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I’ve spent the better part of the last few months trying to work on myself. While doing that I’ve been harassed by internet trolls who have done nothing but attack me. They’ve gone to every social media site I have and bashed my name laughed at me and called me out. I have respectfully done my best to ignore, block, and report these fictitious accounts that were made. I got numerous messages, comments, and backlash from people I don’t know. They say they hate my writing and yeah I’ll admit what I write isn’t for everyone, but it’s for me and to be bashed like this didn’t break me even though you tried. I’m pretty sure I know why this is happening, but what I’m not sure of is what you’re getting out of it? Does it make you feel better to think that people are attacking me via social media? Do you feel like a man knowing you did everything you could to break me, and it still didn’t work? Did you think this was going to make me run back to you begging for your help? IF that’s what you thought then you know that didn’t work. I needed to focus on me and my wellbeing and what I needed from this life. I needed to focus on my work so I could actually save money instead of giving it to someone who didn’t appreciate me enough to want to do better for themselves. I’m not a petty person unless I have to be and I won’t stoop to someone else’s level in order to make myself feel better. I wish you the absolute best in life, but know that no matter what you do, or what you say it didn’t work. You never met me in person, you never held my hand, you never breathed the same air as me. What you did do is try to control me and tell me where my money should go. You tried to tell me what I could and couldn’t do with the money that I worked for. You tried to do all of these things and you never set eyes on me in person. I don’t look at you as if you are an ex, but I do look at you as if you’re just a person who I met online and we had a few good conversations and an emotionalship. I learned a lot about myself during that time and what I want and need in order to be happy. From this point on I will not think of that time and anything else you have to say about me, and my attorney will be handling the rest. He’s already handled most of it to this point and he’s got a good foundation of what he’s working with. Now stay tuned for the next chapter of my latest work and you’ll see just where all of this fits in.

After my latest break-up has turned me sour, I’ve decided to stay to myself. I’ve made streaming my own videos along with watching live streams my life. I feel like if I’m going to be alone after being ghosted then I should really be alone. Nothing else can compare to the feeling I have right now about this whole situation, but the only way to heal is to do what you love and for me that’s streaming.

My name is Sophia Rivers, but my on-screen name is MysticWitch. I stream about various things I love, such as cooking, spells, potions, and witch hauls. I love everything about the supernatural life and I connect to the witchy side of things. Life sims gives me a little insight on how I can gather ingredients and grow crops to keep what I need on hand for spells and potions.

My avatar is very distinctive with my black and purple hair and grey piercing eyes accented with blue eyeshadow. The cute cat ears draws the attention to my face while the leather corsets accent my bust line. It gives my character a real sense of style on the edge of sexy. 

I sit back and look at the character on the screen and then admire the screens in front of me. Since the harsh break-up I’ve treated myself to the latest desktop and multiple screens, so that I can see the full extent of the stream. Everything is full view the game, chat, and my program.

It seems excessive however, the apartment I’ve rented since the break-up can manage my hobby better than the old place I was living in. This place is beautiful with a full-size living room, two bedrooms, a master bathroom and a guest bathroom, a beautifully stocked kitchen, and a sunroom that I can use to have as a mixing room for potions and elixirs. 

As I look around this apartment that I’ve managed to secure on my own I’m also reminded that I’m alone. I’m missing that part of me that had someone to share life with. That person to come home to and talk to about my day and listen to his, then I realize why I am alone. 

The last guy I dated was here but he wasn’t here at the same time. He claimed he had issues and was always stuck to himself therefore I was alone with someone occupying half my space. Then one day he just vanished without a trace, and I didn’t know what happened. His leaving and his issues always made me feel as though I wasn’t good enough because he didn’t talk to me about it just said I couldn’t handle it and left. 

With all of this silence and overthinking maybe it’s best I go out for a little while and enjoy the night life. It’s the eve of the Winter Solstice and the moon is a high orange in the sky. This is a cold moon or the long night moon that we use to gather the last bit of the harvest for drying. This particular moon for context lines perfectly on an imaginary 180-degree line and the way the sun reflects off of it makes the moon appear bigger and closer to the earth.

I take the opportunity to go for a visit at the Witch Emporium that’s nearby my new apartment to see what they have left of the harvest. When I stepped in the door the woman standing there watched me with a slight smile on her face and her head slightly tilted to the right. I could tell she was watching me, but I’m wasn’t sure what she was exactly looking at.

“Hello.” I say giving a polite nod to the cashier.

See you all next time I’ve hit the 12K mark with My Vampire Streamer and more to go this will be an exciting story!

Love, Jess

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