is a mate out there that is mine and he is my everything. He will help me come into my full power and give me wings. They are called Protectors and they are there to be with you through everything. Unlike the dude who only cared about himself and was very fucking controlling. He didn’t even want me to have guy friends and thought I was sleeping with anyone that moved; I wasn’t. I needed to get out of that failure of a future marriage before they are stupid enough to make me be tied to the abusive asshole. I needed to find a guy more powerful who I love to be by my side. Someone from a powerful family, too. He needs to be worth breaking the powerful alliance and someone who will help more than an idiot. 

The abusive guy’s name is Wade Johnson, the golden blonde Warlock who has everything going for him. Looks and all and he was even excelling in Luxor academy; but someone I had to be tied to since he came from a powerful line of Warlocks and their alliance means we can forge a powerful coven. Bullshit politics. Not love but bloodline and I was sick of it, really I was. Scrolling through stuff took my mind off things until another boring meeting took place. But I was done after a little bit. Bored. Life isn’t the best and it is better to forget about it. And just move on. Move on from a time when I liked meetings and boredom. 

A knock at the door, and I called out, “Come in.” 

The door opened and there was a girl standing in front of me. She had black hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. She wore black jeans and a nice black shirt. She is also smiling at me. I wondered why.

“My name is Angeline, and I have been looking for you since you are the last AngelWitch to complete the circle,” she said.

I smiled at her. “And why should I come with you?” 

“We need you since you are a powerful Witch, and you are the last one we need to form a powerful coven to stop evil. And it isn’t safe for you here once a Tracker finds you. You see, being an AngelWitch means you have a Protector who will help you come into your full power. You will even have Trackers trying to kill you or turn you. And the only safe thing for you is being with a Protector or a coven, and a lot of the girls came from broken covens or covens who cast them out.” She said.

I thought about it some and I do want more than just meetings. 

Then a girl came behind her and she had dark red hair and green eyes. She also had pale skin and wore a green top, and blue jeans. She smiled at me. 

“And I am Ember, and you look like you need a drink lets go to the bar across the street to talk.”

That sounded like a good idea, and I could use a good drink. I smiled at them since they seemed nice and approachable. I needed to get out anyway this place was starting to bore me with all the shit going on. I gathered my stuff and headed with them to see what they had to say.

“I will go with you and it’s better than sitting in my room being bored out of my mind with the same shit,” I said. And I followed them.

I walked with them through the mansion and some of the Witches looked at me curiously. The coven members probably wondered about them, too and the coven house was all I knew. But I let them take me to the bar by us since it was a place that I liked going to as well. The place they were talking about is Rockie’s Blood and I knew the owner all too well since he was a major player here. He was a Werewolf leader that actually helped us out from time to time if there were wolf issues. I enjoyed staring at him, but he was taken so I wouldn’t even do that. 

And then my mind wandered to that bitchy Witch Lisa some more who just loved to go out of her way to make my life miserable. She would always have something to say about what I did. She never liked the fact that I could summon Dragons and show her up when it came to magic. Yet she never wanted to lift a finger or do real spells. She loved being a Witch without the effort it took to cast spells.  Joke is on her since her husband left her for another woman. And she even tried to say that I wanted her husband when I didn’t even care. He was taken and I don’t go after married men. She was my friend at one point even best friends, but all I heard about was their marriage issues. And she was always stuck in the past. I got sick of it and when we got into a fight it was the final straw and I didn’t bother answering her texts. She was bitter, but it doesn’t matter anymore. 

We got to the car Angeline was driving and two guys were already in with them. Angeline smiled, “This is my Angelmate Felix, head of the Protectors in the front and in the back is Embers Syphon.” The guy in the front had short, dark blonde hair spiked and blue eyes. He wore a nice shirt and jeans. There was a guy in the back with brown eyes, and tousled brown hair wearing a shirt and jeans. Wow. This was something I can definitely see myself being a part of. Maybe. I just didn’t know what to do at times. I got in with them and we made our way to the bar. 

I didn’t need to worry about much except the meeting life which was boring and something was missing in my life. The coven members never did anything fun either and it is such a hassle to just even do one simple spell for them. They need to talk about it first. So, I do some in secret and even practice summoning Dragons and even look up mythology. I wanted to explore more than just my coven walls and belong to something that matters and makes a difference. The way there is easy and close by and before I know it, we pulled into the parking lot of the bar.

