One of the best Places for Wings!

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One of the best places for wings was I really enjoyed the garlic and lemon pepper wings at Wing Command. I don’t know how they do it but they manage to bring flavors to a whole new level. First you feast with your eyes and the crispy texture and the smells make my mouth water. When I take a bite the first thing I taste is the garlic and then another layer of pepper all before you bite into the flesh of the wing itself. Then you feel it in your soul after the first bite leads it you through the three wings and onto the lemon pepper wings. The lemon is like a burst of citrus on the tongue as if you’ve bitten into a crispy fried piece of fruit. Then the pepper brings in the heat that’s mixed with a hint of sweet. When you get the first bite down you’re already through those 3 wings and ordering more. The next thing is the onion rings. They’re hand battered and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The onions are thick and sweet giving that vidilia sweet onion a center stage to the crispy outer layer. I would suggest everyone try wing command for all your wing cravings.

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