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I can’t believe it is finally here the day I finished the series. It took me a while because I did lack confidence for a bit due to some petty person one staring my books due to her not liking the fact that I blocked her after she tried to give me advice. I write revenge about getting even with exes, bullies and toxic people and some of the characters worked in retail and had ever right to bitch about their job. Also dealt with a bunch of toxic bullies who not only said I suck and that I should stop writing they were nasty to me on my website, twitter and trying to bully me there, facebook, instagram and email. All because I didn’t want to support an asshole streamer who treated me like shit when I wanted to get space from an ex and didn’t understand why I needed it. Of course all the harassment is saved. But I have every right to fight back. Assholes give me a reason to write. I’m not changing. And they also called it a copy pasta since it followed a formula no shit it is a series and if they were a real writer they would know that. I get it reviews are for readers but I’m not going to care for the ones given to me out of spite. But hey I’m not going to stoop to their level since they aren’t worth my time. I know I need to work on making my books longer and more outlining so I’ll take those but the rest that says I write like a 13 year old nope. But opinions are like assholes and everyone has one.

Now that this series is done I’ll be focusing on mine and my amazing partners character lore and I want to try a few horror books too. If anything I’ve learned I can finish a series and grow as a writer.

AngelWitch Retribution description!

In the series finale, the girls gather the stones they need to awaken the good dragon and defeat the evil dragon. They join forces with the other heroes of their world and take on the evil dragon. After a long and hard fought battle, they emerge victorious! With the help of the good dragon, they restore peace to their world. The girls have saved not only their own kingdom, but all those around them! They celebrate their victory together, knowing that the future is bright for everyone!

At the end, the girls are surrounded by loved ones and friends that have stood by them throughout their journey. They reflect on all they have accomplished and how much they have grown during their adventures. They smile at each other with a new understanding of themselves, knowing that together they can accomplish anything.

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Chapter 1 Angeline:

Angeline was too late; she went to meet Sophia Rivers and her soulmate Leon to stop the evil streamer from using her to awaken the evil dragon. By the time she got there she was too late, and Zack awakened the demonic thing anyway, but it will take time for it to fully wake up. It was just stirring.Black goo was oozing out of the sleeping evil dragon. There was even worms crawling toward her leaving trails of blood. Nearby the goo touched one of the good people and it transformed them making their eyes red and have spikes sticking out of it. Now they have exactly 7 days to figure out a way to awaken the good dragon so they can battle it out one last time.

There was a timer above its head counting down and a machine powering it up and waking up the evil lurking inside. She even found extra help. She grabbed Sophia, her mate, her dragon and her friend and they all went to the private jet she owned.

Being an Angel Witch leader means she has the means to help her people in any way possible and they were funded by her father in the Angel realm. He was closer to her than ever before. She was also sure Next Star even had a few tricks up their sleeves too and she received a text from them one of the days claiming their days are numbered. Sure. Not if she can help it.

She was in the pilot seat of the jet and next to her was Felix her mate. Her blonde-haired blue-eyed savior. He saved her from retail and even told her why she was different, and she never looked back ever since.

She has a bunch of people to protect, and she won’t let them down. She was tired of how worse it was getting even though things in the Angel realm changed. Everyone was afraid of the evil that Zack awaked since it brought destruction and damage to the place.

But they had a new hope and a new purpose. There was another dragon that could save them and it needed all the girls and all the stones. Only they can access the places in their areas.

Stones are unique to them since all together they fit in the rock and it can wake the good dragon to prevent the bad one from destroying the realm and causing chaos. They all were needed and there was even an extra place for a stone Angeline guessed it was because of Sophia and with her shifter powers they can all gather forces to combat the bad dragon and the evil groups.

The evil groups are growing in numbers, and they keep gaining more power the longer the dragon is wakening. It had to be stopped and they had to get more numbers. They have plenty of allies with them.

The drive there was quiet since she was in her thoughts. She did have a place she can go to figure out things. She knew there was a place to go in case things got crazy. An escape. She had an idea and in order to go to it she needed to get on her helmet to go in virtual reality.

She had a quiet space where she could travel anywhere in the world in the planes, one exactly like the realm to see everything that is going on but unnoticeable. To do that was a total immersive experience and with it she can finally figure out where she needed to go. She also recently got the powers of the dragons and they were her allies.

She needed to go to the virtu sphere and find out exactly where the good dragon is so they can figure out how to waken them. She was prepared this time and will do whatever it takes to save the realm.

They got to the compound 10 minutes later and she turned to Felix, “I found a way to discover where the clue is to find the good dragon. It has to be somewhere in the Virtusphere. Virtual reality will tell me the way to the good dragon place. We need to discover the place to find the clues.”

He nodded, “Good idea. Try the Red Wing Cove world; they have people there you can talk to.”

She nodded, “I will and hoping it will give me the clues I need to find the place.”

“And once you do, we need to know where it is and find the stones to fit the places. Each of the girls have to find the stones needed to wake the dragon up.” he said.

“Exactly. And I have to start in the Virtusphere…” She said.

She headed there since the room was close to her and decided she would eat after. This was important since she even needed to find the stones too. She had a feeling it was somewhere in the Angel world but didn’t know where maybe once she found the place it could tell her where to go.