Rockie’s Blood is a popular place and every creature goes there: Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, everyone pretty much. It is also a no fighting zone and a place to relax and discuss stuff. It is a pretty nice place and has a lot of tables, chairs and booths. It is a place to even have a drink, and I wasn’t driving so I can definitely order one

We got to the hostess stand and she sat all of us at a booth. The place was busy for an afternoon and it was a happy hour. Perfect time to kick back, have a drink and bitch about how shitty the day was. I sat down next to Angeline. Felix was next to her then Ember and Syphon. They had a way different feel to them. All connected not disjointed or broken. Something I wished to be a part of since my Coven is different and they don’t like to get their hands dirty thinking spells and rituals are beneath them.  Everyone is like a complete unit and no bickering like the coven I am used to where they argue about stuff and can’t make up their minds. It took forever for them to decide how to handle a simple ritual that would be completed in five minutes. 

The coven is split into two: my mom’s side, and the evil rival side. Lisa does have power, but she isn’t nearly as strong as me. I look at the menu deciding what I want to get and a lot of it looks good. There was a weird feeling of being watched so I looked around the room only to see this sexy guy staring straight at me. My god was he sexy, chocolate brown eyes, brown hair to his shoulders, tan, and wore a nice silk shirt while drinking from a blood glass. A Vampire and something else. Something different that called to me and said mine which is weird since I don’t even know him. And he is muscled with a blue Dragon tattoo. He looked like he came off the cover of a romance novel. Wow. Vampires are definitely really sexy. I am definitely thinking of jumping him. He is such a sexy sight.

“Marina?” Angeline said. I looked at her, and she smiled.

“Sorry I got distracted.” I said looking at the menu and ignoring my raging hormones telling me to jump him. This night calls for a drink. I got a burger and a Jack and Coke. I wanted to relax and not think about meetings for once. If something was happening, I needed to be a part of it especially since I know something is up. The bar is nice with creatures all around us joking, laughing and having a good time. There were some drinking blood, and some even eating creatures’ parts. Eww. 

The waitress came up to the table and we all ordered what we wanted. It was nice to sit down, and to get away from all the coven politics. Since I was the next in line or was if Lisa doesn’t try to do anything. I had to navigate everything. I want to be a part of a powerful coven and help people. 

Angeline looked at me.

“We have needed your help for a while and finally found you by tracking you down from our compound. We have a place just for AngelWitches and you are the last one so we can perform the ritual with the Dragons. It was also a shock when my Protector found me for the first time since I was living in Crystal Crest not even knowing my heritage, and I adjusted after a while. I worked retail and hated where I was at. I was happy to find a coven of my own. I was even able to meet my mom and dad. You’ll also be able to fly once we help you come into your power and join us. ”

I thought about it some and it’s not like I felt welcome at my coven anymore with one side hating mine. There were members that treated me like an outcast since I have the powers over the Dragons. But I have never seen a Dragon yet; I just see the one in my mind. 

“I have always been in this realm all my life, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I know what it is like to not know your place. We have a coven split in two: one side opposes my mom the other doesn’t. Instead of taking action or doing spells they just sit in meetings to discuss stuff.  I dread the day when they are in actual danger since they will probably just meet about it, too.  I do like the feeling of it being a family and being part of a coven who takes action. Do you actually do spells?” I asked.

“Yes and we explore places getting artifacts of power if needed to help each other. We helped the Spiders and even Mermaids, too. We love adventure,” She said.

“I love adventure as well,” a voice said. We all turned toward it and in front of the table was the dude I was staring at. He was taller than I thought, and even sexier with that bad boy edge. He held the glass of blood in his hand. I suddenly wondered what it would be like to be bitten since we are like energy drinks to them. A part of me really wanted to find out and have him take me…wow. There was something there that I have never felt before since he actually gave me butterflies. 

He smiled at me.

“Sorry to interrupt. I couldn’t help but overhear it and adventure is everything. My name is Draven. I am her Protector, and I have been watching her for a while so she will be protected by me at all times,” He said.

