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I have a new Facebook page for my Author and Streamer stuffs. The link is here: Author Jess Streamer Wolfie | Facebook

I also have a Wolfie Body pillow based off my character link here: TheWritingStreamer: Designs & Collections on Zazzle

And more merch here:

I’ve been having fun making it and I even want to sell my ebooks on Etsy and Ko-fi. I have played some awesome cozy games and plan to write about them as well. Sorry I haven’t been as active been working alot and barely writing or reading. I’ve just been gaming and watching streams, but I’m streaming so when I go live you can find me here! Twitch:

Also you can join my discord to be kept up to date with my books and streams! My Discord:

Author channel link:

Gaming channel:

That is all for now there are more projects in store and I even plan on finishing the AngelWitch series to work on more stuff.

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