She even needed one too since it is an ancient stone only she was supposed to have access to. She did wonder if there was even a place for evil souls and the stone there but that is a thought for another day. 

She made the way through the halls and went to a black door marked Virtusphere in bold lettering. She opened the door and a blast of cold air hit her as she entered the room.

There was always a fan on since the stuff can overheat easily being technology and all. It is also its own place and there is full body tracking for it since it is a virtual world.

Creatures come here to do a lot of stuff they can’t do in the real world and even go there in the astral plane. It was introduced to their world quite recently and you can buy clothes, houses, furniture, cars, join groups and they even have their own currency system too. It was a fun place to come to with a fun world to just not think about, filled with waterfalls, rain, and some of the prettiest places she has seen. It is a place to get lost in and there is even a dark pink bodysuit she wears so she can make it more real to her. And she even has a cute pink kitty ear headset and headphones that light up to be fully immersed.

There are pods and she has the first one all to herself. Once she steps in with the body suit she puts on the headset and headphones and she is fully immersed in the world.  The real world is gone, replaced by the virtual one.

There are even a few controllers that are pink so she can move around in the world.  She loved the freedom and came here to think and now she was using it to find the stones. She has the girls and they are all safe. There are also others around finding even more hybrids to save and make sure to put them in safe places so they can’t be found by the evil ones.

They built another compound and have the dragons fly there to make sure they are safe for the final battle. And afterwards there will be academies built for young hybrids to harness their powers.

She wanted to create an army of them to defend the realms from evil. The controllers were cool to her touch and the clicking of the controllers soothed her. She loved going to the sphere. After powering up the headset she was fully immersed in the world. It came to life and she was in the Virtusphere.

She needed to find the world that had the key to finding the stone thing. She logged into her account and the pink screen popped up and she was named AngelWitch13 and then after clicking log in she was immersed in her home world.

It was a chill place where she even met up with some of the people in other realms there. The Virtue Sphere connected everyone from different realms and planes. Everywhere she can get to place she normally couldn’t get to in there and even do some spells there that she couldn’t in that realm.

She had a nice home world with plenty of rooms and waterfalls. There were even settings to turn on rain and make it louder with sea creatures everywhere. She could even make it a bigger room to hold important meetings in.

The place had a few floors too and plenty of beds to sleep in. She loved the place and now she was using it as a base to find the answers she was looking for. She clicked on the controller using the A button to bring up the realms option.

There were favorites and the ones she went to for fun. And the ones to relax in but this time she pulled up the menu and went to the pink search bar. The entire interface is pink since she loved the color a lot.

She took her controller and clicked on the search bar then she typed Red Wing Cove. And after she typed it in she hit the search button and the world listed the description: A world so all the angels can collide and get records of myths and legends. Even has dragon lore since they are friends. There were already people in the world and this time she didn’t mind since she usually makes friends only since public realms can be a lot.

She clicked on the world travel button and she was whisked away. She was immersed in the world and the real world was gone replaced with another world all in another reality.

She wound up in a main room and it was a pretty sight since it is in a cool living room with a fire place and candles everywhere. She always loved how immersive reality is. And in the living room was a dragon avatar with the username TripDragon23. A blue and red dragon with green eyes. He smiled at her, “Angeline we were expecting you! Come and follow me!”

He turned around and she followed him. The place looked like it belonged to the Elder Dragons and they were some of the oldest ones around with records of myths and legends. She needed to find the forest to wake the Ultimate Elemental, a good dragon so powerful it can cause all kinds of hell on its enemies.

It can even cause thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes with the power of all the elements. It can hurl all kinds of fire, earth, water, and air balls and manipulate the elements.

It was said to be created when a few elders had an evil dragon try to destroy the land so they created a more powerful one to stop it. It is white eyed and it’s scales are all the colors of the rainbow and it can even bend reality at will.

That is what Angeline was trying to track down. It was hidden in the forest behind the sacred stones so it could be awakened when the evil dragon broke free to wreak havoc on the realms. The time was now and there must be a way to free it.

The halls were dark blue and lined with wall candles and pictures of all the elders and the ones before them. Dragons of many colors and ages. She loved all the history there and finally Trip opened a door marked Library and when she saw the contents of the room her eyes widened.

Thousands of books piled high and the ceiling was arched and see-through leading to a blue and black with starred skies and jelly fish above. It was pretty and the dragon flew to a book on a high-top shelf and pulled it out.

The book was red with ancient blue pages and titled Ultimate dragon guide. She smiled and so did Trip. He knew she needed it since he figured the most powerful AngelWitch leader would need it.

He gave her the book and she took it to look for the place to summon it. She flipped though the blued pages and saw times where the evil dragon was raised and defeated and then she was given gold. There was a place to summon it in the forest.

She recognized the place and it was the forest of the realm which was pretty and it was in the Supercelestial realm. She wasn’t surprised since it was a safe place. She did need the shifter queen with her too Sophia is definitely needed since she does have her cat shifter Ella which will come in handy and she needed to take the girls with her since 8 are needed to unlock the powers to wake the dragon.

I hope you all enjoyed it there is more in store!

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