Everyone was shocked to see him

“We were just talking about having her in our coven since she is a powerful Dragon Witch and we are the AngelWitches; I am the leader. We have finally found the last member to help us in defeating the dark angels. We have been waiting for her Protector to show up since we knew one would be nearby,” Angeline said.

“I’ve no doubt. She is unique…as am I. No one has ever heard of a Vampire Dragon before. My mom was a Dragon and she is in the Dragon area, dad was a Vampire. They had no idea it would happen. Yet I am here and I have never had someone call to my Dragon half like she does. I could feel her as soon as she entered the bar – she calls to me,” He said. His look made my heart beat faster since he’s soo hot. Damn Vampires are sexy and one was focused right on me. But I had other things to think of and it was nice to see someone as sexy as him.

And a ding on my phone made me get it out. It could be an important text. It is the latest phone and it even allows me to play fun games. I open it and I get a text that shocks me.

It was from my mom. 

Don’t come back, some stuff went down with Lisa and she even took Wade to join her along with some corrupted of the members to the dark side. Not safe to come back until she is gone. And she even mentioned something about if she catches you then she will give you to Zack as a present since he promised her dark angel powers. 

I froze, my eyes went wide and thank god I have alcohol since it makes me calm.

Angeline looked at me worried and I showed her the text. “Who is Lisa?”

“My rival and the one who wants to take the coven from me. She hates the fact that I got the dude since she is always trying to steal my boyfriends from me. I don’t even want him though and I even told him I didn’t want to be with someone I don’t love. She can have him and my old life,” I said.

It looks like I have no choice now, but to leave.

And that bitch finally did something right since now it allows me to be free of everything and start a new coven.

I even showed them the text from my mom.

Angeline’s eyes went wide after she saw it, “Zack is Felix’s Dark Angel Brother, he was imprisoned… we will protect you and once you come into your power…She can’t touch you since you have us. Zack will never get to touch you,” Angeline said.

Felix smiled. “We will keep you safe or Draven will and since she mentioned Zack then we have bigger problems than a Witch Tracker. He must not be where he is supposed to be so I will find out and text you as soon as I can. We must also keep watch on Draven with him out since it means Marina is in danger.”

Draven smiled, “And you have me and now we can bring the wrath of the Dragons on her and make sure she isn’t a threat again. She can’t get away with threatening you at all.” 

I smiled thinking of the thought. “I now have no choice but to go with you since I can’t go back now with her threatening my life. I want to join your coven as an AngelWitch.”

Angeline smiled, “Welcome to the team and we can even gather the girls so you can come into your power with us all.”

The waiter brought us a round of drinks and I was happy over it. My shot came and I downed it. I was ready to take a chance and I needed magic not meetings. Action. However, I still needed my stuff and mom and I do have a spot we share just for emergencies. I needed all my arsenal since she is clearly a threat like always but now threatening my life? 

The bitch is going down. 

I texted my mom.

I need my stuff and my magic items. Meet at the special place and I will tell you about where I will be going. The AngelWitches found me here.

Mom texted back. 

Will do! I hope you are safe!

“I texted my mom to get my stuff and meet at the special place,” I said. 

“We will go with you since we want to know the full story too,” Angeline said. 

The bill was paid and we left. Even Draven came with us and I had a feeling he was there to stay. There is something about him that says mine and safety. I was at that point where I was coming up with another plan and I hope mom grabbed everything I needed. Also, at my secret spot was my Dragon Daxter. He was a strong Dragon and very tall with blue scales and the power to set things on fire. He came to me when I first got the ability to summon and even transform into a Dragon. It was fun when I did since it allowed me to set fire to my enemies. I can use that gift when people are in danger and it allows me to be strong enough to break through anything and ups my reflexes.  One day I will go to the Dragons since I can call them and meet their leader. It was rare that a Witch had this power. We might even have to tell Daxter’s leader and he will have questions when Draven shows up since no one is technically supposed to know about it. Luckily, the car fit everyone and Draven sat next to me. I wanted him to anyway since there was something about him that screamed mine. I also could tell there was something there and spending more time with him will make it clear. Maybe I will be happy once everything is settled since a lot is happening and we need to be all together instead of divided. I was going to try to do something to prevent Lisa from becoming an issue in the first place. She is bad for the coven and would make a lousy leader if she is ever allowed to take over. 

