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Here are all the audio Books I have and the links!

All my books are available on Audible and ITunes!

Description: Dark emotions like anger, hate, being betrayed and bored with life are some of the many themes in this book. A book that was a released to help people deal with the dark side of human nature because without it there will not be balance. Or light.

Link: The Darkside of Human Nature by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |


Salina Sinclaire is a Malian hunter, and after she is nearly burned alive by one she is contacted by The Killer Contract Agency. Wielding the powers of The Bracelet, and with her mentor Carter by her side she exacts her revenge by taking out the Malians responsible for her near death.

After dispatching a Malian something big is happening with the Agency, and Operatives are dying. Will she solve it before it’s too late? Or will she fail and the Agency as she knows it is destroyed?

Link: The Killer Contract Agency by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: Scarlet Summers was just your ordinary high school student, and never knew her true heritage. Until her junior year which is when two sexy transfers came to her high school and turned her world upside down. She is a vampire witch which is rare in their world, and her best friend Annika her witch guardian will be there to watch her powers grow.

Link: A Witchy Beginning by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: Scarlet Summers has been through hell since her last mission left her in the hands of an evil necromancer. She got out thanks to the Moon Wolf pack, but not without a price. When three of the werewolves in the pack go missing, it is up to her to solve the case. She has to go undercover at a supernatural retail store called Fiona’s Corner and Cafe to find the missing girls.

Link: Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: Angeline is just a Kyle’s General Store worker. When she goes to her local witches’ shop, she gets a surprise – a guy with wings. Not just any guy, but the one in her dreams. Something greater than just your average retail worker.

Link: Angeline by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: Ember is an ordinary witch until she discovers her full potential. Will she be able to hold onto the love that walks into her life or will the evil poison apple coven take her AngelWitchy coven down?

Link: Ember by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: Mia is just a normal department store employee until her apartment is broken into. The dark angels found her and she is hiding from the werewolves who framed her. Will she become an AngelWitch and step it up with her mate, or will she fail at it?

Link: Mia: AngelWitch, Book 3 by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |


Raven is an AngelWitch, and she turns to dating apps to ease her loneliness. No one ever warned her about fake profiles, and it leads her on a journey she will never forget.

Is Lucas real or is he a scammer? Is Aiden the one she is looking for all along? Will she find the love that she is looking for?

Link: Raven by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: Marina is an Air witch with the power to call dragons, and the last AngelWitch. She is forced to flee her witch mansion when one of her own coven members attacks her coven. She teams up with her mate Draven, who is half vampire and half dragon. Together they will stop the evil witch and the evil vampires attacking his dad’s peaceful vampires, by having the key to summon the ultimate Elemental dragon. All together the AngelWitches have the power to stop the evil since war is almost here! Good versus evil and the final showdown will be Book 6 AngelWitch.



If you think the customer is always right, you’ve never worked at a place like Kyle’s before.

Angeline has seen it all – crazy, stupid, and even mean. For the last five years, customers have tormented her daily in over five departments at her workplace, Kyle’s General Store. In one chapter, she gives advice on surviving retail and shares her biggest pet peeves in the departments she has worked in.

Join Angeline down memory lane as she tells her stories about crazy customers and the downright stupid questions they ask.

Link: Tales from Behind the Counter by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: The customer is not always right! If you have ever worked retail, then this is the book for you, department store style. The customers are crazy, and the situations are hilarious. It will provide you with tips on how to make a retail worker happy with you. And show you what a day is like in a department store, as well as show you stories of rude, crazy, and even the stupid things customers say to retail workers. Some will make you laugh, and some will make you want a drink. Get ready, and let’s dive into the wacky world of department store stories.

Link: Mina’s Department Store Stories by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

Description: Mina is working at Nikki’s Department store after leaving an abusive relationship. She wanted to take a break from everything until someone breaks into her house, disturbing her peace. They are after her since she is half vampire and half witch. And the person to the rescue is Neo, her vampire mate. They are both trying to hunt down the person responsible for ruining her peace.

Link: Mina’s Vampire Mate by Jessica Samuels | Audiobook |

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