Everyone was silent. I told Felix where the hideout was since he needed to know in order to keep me safe here. I had to tell them since they do seem like they can be trusted. I couldn’t wait to go back since it was like my second home and a place I go to in order to think. The drive there was quiet which gave me time to think. There was one particular thing that will actually be able to stop Lisa and make the coven respect me more which is the artifact that will call the ultimate Dragon. I was doing research on it since it requires a certain kind of Witch and a half undead counterpart…Draven. I start to smile since a plan is forming. He can help me summon the Dragon since he is half Vampire. 

“So, there is an artifact that I have been researching and it will allow me to summon the Ultimate Elemental Dragon but it can only be done once I come into my full powers and it requires a Witch like me and a half Vampire. I was going to use a spell to find one, but now I don’t have to and you can be the key to help me summon the Dragon. Something is happening since I keep hearing reports of other covens being under attack by evil beings – Dark Witches,” I said looking at Draven. 

Draven’s eyes went wide, “Oh wow…Then you are the one we need to help us win. The Vampires and Dragons together will be a force to be reckoned with.” 

“There is a Dragon that helps me with Dragon magic where we are going called Daxter and he can get to the Dragons easily,” I said.

“Then we do have a chance to unite everyone,” Angeline said.

For once I was okay with everything, and my mom will be too, I hope. We arrived 30 minutes later and the place was a cave in the woods. I needed something far away from everything in case I wanted to do high level spells. There were even spells I can use to throw electricity or lightning balls and I needed destructive spells just in case or ones to summon stuff to me.  We got there and the car is parked. I got out eager to see mom and get to the bottom of things.

AngelWitch book 5 is Complete!!!


I finished book 5 yesterday which means once it is published 14 books. It wasn’t easy to finish since I was writing it through taking care of mom, and she passed away July 22nd. So after she passed I was a wreck and I still am at times. Watching someone you love slowly die just kills you. However, I finished the book yesterday and it came up to 17,344 words. A novella which is okay, and I will make a boxed set out of it too once book 6 comes out. I have already decided on the covers for some of it so I will put in the cover for that as well. The cover to book 5 is being worked on and the story is with the developmental editor. It was definitely hard writing when you want to cry but it kept me busy..I will post when I get the cover and more posts are on the way!

Mom’s Cancer Journey till the end!


Mom first had cancer in her breasts, and had to get them removed. 

She had surgery in the summer of 2017. We thought she would be done with cancer after this, and we were wrong. The cancer actually spread to her brain and spine. This is a rough timeline on how it happened. And I will also talk about hospice too.  

February 26, 2020: My mom had an MRI done, and they found something in her brain. She was taken to the hospital for it on the 13th, and the surgery was last Tuesday. They found a tumor in her brain, and they consider it stage 4 cancer since it came back. She already had breast cancer, and two breasts were removed in 2017. 8 lymph nodes were removed two of which has cancer on the right. They automatically put it to that and we know the plan of treatment till Friday. All prayers are appreciated. And she will beat it again.

March 7th 2020 :So my mom has cancer for the third time in her brain again. This time it is on the lining that covers the brain. We are highly hoping that 10 rounds of radiation will finally cure it all. And that she will never get it again. Brain cancer sucks.

March 27th 2020: Mom update. She is having surgery next Wednesday for her portocaf and they will be drawing spinal fluid to make sure she doesn’t have cancer there. It is a lot to deal with and I hope it turns out negative.

April 3rd 2020:Mom had surgery Wednesday and she did really well. She is a little groggy still with a mild headache. And we are waiting for the results next week. Pray for a negative cancer diagnosis!

April 19th 2020: You know isolation is bad when it even drives me crazy. My life is much more peaceful without toxic people and I am not going to waste my time on them since I have better things to do like write. The tests for mom came back positive and she has cancer in her spine. She is going to chemo twice a week for it, and I pray it is over in a few months since that is how long she has chemo for. This is just hard all around….

May 14th 2020: Mom update they had to put her on a new chemo drug to make the cancer go away faster. And the day before Mothers day she fell and broke her arm so it has been a long road. She will heal with her arm, and our hope is the new chemo drug will finally get rid of the cancer for good.

May 29th 2020: Mom update: The new chemo drug didn’t work as well as well hoped and it made it worse. We had to call the ambulance again after mom had issues standing up to go to her chemo appointment. After she went to the hospital she got an mri done and it wasn’t good. The cancer in her spine is faster then they thought. They took her off chemo and put her in hospice care. They estimated she has only 2-4 weeks to live. It is hard watching a loved one suffering because of cancer. I will cherish the times I have with her now since she is in high spirits….

June 13th 2020: 2-4 weeks my ass..she is already beating the odds. Week 3 and she is still alert and drinking/eating some. Mom is anything but average and is trying the best she can to hang on. She is getting weaker but she is still herself. Me and the whole family are making sure she is comfortable and has the drugs she needs for pain. She is a trooper and I definitely take after her!

July 4th 2020: Happy 4th! I will be writing some and seeing mom some since she had to be moved to the hospital for wound care. This is rough, but she is still fighting it.

July 22nd 2020: Mom update: Mom lost her battle with cancer and passed away this morning….

It was a hard road, and one of the hardest things I have ever went through. And the day before mothers day she fell and broke her arm and that is when it all went downhill. The third time she got cancer and when it got in her spine they were trying to see if chemo using a portocaf would help and it didn’t. It actually made stuff worse. And once her spine cancer spread things took a turn for the worse. It made her unable to use her legs. At one point she had a walker sometime in April and was trying to walk places. But she needed help getting up off the toilet and had to have help pulling up herself. But as the cancer spread it made walking harder and harder till I had to call the ambulance since we were unable to pull her up. They placed her in hospice care after that since there was nothing they could do for her. And they gave her 2-4 weeks, but she made it at least 10. It was hard watching her confined to the bed. And at the start we had a porta potty till her legs couldn’t work anymore. Then she had adult diapers. I recommend the ones with tabs since the pull ups were hard. The place also gave us all the supplies we needed to care for her and all the drugs we needed.  My neighbor even gave us some stuff to help us out. We even got sheets for her since they gave us a hospital bed too. And washcloths, and chucks were needed. I was even taught how to roll her with the drawstring sheets. I did the jobs no one else could do even wiped her down after she used the bathroom. It wasn’t easy. Thankfully there were gloves. And it was easier after they put a catheter in. I gave her drugs, and even my family helped her adjust the pillows. Also sitting in the bed for so long made her develop bed sores. Those were the worst since the pressure on her all the time made her body break down she was like a living zombie with that wound and the smell was awful. It was hard as the days went on seeing her deteriorate like that. We took her off the pump she was on since she was hardly eating and drinking very little. And once she was taken off we had to call someone that night since we had to check her and give her insulin every two hours. It all went down hill from there. She got worse and worse. The second to last day once I knew the end was getting close I called family and put them on speaker phone so she could hear them one last time. She even told my aunt that she was dying which is foreshadowing. She kept repeating herself that she was sorry, loved us and missed us. During the night there was an awful storm and moms breathing was so loud dad turned up the tv since she was making a death rattle. I couldn’t sleep and the next day she was breathing softly, softer, and then stopped. We called the hospice people who confirmed she was gone. Hospice was hard but we had a team of nurses, home aides, a social worker and there is even a grief counselor. It was hard to see her in pain and be on call 24/7. I was the one making sure she had all her drugs, gave her insulin even though I was afraid of needles. Checked her blood sugar and even helped the home people and even helped with her wound care. I also saw my grandpas ghost in daylight at one point he wore the same shirt and pants when he was alive. It was hard watching her suffer and in pain. Cancer is a bitch and what made it harder was her diabetes. At least it is over and she isn’t suffering. She will be missed!

I will be trying to finish AngelWitch book 5 and catch up on needed rest.

I tried to remember the important points. Her mind was warped and my Brother gave her a stick of butter since she said she was baking. It was hard to watch her go from this world. Things will never be the same but at least she is at peace. 

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Some of my books are now everywhere!


Besides working on book 5 some of my titles have been pulled out of Kindle Unlimited since I wasn’t getting page reads as much. Also, with the AngelWitch series getting translated to Greek I decided it was better off everywhere for everyone so a lot of readers can read it. I wanted to sell them on my website too, and give reads the option of buying directly from me too. I will be keeping the Scarlet Series in KU and Mina’s Vampire Mate.

And here are the links to the wide titles:

The AngelWitch Series!

Angeline:  Angeline is just a Kyle’s General Store worker. When she goes to her local witches shop she gets a surprise – a guy with wings. Not just any guy, but the one in her dreams. … something greater than just your average retail worker.

Books to Read link:


Ember AngelWitch book 2: Ember is an ordinary witch until she discovers her full potential. Will she be able to hold onto the love that walks into her life or will the evil Poison Apple Coven take her AngelWitchy coven down?

Ember link for all retailers!

Mia AngelWitch book 3:

Mia is just a normal department store employee until her apartment is broken into. The dark angels found her and she is hiding from the werewolves who framed her. Will she become an AngelWitch and step it up with her mate, or will she fail? 

Mia link for all retailers!

You can even buy it directly from me!

Raven AngelWitch book 4: Raven is an AngelWitch, and she turns to dating apps to ease her loneliness. No one ever warned her about fake profiles, and it leads her on a journey she will never forget. Is Lucas real or fake? Is Aiden the one she is looking for all along? Will she find the love that she is looking for?

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The Killer Contract Agency! Salina Sinclair hunts Malians, an alien species that preys on weak teenagers, making them crazy enough to kill themselves. But after being nearly burned alive by one, Salina is contacted by The Killer Contract Agency. Wielding the powers of The Bracelet and with her mentor, Carter, by her side, she exacts her revenge by taking out the Malians responsible for her near death.

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Tales From Behind the Counter! If you think the customer is always right, you’ve never worked at a place like Kyle’s before. Angeline has seen it all–crazy, stupid, and even mean. For the last five years, customers have tormented her daily in over five departments at her workplace, Kyle’s General Store. In one chapter, she gives advice on surviving retail and shares her biggest pet peeves in the departments she has worked in. Join Angeline down memory lane as she tells her stories about crazy customers and the downright stupid questions they ask.

Also lists the various retailers here:

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Barnes and noble:

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Kobo link:

Mina’s Department Store Tales: The customer is not always right! If you have ever worked retail then this is the book for you, department store style. The customers are crazy and the situations are hilarious. It will provide you with tips on how to make a retail worker happy with you. And show you what a day is like in a department store as well as show you stories of rude, crazy and even the stupid things customers say to retail workers. Some will make you laugh and some will make you want a drink. Get ready and let’s dive into the wacky world of department store stories.

Books to read link:

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Mina’s and Angelines Retail Stories! Tales From Behind the Counter:Angeline has been working at Kyle’s General Store for five years. She has seen it all: crazy, stupid and even mean customers torment her on a daily basis. She has worked in over five different departments with stories for each. There is a chapter where she gives advice on how to survive retail, and shares pet peeves for the departments she has worked in. Join her down memory lane as she tells her stories about crazy customers and the stupid questions they ask. Also, if you think the customer is always right then you’ve never worked at a place like Kyle’s before.  Mina’s Department Store Stories:The customer is not always right! If you have ever worked retail then this is the book for you, department store style. The customers are crazy and the situations are hilarious. It will provide you with tips on how to make a retail worker happy with you. And show you what a day is like in a department store as well as show you stories of rude, crazy and even the stupid things customers say to retail workers. Some will make you laugh and some will make you want a drink. Get ready and let’s dive into the wacky world of department store stories.

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That is all I have for now, and I will let you know about when book 5 is out!

Jessica Samuels

How I Got a Traditional Contract!


I can’t believe I get to write this, but I signed a publishing contract with Celene Publishing to have the AngelWitch series translated and published in Greece. It was fun how it started too. I used a Book review service called Booktasters to get reviews for Angeline and I gave her a free copy to read. And then she wanted to interview me for her publishing company since she loved my book so much. And then she gave it to her editor who loved it as well, and that is how I got the contract. I also am taking off the series in KU and published the books using Draft 2 Digital to spread it elsewhere and see where it goes. Some books do better in Kindle Unlimited then others. It really wasn’t working for that series anyway. And that makes me a hybrid author. Quarantine has been crazy and I am taking care of my mom who is in hospice care due to cancer in her spine. I finally took time off to relax and focus on writing/books/games. I even made a list of Authortube tags to film. I will be working on book 5 in the AngelWitch series titled Marina and it will involve vampires and dragons. This is the 2nd to last and you will find others make an appearance there.

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